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Brooklyn Chamberlan

"Everything hurts, it's just a natter of how you deal with the pain."

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a character in “Only One In The World”, as played by Whispering-Winds





"She was beautiful, but she was beautiful in the way a forest fire was beautiful; something to be admired from a distance, not up close"
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Brooklyn Emerson Rhae Chamberlan

เฎœ Brook // Common // Used mostly by friends and or family Brooklyn is more likely to go by Brook instead of Brooklyn.

เฎœ Brookie // Uncommon // A nickname Brooklyn cannot stand for the life of her, she finds it childish and will only let her younger siblings call her Brookie if she allows anyone too.

เฎœ Rhae // Uncommon // Rhae is Brooklyn's second middle name. It is uncommon for her to be called this by anyone other than her mother.


// April // Fourteenth // Aries โ™ˆ //


Heterosexual // Single



Brooklyn's hair falls in smooth waves down to around her elbows. The color is naturally a auburn however in some light it can be made to look deep crimson or sometimes even black.

Brooklyn has gentle eyes that are a softly shade of icy blue that tend to come off as a grey in particular lighting. Upon a closer look there are even said to be violet and indigo flecks about the iris.

A slightly above average 5' 7" // 120 lbs

English // Scottish


XXX โœฆ Myers-Briggs Personality โœง INFJ โœง The Protector โœฆ





เฎœ Music - Brooklyn is musically inclined, though her instrument of choice is the piano she can also play the Violin, Cello, and Flute.

เฎœ Reading- It has never been rare to see Brooklyn deep in a good book. She often finds them as a good way to escape from the reality around her for a short amount of time.

เฎœ Autumn- Autumn has always been her favorite season, she not only adores the colours but is fond of the thought that even nature has to fall apart and start again.

เฎœ Midnight walks- Brooklyn loves the stars, she finds them beautiful, distant, gentle, but powerful at the same time. She will and has stayed up for hours simply looking at the night sky making midnight walks a regular activity when she is unable to sleep.

เฎœ Children- She's always been extremely good with children, she always has a soft spot for them especially babies.

เฎœ Being Alone- Brooklyn doesn't like being alone all of the time in fact she enjoys being around small groups of friends or family members, but at the end of the day she needs to sit down with a book, or her music and just take time by herself.

เฎœ Conflict - Though she may not show it conflict is a large source of stress for Brooklyn when it occurs. Whether between family, friends, or loved ones she will do what she can to resolve the conflict as quickly as possible.

เฎœ Being Outsmarted- Brooklyn is used to having all of the answers all of the time, she is used to having people come to her with questions and being able to answer them without as much of a second thought. When someone either proves her wrong (which is rare) or gives a more in depth/better explanation on a point she made she can become quite sarcastic sometimes to the point of being mean.

เฎœ Betrayal- Brooklyn would personally rather get hit by a truck than betray the trust of someone she cared about.

เฎœ Feeling Helpless- She knows how to protect herself and others a majority of the time, it causes her extreme anxiety when she can't.

เฎœ Large Crowds- With Brooklyn's extreme sensitivity to the mood and emotions of the people around her along with her natural introverted personality when she is in large groups or crowds of people she can easily become overwhelmed and stressed.

เฎœ Trustworthy- Brooklyn will take your secrets to the grave, she would never betray the trust of someone.

เฎœ Determined- She doesn't give up on anything easily. That is if she gives up on it at all.

เฎœ Resourceful- Skilled at utilizing whatever is at hand to meet her needs, Brooklyn knows what she wants, and more often than not she knows exactly how to get it.

เฎœ Persuasive- Brooklyn has a way with words and is good at reading people. She can figure out just what they want to hear or just what they need.

เฎœ Clever- Good at thinking quickly whether it be to get her out of a situation or solve some sort of problem.

เฎœ Caring- Brooklyn is an extremely caring person, she will help anyone no mater who they are if they ask her to.

เฎœ Clumsy- According to Brooklyn she isn't clumsy, its a fact of: The floor hates her, the tables and chairs are bullies, and the wall simply gets in her way.

เฎœ Mental Health- She has always struggled with anxiety and depression, she has extreme highs and extreme lows with both however you would never know. She doesn't tell people.

เฎœ Untrusting- Though Brooklyn herself is a very trustworthy person she herself is not open to trusting those around her. It can take a lot of time to earn her trust, she is known to test and challenge people to ensure they won't hurt her in future situations if she were to open up.

เฎœ Emotionally Surpressive- Brooklyn is used to being the helper not the helpie; because of this mentality she does everything she can to convince everyone she is fine even if it means bottling up her emotions.

เฎœ Pushes Herself Past Breaking Point- She doesn't really know how to stop, so will always over exert herself.

เฎœ Stubborn- If her mind is set to something it takes a very special person to change it.

เฎœ Startles Easy- Its a anxiety thing, Brooklyn has always startled easily.


เฎœ Mutters to Self- Brooklyn will mutter to herself when she is stuck on something.

เฎœ Lip Biting - The biggest sign that her anxiety or stress levels are elevated, she will also bite her lip when she is nervous.

เฎœ Nervous Pacing - When Brooklyn is nervous she will pace back and forth not being able to sit still for more than a split second.






เฎœ Anthony Dawson Chamberlan // Father // Forty-Six // Alive

เฎœ Makayla Freya Chamberlan // Mother // Forty-Four // Alive

เฎœ Malachi Jordan Chamberlan // Brother // Twenty-Seven // Deceased

เฎœ Brooklyn Emerson Rhae Chamberlan // Twenty-four เฎœ

เฎœ Braelynn Elodie Chamberlan // Sister // Twenty-Three // Alive

เฎœ Cassidy Julia Chamberlan // Sister // Twenty // Alive

เฎœ Josiah Alexander Chamberlan // Brother // Sixteen // Alive

เฎœ Xavier Kristian Chamberlan // Brother // Thirteen // Alive

เฎœ Julianna Alice Chamberlan // Sister // Ten // Alive

เฎœ Maxwell Zachary Chamberlan // Brother // Six// Alive

[font=vijaya]Character Sheet By : The Toxic Cereus
Inspired By : AmeliaIsGhostly
Filled Out By : Whispering-winds

So begins...

Brooklyn Chamberlan's Story