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Okudaira "Eien" Ushio

"Just because I no longer host does not mean I am not the best."

0 · 210 views · located in Chihana Host Club, Tokyo, Japan

a character in “One Thousand Flowers”, as played by Everscale


Full Name: Okudaira Ushio

Stage Name: Eien

Age: 27

Appearance: Image

In his time, Eien was the top ranking host in Japan, and there is a reason. He has a relatively plain face, in some ways, but his smile is a killer – on the rare occasion that he uses it. His eyes sparkle all the time, whether he is smiling or not, with mirth or joy or sadism. Even when he is furious, his eyes glitter charismatically. He is remarkably tall for a Japanese man, at six feet and three inches, and his entire body is lined with well-kept muscles. Even know that he is not hosting, Eien spends his free time working out, maintaining his body as best he can, considering the industry that he is in. He is always sharply dressed, never seen in anything but a suit or, in less formal situations, dress pants and a dress shirt. He has been known to wear a yukata when he is alone in his apartment. His hair is always done up, unless he is sleeping, and he never lets anyone see him until after he has fixed it in the morning.


Personality: In some ways, Eien is the classical manager. His business is the most important thing in the world to him – he does not really care what he has to do, as long as he can keep Chihana running smoothly. His greatest goal in life, or at least it seems to his employees, is furthering Chihana’s future and eventually becoming the number one host club in Japan. He is ruthless when it comes to competition, never hesitating to knock another club out of business or to destroy an enemy host’s reputation, and any misbehaviour from his own hosts is not tolerated. His hosts will be nothing but the best, or they will not be his hosts at all. He is fearless and cold-hearted, putting business high above all other things and not caring whose feelings get hurt along the way. He is highly charismatic, tough, and charming – it has been said that he could charm a woman out of any possession. Everything he owns today was once a gift given to him by infatuated customers. He is clever, and in some ways sadistic, seeming to enjoy it when his enemies suffer. Underneath it all, however, there is still the young man he was before he entered the hosting industry, driven there by desperation. Shrewd and intelligent, he became what he is today in order to survive. He has learned to exist with as few personal connections as is humanly possible – as a result, there are very few people in the world who really know what he is like.

Likes: Hot tea, traditional Japanese houses, traditional Japanese rooms, hosting, flirting, sleeping late, going to bed early, taking naps, sushi, plain soba, bossing people around, bookkeeping, chatting with customers, good champagne, sake, quiet places, dark rooms, being alone, being with his closest friends, coffee, make-up, nice suits, silk, giving flowers, making guests smile

Dislikes: Noisy places, arguments, being disobeyed, rule-breakers, unruly guests, cold noodles, most cold drinks that are non-alcoholic, milk, food that is too sweet, crowds, competition, being held back, bright sunlight, difficult customers, anyone threatening his hosts in any way (he is secretly protective of all of them)

Fears: Losing control, losing Chihana, growing old, dying, seeing another die, spiders, cats, drowning.

Goals: To make Chihana the best host club in Tokyo, and someday, in all of Japan. To leave the business rich beyond all belief and settle down with a woman who loves him. He has not planned for children, but he would not mind them.

Quirks: Eien’s chosen form of punishment is a sharp slap across the mouth – depending on the severity of the crime committed, the slap changes. A worse offense will be backhanded. He cannot be seen early in the morning, before he has prepared himself visually. He acts like a complete bastard, but secretly cares for the hosts.


Years of Hosting: 8 (before he started Chihana)

Number of Named Customers: 70 (He only provides host service about four times a month, so the bidding to get his time is high, and fierce.)

Hosting Talents: Magic tricks, singing, storytelling, sketching (he can only make sketches, if he tries to do anything beyond that it turns out badly.)


Eien was born in Osaka, and grew up there with his parents and two older brothers. His brothers were both high-achieving students, already on track to attend prestigious colleges by the time Eien came into the academic picture. He was different from his brothers, however. Constantly bombarded with praise for his elder siblings, the young Eien became frustrated with his parents, who only wanted him to follow the path his brothers had set for him. He wanted them to see him for who he was not, for who his brothers had been. He rebelled fiercely, lashing out and joining the ranks of the yankis. He ran the streets like a wild man, packed together with a flock of other young boys rebelling against their own parents, for whatever reason. His grades collapsed – he essentially destroyed any hope of a normal future for himself. His parents’ frustration with him was endless, and when he turned eighteen, though he was still too young to be officially recognized as an adult, they practically threw him from the house. He was lucky that he had not really wanted to stay.
For several years, Eien travelled the streets of Japan, going where his odd jobs would take him. He was a cook, a delivery boy, a waiter, a factory-worker, and a barman all in the space of one year. And then, when he was almost nineteen years old, he found the hosting industry. Hosting held great appeal for Eien, who was desperate for human contact and eager to please young woman more fortunate than himself. He joined a club called the Garden of Eden, and he learned the art quickly. By the time he was twenty-three, he was the top host in Japan – every citizen knew his name, whether they cursed it or spoke it with reverence. He fell in love with his job, and at the age of twenty-six he decided that he wanted to get deeper into it. He started his own club, Chihana, his pride and joy, and put all his broken life’s dreams into that business. Now, Chihana and his hosts are the most important things in his life.

So begins...

Okudaira "Eien" Ushio's Story

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The look Eien gave the hosts as they filtered through into the kitchen could only be described as cold. He was not pleased that they had woken so late – the customers would be arriving any minute, and when the hosts got up late it meant that Eien had to entertain the customers for half an hour, and hour, sometimes more while the hosts prepared for the night. Eien was the best host there – he had seventy customers named to him – so it was not exactly difficult for him to entertain the girls until the hosts were ready, but that wasn’t the point, was it? One of the reasons that he had taken up managing his own host club was because managers, and other hosts of their ranks, only had to host a few times each month to keep their customers happy.

Eien, with such lazy hosts as he had, found himself hosting for an hour every. Single. Night. He was not happy with this.

“Yes, yes, ohayou gozaimasu (good morning), now shut up and eat. Breakfast is in the oven,” he jerked his head at the machine, which was lit, to reveal a rather large stack of pancakes and sausages within. One of the first signs that the quirky manager did not really hate his hosts as much as he said he did – he always had breakfast made for them when they got up, whether he bought it or cooked it himself. “We have some new guests coming tonight. Get yourselves ready. I’ll be down entertaining them, so hurry up.”


“Sorry, sorry,” Rai mumbled, watching as Ai jerked awake and began checking his blood-sugar levels. He was too groggy to really register what it was that Ai was doing, or the fact that he adjusted his pump, otherwise he might have been more nervous. But it was too early in the morning to panic beyond being scared awake my their Manager. “Eien-san woke me up…”

He shook his head slowly, running his hands through his red-brown hair and rolling off of his futon. He did not bother to take his blanket with him, though he slept with nothing but his underwear on. They were all men, they all saw people naked more often than most people did. Even Ai, who was brand new, should be able to deal with someone as pretty as Rai walking away from them and wearing no pants or shirt.

“Dunno,” he answered Ai’s question about the time. “Guess it must be almost seven, if Eien’s that angry. The guests’ll be here any minute and we’re not fed yet.” He laughed lightly, even as he winced, running his hand gingerly over his side. Just as he had thought. The bruise on his side was large, considering the size of the heel that had struck him, and such a dark blue it was nearly black. She really had hit him hard… absentmindedly he wondered if he’d cracked a rib. “Ne, Ai, you have some pain meds somewhere around here…?”

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#, as written by Kyumori

Kami watched in amusement as the manager rushed around, snapping like he was in the worst mood of all worst moods. "Calm down, Ushio-chan," the number one host - or as far as he could tell for now - called, walking over and putting a gentle hand on Eien's shoulder. "It's not like the guests are going anywhere."

He opened up the oven, pulling the pancakes out and taking one for himself. He couldn't afford to eat too much - he had to drink quite a bit later.

Looking around, he paused. "Wasn't the busboy supposed to start hosting tonight..." he mused, as he chewed on his pancake. He glanced at Eien, realizing the manager had forgotten something rather crucial. "Yah, Ushio-chan, the rankings," Kami said lazily. "The customers gotta know who's the most expensive tonight." He managed to speak quite well despite the food disappearing rapidly down his throat. He finished eating, drinking water to make the food go down easier.

Kami was ready.


Natsu looked over at Rai, as he tucked his kit into his pocket and started changing out of his tank top and boxers into his new smarter clothes. His fingers shook with nerves. Tonight was going to be his first night as a host. After six months of busboying and cleaning up and learning...Natsu was finally ready to be one of the hosts. He knew he was at the bottom of the rankings - he had no named guests after all, and Natsu doubted he would get any for a while. He sighed, as he buttoned up his shirt.

"Ah..." he dug around in his suitcase, pulling a small container of pain killers out and tossing it at Rai.

"Not too many," he warned. Technically, Natsu wasn't even supposed to be taking the pain killers, because of his diabetes. But he found painkillers helped him get to sleep a lot faster. Frowning in concern at the bruise on Rai's skin, Natsu crossed over, ghosting his cold fingers over the bruise.

"Be careful with that tonight," he cautioned. "It'll hurt more tonight...."

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Ryuu smiled to himself as the hosts began to file into the room, continuing to peel and slice his apple directly into his mouth. He was careful not to allow any of the juice to drip on his outfit, knowing that a messy host was a cheap host. And, at the current, Ryuu was anything but a cheap host. He took only a single pancake, wanting to make sure there was enough for everyone.

"Wasn't the busboy supposed to start hosting tonight..."

Ryuu nodded in response to this. He himself had been awaiting Ai's appearance. Even subtly, each host had their own theme by the way they dressed. Ryuu was curious as to how the newest member would choose to present himself and what talent he would use to capture attention. He noticed many small messages about people that were often overlooked, including the fact they Eien cared more than he was willing to admit. At this, Ryuu chuckled and slid the deck of cards out of his chest pocket, carefully checking once again that they were all there and in place. "He will be here shortly, give the boy some faith. I'm sure he's nervous. Not everyone is as natural as you are, Kami."

"Yah, Ushio-chan, the rankings," Kami said lazily. "The customers gotta know who's the most expensive tonight."

At this, Ryuu paused and placed his cards down to gance at the manager. Yes, that had been forgotten. Although the ranking was not overly important to Ryuu, it was nice to be appreciated for his work. For the most part, he genially enjoyed being a host and the company of the other hosts. But still, to say that he wasn't curious would be a blatant lie. "Aye, you must be getting forgetful in your old age, Ushio-sama. No wonder you find yourself entering our clients," he joked gently.

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Daichi mentally slapped himself at the way he had forgotten about the rankings so quickly. He could only stay quiet as Kami spoke about the new host, only a smirk craved his lips. A quiet laugh cutting his voice from it's silence only to be hushed once more as Ryuu spoke. 'Now, to only text Miami about Mizuki...' Daichi thought quietly as he began to text once more.

He thoughts as they went on from Mizuki and Miami, we're cut off as Ryuu commented on Eien being old. Wasn't the man only 27 or something? Did Ryuu want a death wish, because at this moment, Daichi looked nervous for the boy. Putting his phone away with a small smirk once more as his sister texted back.

"Aye aye!" Daichi groaned, misreading his text as he took it back out and reread it. "Leave it to Miami-chan to let Mizuki-chan drive on her first time to the red light district. Now their lost..." Daichi groaned out look annoyed. "Looks like they may be late." Daichi muttered, only to look at Kami quickly. "Mind telling my sister to never ever let Mizuki drive?" Daichi joked slightly as he took out a pancake and ate it quickly before texting again.

Daichi stared at the next text message he received, a smile craving on his lips as a laugh came out. "Eh, such air heads..." Daichi said with a smile, scratching the back of his head. Daichi blushed slightly, forgetting he was in the room with others. Quickly, he recovered as he texted back and shut off his phone.

Daichi could only wonder what customers little Ai would get, even though Dachi felt he shouldn't care, he ended up caring always in the end.

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Ryuu smiled calmly in satisfaction as the rank were listed. He was pleased with his rank in third place. By not being the most expensive, he could still fetch a few new clients while not losing his old that could no longer afford the charge. Yes, this was good. He stood up and brushed the possible crumbs from his lap, a mysterious smile brushing his lips. "Very well, Ushio-sama. I will now take my leave of you. May the rest of your day be stress free and pleasant," he mused, bowing in respect to his manager. Straightening his back, he motioned a wave to the others in the room. "Sayounara (Good bye), my friends," he said with a smile as he left the room and descended to the Chihana.

As usual, tonight was a mystery as to who would be showing up for him to host. The mentioning of new clients interested him. The type of women that invested in the club were always a sort of surprise to him. It seemed the richer they were, the more that they expected from the hosts. On the way into the club, he slipped a rose into his breast pocket and fingered the petals softly as he nestled into his spot and awaited for his clients to arrive. Beautiful, he thought gently, pondering the flower.

Kikio Mio

Kiko entered the club nervously, her brown hair obsessively falling in front of her face. The transition from the cool outside to the warm club fogged her glasses, causing her to blink in surprise. Quickly she took they off and cleaned the think lenses, her brown eyes squinting to see without them. The was a pretty girl, but one would never suspect so behind her ancient spectacles that covered much of her face. "Aye," she sighed, realizing that she had failed to remove her laboratory coat before leaving the lab. This coat was like her second skin. She was a well renowned scientist, dedicated to her work. Perhaps too dedicated, leaving the girl introverted and alone. She replaced the glasses on her face and slipped out of the coat, draping it possessively over her arm. She glanced around the room, a small, nervous smile spreading across her face. Money was not an issue for the scientists. Finding company besides her lab specimen was. "Kami," she called softly to her named host, raising her arm up and then dropping it quickly to hold her hands protectively over her chest and lab coat. "Are you. . . are you busy?" She looked down, pushing her glasses back up on the bridge of her nose.