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Sasayaku Soyokaze

A clumsy and happy go lucky drunk musician with too many voices on his head... WIP

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a character in “Onikiri - The Demon Slayers”, as played by luft




{Name} Sasayaku Soyokaze

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Character Concept: Musician

Main Weapon: 17 foot Yari
Secondary Weapons: two 17.7 inches long Wakizashi

Fighting Style: His fighting is very influenced by his magic effectively turning every encounter into a rhythmic dance, which can make him be an oppressive fighter, with a more defensive focus with the spear than the more survivalistic, street brawl style that he adopts with the Wakizashis

Guardian Ability Sonic wave manipulation or Sonokinesis

Properties: Soyokaze possess a very enhanced balance and hearing, along with the ability to muffle/silence sounds in an area and a small sense of echolocation that he is yet to fully discover.
When wielding a spear the young musician unconsciously charges it with sound vibrations that he can then expel to form a impacting edge or a sustained wall. The control he posses over most of his magical abilities is very limited and to use them he needs to concentrate and relax his mind, the forced use of his abilities puts his body in danger causing headaches, dizziness, muscular pain and if press beyond this point it may generate internal bleeding

Skills: Swimming, playing the Nohkan and Shamisen and performing all the usual activities with either a cacophony of whispers and voices or a drink in hand and a couple more coursing his veins.

On the Outside

Height: 5.8 Feet

Weight: 148 pounds

Appearance: Having developed a nice height and with blood dark long hair and eyes of a very pale, yellow looking, honey colour Soyokaze´s appearance should present a intimidating figure but thanks to the perpetual red checks, plus his easy smile and very slim figure this clumsy and loud drunk gives the impression of a harmless aloof. He is always seen carrying either a nohkan or a shamisen and tends to play with them almost unconsciously

{Personality} He was raised to be superstitious but his sense of curiosity and adventurous disposition were always predominant. Do to tragic events Soyokaze is very wary of monks and manipulators, trying to maintain a wide berth from anyone with too much ambition. After many years of thinking himself crazy or cursed he has finally created a sense of normality that allowed his natural positiveness to take hold, now is his loud mouth that tends to land him into trouble, more often than not avoiding real danger by a combination of sheer luck and quick thinking. Soyokaze has developed a survivalist look on life that fuels his positiveness " If I'm still waking there must be something I'm doing right, ain't it"

Bio: (WIP)Soyokaze was born, together with his twin sister, to a fishing settlement near Hyōgo Port, the two were adventurous and very curious kids that tended to get into lots of trouble and only by luck and loyalty to eachother were they able to come unscathe from their most dangerous endeavours. When they were twelve their family life took a turn after their father, a former ashigaru from the Hosokawa Sumimoto´s forces, started attending a gathering in the small temple nearby, that was bringing able but usually poor people to form part of their newfound religious group that was slowly growing in the region, this marked a change in focus as both of the twins started to train in martial arts.
A years later the religious group had achieved cult status, beeing now big enough to be planning a small uprising, saw its core shaken and dismantled. When their cult leader tried to sacrifice brother and sister to a dark spirit in exchange for power, effectively showing his true intentions and explaining the dissapearences that had happen in the area. this event served as the trigger that made Soyokaze´s magical abilities blossom, being this the only factor that allowed him to escape, regrettably his twin sister Nagare didn't share his fate...
One sleepless night Soyokaze found his wandering way into kyoto after spending his days on the hillside with what he called his curse as the only companion, a curse that manifested itself as an acute sense of hearing bringing far away noises to be heard as if generated right at his ears with random triggers and intervals, ironically this "curse" was what lead his starving body into the capital. He would spend his next year here at first begging or doing the odd job to survive, sometimes stealing with some other orphans but his free moments would always be spent alongside kyoto's many entertainments, mainly the musicians and after acquiring the skill with some help from his "curse" finally taking his place among them, usually seen with the nohkan or the shamisen.
Almost ten years have passed and now Soyokaze has found balance in the routine and even if his innate curiosity makes him restless, working as a musician and the entertainment of a less artistic nature and developing an acceptance to the oddities of his curse, like the placating silence that envelops him or the sonic burst that he provoques when drunk, state he always finds himself when his enhanced hearing goes out of hand, give him enough surprises to maintain his positive outlook. That until this month of May that brought with it a new voice unlike his own but yet so familiar it may have been if not for the fact that the tells it tolds are impossible, full of events, names and places that resonate with Soyokaze even if he doesn't understands them and even worse this voice came pointed attention to a miniscule whisper, guttural sound that has sporadically showed up but now it seems to have acquired an increasing rhythm. WIP



{Name} Usui no Sadamitsu

{Gender} Male

{Appearance} with fiery red hair and yellow eyes, Sadamitsu had an intimidating presence emphasised by his inhuman skill with the yari, this aggressive visage was mostly true to everyone with the exception of his friends to whom he was more of a awkwardly tall and slightly perverted little brother

Height: 5.9 Feet

Weight: 160 pounds

{Personality} Loyal and compassionate were his best attributes but he tended to be more focused in the more earthly pleasures of life than the spiritual or philosophical aspects


Color code: #40056B

So begins...

Sasayaku Soyokaze's Story


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#, as written by luft

Something nudged at his awareness, something distant and muffled, more a thought than a feeling but persistent like it had a force of will behind it. Persistent enough to bring Sasayaku Soyokaze to a slow awakening, he gently opened his eyes with all the caution that one would have when dealing with a wild beast but unexpectedly his surroundings didn't explode into a headache inducing cacophony.

With no intention to push his luck he gingerly moved around to try and spot his drink, only to find that neither his Nigori nor himself for that matter, were where he last saw them. This was a odd occurrence but it seldom happen that his inebriated mind would wonder along with his body after drinking his way into silence but he always took his drink with him. Something else was odd too, he couldn't hear a thing which to Soyokaze was a small joy but disconcerting nonetheless. Weighing his options he decided to have a look around and see if his wits came back to him.

The first thing he noted was the state of the room he was in, which meant one of the dilapidated houses in the poor side of the capital, outside the room he woke on a table was the objective of his search " There you are friend" he said while picking the bottle, or tried to as the only thing to disrupt the silence was a soft sound barely a mere series of breath "...Oh right" his still muddled mind thought.

Becoming a more and more common occurrence Soyokaze was waking up not long after falling asleep with the silence still enveloping him, a weird and annoying event but nothing compared with the man's voice, the guttural breathing or any of the other bizarre things he had heard lately. With alcohol in hand he made his way back to his, a heavy sigh escaping his lips with the prospect of concentrating and forcing his cursed hearing into silence once more but it was almost his only option if he wanted to have his cherished continuous rest.

A few days later found Soyokaze playing his Nohkan in a small show with some performing friends in the market, his mind so focused and relaxed while playing that hearing the voice caught him off guard and almost made him miss the next notes."It never fails to surprise me when you play, how delicate you look Taishō" the mocking tone appeared causing the same pattern as always, at first it was like someone had spoken right in the back of his head but then disregarding what the voice had said his body would resonate like a plucked string, filling Soyokaze with a sense of familiarity, belonging and tricking his body into the believe that it was him who spoke, but his ears would always note the slight difference in the tone, younger and controlled.

He felt relaxed and with a wondering mind so he paced through the streets, absentmindedly walking towards the outside of the capital, he found his wandering to lead them to a small river in the hills "I'll never leave them" he found himself saying mirroring the sudden scream that embraced him, a moment before he was deep in thought and now the sound of metal against metal, of people screaming and a battle taking place was all around him "No! Sadamitsu" someone said behind him and them he was covering his ears and forcing himself to silence but his curse was in control. Everything was drawn by a beastly roar that approached Soyokaze "Just calm yourself Soyokaze, it´s not real, just bring the silence come on... come on" he muttered to himself while searching his clothes for the bottle of sake he always carried with him, he down it as fast as possible, enjoying the flavor and waiting for the alcohol to affect his body and muffle his curse.

"agh... I'm sure I could make a lot of money with that crazy performance, if it weren't so annoying to have people and things screaming on my ears" he joke to himself while making his stumbling way back home after refilling his sake and getting some rice on his stomach, "Maybe this month is my last as a sane person, I wonder if I would still play music when mad..." he calmly wondered aloud and then as a though invaded him, he turned his gaze to the skies and in a more troubled voice
" Oh Kami-sama I know we are not the best of friends and believe me when I say that if it weren't for that snake faced lying priest I would be there praying instead of just talking here but no no no a man can't simply wake up in the temple without any memory of how, no a man can't do that and not cause the priests to accused him of trying to steal... Sigh" bumping through the crowd of people maintaining his feet by an unseemly force he continued with his rant

"But they are lying I tell you I'm sure that priest is actually an Tsuchinoko in disguise ... Hiccup... as I was saying Kami-sama I would be there praying but I can't so I tell you here in front of your errr beautiful capital of Kyoto that I'll do anything if you allow me to please when I finally lose my mind, please to remember my precious alcohol!" ending his speech with a solemn bow he turned to go back to drink some more only to bump into a man with enough force to send the stranger to the ground, slightly confused he bent to help the man up when he saw the clothes the stranger was wearing were a somewhat old fashioned styled shinto priest robe and hat, slapping his forehead with his palm he cursed to himself "Excellently done Soyokaze It´s probably the high priest you just throw to the floor, well on the good side maybe I won't live to see myself go fully mad" he was laughing in his mind while going to the floor on a full bow "My deepest apologies my lord I hope you are okay.

Soyokaze heard the people around him, a group of children running a few blocks away, someone drinking tea on their house and the man getting up saying something but the words were lost to him, he was more concern with the fact that even if his cursed hearing was going off again, there was a clear sentence repeated in his ears clear as day ‘Meet in Kyoto at the Hana no Gosho on the 7th day of June’ what seemed to be like three men and a child where echoing this phrase, one of them had an old but strong voice too similar to the one from the stranger standing in front of him.

He hadn't noticed that he had been repeating the phrase himself, until the stranger placed a hand on his shoulder and calmly but firmly told him to stop. Looking up he saw to priest was smiling a fond smile "There you are after all that searching, it's you who found me, walked right in front of me and at the required time if not a moment late since the others must be waiting" there was kindness and sincerity in the strangers tone but what he was saying was confusing Soyokaze."I´m sorry... I don't understand, do I know you?".

"My name is Abe no Seimei" the priest followed his introduction with a fond and quizzical look "Tell me child when did you heard my request for you to meet at the palace of flowers on the 7th? Are the voices fully back?" the was clear amusement at the dumbfounded look that those question planted on Soyokaze´s face "The men and the child just told me old man.. but wait oh no! how do you know about the voices" before he could flee the old priest placed a hand on the shoulder of the young musician "Come... I'll show you to the entrance and we will clear some of your doubts on the way and the rest we will speak when the group is reunited but now tell me what do you know of the stories about Minamoto no Raiko and his four retainers?"...