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Natalia Dame

"It's just my thoughts."

0 · 272 views · located in New Hope School

a character in “Only a small child...”, as played by sweetshearts


Natalia Dame

"Problem with a cyborg stating her opinion, huh?"

Age: 16
Handler or Cyborg?: Cyborg
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight


Natalia is 5'6, and is 150 pounds, being that the cyborg metal weighs her down. She has long black hair that goes down her back. Her skin is brown, going well with her eyes of the same color. She has no visible blemishes or scars though some say she has a dimple on her chin.

Natalia is a bit if a 'mother bear'. Caring to others and very protective of them too. She makes sure other cyborgs are safe and happy, even if that hurts her. She will help them after a nightmare or give them a candy bar if their hungry. She's normally quiet around the adults , although she may slide in some slick comments since she's holding in a hate for what they are doing to the small children who have "been through enough". Around her handler, though, she acts kind and sweet, as much as she wants to be spiteful her handler does nothing to her to make her mean. She's one of the first cyborgs created so she knows a lot and she's very advisable.

Natalia's father was a middle class man who was hooked on drugs. He became in debt because of the drugs and owed many gang leaders. One of these leaders sent his gang members to get the money. They rushed into the house, found each one of their family members and put them on a wall. Each were in a line, each time her father said he didn't have the money they were shot in the back. Lastly it was her, the youngest at 12 years old. Her father begged for them to spare her, they didn't. Luckily the shooter had sympathy for her and just shot her in the shoulder. Next her father was shot. The police came after a neighbor said he heard shots. Natalia was the only survivor.

At New Hope she was the fourth cyborg to be created. She didn't care much about being a cyborg until she turned 15, after a 6 year old was killed during a mission in California. She was angered, and started to hate the organization secretly. She also tries to take care of other cyborgs, making sure all the younger ones are happy and the older ones were safe.


None yet, though she has heard some perverted members of New Hope has crushes on her, finds that creepy.


Gang Leaders
Somewhat New Hope.

Who is your Handler/Cyborg?: N/A

How is your relationship with your Handler/Cyborg:
She and her handler have a decent relationship, but she'll never do anything she finds immoral, however much it hurts her to be reluctant.


So begins...

Natalia Dame's Story