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Barbara Light

"I'm just was just like you, trained to fight people I'd never know and will never care about later."

0 · 239 views · located in New Hope School

a character in “Only a small child...”, as played by sweetshearts


Name: Barbara Light


"They needed me because of my connections, and how I knew gang life like the back of my hand."

Age: 24
Handler or Cyborg?: Handler
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight



Barbara is of average height, 5'6, and weighing 120 pounds. She is curvaceous, having an hourglass frame. Her face is round and a light brown color. Her lips a full, usually brightened up by lipstick. She sports many different hair styles and many different hair colors, from straight black hair with bangs to blond, curly hair or maybe just a simple black ponytail. She has the widest smile and the brightest teeth. She is normally seen wearing buisness casual clothing.

Barbara is known to be the sweet, happy-go-lucky type, usually never angry. She is a bit spoiled, and also likes to spoil others sometimes. She is intelligent, and is one of the actual teachers at New Hope (teaching social studies.) Barbara can't be easily scared since her whole childhood she was taught to be hard and to not show much emotion when scared. Even though usually not mad if you don't listen to her, especially when she is telling you to not do something, she will get real angry real fast.



Barbara is a gang leaders daughter, the gang being called Elites. Growing up she was spoiled with all the riches her father got from drug dealing. She was homeschooled with a few other well known and high up Elite members. She was also trained to defend herself and knows how to use a gun and how to fight. When she went to college her fathers gang started to crash down, luckily her father went into hiding quick. Nowadays she still has contacts to old gang members, even ones that went into new gangs. This is why New Hope needed her.
Crushes?: N/A
Friends?: N/A
Enemies?: N/A
Who is your Handler/Cyborg?: Reyna
How is your relationship with your Handler/Cyborg: She spoils Reyna and treats her like a queen, but becomes very strict when she does something wrong and when they are on missions.


So begins...

Barbara Light's Story