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Saitama "Ai" Natsu

"Darling, love is not for the faint of heart."

0 · 243 views · located in Chihana Host Club, Tokyo, Japan

a character in “One Thousand Flowers”, as played by Kyumori


Full Name: Saitama Natsu

Stage Name: Ai

Age: 17

Image ... o1_500.png

I kiss you as if there is nothing wrong
I can’t leave your sweet presence

Ai. Two letters with deep, heavy meanings behind them. Ai. Ai. Ai.

Innocence carried in full lips and shining eyes. Happiness and optimism etched into high cheekbones and pealing laughter. A slender body, to the point of maybe even unhealthiness. A certain fragility, as though one wrong touch might make him shatter. Ai appears as such - like an ice sculpture or a glass statue. He is transparent in appearances, unable to put up even a glimmer of a mask. He is an open book, with bright smiles and kind words. Ai is obviously new to the scene - his naivety and his innocence shine through with everything he does. He dresses smart, but he appears like the little kid wearing his father's shoes. It's obvious they don't suit him, yet Ai is determined to keep wearing them. His selling point is his cuteness, and his apparent incapability of being traumatized. But Ai is as fragile as his body appears. Tears spring easily, almost on command. Bruises appear far too willingly, and he always seems to be getting scratched or cut. It's almost as if Ai is being held together by the bandages that adorn his body. Battle wounds, he calls them. Battle wounds from a war he never had to fight.


Right now, there are only happy stories here
The very happy stories of just the two of us

Charming in his innocence, Ai gives off the impression of naivety and ignorance. He seems protected from the outside world, always greeting with respect, bowing and smiling, without a care in the world. He's always bringing cookies or brownies or treats over to his guests from the kitchen, always listening to what the elders say and trying to please everyone. But in his private time, Ai becomes older. He sheds the persona of 'Ai' and becomes 'Natsu'. While Ai remains forever a child, Natsu is the boy who has been forced to grow up far too quickly. Natsu is a broken individual, wandering around without a goal or a position in the world. He is not bipolar. It's more, Natsu becomes Ai when a guest is around. In his own room, or when he has time for a break, Ai becomes Natsu. They are one and the same. Only one has been frozen in the state of a child and the other has had his childhood taken away. That is, not to say, that Natsu is not cheerful or optimistic. Natsu is far more experienced than Ai. The persona of Natsu knows more than he should at his age. Sometimes, though, the line distinguishing the two faces begins to blur.

Cute things, cellphone charms, texting, the Internet, dramas, anime, manga, shopping, new things, electronics, puzzles, books, maintaining his image in the eyes of his clients

Spiders, blood, nightmares, scary movies, pain, letting his clients see his 'Natsu' side, losing a client because of something he did, high pitched noises, dogs

Being broken forever, or being a host forever

To make something of his life beyond the host club

Natsu is a diabetic who's afraid of needles. It's sometimes a problem...


Years of Hosting:
Six months at the club cleaning up and being a busboy, hasn't hosted that much

Number of Named Customers:

Hosting Talents: Flower arranging, animal imitations, baking




Right now I’m writing such a happy story
But it is all just a wish still

Born into a relatively wealthy family, Natsu was left to the care of his uncle when both his parents perished in a train crash after the bullet train derailed. He was five at the time, and barely even remembers what they look like now. The only memory he has of them is of his parents kissing him good bye as they left to go on that fateful trip. His uncle took him in and abused him constantly. Natsu was berated, insulted, beaten. He covered his arms with long sleeves and never wore shorts, even in the summer. Then came the day Natsu was diagnosed with diabetes. He was ten, and his uncle's doctor had been worried about the boy, how skinny he was, how he seemed dehydrated all the time.

Once he was diagnosed though, the abuse only seemed to get worse.

He befriended one of his uncle's young, wealthy friends and it was this friend that took him out of his uncle's house and into the streets of Japan. As it turns out though, this friend had only wanted to use the sixteen year old boy to make money as a sex slave to businessmen who were unsatisfied with their marriage and wanted to try something new. By this time, Natsu was already almost broken - to hear the news that his presumed savior had turned against him broke his trust in humanity and broke his spirit.

Before anything could happen, though, Natsu managed to escape. He seemed to have no will to live at this point, and was close to taking his own life. However, he had hidden in the basement of the soon to be Chihana Host Club. He saw the manager once, saw some of the other hosts, saw how happy they were and realized he could do their job.

And so, six months into the birth of Chihana, Ai was born. First, though, Ai was a cleaner. The pretty flower boy that walked around cleaning up after the older hosts. Natsu began to build his client base that way. Natsu wanted his host appearance to be completely different from the personality that was really his. He wanted the guests to be happy, and wanted to appear happy for them. Slowly, little by little, Natsu's will to live was transferred into Ai. Now Ai can't imagine dying - but Natsu thinks about it every night.

So begins...

Saitama "Ai" Natsu's Story

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#, as written by Kyumori

In his solo apartment, light streaming in from a crack in the curtains, Kami stirred when the manager's door slammed. He had always been one of the lighter sleepers - which was why he preferred having his own room. Or rather, why it was a good thing he had his own room. If he had to room with anybody else...Kami bristled at the thought.

He didn't look like a host in the morning. Without his make up or his clothes, he was just another twenty four year old male with bedhead hair and bags under his eyes. He groaned, clutching at his head. A hangover? Now of all days? Well shit.

He groped around for his bedside table, finding the cup of water and the two aspirins he had put there last night, knowing he'd wake up with such a pounding headache. He threw the covers off then, shivering slightly in the cold morning air as said morning air hit his bare chest. He never slept with a shirt on, it just wasn't something he could do.

He downed the medicine and the water, grimacing at the taste it left in his mouth as he slipped his feet into a pair of bamboo slippers. His suitcase was against the wall - all of his clothes, except the ones that could get wrinkled, packed neatly inside. He pulled out a black silk vest, a red dress shirt and a pair of black slacks, changing into them immediately. He glanced out the window as he did so - nearly night time. Hmm...he'd woken up early today. He enjoyed this silence before the crowd. It let him gather his thoughts, let him be more human than he'd have to be tonight.

Later tonight...he would be a god. But for now, Kami was as human as the boys next door. Dressed and washed up, Kami headed into the kitchen. He leaned against the counter, smirking lazily at the manager.

"Ohayou (morning), Ushio-chan," he purred, looking around for food.


He had been sleeping soundly, dreaming of something that probably did not go along the lines of bunnies hopping in a meadow. Natsu's sleep had not been restful. It had never been for the past few years. He tossed in his sleep, turning and unable to awaken from the grips of the dreams and the nightmares that had him in his grasp.

He was awoken, however, by Rai's anguished wail. Natsu's eyes flew open and he jerked into an upright position, heart pounding in his throat. "What's going on? What happened?" he asked dazedly.

When he realized it was only time to get up, Natsu slumped back against the pillow. He rubbed his temples, feeling a little dizzy. What was his blood sugar level...? He quickly checked his blood sugar levels, grimacing at the brief moment of pain when he had to pierce his finger to get at his blood. Ah. That would explain it. His levels were almost dangerously low.

He quickly adjusted the number on his pump, before turning to Rai.

"What time is it...?"

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The look Eien gave the hosts as they filtered through into the kitchen could only be described as cold. He was not pleased that they had woken so late – the customers would be arriving any minute, and when the hosts got up late it meant that Eien had to entertain the customers for half an hour, and hour, sometimes more while the hosts prepared for the night. Eien was the best host there – he had seventy customers named to him – so it was not exactly difficult for him to entertain the girls until the hosts were ready, but that wasn’t the point, was it? One of the reasons that he had taken up managing his own host club was because managers, and other hosts of their ranks, only had to host a few times each month to keep their customers happy.

Eien, with such lazy hosts as he had, found himself hosting for an hour every. Single. Night. He was not happy with this.

“Yes, yes, ohayou gozaimasu (good morning), now shut up and eat. Breakfast is in the oven,” he jerked his head at the machine, which was lit, to reveal a rather large stack of pancakes and sausages within. One of the first signs that the quirky manager did not really hate his hosts as much as he said he did – he always had breakfast made for them when they got up, whether he bought it or cooked it himself. “We have some new guests coming tonight. Get yourselves ready. I’ll be down entertaining them, so hurry up.”


“Sorry, sorry,” Rai mumbled, watching as Ai jerked awake and began checking his blood-sugar levels. He was too groggy to really register what it was that Ai was doing, or the fact that he adjusted his pump, otherwise he might have been more nervous. But it was too early in the morning to panic beyond being scared awake my their Manager. “Eien-san woke me up…”

He shook his head slowly, running his hands through his red-brown hair and rolling off of his futon. He did not bother to take his blanket with him, though he slept with nothing but his underwear on. They were all men, they all saw people naked more often than most people did. Even Ai, who was brand new, should be able to deal with someone as pretty as Rai walking away from them and wearing no pants or shirt.

“Dunno,” he answered Ai’s question about the time. “Guess it must be almost seven, if Eien’s that angry. The guests’ll be here any minute and we’re not fed yet.” He laughed lightly, even as he winced, running his hand gingerly over his side. Just as he had thought. The bruise on his side was large, considering the size of the heel that had struck him, and such a dark blue it was nearly black. She really had hit him hard… absentmindedly he wondered if he’d cracked a rib. “Ne, Ai, you have some pain meds somewhere around here…?”

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#, as written by Kyumori

Kami watched in amusement as the manager rushed around, snapping like he was in the worst mood of all worst moods. "Calm down, Ushio-chan," the number one host - or as far as he could tell for now - called, walking over and putting a gentle hand on Eien's shoulder. "It's not like the guests are going anywhere."

He opened up the oven, pulling the pancakes out and taking one for himself. He couldn't afford to eat too much - he had to drink quite a bit later.

Looking around, he paused. "Wasn't the busboy supposed to start hosting tonight..." he mused, as he chewed on his pancake. He glanced at Eien, realizing the manager had forgotten something rather crucial. "Yah, Ushio-chan, the rankings," Kami said lazily. "The customers gotta know who's the most expensive tonight." He managed to speak quite well despite the food disappearing rapidly down his throat. He finished eating, drinking water to make the food go down easier.

Kami was ready.


Natsu looked over at Rai, as he tucked his kit into his pocket and started changing out of his tank top and boxers into his new smarter clothes. His fingers shook with nerves. Tonight was going to be his first night as a host. After six months of busboying and cleaning up and learning...Natsu was finally ready to be one of the hosts. He knew he was at the bottom of the rankings - he had no named guests after all, and Natsu doubted he would get any for a while. He sighed, as he buttoned up his shirt.

"Ah..." he dug around in his suitcase, pulling a small container of pain killers out and tossing it at Rai.

"Not too many," he warned. Technically, Natsu wasn't even supposed to be taking the pain killers, because of his diabetes. But he found painkillers helped him get to sleep a lot faster. Frowning in concern at the bruise on Rai's skin, Natsu crossed over, ghosting his cold fingers over the bruise.

"Be careful with that tonight," he cautioned. "It'll hurt more tonight...."

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Daichi mentally slapped himself at the way he had forgotten about the rankings so quickly. He could only stay quiet as Kami spoke about the new host, only a smirk craved his lips. A quiet laugh cutting his voice from it's silence only to be hushed once more as Ryuu spoke. 'Now, to only text Miami about Mizuki...' Daichi thought quietly as he began to text once more.

He thoughts as they went on from Mizuki and Miami, we're cut off as Ryuu commented on Eien being old. Wasn't the man only 27 or something? Did Ryuu want a death wish, because at this moment, Daichi looked nervous for the boy. Putting his phone away with a small smirk once more as his sister texted back.

"Aye aye!" Daichi groaned, misreading his text as he took it back out and reread it. "Leave it to Miami-chan to let Mizuki-chan drive on her first time to the red light district. Now their lost..." Daichi groaned out look annoyed. "Looks like they may be late." Daichi muttered, only to look at Kami quickly. "Mind telling my sister to never ever let Mizuki drive?" Daichi joked slightly as he took out a pancake and ate it quickly before texting again.

Daichi stared at the next text message he received, a smile craving on his lips as a laugh came out. "Eh, such air heads..." Daichi said with a smile, scratching the back of his head. Daichi blushed slightly, forgetting he was in the room with others. Quickly, he recovered as he texted back and shut off his phone.

Daichi could only wonder what customers little Ai would get, even though Dachi felt he shouldn't care, he ended up caring always in the end.