Shizuka Kimura

"I should've stayed home."

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Image|| Nicknames ||
    nemuri_Hime (Sleeping beauty; her online moniker)
    Yuurei (Ghost; a nickname given to her by the general student body)
    Shi, Shizu
|| Age ||
|| Gender||
|| Height ||
|| Weight ||
    119 lbs.
|| Alignment ||
|| Character Type ||
|| Dark Secret ||
    Some years ago, stricken sick with a desire for justice and revenge Shizu pursued a bully of hers from school online. So venomous and persistent were her efforts into destroying this individual that they were driven to suicide. Despite feeling justified in her actions at the time the event has haunted her conscience ever since.

Image|| Brief History ||
    The ethereal young woman known as Shizuka Kimura's life has been one rife with extremes but also one lacking in much drama or eventfulness. A fortunate child born into money and a wealthy family and an unfortunate child born into poor health. From birth Shizuka had always been a sickly child, anemic, pale, and weak. Luckily enough for her parents and family had the means to provide her with some of the best health care available. Thanks to this health care and numerous medications Shizuka has been afforded an almost normal life. Despite this though Shizu has always spent most of her time indoors at home, only occasionally going out or to school. Her homebound lifestyle lead her to take on more "nerdy" hobbies, gaming, browsing the internet, reading, occult research, and other such things.

    In school she's better known is "Yuurei". She attends more occult club meetings than actual classes and shows up and disappears from school as she pleases. This, along with the rather pale tone of her skin, earned her this ghastly nickname. She's also well known for the lollipops she can be seen sucking on at almost all times. This is due to one of the numerous side effects of her medications, a condition called parageusia which leaves a persistent and unpleasant taste in the mouth.

    Despite the fact that she rarely goes out, her closet and wardrobe is quite extensive. Stocked with expensive clothing and accessories and the latest fashions. Whenever she -does- go out she quite enjoys dressing up. This kind of attitude is one she takes to most things involved in going out. She likes the idea of it but not so much the practice since going out is often quite tiring for her and isn't something she likes to do alone.

Image|| Abilities ||
    Attention to Detail ||
    Tech Savvy ||
    First Aid ||
    Donut Sense ||
|| HP ||
|| MP ||
|| Strength ||
|| Defense ||
|| Magic ||
|| M. Defense ||
|| Agility ||
|| Evasion ||
|| Will ||
|| Sanity ||

So begins...

Shizuka Kimura's Story

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The day had started just like any other day. You woke at your regular time and went about your normal morning routine with just enough time to get to school. Lectures remained an utter bore, lunch was completely uneventful, and what would seem like another peaceful day seemingly drifts by as if nonexistent. When the final bell rings, the students and faculty prepare to go home to enjoy the upcoming Golden Week. That is to say, all except for you. For those who are members of the Homurahara Occult & Horror Club, the day has yet to come to an end.

As the sun ventures beyond the horizon and the dim red light fades from the hallways, you and the other members gather in a "special" classroom on the third year floor. The room itself contains an atmosphere akin to hollowed ground. The air is unusually heavy considering how easy it is to take it. With each breath you take, it's as if a heavy stone rests within your lungs and dissipates as you exhale. All of the desks have been pushed to the side in haphazard arrangements and simple formations to accommodate whomever has chosen to use them as a seat. The lights which buzz endlessly during the day have been neglected in favor of candlelight and the faint glow of the moon illuminates what the ghostly flames can not.

"Hmm...I thought I marked that page..."

Amongst the blending of static rain and idle chatter, you hear the president's voice above all else. This is likely due to the nature of the meeting; "a special late-night event that all shall remember". Bearing this in mind, your eyes once again drift to the center of the room where what appears to be a ceremonial circle has been drawn. You've always known Haruka to have an eerie aura about her, but this has long since surpassed anything she has done in the past. Furthermore, the peculiar tattered tome which she has been attentively flipping through for the past ten minutes is continuing to draw your suspicion.

"Hey, Haruka," the vice president who has been standing next her the whole time finally speaks up, "Don't you think we should just get on with this? I'm sure it'll be fine if you can't find one little ghost story."

"Just wait a minute, will ya!? I know I can find it!"

With that being said, you begin to feel an unnatural sense of unease. It was as if something terribly unavoidable was about to happen...


Prelude to the Nightmare
Welcome to this little game we like to call Onigokko. I am the "Director". If you are reading this, then you are either a very brave soul or a fool to be punished. But for now, I suppose we can allow you a brief moment of peace. After all, the festival of carnage doesn't have to begin just yet. We'll have the rest of eternity to spend together either way~

If you care to enjoy this last precious moment of peace, perhaps you'd like to briefly introduce your character? It doesn't matter to me...

When you're ready to begin the game, just walk up to Haruka at the front of the class and ask "did you find it yet". I'll be eagerly awaiting those words. So try not to keep me waiting for too long~

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#, as written by Keen

It was the beginning of another typical day for the young woman known as Shizuka Kimura. Waking upon a fresh new day at roughly noon like she did most every other day. Normally she'd just get up, grab a sucker, and hop on the computer but not so today. Today she was actually going to go to school, well, for a little bit at least. And so she went through the morning rituals befitting any normal member of society, a light breakfast and quick shower. She always hated getting dressed for school though, the uniforms were so boring and she had so many other things to wear that were far cuter. With a sigh however she resigned herself to donning the school ordained outfit and jacket before grabbing her bag and heading out. The sky was cloudy, that much Shizu was thankful for, reports said there was a good chance of rain but it hadn't started yet. Erring on the side of caution Shizu quickly ducked back inside to retrieve a plain looking umbrella before officially setting off once more.

Shizu arrived just before lunch break ended and wandered into her next class for the day. The students and teachers gave her some odd looks but none of them said a word, this had become something to be expected, Shizu showed up when she pleased and disappeared just as quickly with the always convenient excuse of her health. Few people made their polite or obligatory hellos to the girl, but all in all it was a quiet afternoon and quite boring. All the expended energy of walking to school and attending class had begun to catch up the anemic girl, and so she decided to skip her final class for the evening and retreat to the club room early. She knew Tanaka had her ever reliable nap-corner set up and she figured she wouldn't mind sharing. The room was, as expected, empty and suitably dark. Slipping out of the outer and less comfortable layers of her school uniform she buried herself in the blanketed corner of the club room and swiftly fell asleep.

Her peaceful little rest however was rather rudely interrupted by the enraged shouts of one nerd better known as Troph. As consciousness was forced upon the girl she sat up and rubbed her eyes looking and feeling rather groggy. Warm and snuggled up at her side laid the still sleeping Tanaka, Shizu could only sigh and shake her head, envious of the girl's ability to sleep through anything. But alas, she was awake now and so she began to scan around the room, taking in all the faces of the people who had assembled thus far. What caught her attention was the redhead whose fort seemed to have collapsed atop her head. Shizu smiled at that, it had been quite some time since she made a pillow fort of her own. A matter requiring her immediate attention however quickly arose as she detected the presence of their supervisor, Keiza-sensei. With a swift pull at the blanket over her head she began to dig around for her uniform to get dressed. It wasn't a matter of being embarrassed, no no, she just didn't want to get in trouble again, she couldn't stand the looks and lectures from her parents.

After a few moments of struggle she was dressed, though quite disheveled. As she tossed away the blanket she gladly took a deep breath of the cool, fresh air that greeted her. With a quick dip into her jacket pocket she retrieved a brightly wrapped sucker and popped it into her mouth, the bad tastes were always the worst after she woke. Gracefully she popped up to her feet and made an effort to straighten out her uniform and her hair before waltzing over to the tragic site where Fort Homurahara laid fallen. She wasn't the only one to take interest however, Maya had come to investigate as well. Shizu only smiled as Maya talked deciding to take it upon herself to help the poor redhead uncover herself and pick up some of the mess that had been made. With that done she finally spoke up softly as she knelt down. "Well, it's been a while but I was quite the little blanket engineer back in my day." She gave a firm nod, looking as if this was something to be proud of. "If you want I'd be happy to help you put it back together, or even just give some tips. Or I could do nothing, I'm pretty good at that too."

She didn't bother with any introductions or words of casual conversation. She wasn't very familiar with the red head but she had heard some stories and got the feeling this more casual approach to interaction was the way to go. With a quick a yawn she began to stretch her arms and sat back to give the girl some more space, scaring her off was the one thing she was looking to avoid at this point, her curiosities about the meeting could wait for now.

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#, as written by Senpai


The sound of another voice interrupted the redhead's annoyance. Stopping in her tracks, she realized the voice was close enough to be talking to her. When she mentioned the fort, Akira was certain that it was her that was being spoken to. "Oh god. Just stay cool, Akira. Relax. Don't break anything like last time someone talked to you. You have this." She had to have a sort of mental conversation to keep herself collected. Taking a deep breath that was easily seen through her body under the sheet, she found the cover's end and looked up at the girl who spoke to her. She was definitely unfamiliar, maybe new to the club. At the same time, Akira didn't really know anyone. She was about to speak before the other girl snapped to attention, loudly introducing herself. Akira clutched at the sheets she was wrapped in, flinching backwards a bit before letting loose the breath she held and slowly leaned back upright. "Just... relax."

"A-A..." She hesitated, quickly pulling the sheet back over her head. "Akira Renbokoji. It's nice to meet you." It sounded more rehearsed than sincere, as it was. "I'm okay. Fine... My area just fell down." She seemed to emphasize the word "my." "I've... never been really into horror, honestly." Not something one might expect to hear from a member of the occult club, but it was something she said regardless. Part of her wanted this girl to just go away so that she could reconstruct her fort in solitude. She didn't know how to normally interact with someone. And it was just as she was having this thought that the sleeping girl, or rather the one who was sleeping but a moment ago, came and offered to help reconstruct it. She kept her distance, but Akira still flinched with the sheets wrapped around her as she let the other girl speak. "I... I, um... You-" She mentally commanded herself to just breathe again.

She was going to tell them to leave, but perhaps this was a chance given to her. She didn't have to go out and try talking to others. They came to her. And it wasn't an unmanageable number. If it was just two, these friendly and somewhat quiet two, Akira felt that she could manage it. Peeking out from under the sheet, she gave two nods with what sounded like a muffled whimper. "Okay... That would be kind. But make sure it's... um, just like it was. And don't step on my pillows. They won't be usable if you do that, okay?" It didn't help that the pillows were completely covered. She began pointing to where the books and corners once were, giving shaky and simple directions to the girl whose name she did not know and Maya, should she want to lend a hand as well. Her whole face was almost as red as her hair with nervousness. Not quite anxiety, but it was teetering upon it. "And.. it should be that simple. I might need better weights, though... If you guys can help with that." Being able to relax easier in that fort-to-be would be nice for her. The simplest spaz attack could bring about the end of this fort once again. If she could avoid that kind of frailty in the next job, she could certainly rest easier.

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----- As Ayame glanced out the window, she saw the tar-black sky. It began as a whispering in the air and then bright, brilliant, sparkling pearls of rain began rolling down the window. Visible puddles of rain water were beginning to form on the solid concrete outside of the school building. The roof of cars danced wildly with the spray. Pedestrians ran for cover or they began to pull out their umbrellas. Most people would think of it gloomy, unwelcoming, dreary or somber and that's how most people would see a rainy day such as this one. Ayame could use no other word, but beautiful. To her the rain was calming and a thing that shouldn't be taken for granted.

----- It was nearing the end of the school day and while the rest of her classmates would be heading home, she would be staying after school for club activities. Despite Ayame's extremely extroverted nature, she had no want to socialize at the moment, which was uncharacteristic of her. Usually, she'd be the first one to strike up a conversation with someone. Though today that didn't seem to be the case. Today she just wanted to gaze at the captivating sky through the windows of the school. From afar it seemed as if she was lost in her own thoughts. Her eyes were slightly glazed over, as if she couldn't focus on something.

-----The thoughts trundled through her mind like a train going at break neck speed, with no intention of halting. But, like a good dream you wish to remember, they had gone and left no traces that would help recreate them, and were soon substituted by new ones who also vanished quickly.

----- Once the bell had rung she leisurely packed her belongings and headed to the clubroom were undoubtedly other members would be. There would be few other clubs staying after today. She had taken her time; aimlessly wandering the halls of the school. Some would even call it unusual, seeing Ayame wonder the halls, blankly staring outside of the window, obviously not a care in the world. The rain was harder now, and there was not even a sliver of light to be seen in the sky. It was a tranquil sight indeed. The thought of heading to the club room didn't even enter her mind. She was truly and utterly lost in the silent falling of the rain.

----- By the time Ayame to the clubroom the halls were practically vacant. She could see that they had already gotten started with their evening shenanigans. But that wasn't even what caught her eye, no. It wasn't that at all. Instead, it was that sweet and delectable scent that filled her nostrils. She completely toned out the president's speech, and the rest of the members chatter and instantly searched for the source of the smell. Soon she found the origin of such a breathtaking smell. The sight was even more breathtaking in its self. Just the aroma alone was beginning to make her mouth salivate.

----- She had no care for the fact that these were supposed to be shared among the rest of the group. Only for the fact that, this scrumptious food was in front of her and she was becoming hungrier by the second. With trembling hands, she picked up one of the cookies and as soon as it touched the tip of her tongue, her taste buds exploded. She doubled over. How could something seemingly simple, taste so good? Her face flushed, and steadied herself on her weak knees. She no longer cared if the others wouldn't get any, she had to have more and began quite literally stuffing her face.

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#, as written by Jedly

Varren never really noticed the transition from a horror club into a sleepover and get scared once in a while club. A good portion of the room was devoted to the construction and establishment of fortifications, built out of blankets and pillows. How people could sleep so nonchalantly in the presence of others, the young man would never know. Though, like many castles from times of chivalry, the makeshift fortifications fell. Whether it was by the abrupt awakening of those residing within them, by an accidental shove or slip, or by a random teacher dismembering them. Varren had only dared to sleep in the clubroom once, but what followed was so traumatizing, he vowed to never take a rest in the classroom ever again.

Sometime last year, he had passed out due to sleep deprivation. When he awoke, the student had found crude works of art drawn on his face. But what was even more horrifying was the first thing he saw when he woke up. After his eyes finally focused, standing before him was Maina with a sliver of a smile on her face and a sharpie in hand. Literally nothing in this world was more mortifying than seeing that girl with even a glimpse of a grin. It easily ranked highly in his list of ’Horror-esque Experiences’, only beaten by the Spectre of the Literary Club and Troph's infatuation with tommy guns. Varren had nearly poured steaming water down Troph’s throat when he found out that the fedora wearing classmate was the one who edged her on. It was only the girls who fell asleep during club gatherings, since they were lucky enough to have male club members who were entirely pure at heart. They also feared Haruka’s iron fist and Yotsuki’s stainless ladle. The cookware was a perfect weapon for bludgeoning, since blood never left a mark on it.

Speaking of the the fellow senior, she had arrived at the room bearing a voyage of sweets. She was only preceded by Kirio, who easily could pass for the devil’s child. With a grin that only screamed mischief and passive-aggressive playfulness, he skipped over to Troph and Varren. Varren glanced up from Troph while he was being chewed out by Keiza, then shrugged in response to the newcomer’s question, ”Well, Troph-san is in the middle of trying to regather the fragments of his broken heart. I just arrived, just waiting for Kaichou to show us something exhilarating. The young man motioned for his classmate to take a seat, then averted his eyes to the door, when Yotsuki strolled in with her cuisines. Varren was never too fond of sweet goods, but if they were made by this certain individual, they were by far too enthralling to pass up. ”Cookies and cupcakes, eh? The green frosting is definitely quite spooky. And brownies? It’s like you cooked these in preemptiveness, as if we’d all be cut off from any source of food. But, thanks.” After making the comment, the young man treated himself to peanut-filled cookie. The second he took a bite out of the pastry, his undiverse palette tingled with approval. The young woman took a seat and gave a friendly reprimanding to Varren, slapping his shoulder with an innocent smile stretched on her face. She made a similar query as Kirio, to which Varren gave a more interesting answer. ”Well, Troph-san is currently recripracating the effects of the ploy put on by most gaming industries. I call it the Three R’s. Renaming, Repackaging, and Reshipping. I feel truly sorry for our friend’s loss. May his wallet rest in peace.” He took another bite out of the cookie, letting out a sigh of relief. Her magnificent culinary masterpieces were almost as captivating as her massive rack.

Of cooking utensils, obviously. Varren had only been to her house once, when she requested the help of a few classmates for a club celebration party. She had enough silverware to equip an armada of chefs and cooks. The pastries she crafted for this gathering quickly gathered for her the admiration of her clubmates. Soon enough, a reserved Maina, a Milo who appeared to have waltzed through a monsoon, and a lethargic Ayame entered the classroom. After a few more minutes, all of the members had congregated for the special event. Once the students gained some cholesterol from the delivered sweets, Haruka quickly shouted out, finally acquiring the page she had been sifting for. The president ran through with her introduction of the ‘Fuyuki Phantoms’, a phenomena which Varren was somewhat informed about.

The name had already piqued his interest, since over the past three years, the club had only chased urban legends and mysteries. But this was considered to be affiliated with past disasters and murders. Most of all, it was something tangible. His eyes slowly trailed towards the president, but then shifted over to his American friend, whose expression was slowly unfolding into unease. As their president continued on, Varren shared his reaction. Internally, that is. He kept a straight face, even when she mentioned their hospitalized classmate. The young man had visited her a few times throughout the school year. She was doing well overall, but she was still frightened by what she believed was an assault. Haruka then delved into demonology, which Varren wasn’t too versed with, so he left it to Troph to pick up where he faltered. Both Justin and Yinyues glared at the floor, their gazes focused on the scriptive circle below their feet. And, much to their avail, they would be the ones used in the summoning. Varren wasn’t sure whether to be happy that they were doing something real for once, or doubtful due to how it will affect the students. The young man had no questions, but was caught off guard when Milo shot to his feet, with an upright figure. After his proclamation of sweets, Varren let out a sigh, given the fact that the student was completely unphased by the president’s findings. ”That’s not a statement, my dear boy. But, I believe this saying does apply to his claim.” He cleared his throat, then pointed at the redhead, ”Give this man a cookie!” And with that, he reclined in his seat, finished with his announcement. ”Oh, and Kaichou? Do we need to offer blood? I’d rather not. Perhaps we can sacrifice pillows instead? The young man asked in all seriousness. He did not want a repeat of the event, concerning those deceased children.

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"Akira Renbokoji. It's nice to meet you." Maya smiled, pleased at the reply. But due to her quick eye.. and the fact that it was rather obvious, it seemed that Akira was especially nervous. "I'm okay. Fine... My area just fell down." She tilted her head, taking in the hints, but wondered if she should actually leave. She glanced at Shizuka wondering what actions she would take, but luckily it appears that Akira wanted to try and socialize. She would have chuckled if she wasnt being watched. "I... I, um... You-" 'Like a fish out of water.' She thought amusingly, but she smiled nevertheless, it was nice that this girl is at least attempting.

"Okay... That would be kind. But make sure it's... um, just like it was. And don't step on my pillows. They won't be usable if you do that, okay?" She responded with a curt nod, "Of course!" She looked as if she was making a list within her mind, remembering every detail, every word. "And.. it should be that simple. I might need better weights, though... If you guys can help with that." Her smile turned to a happy grin, "Ill get them!" Maya got up quickly, her movements fast and efficent- she seemed almost.. inhuman, like a robot. Especially when she lifted a decent amount of thick books, "I took some of the books out of the weights if you dont mind, again book worm." She giggled, before eyeing Shizuka, "What about you fort engineer, do you like horror?" Her eyes gleamed, curious.

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#, as written by Senpai


A Collaborative Post between Keen and Senpai

Shizu beamed as she nodded along to Akira's words, she had always been fond of shy girls and Akira was certainly no exception. She gave another nod before pushing up to her feet and beginning her task of rebuilding by getting all the materials organized and accounted for first. Looking over the resources before her and on the topic of better weights Shizu tapped her chin in contemplation. With a quick trip over to the nap corner she retrieved her bag, it would certainly be heavier than any of the books and therefore a much better weight in some critical area of the construction. Off in her own little world she had hardly noticed Maya's presence until she spoke up directly to her with an inquiry. "Mm, well, horror movies usually suck but horror games are pretty fun, can't say I've read many horror novels though." Her reply was punctuated by a simple shrug before she returned her focus to the task at hand.

With all items accounted for Shizu popped a fresh sucker into her mouth and got to work as per Akira's instructions with a few minor modifications made on Shizu's part in hopes of granting the fort greater stability in the future. "I think... That should be it." Shizu took a few steps back to get a look at the whole thing before giving a satisfied nod. Looking positively pleased Shizu pressed her fingers together in front of her chest and turned to Akira with a dazzlingly bright smile. "What do ya think? Good as new right? Maybe even better."

Akira worked cautiously when reconstructing her fort. She was less worried about her work and more worried about the other girl's. She couldn't shake this feeling deep down that she was playing her for a fool and would wreck the fort the first instant she had the chance. She was also worried about her precious pillows. Such was the thought process of a girl who had known only bullying up until recently. Even when others intended genuine kindness, she would always expect some ulterior motive. But this other girl seemed pretty into setting up the fort. And the other girl, Maya, seemed willing enough to help by providing extra weights. “I don't mind... As long as the sheets hold up, I... guess I don't care too much.”

By the time it was done, Akira slunk away to inspect it. With her back against the wall and a hard glare upon her fort, she looked it over top to bottom. It certainly looked better and more stable... but she noticed that it was not completely to her specifications. This made her cringe a little bit, making her spine stiffen straight up. She had to grab on to her head, just in case. But everything on her seemed to still be in place. And upon closer observation, the fort seemed a bit more sturdy. "You broke the rules..." She muttered, carefully making her way past Maya as if avoiding the plague and to the front of the fort. Crouching before it, she stuck her head in to make sure all was okay. The blankets were only shifted slightly in the reconstruction and the pillows had no foot marks on them. Her posture slouched considerably in relief as she wormed her way inside and out of view for a moment.

She took her time to roll around in it, testing the waters of her comfort zone so to speak. Grabbing a pillow in her arms like a child's stuffed bear, she crawled her way back to the entrance, sticking out only her head. "But... you did a good job. Th... Thank you." Her pink face buried itself in the pillow as she returned to the fort. She was about to just lay down and shut the world out when a dangerous thought crossed her mind. One that sent shivers through her core and the rest of her body from there. "...I'm an idiot..." She muttered before scuffling back to the entrance. She didn't come out, but just sat beside the hole that allowed entry. This was a chance at making friends. So far these girls had not tried to do anything malicious... It was worth a shot. "I-If you give me your name, you can come in. Since you helped and all..."

Looking simply delighted as she watched Akira crawl into the fort after inspection Shizu couldn't help but think, 'Maybe the world isn't so bad after all.' With a wistful sigh she returned to reality however and kneeled down before the entrance to Fort Homurahara. Shizu grinned at Akira's thanks, "You're very welcome. It was my honor to have helped in the construction of Fort Homurahara." With that said she gave a mock salute before sitting back and relaxing some. All that sudden activity had started to make her feel a bit light-headed now as she visibly calmed, though her smile still remained.

As Akira disappeared beyond the inpenetrable walls of the fort once more Shizu found her gaze travelling around the clubroom once again. A few more people had shown up along with some treats undoubtedly brought by Yuzuki. Maybe she'd go get some once she felt a bit better. That idea was quickly cut short however by the sound of Akira offering to let them into the pillow fort. With her attention turned back to the fort's entrance now she crawled up close to it, "Well, my name's Shizuka Kimura, you can just call me Shizu though."

As to not startle the shy girl Shizu poked her into the fort slowly and spoke quietly, "Pardon the intrusion." Before crawling the rest of the way in. Moving over to a corner farthest away from Akira to give her maximum space Shizu pulled her knees up to her chest and took a deep breath. It was rather nice in here after all, comfortable and just the right level of light. Feeling a bit more at home here she made a quick dip into her pocket to fish out her phone and begin swiping and tapping away, navigating to various messengers and message boards she frequented when at home on her PC.

Akira nodded, scooting away from the entrance to allow Shizuka room to enter. She positioned herself on the opposite farthest side from Shizuka as she could before speaking. "I.. can call you Shizu? Your first name? Really?" She felt something in her stomach flutter. Moths? No, humans used the expression “butterflies.” Regardless, it brought a smile obscured by a pillow to Akira's face. "Then... You can call me Akira." Was this what the humans called friendship? If so, she was enjoying it already. It felt warm and tingly. Already it was leagues better than the cold and empty that she was used to. With enough light to see, just barely, Akira reached to her left and grabbed hold of a spare pillow. "You can use this one. Just... try not to get it too dirty. Or drool on it. Or hair... I-I..." She stopped, wondering if she would be found annoying in setting all of these rules. "N-Nevermind that stuff. You can just use this one, Shizu." Using that nickname allowed a smile to stay on her face as she tossed the pillow across the fort to the other girl.

Through the fort came the sounds of the club president discussing some story and what the club would be doing. Akira only sighed. She didn't expect to have to stand up and do anything. She just thought that the club would be telling spook stories to one another. "I guess we'll have to join them... So much for being comfortable. I-I um... I don't really want to go out there alone, you know?" It was her sheepish way of asking Shizuka to accompany her. She wasn't exactly comfortable with the girl yet, but she was certainly better than a stranger at this point.

With a light smile Shizu locked her phone down and placed it back in her pocket before turning her gaze on the red head that sat opposite from her. "Mhmm! I'm glad to meet you Akira, I hope we can be good friends from here on." She nodded and closed her eyes before carefully stretching her arms out. An eye peeked open as Akira proffered forth a pillow. She seemed to be pretty concerned with keeping it clean before rescinding on her requests. Shizu nodded to her and reached out to take the pillow before placing it in her lap and hugging it in a similar fashion to Akira.

"No worries, I'll take good care of it." She gave a quiet giggle and closed her eyes once again, her ears picking up the gist of the conversation going on outside the fort. Seems their president was on to something particularly strange this time. Shizu didn't mind though, it was bound to be interesting regardless and she always seemed to have fun when she bothered to come out for these club meetings. As she set her head down on the pillow Akira spoke up, voicing her concerns with the apparent plans for the night. "Mm... I know how you feel. I'd much rather just stay in here and tell ghost stories or something but..." Her green eyes popped open, looking in Akira's direction. "It'll probably be fun still. And you won't be alone, I'll be out there. Maya too. The people in this club are nice anyways." Shizu sat up some and smiled, "Not like anyone would force you to go out there if you really didn't want to anyways."
Akira responded with a nod, clutching tighter on her pillow. "If you'll go with me, I'll be okay. I'll go."

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Watching silently as everyone finds a spot on the circle, Haruka can't help but smile in excitement. It was true that she might not have thought the whole thing out, but she figured she didn't have to. After all, the text was a mystery to her. If she'd known all the answers to it already, she wouldn't be able to enjoy it with her friends. And while the mystery delved into something she didn't particularly care for, the extensive notes left by her mentor were an oddity. For as far back as she could remember, Haruka was always told to only investigate the mysteries of reality as they'd provide far more entertainment than those of fiction. So for her great grandfather to have chronicled so much on something generally accepted as fiction before his death... it was as if she was holding the old man's life work in the palm of her hands. To share something like that with her extended family, however nonsensical it seemed, it was the ultimate mystery for her.

"Alright," Haruka snaps back to reality as she reopens the book, "Let's get started!"

Just as Haruka gets ready to read off the chant for the ritual, she notices that one spot on the circle has yet to be filled. Turning a full 180 degrees, she sees none other than Justin still standing by the chalkboard. Naturally, she wanted to yell at him playfully as she always does, but she soon finds that she can't. It was just for an instant, but there was a fierce, almost scary, intensity in her friend's eyes as he gazed at the circle. It was as if his eyes had become a never-melting ice holding back and intense blaze, if only for a second.



Before the president can even mutter the boy's name, he seemingly returns to normal and steps towards the circle, grabbing the chalk off of the teacher's podium as he does. He walks past the boundary and steps into the circle alongside Haruka, kneeling down upon stopping. The action causes Haruka to step back, as she opted to wear a skirt, but it allows for her to notice what Justin was doing.

"If you're going to draw something with chalk, at least try not to mess it up when you walk all over it." The young man speaks with a sigh as he redraws a portion of the area Haruka was just standing on. His voice still portrays a certain reluctantness to go about the ordeal, but his swift reconstruction of the ruined area seems to argue the opposite. In just a matter of seconds, he's done and he stands back up to assume his position on the circle. "Honestly, you were about to get us blown to bits or something." With his trademark sarcasm, Justin takes yet another shot at his dear friend with a smile on his face.

Feeling somewhat reassured, Haruka mindfully gets back into position and opens the book to the page tabbed 'chant'. The storm brewing outside grows in intensity and roars, but Haruka becomes calm as breathes deeply and begins to read.

Blood and iron to the flames. Mind and body cast into Hell.
The heart falls upon thy sword and forsaken life is woven into thy vessel.
The inferno is birthed from collective sin spilling out and thrown to the four directions.
Death and rebirth. Constructed five times over, the defiled body paves the way to unholy ruin.
Even still, a hollowed being is a simple price to pay.
Therefore, I announce---
You whoms fate shall be chained to my own as mine chained to yours,
in accordance with price to claim the Holy Grail, if your avarice extends beyond emotion, reason, pain, and torment, then answer!
I am the one who will become all the good of the world of the dead.
You are the one who will become all the evil of the world of the living.
So, great keeper of balance clad in chaos, step through this magic ring and release me from these chains which bind reality!
Allow me the chance to grasp that which is seeped in blood and sorrow!

As the last word is spoken, silence once again fills the room. Sheets of rain continue to buffet the classroom windows and the wind continues to wail in the darkness. Everything remains unchanged and the elaborate ritual dies off into the night.



The nightly doldrum is broken by none other than Justin as he instantly dives towards his friend. At the same moment, the young woman instinctively turns to look behind herself and is shocked at what she finds. There, as if impersonating her own shadow, a black figure looms over her person. It possesses no features, nor any kind of presence, but the human-shaped body resonates despair, paralyzing Haruka instantly.


Finally noticing the figure in the darkness, you move to react but find that your body doesn't respond. Unparalleled pain soon races through your body as the circle you stand on fills the room with a crimson hue. Soon after, your body as well as everyone else's begins to deconstruct. Everything is happening in an instant, but what you're now experiencing seems to go on for an eternity. As your body vanishes into the air, you feel as though every cell in your body is being carefully burned and the compounding pain assails your brain. And just before your mind succumbs to the immense torture, you witness as the black shadow's arm scythes through the air and cuts Justin in two. The young man is silenced before he even knew what happened and his best friend is forced to watch it as she slowly fades away.

"Thank you... Master..."

The mouthless creature speaks with an inhuman gurgle which rings clear in your ears. As the scene before you returns to real time, your mind slips into blissful darkness.


Let the Game Begin~
Welcome all to my little playground. Here is where all the fun will begin. Now that you're all seperated, I can play with you all a little bit~ But I wonder what I should do first? Pluck one of you off!? Send in a horde!? The possibilities are endless now. And I've got the rest of eternity to play with my new toys~

Oh? What's that? You want to know what to do? HAHAHAHAHA! You're on your own! I'm just here to watch you rot in despair as I slowly kill each and every last one of you~ How you survive up until the end is none of my concern... However, I suppose if I'd want to make this more interesting for myself... I could say to learn from those who have already lost.

School BuildingPark

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Keiza was happy to see the others in good enough spirits for this event, knowing full well that they would need to cooperate for this to be enjoyed to the fullest. Keeping an eye on the other students as they conversed and played to their hearts content and awaiting for the groups meeting to begin.

Though he was never really a member of the group, as per the schools designs, he has always been fascinated with them as they worked. More so with the fact that he would more or less stick with them for the whole night, instead of going on his rounds as the school insisted.

But as the group settled down and everyone was told to take their places, he could tell that this night was not going to be like the others. The lights and the mood were not enough for him to see past what was going on, but the circle and imagery were weighing on the back of his mind as he watched them all play their parts in the unfolding event. Haruka's reading of the old dusty tome was more then enough to draw and ire of dread from Keiza as he looked on as the pale shadow appeared.

His first instinct was to move and try to save self, but something had gripped him and was holding him in place. To call such a thing fear, no matter how primitive would be a childish thing to do. It was something else all together that was ensuring they all bore witness to what was happening and as Justine is cut down before their very eyes and Keiza grits his teeth in response. Almost being too aware of the feeling of red life streaking across his cheek and the warmth of that life being replaced by the echoing blackness.

He could barely make out the words being said, though he had a decent enough grasp on what they might be.

But for now he was alone in this world of stark blackness and the only company there for him was the sound of his own breath. This state in turn gave a greatly separated feeling of euphoria, as if his body were amputated from his mind and the two could feel one another to an extent. He could feel his arms move, though it was obvious that he was not budging in any direction at the least.

This silence and calm was broken after what seemed to be far too long as Keiza could feel himself returning somehow. The new found cold stale air began filling his lungs and he became aware now that he was for some reason on one knee. His eyes blinked eagerly into focus as the class room came back into sight.

The room was as he last saw it, though one would be wrong to guess it the same.
All the air was cold and brim with stillness, everything else being coated in a uniquely thick layer of dust. His mind wondering as to how long that he had been out of it for now. He looked before his feet, realizing that both sections of Justine's body were now gone. His eyes widened as he realized that some of the students themselves were gone as well.

Leaning over laying a hand on Akira's shoulder, he could tell that she was still alive and well, no matter how little the term of "well" meant at the moment. She was still alive, despite the fact that there was a thick layer of dust on her body as well as the others.

Kaoru and Milo were passed out beside one another, with Shizuka, Maya and Sin still somewhat maintaining their own locations around the now fading circle on the floor. He gave Akira's shoulder a cursory jostle in order to wake her from her sleep and spoke out, clearing the dust from his own throat in the process.

Stepping over to help Haruka and lend a hand for Yumiko as well.


"Wake up"

Coughing more as he tried to speak with a clearer voice.

He stood and pressed his hand against the desk at the head of the class for added leverage, again feeling how wrong the room was. The wood was brittle and grimy with the passing of time for so long, adding to the image of how the room had not been cared for after so many years and its years of prime lay in the past.

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#, as written by Senpai


Akira could barely comprehend what happened. Her and Shizuka had left the blanket fort and joined the others, however reluctant both of them may have been to do it. She gripped tightly upon her pillow that she took with her while everyone stood in the circle, listening to the strange incantations of the club's leader. Akira never expected anything to happen. Humans rarely could call upon forces like this at will. At least that was what she had read on the Internet... But the instant Akira saw that shadow come from behind Haruka, that ambiguous shadow that seemed to drip of malice, she knew that nothing good would come of this. She tried to turn and run to her fort, to get away from this force. But something kept her there, paralyzed in place. She couldn't even grip her pillow tighter like she wanted to.

And that was when the pain started. Even to her, who had known beatings and bludgeoning stones through her childhood, had never experienced anything so agonizing. She opened her mouth to scream, and though she felt the pain in her throat, no real sounds came out. She truly felt that it would kill her. She had no idea that the entire duration was no more than mere seconds. To her, this torment went on for days. Or was it weeks? And somehow in the sea of destruction that was crashing upon her body, she managed to see the shadow slice up the boy named Justin. After that, a final sear of pain took her over and sentenced her to darkness...

"...ke up..."

A somewhat familiar voice filled the void that Akira now knew. Was this what the humans called "hell?" No. Her mother had described hell to her in great detail as a little girl. The afterlife was something that the Dullahan was very well aware of. This did not feel like what her mother had described. But then again, she was only a halfling, inexperienced in death and killing. For all she knew, this very well could be life after death. Until she opened her eyes and cleared away some of the darkness, this was all she could think about...

Her body jolted upright, her mouth gasping at the dusty air. Though she was up now, all she could see was the ceiling. Turning her eyes to the teacher, her head rolled against her will. Gathering up more dust, the head refused to roll back. It was then that Akira realized why she was not in complete control. She did not understand the reasoning, but just in her peripheral vision she could see her body, apart from her head, sitting upright. A black substance that looked like smoke but was a bit more solid rose up from the half-present neck. The deconstruction, reconstruction. The pain and fear that she endured had caused her to lose her cool, lose control. Her true nature was shining through like a beacon. Luckily, none of the other kids had woken up yet. She had only enough time before they woke back to command her body to feel around for the head, popping it back in place on the neck where it belonged. The black escaped with dust as her body began coughing to force out the dust that had lingered there for longer than she knew. As soon as that was done, her hood made its way back up... just in case the head came loose and needed to be caught again.

Now that she was up and at least somewhat alert, her first instinct was to panic. First off, what the hell had just happened to them? She could still remember what happened to them, however fuzzy it was becoming to her, but the state her mind was in was just making it hard to process. Were they actually killed? Or just transported elsewhere? Upon closer observation, she was still in the club room. At least it seemed that way. Too much dust distorted it from what it once was. She cursed herself under her breath. If she were awakened to her full nature she might be able to understand where she was. She might have been able to understand what they had just endured. Once she had time to get upset at herself, something more immediate came to her attention. The teacher, whose name she never really memorized, had woken her up. If he saw her head just now... She let out a squeak of fear, shuffling across the floor to hide behind Shizuka's body. The closest thing to a friend she had, Shizuka was now like a safety net to the scared halfling. "T-Teacher... You--" Her voice struggled to speak, stuttering with pain and confusion, shock and fear. "You... Didn't see anything." There was no way to make her sound as intimidating as she wanted to. "I-I have.. I'm so lost. And confused. W-Why did my head--" There. The perfect way to adapt to her just sounding scared instead of threatening was to play innocent here. "What's wrong with me? W-With us? I-Is Shizu okay? Alive? I..." Against her own will, she began noticing tears flooding down from her face. They had been going on about since she put her head back on, but only now did she pay it any mind. "I-... Teacher, I'm so scared!" Her sobbing only got worse as her true feeling began making themselves known.

Out of pure habit, one of her hands reached up to her head. She knew that when she got emotional, she could really lose her head. Literally. It might have already been too late for her with the teacher. He may have realized that this was something about her before they were all... Were they attacked? She still did not quite understand that. She could only pray that the teacher would believe her when she lied. Her other hand reached down to give Shizu a couple of nudges with an entirely shaky arm. "Sh-Shizu... Get up... Please don't be d-dead! You said you wouldn't leave me alone! Wake up, wake, up... wakeupwakeupwakeup!" Her volume increased with each word. It may have been enough to wake the others up solely with her voice as she tried to jostle her new friend to consciousness. She was about ready to scream. Nothing made sense right now. If she lost the one person she felt like she would begin to trust, that might be the final straw for her. She would literally lose her head again...

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Keiza looked on as he began to survey the room and take in what had just transpired.

He remembered everything that happened before the club began its activity and he could recall the words spoken before everything had gone to hell. A mentally niggard rub of his cheek and he was not surprised to feel the same warm sensation get drawn under his fingers. It seemed that the world had gone on for so long and the dust pattered on top of everything attested to this.

Withdrawing his hand to see the red stain draping across the underside of his fingers. All he could think in his mind was how it was definitely sad that such an event happened to Justin. Such a horrible way to go* Was that kept running in his thoughts. Though he was also rather glad that he was not at the brunt of such an attack, knowing that at least Justin's death could serve well enough in that regard.

Discarding the mark on the thigh of his pants Keiza pulls another ragged cough from his lungs before clearing it finally. The world now seemed so stale in comparison to what he was used to, it possessed no life and movement like the waking side of things and all he could do was fight back the urge to pull the fresh pack of smokes in his pocket.

Catching the sound of Akira clearing her own throat behind him he turned to check on her well being, only to be greeted by the sight of her head rolling nearly a foot from her body and his own faculties seized up for the moment. Another strange and somewhat shocking aspect to register for him this night. Though he could not lie, there was a measure of fascination that came with the realization of what was happening. She on the other hand was not the least bit caught off by what was going on, in fact it seemed to be a natural occurrence to her. The way she meandered on the act of reaching around for her head as her body shuffled about flailing that one arm lightly.

Managing to pull himself away from the sight long enough to turn back towards the front of the room, just as she managed to wrap her hands around her face and pull it closer. He doubted the fact that seeing her reattach her own head face to face would be an easy discussion, no matter the day or time. Deciding that he should wait for her to knowledge him before first addressing anything else and so he could at least steel himself for what was to come.

He had always felt somewhat sorry for the young girl, never being really one of the other kids in the school. She was well liked by her friends yes, but those friends were only of the class and only those close enough to her.

She kind of reminded him of himself as a child, only the fact that life was less friendly in those days colored his view more turgidly.

"T-Teacher... You--" She asked as she rose up from the floor, Keiza could only imagine the ample puppy eyed look she was trying to swing his way. She questioned what he had seen and what was going on with the world and them. Though he was aware of how unfazed the rest of her questioning was. The same face and action he had seen time and time again as a teacher when children were caught doing something they knew was wrong and how they tried act as though they did not know what was happening.

Only when her attention shifted on to her class mate Shizuka did her expression and worry become more genuine.

Keiza looked on as she tried to wake Shizuka, but to no avail for the time being.
He put a hand on her shoulder and spoke "If we are any indication, I believe that thing wants us here alive and well.. for the time being at least." He leaned down and helped her move Shizuka over on her back and took the moment to inspect her more closely.

As far as he could tell she and the others were unharmed, so much so as himself and Akira.

That was when he returned his hand to the young girls shoulder and spoke to her closely. "Playing coy will help no one for now Akira, I saw enough.. But for now lets make sure the others are at least going to wake up." He gave her shoulder a gentle squeeze in a measure to reassure her at least. Though there was no smile or calm look to be found on his face, because in all honesty he was not sure of anything while they remained here in this place.

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Darkness. It's what Kaoru saw when everything just stopped, after the club president fell, when the vice president was cut in two, just like a fruit about to be eaten. The raven-haired male's head was pounding, like someone slammed it into a wall.

"Wake up..."

He didn't intend to stay, but with the aura of the room, it seemed that way for everyone. When Haruka fell, Kaoru felt terrible pains. Is this what those poor men in that video felt? After that, he couldn't really remember much, but to him, there had to be a way to describe what happened. A prank? No, that would be terrible, and surely the school council wouldn't approve of things like that. There was no way it could be possibly real! He slowly opened his eyes, blurry at first, then slowly, everything came into focus. Someone was knocked out next to him; and he was pretty sure it was a boy. Kaoru saw that two people were already up, Teacher and Akira. How did they get up so fast? No one else was awake yet. He was about to say something when he saw Akira's head grotesquely tilt off, and he watched wide-eyed as black smoke came off of the young woman's neck. "Wha-" He quickly put a hand over his mouth to prevent any more words from coming out. This wasn't normal. None of this was normal...

He blinked. There were fewer people in the classroom. He tried to stand up, but his back was in serious pain, and he didn't feel his left leg. Hopefully it wasn't broken. Kaoru pushed himself up with his arms, but the process was stopped by the fast panicking of "Sh-Shizu... Get up... Please don't be d-dead! You said you wouldn't leave me alone! Wake up, wake, up... wakeupwakeupwakeup!". He dropped back to the ground, and stared at Akira. Well this was a problem. "Uh, hey. maybe you'd wanna explain... ya know, the head thing? And do you two have any idea where we are...? I need to get going." he said from across the room.

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#, as written by Keen

Assembled in a circle along with the rest of Occult Club's members Shizu could only watch on with a raised brow as Haruka chanted aloud some strange incantation from an equally strange looking book. She wasn't sure where the president found such an odd thing nor what possessed her to trying to get the whole group involved in whatever ritual this was supposed to be. Whether it was real or not the president at least put some actual effort into the whole thing and if her aim was to set a creepy vibe she certainly succeeded in at least that. As silence finally fell over the room Shizu blinked, nothing happened, as she expected but she would be lying if she said she felt no suspense at the conclusion to the rather dramatic reading that had just taken place. Feeling her shoulders relax she began to glance around the room at the others before Justin's shout drew her attention.

In the blink of an eye the boy had tackled their president and as Shizu's gaze followed the boy's movements they stopped upon identifying a strange shadowy figure occupying the space behind where the president stood just a moment ago. Confusion and paralyzing fear took hold of her body as she could do not but stare at the unknown figure. The red light emanating from the circle below her began to envelop her vision accompanied by a pain that began to embrace every inch of her being.

Red stained vision darkens. Crimson. Blackness. Nothingness.

Am I dead? I mean I knew it was gonna happen sooner or later given my health but... This is a little ridiculous don't you think? It's way too early for me to die. It's no fair. I refuse to accept it. I haven't even kissed anyone yet. Well, no one real anyways.

Suspended in blackness with only the silence of nothingness to answer her thoughts, Shizu floated about in unconsciousness. Some unknowable amount of time later Shizu finally heard something. Distant, muffled shouts, incomprehensible but with them came a looming consciousness. As the sounds came into greater focus she could feel herself being moved. It was still hard to make out -what- was being said but she could make out three different, distinct voices. One was certainly Akira, the other Keiza-sensei, the third however she was unsure of, some boy from the sounds of it.

With her head still feeling a fraction of the pain from before Shizu inhaled deeply as she finally resurfaced into the world of consciousness. The dusty and stale air that filled her lungs sent her into a short coughing fit as she slowly sat up, one hand behind her planted on the ground to support herself. As the coughing settled she opened an eye and gave a cursory scan around the room before opening both her eyes and squinting up at Akira who appeared to be crying. Seemingly out of habit more than anything else she reached for her pocket to retrieve a sucker to pop into her mouth before she adjusted her glasses. "Guess I'm not dead then... What... What happened? What're you crying for? Are you alright?" Her first question was addressed to the whole room as she looked over at the two other men who were awake before she returning her slightly concerned and mostly confused gaze to Akira.

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''If you just watch, you learn a lot. It takes time so best get comfortable.''
Sentinel || Noisestorm

Lying on the ground of the poorly lit room, where the overhead light swung side to side with a slow creak of rusting metal. The drips of water from a old tap, the water orange from rust going down a none existent drain and onto the tiled floor stained red. Cold yet the air is heavy. Must be near the boiler room. The stench of congealed bloody hand prints on the walls and the rest smears as if someone slipped on the bloody floor beneath them with a heavy injury to their abdomen. This was not a good room to be in it seemed, the stench of blood, bile, piss and death lingered here. Yet unconscious bodies laid in the very room, not yet aware...

Nixyn flinched at the passing chilling wind, eyebrows frowning as the stench with the wind of decay, blood, piss and bile passed his nose. The dripping water frightening him in his slow rousing from unconsciousness and the sticky red substance on the floor making him cringe. When his eyes opened, they were bright, pale green blue but they were awfully confused. Looking around and squinting as the swinging light glared into his eyes. Once his eyes slowly adjusted to the light he gasped at the sight of blood. Instantly sitting up to find himself covered in blood that was not his own as he touched himself to find himself unharmed.

But then he looked around further and found he was not alone. Three others were there also, unconscious just as he was. He was reluctant to converse with them but... He couldn't not. They were, just like him covered in blood. So he slowly checked them all out, since he had medical experience. Such an ironic thing that he was from what he could tell from the worn sign above the only exit of the room saying 'Morgue' that they were indeed in a hospital. And in the basement they must be, along with the boiler room. How this place still had electricity was a wonder to him since it was so run down... But... It still looked like it was being used... And not out of the goodness of someone's heart.

So he checked the others to make sure they were not injured as well as wake them up. He was strangely calm for this situation but as a nurse blood, bile and human waste was expected to be dealt with once or twice at one point in the job. But he wasn't completely without nerves but he would not allow them to best him. His willpower and sensical mind was strong. He then get up, his face of disgust as he looked at his joggers, loose tank top and trainers. Ruined by blood... But this did not matter. What matter was what was going on and how did they all get here. He didn't recognise these people either. He went to the sink and turned the tap. Surprisingly after waiting for a minute or so the water ran clear. He took a sip of the water then washed the blood from his arms, chest, neck, hands, face and red hair. At least he could be somewhat clean... Even if they clothes were not. Perhaps he and the others could find some replacements in exploring.

He turned to the others he had checked over for injuries and gently woken up and began to talk. ''Before you ask, I do not know where we are... exactly but we seem to be in an old hospital judging from the sign above the exit of this room... I took the liberty to check you for injuries...'' He looked at the floor and cleared his throat. ''I am a nurse, so I have some medical knowledge to help you all if you do get injured... But this means the blood around you... Is not yours.'' He put his hands up that was clean. ''But please, calm yourselves. We must work together and get out. Together. This sink works so if you are thirsty, drink up... I don't know where water will be next. Wash your skin where the blood is too... You don't know if whoever's blood this is had infections or diseases and I am sure you would like to be more... comfortable. Wash your hair if you need too... We can look for clothes when we start exploring the Hospital. So I hope you can bare with me.'' He scratched the back of his neck for a moment before continuing. ''And my name is Nixyn. Call me Nix for short if you like... If you... have any ideas or questions I can answer then please speak up... I just want to help.''

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Keiza stood from Akira's side and looked around the room once more as they began to regain their composure. It was a troubling thing to witness the death of a friend and then be whisked away from the world you know and somehow placed in such a false reality.

Though as he ran his hand over the length of his arm, the idea that this was just another world all together washed over him. That or it was terrible counterpart to what they lived in. It was then that he began to wonder why he felt so at ease in this play, besides the feeling of dread that came from their situation. All was fine inside of his mind and that was what bothered him the most.

"Get to your feet and see what you can find.. we need to be ready for anything that happens here."

Keiza was quick to head back to the desk at the head of the class, now sitting in a crooked position from the wall. As if it were a sharp splinter shunted from a day old wound. However to his dismay there was nothing, as he pulled the first drawer open. Save for the accommodation of dust and grime that seemed to accumulate everywhere in this place and as he kept searching, nothing became any better.

Not a thing existed in the confines of the desk and that puzzled him, despite the world looking remarkably like their own. Nothing was as it stood in its entirety, because he highly doubted the homeroom teacher would have a completely bare desk.

He reels back and kicks the edge of the desk in frustration, not hard in his defense, but the state of the wood was enough to splinter a nice chunk of its leg. Sending small pieces of wood flying, as if scared critters sent jumping from an open flame. However as he stands back from the desk, his back hits the chalkboard and he makes the eraser fall. Its landing does the same as most of the room, pluming out a small display of dust. Though honestly it could be chalk as well, but frankly it would be impossible to determine such a spectacle.

Keiza can feel his nerves center once more as he looks at the children in his care and speak. "Sorry.. frustration is never the best of my days." Leaning over and picking up the eraser, he returns to set it back on its perch in front of the board. As if doing so would be some cosmic action that would set all things right once more. Or to set his mind at ease, because right now he could not really decide on that answer.

It was at this time that he noticed something, the board was not as he or the class had left it. Though from the collection of dust he could barely see what was drawn on their now. He twist and turns his view trying to get a better look at the writing, but to no avail it was just too hidden and so chose to draw in one singular breath.

He let this breath go on the board, its pressure cutting the gathered dust from its resin surface with incredible ease. What it would reveal however was all that could occupy his mind.


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Keiza rubs his eyes for a moment after reading the text that displayed on the chalkboard. It all just came out at such a strange tilt for him to understand, if he could understand it at all that was. In all honesty he was trying to wrap his head around what was going on around them and then this happened. A board possessing dictation from several students from the school, though strangely some of the others were missing as well. Not to mention the strange focus of the text and what lay within the halls of the school, or what happened to the other students.

After rubbing his eyes he looked back at the board.

"Alright, strange is as strange gets.. what is the matter with this place and what the hell is wrong with this board?"

The question would still stay with him, even after the moments pass that he got no answer. It was impossible what was transpiring on the board and even more so for what the board depicted. Then again, the whole incident that befell them was impossible as well and he could have figured something as much.

A course half smile poured over his face, as if the thought was an intense joke that he should have gotten at some point. Which quickly got wiped off his face when the building gave a collective creek of pain, as if each board in the structure was collectively feeling the pain of age. "I'm really missing the headmaster riding my ass right about now.."

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Then everyone got pregnant and died. The end~
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