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Kaede Akiyama

The unwilling protector

0 · 530 views · located in Japan

a character in “Onmyōdō”, as played by Keen



Kaede Akiyama

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Uncertain, romance hasn't ever been something she's spent much time thinking on

    - Her scarf
    - Penguins
    - Food & food
    - Tea
    - Baths
    - Sleeping
    - Being relied on
    - Cleaning
    - Being praised
    - Being lazy
    - Music
    - The heat
    - Pools & beaches
    - Dealing with emotional situations
    - Bears
    - Sour foods
    - Children
    - Dealing with spirits
    - Getting wet
    - The other families of exorcists
    - Being the center of attention


    - Dying in battle
    - Disappointing her older sister
    - Bears
    - Eating
    - Sleeping
    - Taking walks at sunset
    - Playing the flute
Amenonuhoko - While the Akiyama family of course could never claim to wield such a spear of divine creation, it is said that they possess a fragment of the mythical jeweled spear. With their exorcists blessed by this artifact they are able to summon forth spears of divine energy in the image of this old and legendary weapon. Not only is this a lethal weapon against the ethereal Yuurei, it is said that masters of the Amenonuhoko gain the ability to manipulate the earth around them to their whims.

    - Martial combat, particularly the use of polearms and spears
    - Kaede has an iron stomach and eat just about anything and not get sick
    - Kaede has a sharp nose and can pick out the smell of fresh food from astounding distances
    - Handles emotions poorly
    - Is easily distracted (especially by food)
    - Unmotivated
    - Quick to tears

Loyal - Crybaby - Lazy - Shy - Patient - Kind - Protective

Kaede is a very laidback girl who prefers to spend time on her own in relaxation rather than busying herself with any sort of strenuous or energy consuming activities. This isn't to say that she dislikes to do things per se, but if she doesn't have to do something she typically won't. Conversely to this she's quite happy to act on behalf of others she cares for and even enjoys doing favors for them, taking joy in being relied upon and praised by those she respects. In truth however Kaede has never really been shouldered with any tough or serious responsibilities and is a bit naive to the ways of the world and being an independent adult having always been taken care of and cooped up in her family home.

Kaede is also a rather innocent girl, the kind of girl who lacks any cynicism in the slightest and believes in others. Having always been the one in the background she's become quite observant of others and has a well-developed sense of when others have something that might be bothering them below the surface. Though she generally finds such emotional situations or outbursts awkward to be around or deal with she is quite well equipped to do so thanks to her kind nature and patience.

Born as the final of six children to her mother and father, Kaede was an unexpected and unplanned arrival. Regardless of this she was treated as any other child of the Akiyama family and was trained to become an exorcist just like her many siblings. Even so Kaede always felt like the runt of the litter, the afterthought, the one that gets dragged along out of simple obligation. The only one who seemed to treat the girl as an equal was her older sister who claimed that "since we're the only daughters, we have to stick together, right?". It was from this sister that Kaede inherited her signature over-sized scarf.

Most significant responsibilities were entrusted to any one of her older siblings leaving only the simple or menial tasks to Kaede. Though some might be dissatisfied with such a position, in truth it was a role Kaede didn't much mind. It meant she had few real responsibilities, she could laze about and eat to her heart's content and generally do as she pleased. She was of course happy to act whenever someone actually had something for her to do and she often got it done quickly and done well regardless of how trivial that matter was. And so her life went for many slow and comfortable years, in the end however everything must change.

A request from the Emperor himself was not one any clan could ignore or decline, even if his political power was all but gone, his spiritual significance was still quite real. Of all the clans within the Onmyōdō, the Akiyama family was the only one with a daughter of high school age, and so a new, and very real, responsibility was dropped upon the carefree Kaede's shoulders. She was to accompany the Emperor's daughter and protect her as she made her way through high school. Suffice it to say, this was not something Kaede was too happy about, she even wanted to refuse but simply couldn't bring herself to object after hearing about what an honor it was from her sister. And so, with her life of laziness in pieces before her Kaede begrudgingly accepts her new role, uncertain of what might await her.


So begins...

Kaede Akiyama's Story