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School Building


a part of Onigokko, by Gintoki Sakata.

Team Suicide: Haruka Kuromusi, Yumiko Tanaka, Kaoru Ashikaga, Sin Sakumoto, Akira Renbokoji, Milo Kidayami, Shizuka Kimura, Maya Kisayuki, Sobenei Keiza.

Gintoki Sakata holds sovereignty over School Building, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

350 readers have been here.

Copyright: The creator of this roleplay has attributed some or all of its content to the following sources:


When you come to, you find yourself in what appears to be a classroom unlike your own. The room reflects years of wear and neglect. Virtually everything is layered with a thick sheet of dust and what little desks that are in the room are carefully stacked against the two entrances along with several other broken items to form what would appear to be barricades. The chalkboard at the front of the room is cluttered with writing, some in chalk and some in a curious red, and the only source of light is coming from the front most window, the only one which isn't boarded up.

Aside from you and a couple of others, it's safe to assume that no one has been here for awhile.
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School Building

Team Suicide: Haruka Kuromusi, Yumiko Tanaka, Kaoru Ashikaga, Sin Sakumoto, Akira Renbokoji, Milo Kidayami, Shizuka Kimura, Maya Kisayuki, Sobenei Keiza.


School Building is a part of Onigokko.


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Character Portrait: Important NPC's Character Portrait: Sobenei keiza
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He let this breath go on the board, its pressure cutting the gathered dust from its resin surface with incredible ease. What it would reveal however was all that could occupy his mind.

You take a look at the vast wall of text written on the board. The mediums range from chalk, to engravings, and even to blood. Some of the writing has become illegible due to time, but you're still able to make out more than half of what is written.

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“Ms. Takeda went to look for Keiji. Please wait here if you see this.” – Kaoru

“I waited a long time for you to return. I got worried, so I went to look for you. If you see this, WAIT HERE.” – Ms. Takeda

“Leaving this in case everyone leaves. I’m not sure what this place is, but if anyone sees this, please just wait here. I’ll be back once I find some food. If there are others, it would be better for us to stick together.” – Maibara Daisuke

“Geez. I’m starving… Daisuke, hurry up with the food.” – Hibari

“Keep your chin up, Hibari. We’ll make it out of this.” - Chiba

“We haven’t left this room. Seems like no one comes back. We want to leave, but our spirits are getting low and our minds are going the more hunger sinks in. Writing on this board is probably the only thing helping right now.” – Hibari

“It’s been 3 days now. Hibari seems to like writing on this board, but I find it a bit depressing…Although, it’s probably because of her that the mood isn’t as bad as it could be. Just wish she wasn’t sick today… I could use a bad joke or two.” – Nara Naowaki

“Day 4. Thirsty. Drinking urine as last resort. Feeling sick.” – Hibari

“Day 4. Everyone keeps staring at me. They look evil.” – Hibari

“Day 4. Light-headed. Hard to breathe.” - Hibari

“Day 5. Keep hearing things outside. Really cold.” – Hibari

“Day 6. Birthday. Raped.” - Hibari

“Day 7. Chiba and Naowaki went crazy. Killed them.” – Hibari

“Day 7. Ate _______________…” – Hibari

“Day 8. Alone.” - Hibari

“Day 9. Leaving… Will probably die… Tell mom and dad I love them.” – Mochizuki Hibari, 18, Sonohara Academy, Class 3-A

“Don’t go outside! There’s some kind of fucking monster out there! If it weren’t for this weird magic trick my friend pulled, I’d be dead right now!” – Mori Takashi

“Just what the hell is going on here!? Where the hell are we!?” – Yoshikawa Ayase

“The slow ones are blind.”- Makoto

“I’m not sure whether this is all an elaborate prank or not, but I’m sure as hell not staying in this hell hole of a room. If you’re reading this and have any sense, you’ll do the same.” – Keigo

“There’s no food in the cafeteria. Don’t waste your time going there.” - Souma

“There are bodies everywhere! Just what the hell is this place!? Is this supposed to be some kind of sick joke!?” - Shugo

“Looks like some pretty horrible things happened here. But look, you can’t stay here for too long. If you can find food and shelter, stay there and hold them off.” – Hachita Reiji

“Guns are our best option. Get close and your dead. To help everyone out, I’ve placed a few in the storage closet. It’s not much, but it’s better than nothing.”- Souma

“What are these things!? They even managed to rip that freak Yusuke in half like it was nothing!” – Miyamoto Ise

“Bullet wounds are too shallow. Cut them apart.” - Makoto


Characters Present

Character Portrait: Akira Renbokoji Character Portrait: Important NPC's Character Portrait: Shizuka Kimura Character Portrait: Sobenei keiza Character Portrait: Kaoru Ashikaga
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Keiza rubs his eyes for a moment after reading the text that displayed on the chalkboard. It all just came out at such a strange tilt for him to understand, if he could understand it at all that was. In all honesty he was trying to wrap his head around what was going on around them and then this happened. A board possessing dictation from several students from the school, though strangely some of the others were missing as well. Not to mention the strange focus of the text and what lay within the halls of the school, or what happened to the other students.

After rubbing his eyes he looked back at the board.

"Alright, strange is as strange gets.. what is the matter with this place and what the hell is wrong with this board?"

The question would still stay with him, even after the moments pass that he got no answer. It was impossible what was transpiring on the board and even more so for what the board depicted. Then again, the whole incident that befell them was impossible as well and he could have figured something as much.

A course half smile poured over his face, as if the thought was an intense joke that he should have gotten at some point. Which quickly got wiped off his face when the building gave a collective creek of pain, as if each board in the structure was collectively feeling the pain of age. "I'm really missing the headmaster riding my ass right about now.."