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The metallac experiment, wanted for escaping captivity and multiple counts of arson, smuggling and assault.

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a character in “One Small Lightyear....”, as played by kyuukonhime




My Shell

|❈Nickname❈| "I take offence to being called animal or beast. I have a name."
Lendri, Beast (finds every offensive), animal (will attack you)

|❈Gender❈ | "Yes I am actually female."

|❈Age❈ | "I'm actually fairly young"
16 earth years

Color❈ | "Yes I'm staring at you"[/b][/color]
Grey, though usually not seen in her normal form

|❈Hair Color❈ | "I don't tend to it. But then again, I can't take human form for long"
red but she has no hair in her normal form.

|❈Height❈ | "As you can see. I am bigger than you."
Normal form: 7'3" standing upright. 5'4" at shoulder on all fours.
Human form: 5'11"

|❈Weight❈ | "Now that's just rude"
Normal form: 435 lbs
Human form: 126 lbs

|❈Crimes❈ | "I never said I was that good a person."
- 5 counts of arson
- 10 counts of assualt with a deadly weapon
- possesion of illegal tech
- existing
- destruction of property

|❈Likes❈ | "You wouldn't mind sharing that would you?"
-sitting it cool pools of water
-cooking (she really wants to scrap the cook bot and build a new one from the ground up)
-old tech
-knitting ("Hey, it does get cold in the ship sometimes and I actually do like wearing clothes in either form.")

|❈Dislikes❈ | "Keep it away from me. "
-swimming (she can't swim. She sinks.)
-being splashed with cold water
-over heating
-Being seen as an animal or just a weapon or some strange alien

|❈Fears❈ | "Keep it the hell away from me NOW!"
-being captured

Under My Shell

|❈Physical Appearance❈ | "No I will not set you ablaze, but piss my off and I'll blow a hole in your belly."
In the form she was born in and mostly resides in, Lendri looks more like a walking red furnace. Her entire body looks and feels like a flexible metal that shines and dulls at her will. Her face looks like a helmet, her eyes hidden unless someone was to look closely two large eyes would blink back at you. Her build is mostly quadrapedal, but able to walk upright with ease, though at her height, it tends to be very hard to get into places comfortably. Her human form looks like that of a normal collage age woman.

|❈Personality❈ | "What would you like to know? I'm not doing anything right now"
As fiery as Lendri looks and sometimes feels, the experimental beast is rather calm most the the time, preferring to either lounge or continue with whatever hobby she is preoccupied with. Being the coolest headed of the ship, she often plays peacekeeper and adviser (which mostly amounts to 'I wouldn't do that if I were you") and occasional cook. She is also a collector of old tech that is found on the various planets they stop on, wither she mugs someone for it, steals it or finds it thrown away and tries to find a way to make it work. May it be something that was once used for entertainment or something that could be used on the ship, she will find it and thus spends most of her time in engineering.

However, when she is angered or even slightly annoyed, everyone around her will know due to the rise in temperature around her. When angered, she is very hot to the touch and slight flames come out of the sides of her mouth. She is not easy to bring down from this state and most of the time she would go pace if off once the object of her anger is either dead or has backed off.

"My story cher? Well what little I remember is only supplemented by the files I stole when I was on my way out but I can give you a mix of that.

I was 'born', if you could even call it that on a planet named Otho in the Flavian System, somewhere in the urdnox cluster; in a tank by a 'family of scientists' who were trying to make living weapons. I had siblings of different sizes and calibers. Some based off of shotguns, others being laser swords and me? Well I was one of the bigger weapons, a plasma rifle/shot gun cross. However, we were treated like slaves and lab rats as they tested our capabilities and raised to keep the 'lesser fleshlings' in line. When we weren't being ran to exhaustion, we were guard dogs in the local slave auctions.

Years passed and we were deemed a failure as we had minds of our own, but we were smarted than to sick around for our termination. The smaller ones were caught and killed but three of us larger ones, including me, managed to fight our way out and off of the planet on a stolen shuttle ship and landing on Azeban a few planets away. There we parted ways, making a promise to find each other one day. My brothers, convincing some poor sap to give them a lift to some distant cluster while I hid in the cargo of a slave ship.

This same cargo I hid in was stolen soon after I picked the lock of some cargo by the sunhopper, though I was asleep at the time of the theft I woke up to them opening the door and them being surprised by my presence. Once I convinced the captain and the pilot that I wasn't hostile, they took my on as I didn't have really anywhere. As for my 'human form', that is a recent development and I can't get it completely right most of the time but hey, helps if some place doesn't let 'animals' in a bar. "

So begins...

Lendri's Story