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Mizota "Rai" Kenzo

"I am already the best. People just have to learn to see it."

0 · 201 views · located in Chihana Host Club, Tokyo, Japan

a character in “One Thousand Flowers”, as played by Everscale


Full Name: Mizota Kenzo

Stage Name: Rai

Age: 19

Appearance: Image ... ffens4.jpg

Rai is a pretty boy if there ever was one. With a beautiful face, perfect skin, and large eyes that make him seem almost feminine, there were many people who knew him as a child who said that he would go into modelling. It is unlikely that any of them guessed what his fate would really be. He is relatively average in height, perhaps only a little bit taller, and very fine boned. Slender, almost feminine, he is the host most likely to show up one day cross-dressing, and the host least likely to get any odd looks for it. He keeps his hair sleek and smooth, a deep, almost coppery brown. He has a surprisingly quiet smile, rarely baring his teeth at anyone. His signature is the way he sits – relaxing back in his chair with his legs spread in a way that, were he not such a beautiful person, might seem boorish. He is also well-known for his vain hair-flip.


Personality: Rai is one of those people that everyone just seems to adore. Cheerful and pleasant, no matter who you are, he takes immediately to everyone he meets, and though it may take a little time, usually works everyone over to his side. He is friendly and full of laughs, highly charismatic, and always playful. Some would call him an idiot, because his view of the world is so hopeless skewed towards optimism, and some would call him a slacker, because he prefers play to work, but no matter what they call him, it is always spoken fondly. He is like a little puppy with a tail that never stops walking – he just seems to have a way of getting to you. No one would guess it at first glance, however. On the outside, Rai appears much calmer and more mature, with his quiet smile and calm eyes and easy, loping walk. Only once you really get him talking does the wild energy reveal itself. Some customers enjoy the experience of being completely and utterly shocked by his personality, but others are annoyed by the deviation from what they expected. That is probably why he is not at the top of the list – he is difficult to read, and so customers who chose him hoping for a serious partner leave unsatisfied.

Likes: Chocolate, candy, getting flowers, getting gifts, sake, singing, dancing, playing pranks, dumb jokes, laughter, physical activity of any kind, playing games with the other hosts, dogs, making friends, making himself look like an idiot for the benefit of others, acting, photo-shoots, competitions, horror movies

Dislikes: Very spicy foods, cats, cruel people, being bored, people who do not like to play, sitting still for too long, crazy customers, being drunk, seeing other people slobbering drunk, throwing up, being sick in any way, losing friends, broken trust

Fears: Cats.

Goals: He does not really have one organized personal goal. He just wants to have fun.

Quirks: People call him an idiot, but he’s actually really smart – at least, he’s smart when it comes to people. He knows how to handle stressful situations, and can usually tell what is wrong with someone by looking at them. He models for fun, not for money, so modelling companies love to hire him. Because he lives a dual life, both hosting and modelling, he gets barely four hours of sleep most days, but it does not seem to affect him – he never runs out of energy.


Years of Hosting: 1

Number of Named Customers: 7

Hosting Talents: Slapstick, jokes, singing, dancing, origami.


Family: Rai’s mother, Sayuri, raised him on her own, along with his baby sister Mikako. His father, Asano, died when Rai was two, and Rai has no memory of him.

Crush: TBA

History: Rai never wanted very much from life. His father died in a terrifying car accident when he was two years old, leaving his mother alone with two children and a house that, working together, the pair of them had been barely able to pay for. Growing up taking care of his baby sister while his mother worked three jobs a day to pay the bills and feed her children knocked a lot of sense into the seemingly nonsensical boy, it made him see the value of certain things in life. Primary among those things were money, and free time. At a very young age – perhaps five years old – Rai vowed that he would have as much of both of them as he could possibly have, for the rest of his life.
That vow may have sounded good, but it wreaked havoc on his teenage years. He saw no value in work that he did not deem “fun”, and so he did not do his homework. He did not attend his classes, except when there was a friend in class with him. He paid no attention to his teachers, skipped out on detentions, and in the end, dropped out of high-school when he turned seventeen. He wasted no time finding what he wanted to do – he became a model when he was eighteen years old, and survived off of the money that brought in. He did not need much – just enough to feed himself and buy the games that kept him entertained. Still, after a year of modelling, he grew bored. Entertainment obsessed, he began searching for some new amusement. Something… different.
Nearing the end of his nineteenth year of life, Rai found Chihana, and he has never looked back. The work is exhausting physically, mentally, and emotionally, but Rai is strong, and young, and he simply does not care. He loves flirting and playing with the girls, and with the other hosts, every night. He loves thriving in the night life, waking when most of the rest of civil society is going to bed, and being able to send a big fat paycheck home to his mother at the end of each month.
His only regret is that, being nocturnal, he hardly ever speaks to his beloved Mikako.

So begins...

Mizota "Rai" Kenzo's Story

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The look Eien gave the hosts as they filtered through into the kitchen could only be described as cold. He was not pleased that they had woken so late – the customers would be arriving any minute, and when the hosts got up late it meant that Eien had to entertain the customers for half an hour, and hour, sometimes more while the hosts prepared for the night. Eien was the best host there – he had seventy customers named to him – so it was not exactly difficult for him to entertain the girls until the hosts were ready, but that wasn’t the point, was it? One of the reasons that he had taken up managing his own host club was because managers, and other hosts of their ranks, only had to host a few times each month to keep their customers happy.

Eien, with such lazy hosts as he had, found himself hosting for an hour every. Single. Night. He was not happy with this.

“Yes, yes, ohayou gozaimasu (good morning), now shut up and eat. Breakfast is in the oven,” he jerked his head at the machine, which was lit, to reveal a rather large stack of pancakes and sausages within. One of the first signs that the quirky manager did not really hate his hosts as much as he said he did – he always had breakfast made for them when they got up, whether he bought it or cooked it himself. “We have some new guests coming tonight. Get yourselves ready. I’ll be down entertaining them, so hurry up.”


“Sorry, sorry,” Rai mumbled, watching as Ai jerked awake and began checking his blood-sugar levels. He was too groggy to really register what it was that Ai was doing, or the fact that he adjusted his pump, otherwise he might have been more nervous. But it was too early in the morning to panic beyond being scared awake my their Manager. “Eien-san woke me up…”

He shook his head slowly, running his hands through his red-brown hair and rolling off of his futon. He did not bother to take his blanket with him, though he slept with nothing but his underwear on. They were all men, they all saw people naked more often than most people did. Even Ai, who was brand new, should be able to deal with someone as pretty as Rai walking away from them and wearing no pants or shirt.

“Dunno,” he answered Ai’s question about the time. “Guess it must be almost seven, if Eien’s that angry. The guests’ll be here any minute and we’re not fed yet.” He laughed lightly, even as he winced, running his hand gingerly over his side. Just as he had thought. The bruise on his side was large, considering the size of the heel that had struck him, and such a dark blue it was nearly black. She really had hit him hard… absentmindedly he wondered if he’d cracked a rib. “Ne, Ai, you have some pain meds somewhere around here…?”

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#, as written by Kyumori

Kami watched in amusement as the manager rushed around, snapping like he was in the worst mood of all worst moods. "Calm down, Ushio-chan," the number one host - or as far as he could tell for now - called, walking over and putting a gentle hand on Eien's shoulder. "It's not like the guests are going anywhere."

He opened up the oven, pulling the pancakes out and taking one for himself. He couldn't afford to eat too much - he had to drink quite a bit later.

Looking around, he paused. "Wasn't the busboy supposed to start hosting tonight..." he mused, as he chewed on his pancake. He glanced at Eien, realizing the manager had forgotten something rather crucial. "Yah, Ushio-chan, the rankings," Kami said lazily. "The customers gotta know who's the most expensive tonight." He managed to speak quite well despite the food disappearing rapidly down his throat. He finished eating, drinking water to make the food go down easier.

Kami was ready.


Natsu looked over at Rai, as he tucked his kit into his pocket and started changing out of his tank top and boxers into his new smarter clothes. His fingers shook with nerves. Tonight was going to be his first night as a host. After six months of busboying and cleaning up and learning...Natsu was finally ready to be one of the hosts. He knew he was at the bottom of the rankings - he had no named guests after all, and Natsu doubted he would get any for a while. He sighed, as he buttoned up his shirt.

"Ah..." he dug around in his suitcase, pulling a small container of pain killers out and tossing it at Rai.

"Not too many," he warned. Technically, Natsu wasn't even supposed to be taking the pain killers, because of his diabetes. But he found painkillers helped him get to sleep a lot faster. Frowning in concern at the bruise on Rai's skin, Natsu crossed over, ghosting his cold fingers over the bruise.

"Be careful with that tonight," he cautioned. "It'll hurt more tonight...."