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Nevaeh Eilaesia

~I'm not OCD~I swear~

0 · 214 views · located in Whistling Willow's Institutional Psych Ward

a character in “One, Two, Three”, as played by Wynter


Name: Nevaeh Eilaesia
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: May 1st, 1992
Height: 176 cm
Weight: 115 lbs
Picture: Nevaeh Eilaesia
Natural Hair Color/Current Hair Color/Highlights or Not?: Black, black, none.
Length of Hair: Mid-back.
Eye Color: Brown.
Shirt: White T-shirt.
Pants: Sweatpants.
Shoes: White Puma runners.
Accessories: None.
Likes: Math, music, reading, the number 'Pi', grammar, spelling.
Dislikes: The numbers '13', '8', '22', and '74', bugs of any kind, balloons, and any sort of sports-related balls
(basket balls, soccer balls, baseballs, softballs, etc.)
Habits: Nevaeh's life revolves around routine; first in the day, she gets up, and tears all the sheets, pillows, everything from her bed. Upon close inspection will reveal whether she will make the bed perfectly how she chooses, or upon the slightest thing under the bar of perfect on the linen, she will get them cleaned. The routine usually falls into the latter.
Washing her hands exactly 16 times in the sink is next, before Nevaeh is to move on.
Changing into a pair of cleaned clothing, always dark-gray sweatpants and a white T-shirt, of which she has multiple sets of the same. On her clothes, in the back and neatly printed with a thin black sharpie, are numbers. '2', '4', or '6' are on her T-shirt, undergarments, sweatpants, socks, etc. She wears sets on certain days, set '2' then set '4' then set '6'; making absolute sure they dont get mixed up.
She then washes her hands 16 times again.
Brushing her hair 48 times concluded her next routine action, before she washes her hands 16 times more, a total of 48 times so far.
She also checks twice after washing her hands to see if she left the tap on.
A quick check of her room; lights off, tap off, clock set to the right time; concludes herself to knock on the door 3 times, closed or not, before leaving.
From there, she usually walks down to the Recreational room, careful to not step on any cracks between the tile floor, she counts each step, skipping the numbers '13', '8', '22', and '1' at their times of coming up.
How Long will they be Staying There? (Sort term; 1 week-4 months, Mid-term; 4 months-8 months, Long term; 8 months-a few years.) Long term.
Diagnosis/How it Affects Them: Nevaeh has OCD, but whenever asked about her OCD, if she has OCD, or someone calls her OCD, she replies with a serious answer of, "I'm not OCD."
Nevaeh knows a total of 54 numbers of Pi.
What OCD causes her to do, part of her routine:
-Wash her hands exactly 16 times after doing things potentially contaminating, germ-wise.
-Check twice if she left a sink running.
-Check everything, (lights on, toilet running, sink running, shower running, clock time, etc.), before she leaves a room.
-Knock 3 times on a room's door before going in, open or not, if no door then she knocks on the right side of the door.
-Count every step she takes when walking through the Ward's hallways.
-When readign a book, for example, if the last page says '500' she will count every single page just to make sure.
-Alphabetize movies, books, papers, etc.
-Number her clothing articles.
-Used hand-sanitizer before she touches something, (doorknob, book, etc.)
-Press an elevator door button, for example, 3 times.
-Not drink or eat off of anything unless she sees it sanitized thoroughly.
-Sanitize a chair before she sits down on it; but only if it is made of plastic or metal.
Other: None.
Doctor Assigned: Alexander. (If that's alright. Notify if not.)

So begins...

Nevaeh Eilaesia's Story