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Only One Tree Hill

Only One Tree Hill


There's only one Tree Hill and that is home - drama, hook-ups, love triangles, and the like. Never forget that.

1,479 readers have visited Only One Tree Hill since Sly_Mafia created it.

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“Home wasn't a set house, or a single town on a map. It was wherever the people who loved you were, whenever you were together. Not a place, but a moment, and then another, building on each other like bricks to create a solid shelter that you take with you for your entire life, wherever you may go.”
~ Sarah Dessen

One Tree Hill is a small, but not too quiet town located in North Carolina whose pride and joy is their high school basketball team, The Ravens. Nearly two decades has passed since the first generation left their mark; some still linger and others have long since moved on. But their legacy - a beacon of light erupting from a raven that others once thought as nothing more than a jersey number - will always be remembered, even now as a newer generation comes in to take their places.

Home to both college students and high school students alike, Tree Hill boasts an array of colorful personalities and even more scandal and drama now than there ever was before. What has happened to the children of our town's old heroes? Who have they become in this time skip? And what of the new residents? Will they leave an even bigger mark than the generations prior or will it simply be a permanent stain? But more importantly, are you ready for what lies ahead for our new heroines and heroes? Lucas Scott once said, "Some say ravens point travelers in the right direction. Some say a single raven is a sign of good fortune to come, but a sight of many ravens means trouble ahead."

What's it gonna be?


Daughter of Nathan Scott & Haley James Scott
Lydia Scott|| 17|| Junior|| The New Tutor Girl|| FC: Katelyn Tarver|| Reserved
Just like her mother, Lydia has one of the highest grade point averages in her class and while Haley's class eventually respected her for it, Tree Hill High is just what it is. A high school filled with judgmental teenagers, especially the head cheerleader. It doesn't even help that her cousin is one of the cheerleaders as well. But Lydia doesn't really care about that stuff...or does she? The only person who would know that is her best friend, FC: Chloe Bennet. However, there is one thing she acquired from her father - surprising athleticism. Will she ever try out for the cheerleading team though?

Name|| 18|| Senior|| The Star Athlete|| FC: Hunter Parrish|| OPEN
What could be better than being the Star Athlete of Tree Hill High? In this guy's world, not much. Then again, why would he think of anything more? His father was also on the basketball team during Nathan Scott's years as the star player and pushed his son to be the best regardless of any of his other desires. And for the longest of times, he was alright with that. He has a pretty cheerleader on his arms and scouts watching his every move. What more could be possibly want? it the edgy girl from his English class?

Daughter of Clay & Quinn Evans
________ Evans|| 16|| Junior|| The Artist|| FC: Shailene Woodley|| Reserved
She has spent a good time alone and she's alright with that...or so she says. Sure, she might not be friends with everyone and yeah, the cheerleaders mess with her every now and then. But it's no surprise to her that she doesn't have many friends. When you have a guy who looks as good as your brother, why would anyone need to pay attention to you? That's exactly what she tells herself when she becomes drawn to the last jock her sights needs to be set on. The head cheerleader's boyfriend.

Son of Clay & Quinn Evans
Logan Evans|| 17|| Senior|| The Player|| FC: Alex Pettyfer|| Reserved
He's handsome and he knows it. It's been a long time since anyone's seen the sweet and innocent little boy who rediscovered his father and a bond that had died when his biological mother passed all those years ago. Now, Logan has grown into himself and is more of a ladies' man that even his father had been. Popular with a long list of one-night stands and potential girl friends, everyone knows that once you get with him, you might as well be just another notch on his belt. But what happens when the school's newspaper catches his eye? Will she make the game easy for him? Or will she play him just as hard?

Lacey Wang|| 17|| Junior|| The Newspaper Editor|| FC: Chloe Bennet|| Taken by Sly_Mafia
She made immediate friends with Lydia Scott when she first moved into Tree Hill with her mother and began working at Karen's Café four years ago. While not many know why her mother's here or where they actually come from, Lacey knows that this is the first time in a long time that a place has felt like home. She has a great grade point average, good friends, and might possibly have a crush on a guy whose name she won't ever tell (It's FC: Alex Pettyfer). But how long before her past catches up to her again? And will she be able to run away this time?

Son of Antwon Taylor & Bevin Mirskey
______ Taylor|| 17|| Junior|| The Musician|| FC: Jacob Artist|| OPEN
If you wanted to find him anywhere, the safest place would probably be in the music room. Though small, it's his sanctuary and if you walk past the door in the hallways, you might catch the sound of him strumming his guitar. While he did end up playing basketball like his father did, he ventured out and discovered a love and appreciation for music. However, he doesn't really have the courage to actually perform in front of anyone, even after his own friends, FC: Charlotte Free, and Lydia Scott begged him to. Perhaps one of them will be able to change his mind. Or maybe even the sophomore?

Daughter of Antwon Taylor & Bevin Mirskey
________ Taylor|| 16|| Sophomore|| The Adorable Blonde|| FC: Esti Ginzburg|| Reserved
Just like her mother, she is known for being just as bubbly and perhaps, a tad bit ditzy. But no matter, she doesn't have many enemies and can almost always be seen hanging out with the cheerleaders and some of the older students. Those are the people her big brother hangs out with anyway. However, just because she's popular and fun to be around, it doesn't mean she's necessarily happy where she is. Despite how great at tumbling she is, she can't help but feel out of the loop with the other cheerleaders, especially when the head cheerleader and her best friend constantly tear everyone else down. How long will is she willing to stand in silence?

Eldest twin son of Julian & Brooke Baker
Davis Baker|| 17|| Junior|| The Actor|| FC: Max Irons|| Taken by Sly_Mafia
The eldest fraternal twin of the Bakers, Davis has followed in his father's footsteps and fell in love with the world of production and theater. Though small, the theater department has definitely become more developed with his persistence. A natural born actor, Davis puts on as many productions as he possibly can in hopes to one day being accepted into a performing arts school in California. While his twin seems to be wrapped up in being accepted, Davis longs for one day leaving One Tree Hill. But what happens if he finds a reason to stay in the form of the head cheerleader once he sees a different side to her?

Name|| 17|| Junior|| The Head Cheerleader|| FC: Kylie Bunbury|| Reserved
She is the girl every other female in the school wants to emulate and every guy in school should want to be with. She is gorgeous and popular and what more could a girl want than to be in her prime? Perhaps, her boyfriend's eyes to stop wandering to that Evans girl. His attention should be on solely her. After all, he was her first everything and she's not going to lose him to some nobody. And who cares if she caught on to how flexible Lydia Scott is and how she's small enough to be fill in for one of their flyers who coincidentally sprained her ankle? Best friend's cousin or not, she wants things down a specific way. After all, if she's perfect, then no one can see how bad home is, right?

Youngest Son of Julian & Brooke Baker
Jude Baker|| 17|| Junior|| The Pessimist|| FC: Daniel Sharman|| OPEN
Contrary to what his brother may tell you, Jude is not trying to become a professional anything. There's nothing he's particularly special at. He doesn't have the flair for the arts or the excellent athleticism that some of the other players have. He just has the passion to do something - anything really. Jude works at Karen's café and might do some assistance in inventory at Baker Man with his mother. But there's nothing really exciting about him or his life. Perhaps, Lydia, the girl he's known his entire life, can change his mind?

Daughter of Lucas & Peyton Scott
Sawyer Scott|| 18|| Senior|| The Fashionista|| FC: Imogen Poots|| OPEN
With her father's striking blue eyes and her mother's wild mass of blonde curls, Sawyer came grew up to be the same beautifully slender and tall girl that her mother once was. Well, almost the same. The main difference is that she actually likes being a cheerleader - enjoys the thrills of throwing people in the air and having guys love her. And even more so, she's nearly the same woman her god-mother once was - a woman with great tastes when it comes to fashion. Should she be a little nicer to her cousin? Possibly. But family's family. They'll be there at the end of the day. High school and her relationship with the star athlete might not be. So, why not live to the fullest?

Son of Mouth & Millicent McFadden
________ McFadden|| 16|| Sophomore|| The Journalist|| FC: Josh Hutcherson|| OPEN
So what if his parents happened to divorce? So what if it was messy and his mother practically fled Tree Hill as soon as she could? And so what if his father's slightly gone off the deep end with his drinking? It's not anyone's business. All he cares about is being a reporter - whether that means playing as the happy-go-lucky guy shooting baskets at the River Court or announcing who's in the lead at the game. At the end of the day, he is who he is - no excuses. If only he can bring that same confidence he has during an interview to telling FC: Esti Ginzburg how he really feels about her.

Name|| 18|| Senior|| The Vlogger|| FC: Charlotte Free|| Reserved
You would think by now that the future generations would realize that they shouldn't judge a book by it's cover, but sadly, kids will be kids. And of course everyone would assume you're a wild child if you have a few tattoos, piercings, and keep changing your hair color. Not that it really matters to her. When May rolls around at the end of this year, she will graduate and be done with these clowns. For now, however, she'll help running Tric and going by Karen's Café for those scones she loves so much. But what's with that damn basketball player staring at her during class? If she has to flip him the bird one more time, she'll do more than shove her finger in his face. And no, she does not check him out whenever they have to have gym class and he takes his shirt off. Nope, not in the slightest.

Name|| 18|| Senior|| The Loner|| FC: Samuel Larson|| Reserved
He's not that much of a loner. If you actually pay attention, he hangs out with FC: Jacob Artist and maybe even his brother, FC: Blair Redford, when the latter's not being a douchebag. But other than that, he's just a guy who's quiet. He wants to finish out with school and open up their family's old auto shop that kind of fell apart when his uncle died three years ago. However, it surprises even him when Sawyer Scott catches his eye. Can he capture the eccentric girl's heart? Or will she just be the one that got away?

Daughter of Rachel Gatina
Name|| 16|| Sophomore|| The Sweetheart|| FC: Ariana Grande|| OPEN
Although she dyed her hair just like Rachel Gatina did all those years ago, this little drop of sunshine is nothing like her mother. They moved back a few years ago much to the chagrin of Brooke Davis, her mother's former best friend. She dislikes the cheerleaders because of their vanity and cruelty and while she might get a shit load of drama from them, she takes it all in stride, especially after she befriended Lydia Scott. However, even she wants more than she has right now. She wants to be a singer and she's actually pretty good. But with no inspiration for music, she's just another YouTube sensation singing covers of everyone else's songs. Can her newfound friendship and possible attraction to FC: Jacob Artist give her some inspiration?

Name|| 17|| Junior|| The Hot Head|| FC: Blair Redford|| OPEN
Is it bad he can't wait for his best friend, FC: Hunter Parrish, to leave already? The guy hogs up the coach's attention and truthfully, he thinks he's the better player. But...he can be patient. It's just another year and then it'll be his turn. And so what if he picks a fight with the other players and students? What are they going to do about it? He's been in a lot of fights since his uncle's death, but that wouldn't even be brought up if he told you the story. And screw his girlfriend and her possessive tendencies. This is a very free country. And if his eye starts to wander, let it. It's not like he's really interested in FC: Shailene Woodley. Right?

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History: Again, at least two paragraphs and detailed. Are they originally from Tree Hill? Some of your characters are canon and are from Tree Hill. For other characters, you have more liberty.

Theme Song: This is optional.

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The Rules:
  • No God-modding, metagaming, or any of those other words I probably would mess up if I tried to spell them. You guys, just know the rules of the website and there won't be any problems.
  • The password is your favorite ice cream flavor. For the record: Mine is cake batter.
  • This is a literate roleplay. So, please. No one-liners. And none of that scattered posting. If you cannot post at least twice a week, then don't be here. There are other RPs out there.
  • With the above rule in mind, if you're going to be away for a long time, let me and any players your character might be involved with know a head of time. No one needs to wait years for your post.
  • I would rather it that everyone take on one male and one female, but no one is taking two females without a guy being sandwiched somewhere. If it comes to a point that the ratio is too uneven to begin, I will request that people take on male roles.
  • You are being given 48 hrs to at least submit a half-finished CS. But I'm only giving you another 24 hrs to have your CS finished. Talk to me if you need an extension as I know this is the middle of the week. However, let it be a legitimate excuse.
  • Give me a creative and detailed CS. Your ability to formulate a great personality or history will dictate to me how well you write, which is what I'm looking for in my players. Also, the CS I just made is rather bland. Do with it what you will, but provide all of the information I specified.
  • Post all OOC questions and reservations along with the password in the OOC.
  • I know I specified who was attracted to, but you can be creative with your characters. Not all of them have to be heterosexual or even label their sexuality. And just because they might have a connection that I noted now, doesn't mean they'll end up with that character in the end. Who knows?
  • I am impartial to accepting FC changes. However, I will take some of them into consideration depending on the age of the FC you specify and whether or not it is an overused one. But if you can, please work with what I've given. I actually like some of these.
  • Please be respectful to another. If you can, provide criticism if you find something I should work on or even provide ideas for the way in which you see the storyline evolving. I'll accept whatever help I get.

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Character Portrait: Lacey Wang


Character Portrait: Lacey Wang
Lacey Wang

"Baby, I'm far from a saint." WIP


Character Portrait: Lacey Wang
Lacey Wang

"Baby, I'm far from a saint." WIP

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Character Portrait: Lacey Wang
Lacey Wang

"Baby, I'm far from a saint." WIP

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Still working on my characters, Im really sorry for taking so long. I swear this stomach bug is kicking my butt, im afraid to use my computer because I dont want to break it in case I... Throw up on it... Thats icky I know but I think everyone deserves to know why its taking so long.

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I hope everyone is still working on their characters. Sorry for the lack of attention; friends and family had an emergency. But also, if it is possible, please tell your friends.

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Is it possible I could change the FC to Joshua Brand?


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Looks good so far.

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@SugarKane, no problem.

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Just turned in a very rough CS for my female character. Dont look at her yet, there is nothing but pictures right now.

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Hello there! ^^

I'd love to reserve FC: Esti Ginzburg...if that is alright with you.

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