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Lydia Scott

"To invent you need a good imagination and a pile of junk." WIP

0 · 858 views · located in Tree Hill

a character in “Only One Tree Hill”, as played by Purpl3_Flam3s



Roar||Katy Perry
"The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination."
~Albert Einstein


Lydia Prior Scott

Scotty, Dia, Nerdy, Book Worm



||Grade Level/Possible Occupation||
Junior || Works at the Library || Wants to be a Therapist

May 24

100% Caucasian

The New Tutor

"Joy is a net of love by which you can catch souls."
~ Mother Teresa


5'5 and 120lbs


||Hair Color||
Bright dirty blonde

||Eye Color||

Lydia has a couple of scars on various places due to her childhood. She has a simple ear piercing that everyone gets when they are a baby. Lydia is too afraid to get a tattoo.

||Brief Description||
Lydia is a little under average height for her age. She really isn't sure. Dia has a set of hazel eyes on a round face that's framed by her blonde hair. Her hair goes down to her chest. They are naturally curvy and takes a while to straighten. Lydia prefers to where a range of things. From blouses and skirts to sweat pants and t-shirts. It usually based on how lazy she is and how early she wakes up. Make up really isn't her thing. She would put on mascara and some lip gloss but that's about it. And that's on her 'wake up early and feel refreshed days'.

"Without hard work, nothing grows but weeds "
~ Gordon B. Hinckley


||Quirks & Habits||
Lydia always uses wide hand gestures when speaking no matter the conversation || She speeds up her words the longer she's speaking and tries to slow herself down by spacing each word out || Dia has a habit of carrying or buying more than one book at a time || Dia has to hum to calm herself down which is a rare thing for her || Dia goes on runs every morning no matter the weather outside||

Lydia can finish books in around 1 hour if she's not doing anything || Dia is a master at English and History class. || Dia is able to hold her own when it comes to physical activities||

Losing people very close to her || Scotophobia ~ fear of darkness || Being Kidnapped || Acrophobia ~ fear of heights || Glossophobia ~ fear of public speaking || Large insects || Being separated from everyone ||

Dia is very trusting and looks for the good qualities in people instead of the flaws || Lydia is highly afraid of the dark and freaks out very badly || Dia would never hurt someone on purpose || Anxious around popular people ||

Reading books || Reading to kids at the Library || Tutoring students || Writing poems ||

Never been kissed || Has a crush on Jude Baker ||

Reading || Children || Dressing up || History || Hanging out || Walking around || Taking a morning run || Writing || Bright Colors || Anime/ Manga || Fruits || Summer || Sports || Love || Family || The outdoors || Shorts || Sweaters || Famous quotes ||

Dark colors || Winter || Jerks || The popular kids || The head cheerleader || The cold || Dresses || Very high heels || Snakes || Large bugs || Being Back stabbed || The cold || Being embarrassed || Failing a test || Strawberry dairy products || Blood ||

Lydia is actually almost your typically nerd. You can always catch her head in a book somewhere. Lydia is a major braniac and always comes up with some smart comment that has everyone staring at her like she's an alien. Dia is a little on the naive side. She believe that once you're her friend, you won;t ever separate or be mad at each other and split apart. Or that everybody has a kind heart. This however has made Lydia a target for most people. To get her to do their homework by pretending to come over and study because you said they were friends. Dia is somewhat lazy at some times and hates doing things and would probably give you some random comment about how it's too far or her body suddenly is in pain and she can't move.

Dia doesn't know what it's like to be cruel hearted towards other people. She hates when people argue and yell and can be seen trying to stop the fight before it get's well. Lydia doesn't do well with violence. She prefers if everyone walks away and no one gets hurts. Threats are out of the question as well. Dia sometimes says mean comments but not without instantly regretted it afterward. She does;t care who you are, no one deserves to be treated in that manner. Dia likes to tease others but only playfully. Like sometimes she would use big words that people have to look up. Or would rub a good grade in their face. In overall, Dia is pretty harmless.

Again, at least two paragraphs and detailed. Are they originally from Tree Hill? Some of your characters are canon and are from Tree Hill. For other characters, you have more liberty.[/font]

So begins...

Lydia Scott's Story