Operation Are You Really My Friend?

Operation Are You Really My Friend?


Are your online friends really your friends? That's what these people are meeting to find out. Too bad they don't know one of them is a killer.

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New York City. The Big Apple. Home to Broadway and 5th Avenue, where the most important of people meet to hang out. And that's exactly what these strangers are doing. They're all "friends" online, but are they really friends? That's what they're all about to find out. Too bad none of them realize that one of these "friends" of theirs is a killer.

WE HAVE OUR KILLER! PREPARE FOR THE DEATHS!!!!!! MWUAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!! (Oh & don't forget to post the phrase "Let Us Live!" somewhere - OOC or PM me! - so the killer and I know not to kill you first.... :D)


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It's a mystery rp you the posters get to try and solve too!

You MUST post at least once every other day. I want this to be a fast paced roleplay so if you're going to join you're going to commit! If you don't post after 3 days your character will be killed! (Once you die you can make a new character if it's not too late or pick up an NPC.)
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Only human characters please, anything else and you dont get accepted. This is a realistic rp.

You MUST post at least once every other day. I want this to be a fast paced roleplay so if you're going to join you're going to commit! If you don't post after 3 days your character will be killed! (Once you die you can make a new character if it's not too late or pick up an NPC.)
If you need to drop out that's fine I can kill your character or pass it off to someone else!
NO ONE LINERS! Must have at least FIVE lines per post! Please be aware of grammar, punctuation and spelling!

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Spencer rolled over in his bed, the light from the open windows of the balcony burning his eyes. He groaned in pain and threw a pillow over his head, reluctant to awaken.

What time was it? He didn't know. What day was it? He didn't know. How did he get here? He couldn't remember.

The sudden sensation of nausea overcame him and he fell off the bed with the strong affects of vertigo skewing his vision and movements. "Oh f. . ." he groaned as he fell from the bed. He moved his head when his eyes could not focus on the bland carpet before him. "Who are you?" he asked, confused. The reason he could not focus was because a pair of boots were at his nose, a tall figure looming over him as he rolled on his side.

Something thick came down on his jaw, pain shooting through his head at the connection. Spencer groaned and realized he was being picked up. Unable to move in his defense, or even speak because of his broken jaw, Spencer blinked away the pain and blurry vision.

Minutes passed and he vaguely realized he was being slowly dragged towards the balcony that overlooked the reflecting pool below. A plastic chair was kicked out of the way and Spencer was suddenly standing, upright, the vertigo making his head fall limp over the railing. The shallow pool was below, light shining off the water, blinding him.

"Women are to be respected," an unforgiving voice growled. The next thing he knew, the shallow bottom was growing closer and the wind was slapping his face. He was falling. He twisted in slightly in the air and he could not find the looming figure anywhere on the balcony. Had the figure even been on the balcony to where anyone could see them? Screams of women and children began to register in his ears and his eyes were now back on the pool bottom. It was feet from him. This was it then. . .

Spencer lay on the pool floor, the water so shallow a baby could safely lay in it. Spencer was dead, his body breaking apart the once smooth, mirrored images of the surrounding buildings.

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Ray Jones

Ray had just returned back to the Four Seasons Hotel, now in his truck rather than his Camero. He'd stowed the Camero keys in a hidden compartment in the truck, his black phone now in his pocket. His other phone, a black HTC phone from Verizon, was in his hand and he was checking it. No one had called or texted, not even Brittany. He shrugged and checked the other phone, a small, black Motorola phone, replacing it in the pocket with the HTC phone. The small black phone had one message on it:

Spencer Bramlett - deceased.

Ray stared at the text for awhile, wondering who'd texted him. He could guess who, but it was only narrowed down to three people at that. With a shake of his head, he walked a little faster to the front of the hotel. He knew what floor Spencer was on, but decided to call Brittany first.

"Come on, pick up. I need to know where you are. . ." he said a little frustrated. He ran up the stairs to his room and quickly changed clothes, using a wet brush to fix his hair for the time being. He could shower more extensively later. With the phone on speaker phone, he continued putting on cologne, deodorant, fresh socks and different shoes, an off-white pair of shorts, a fresh undershirt and a fresh shirt. He also threw on a hat to cover his unruly hair. He might be a bit older than most people who wore this attire, but he could pull it off quite well.

He was about to brush his teeth when he heard the ringing abruptly cut off. He grabbed his phone and took it off speaker.

"Brittany, where are you?" Ray asked with a bit of anxiety in his voice.


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"Brittany, where are you?" Ray asks with a bit of anxiety in his voice.

A scream of horror is the response that quickly fades before a loud crash is heard and the phone is no more, laying shattered on the sidewalk only ten feet away from Spencer's mangled body.

*A Few Minutes Ago*
I knock on Alicia's door, prepared to send a text to Ray. Before I can hit send, Alicia answers the door, wrapped up snugly in a plush robe, a smile on ehr face. "Britt!" she squeals. "Thanks so much for coming!!! I can't tell you how much I appreciate this!" She gives me a slight hug before ushering me in her room. It's an average sized room, still considerably bigger than most hotel rooms, but probably not even a quarter of the size of the Penthouse.

"It's no problem, realy Alicia. I'm glad to help out," I say with a smile.

"Well great! Then let's get started. You know what you have planned for us today, so what do you think I should wear?" she pulls the closet door open to proudly display the bright colors with the few neutral pieces mixed in.

"Hmmm... this is cute," I murmur, pawing through her clothes. I pull out a light blue halter top and hand it to her and a pair of black jean capris. "Try this with..." I bend down and scan over her shoes, deciding on a pair of white two-inch wedges. "These." I hand her the shoes. "You got any accessories?"

Alicia points at the dresser to the side of the room. "Right there. I'll change real fast." She disappears into the bathroom as I go over to her dresser. I pick up a white headband, several silver bangles, and a plain chain necklace with a butterfly charm on the end with light blue decoration on it. When Alicia comes back out of the bathroom I hand them to her with a smile.

"That looks really cute Alicia," I tell her once she puts the accessories on. She beams at me.

"Thanks Bri-" her thanks is cut off by screams from outside. "What the heck?"

"Probably someone had her purse stolen or something, who really knows, it is New York after all!" I say brushing them off casually. Alicia doesn't look convinced.

"Cmon, let's at least look down and check it out. My balcony has a really cool view of the reflecting pool down below," she says as we walk over to the balcony. "I mean, it's not like some of the rooms that seem right over it or anything, but since we're high enough up over it you can still see most of it." She pulls the curtains aside and opens the balcony doors, stepping out before me. Sirens can be heard in the distance. My phone suddenly starts ringing as I step out onto the balcony. As I dig it out of my purse I hear Alicia gasp in shock. "OhmyGodBritt!It's-It's-It's!!!" She stumbles backwards away from the railing, her face white.

"Hold on one second," I say answering my phone and stepping up to the railing while simultaneously looking up and letting my gaze rest on the reflecting pool.... And the bloody, broken, akwardly twisted, yet still recognizable body belonging to Spencer Bramlett laying in it, harshly breaking the images of the surrounding buildings, reflections of horror in the pool around his body.

I scream and drop my phone, barely registering the sound of the iPhone shattering upon impact with the hard, unrelenting sidewalk of the New York City street as I stumble backwards just as Alicia had, tripping on the threshhold of the sliding glass doors and landing hard on the plush floor of the luxury room. I lay there in hysterical sobs as Alicia rushes past me into her bathroom and wretches horribly into the sink, both of us in shock at seeing Spencer's body laying the way it was in the shallow reflecting pool.

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Ray Jones

"Brittany! Britt!" Ray called. He'd heard her drop the phone, but it hadn't quite disconnected yet. The phone finally went dead and Ray was already out the door of his room. He'd grabbed a swig of mouthwash, but brushing his teeth would have to wait until later. He ran straight to the stairs heading up; he knew Spencer's floor was above him, so he'd start up then run down.

He ran up the stairs two at a time, shoving his phone into his pocket where it wouldn't break. Brittany had seen something, probably Spencer, and he didn't know where she was. He had to make sure she wasn't on Spencer's floor. He couldn't get her dragged down by the cops. They wouldn't stop to consider anything at this point. Ray ran up the stairs, finally reaching the desired floor.

"Brittany!" he yelled, sprinting through the hall. She was most likely on the side with balconies; otherwise she wouldn't have dropped her phone to the point it would have broken. That was assuming she was on this floor to begin with. "Brittany! Where are you?!"

Ray was panicking. Brittany could not afford to be on this floor. Whoever had been at the party last night, minus Spencer, had to reconvene, preferrably in Brittany's suite. They had to have alibis.

"Brittany!" he yelled again.

Sophia Isabella Rodriguez

Sophia was pacing the hallway when she heard a scream, soon followed by several more. She looked out of the Hotel's windows and saw where the source was coming from. She ran to the window, curious as to what the big deal was. Then she saw it.

A body his the bottom of the reflecting pool, spraying up water, just as she reached the window. She gasped in terror. "Oh my gosh!" she screamed. She turned and started to run to alert someone to call the police when she ran into Tyler.

"Oh! Tyler!" she cried, throwing herself into his arms. She started crying over the trauma of it all. Tyler remained still and she looked up at him, tears flowing. "What...what's wrong?" He was staring out the window at the body in the pool, anger in his features.

"Spencer," was all he said. Confused, Sophia turned around and looked at the body in reflecting pool. The she saw what he meant. The body. . . it was Spencer's.

A terrified gasp escaped her and she fell to the ground crying, her hands coming up to cover her mouth. Tyler pulled her into his arms, his features hardened and unreadable.

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(Britt, could you add a scene where the police will call you to confirm the whereabouts of Valentina, etc? Thank You)

I woke up because of the calming smell of brewed coffee next to me, I opened my eyes to see Michael on an arm chair with just a white cotton towel wrapped around his waist.

He smiled and said, "Good morning Angel, breakfast is served."
I on the other hand was just wrapped with his blanket.
I smiled back at him and stood up with the blanket still around me, I stopped, not sure how to approach him when I'm naked.
"Here, you can wear this," he passed a cotton robe towards me.

"About last ni...,"
"Shhh... Whatever happened, I know you have got nothing to do with it. Let's just have breakfast," he pulled a chair for me.
"But I..." Before I could finish my sentence he has already positioned a spoon with an omelette before my mouth and all I could do was take it.
Before I knew it, we were in bed again.

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(Yeah I will. The police will come and talk to them once they convene in Britt's room.)

Dry heaves cause my body to shake as I bend over the sink, the sight of Spencer's crumpled body laying the pool burned into my eyes. I faintly hear Britt's sobs in the bed. I splash water on my face and come out of the bathroom. I glance at Britt on the floor and bite my lip. I walk over to her, slightly numb and help her up to a sitting position on the end of the bed. My face turns towards the door as I hear someone shouting in the hall.

"Brittany! Where are you?! Brittany!"

I recognize the voice and gently release Britt, somewhat glad she's able to sit up on her own right now in the midst of her hysteria. I go to the door and open it, looking out. "Ray..." I say blandly. "She's in here."

I don't feel myself be moved, so it comes as quite a shock when I suddenly see Ray standing in the doorway. "Ray!" I cry out strangledly. I push myself up off the bed and stumble towards him, falling to my knees after only three steps, a brief but sharp pain throbbing in my ankle. I look up at him, tears still streaming down my face. "Spencer's dead..." I somehow manage to say before my world goes black.

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Ray Jones

Ray was halfway down the hallway when a door opened silently and Alicia came out. "Ray. . . She's in here," she told him blandly. Ray sprinted towards her, saying a mumbled thank you, and pushing himself into the room. He stopped at the doorway at the sight of Brittany.

"Ray!" she cried out, trying to push herself from the bed. She fell after a few steps and did not try to get up. Ray rushed towards her, but was not quite able to make it to her before she fainted after saying, "Spencer's dead. . . "

He barely caught her head before it hit the floor and he gently moved her to be cradled in his arms. Once there,, he picked her up and walked over to the bed, laying her down gently. As he did so, he gently asked Alicia to get a warm rag for him. She did so and he placed it gingerly on Brittany's head.

After he was certain she would be okay, he turned to Alicia. "We have to go. . . back to Brittany's suite. Spencer's room was on this floor and if we're up here the police won't hesitate to question us. I'll get Brittany. Can you get everything else?" His words were slightly hurried, but he didn't stop to explain anything more. He picked up Brittany again, leaving the rag on her head, and started out the door. "Come on, I'll call everyone from the room," he ordered.

((Sorry if this post sucks. I'm a bit out of it.))

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(It's good I promise :D & now to move it along a bit... Sorry for the minor godmodding lovechanningforever but I'm gonna go ahead and have Valentina and Michael in the room as well)

---In the Penthouse---

"ray, what are going to do?" I ask, nervously twisting my hands around and around each other. "The police are going to want to talk to all of us. What if.. What if they think one of us had something to do with his death? His death was an accident right? We all know he was so drunk he could barely talk last night and this morning... The affects could've made him disoriented and what not... BUt none of us liked him in person... The cops are gonna realize that.. What if- what if-" I stop and take in several deep breaths as Kody gently takes on my hands in his own and pulls me a little closer to him. "I'm sorry," I say a little quieter. "I didn't mean to over react." I glance over at Brittany who's still unconcious but now laying on one of the couches, Michael working on her trying to revive her, massaging her wrists and stuff. "Is she alright Michael?"

"She's fine. Just in shock. I'm guessing she's never seen a dead body before..." he glances down at Britt as she shifts a little and groans quietly. Her eyelids flutter open and she immediately squints into the face above her.

"Michael?" she asks, confused. A collective sigh of minor relief is released in the room and everyone's attention is mostly focused back on Ray. I watch Michael slowly help Britt sit up. The two of them murmur quietly to each other before he gently helps her take off her boots. One of her ankles is a little swollen, but nothing serious - she ony rolled it when she tripped in my room. Michael makes her relax back against the couch again and picks her ankle up into his lap, gently massaging around the swollenesss. He speaks up, seemingly unphased by everything.

"As you all know I'm a detective, so I can tell you what it's going to be like being questioned by these people. They're going to be tough and they're going to be unforgiving. They won't be as harsh towards you women as the men, but they'll still be unrelenting. They-" Michael's cut off suddenly by a rapid knocking on the door. "-are already here. Ray, would you please get the door? Britt needs to stay off her ankle for right now." He turns to Valentina next to him and smiles a little. "Would you mind getting me some ice in a ziploc bag and a wash cloth please?"

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Sophia Isabella Rodriguez

They were now reconvened in Brittany's penthouse, but Sophia couldn't notice much going on. Her tears were dried up, but her mind still wandered, seeing Spencer's body smack into the bottom of the shallow reflecting pool. There were two theories circulating, both of them obvious options. The first was that Spencer had woken, severely hungover with extreme vertigo, and had stumbled out to the balcony and had fallen off accidentally. The other was that he'd been murdered.

As she thought, staring off into nothingness, Sophia couldn't help but lean towards the idea that he'd been murdered. She figured that if Spencer was truly that hungover, he would barely have the energy to get out of bed, much less the desire too. However, if he had gotten out of bed, he wouldn't have headed for the balcony. The sun was directly overhead, it's light severely painful to someone hungover. Sophia herself wasn't that hungover but the little light she'd been exposed to had hurt enough to make her want to hide in the closet for the rest of the day.

Tyler shifted on the couch beside her and she refocused on the present. Tyler was leaning foward, his elbows on his knees, his hands restlessly moving over his head. He was visibly upset, but he wasn't crying. His mouth was set in a hard line and his legs were shaking slightly. It was easy to see that he was angry.

Not knowing anything else to do, Sophia put her hand around his knee and tried to focus on what was going on. Michael was attending to Brittany, who'd passed out in Alicia's room after seeing Spencer below them. Ray was pacing nearby, his eyes narrowed at Michael. Was he jealous? Sophia let a small, amused smile play at her lips. In the midst of this tragedy, Ray was still focusing on Brittany, jealous.

Sophia was about to say something about her reasoning as to why Spencer was more likely a murder victim, but she couldn't before a knock on the door interrupted them. She couldn't exactly focus on what was being said, only what was happening. Apparently Michael had ordered Ray to go answer the door because Ray stalked off after frowning in anger at Michael. A final look at Brittany had mae his jaw tighten visibly.

Ray answered the door and a couple of police officers came in, along with two FBI officers, nodding at Ray but pushing past him abruptly. Sophia had to wonder, even slightly, what the FBI officers were here for. Spencer's death couldn't have attracted that much legal attention. . . Could it?

((Dreamalot: I'll let you control the Police.))

Ray Jones

He was touching her. Michael was touching her and Ray did not like it. Brittany was his as of last night and he was supposed to take care of her, not Michael. Michael wasn't even a dotor, he was a detective. What gave him the notion that he was more certified to take care of Brittany?

Ray paced behind near the two, keeping his eyes specifically on Michael. Alicia was freaking out, but Ray had long ago blocked out her nervous blabber. Michael was staying calm, casually stating that Brittany was in shock.

Brittany's eyes fluttered open and she spoke. Ray stopped his pacing and stared, his mouth slightly open in relief. "Michael?" she asked. She was confused , obviously not expecting Michael to be the one standing over her. Quite frankly Ray didn't think it would have been Michael either, but he'd been forced to submit and let Michael pass. The group didn't need a fight, not now.

Ray watched with frustration as the two of them talked and Michael took off her boot. What the hell was he doing now? Michael took her ankle and began massaging it, Brittany now sitting up. Ray looked over at Brittany, slightly hurt that she was allowing this; well, at least without having looked for him yet. She wasn't even looking around wondering where he was at. That hurt. Maybe she didn't mean it, but it still stung that her first reaction to all of this was submission to Michael.

A knock on the door interrupted them.

"Ray, would you please get the door? Britt needs to stay off her ankle for right now." Michael asked him, proceeding to immediately turn to Valentina. Ray wanted nothing more than to punch him right now. He was touching Brittany, massaging her ankle, and now ordering him around? "Would you mind getting me some ice in a Ziploc bag and a wash cloth please?" he asked Valentina. Of course he was ordering his own girl around now too. Who did Michael think he was, some divine, better-than-thou saint?

It took all Ray had to stalk off in his anger to answer the door. He would take care of Michael later; as far as his hurt with Brittany went, it could wait. He had more pressing matters. The police were at the door now and he had to make sure everything was accounted for. A quick look at Sophia earlier had suggested she knew more than she was saying. He would have to take care of that as well. He couldn't have nasty rumors flying around; it would make them the top suspects in this case.

As he opened the door and police and two FBI agents pushed past him, Ray was certain there was something bigger playing out, and that they knew more than they should this early in the investigation. This would not do. . .

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(Iz Okay :) )
Michael (aka Mike) and I woke up with a phone ring. It was mine. It was just a message from Alicia, Ray and Britt. They all said something about an accident and a dead body. I was still dazed about my own dead issue.
Mike grabbed my phone from my hand and said, " I got the same message. I think we should get dressed and head over to where they are,"
"They need us," he was already putting on some clothes
"Can I just go home?" I asked.
"I'll get you home after we see what's wrong with them," He drank his cold coffee then brushed his teeth.
I dragged myself out of his bed and proceeded to put on something as well.
Next thing I knew we were on a cab back to the Four Seasons.
"Would you mind getting me some ice in a Ziploc bag and a wash cloth please?" Mike asked me.
"I... I know about muscles more, let me handle her ankle. You go and get what you need," I knelt down and slowly took Britt's leg from him.
I know he was staring at me but I'm not the kind of girl who takes orders.
Much less, I'm not the kind of girl letting "her man" hold someone else's legs.

I felt him standing up and proceeding to the ref.
I tried to review my stock knowledge about sprains and looked at Britt.
"Britt... I... I know you are on a mess right now. But Mike and I sent you a message earlier. If ever the police questions you about my whereabouts for the past 24 hours. Can you attest that I was around you and left with him?"

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(Sorry about forgetting to post yesterday :|)

It feels weird getting passed around like a rag doll, I think idlely as Michael slides out from under me and Valentina takes my ankle in her well trained -and manicured- hands. Four faces looking down at me bring me out of my stupor, causing me to blink several times as I try to place names with their faces. One of the men speaks up at my obvious confusion.

"No Ms. Maipham, we have not bet before. I am Special Angent Patrick Zodonny and this is my partner Special Agent Roger Kelly. We are from the FBI and currently investigating a murder, we need to ask you a few questions Miss Maipham if you don't mind." SA Zodonny says, both him and his partner showing her their badges.

"Is this about Spencer?" I ask, not sure what else they could be asking me about.

"No ma'm that's the police officers are here. They're the ones asking about Mr. Bramlett's death. We'll get your statement on that as well, but we have other questions to ask you first. Is there some place private we can go?" SA Kelly asks her.

"Umm.. Yeah. Excuse me Valentina," I say and turn facing forwards on the couch. I take my other boot off then stand up, slowly putting pressure on my right ankle. I wince and immediately look around for Ray. I see him fuming kind of in the back and looking almost a little hurt. I frown and then put on a small smile. "Hey Ray.. Would you mind helping me please? Michael and Val have already helped enough."

"Here I'll help ya," Malcom says, swooping in under my arm to help steady me. "Ray's helped you a lot too you know. Give us other guys a chance too." He says with a wink and grin. I just smile back at him some and murmur a thanks, glancing at Ray again with an oh well type look.

"We can go into the library right through those doors, they slide shut for privacy." Malcom helps me into the library and into one of the chairs in there before shooting me another grin and wink and walking out, the FBI agents coming in right after him. "The police officers are going to ask everyone else about Spencer's death?"

"Yes ma'm. We're going to ask you the same questions, but like I said earlier, we're currently trying to solve a murder that could have a great impact on international relations between the US and foreign countries," SA Kelly says in a southern accent similar to Michael's. He sits down in the chair opposite mine and pulls out a notepad as SA Zodonny closes the sliding doors. "To start off with, your name is Brittany Maipham correct?"

"Yes sir it is."

"And you're 18?"

"Yes sir."

"Which makes you the youngest one at this gathering. And yet you are the one who is hosting it, right?"

"Yes sir. Everyone else thinks I'm actually 20. Well, all except Ray. He knows how old I really am."

"Okay then... Now correct me if I'm wrong but last night you had everyone meet up in here and you ordered room service for everyone. The gathering lasted until... when exactly?"

"You are correct. And people started leaving around midight, Spencer was the first one to leave. The last of the people left around two."

"The last of the people includes... Sophia Rodriguez, Tyler Cantiver, Michael Hill, Ray Jones, and Valentina Snowson?"

"No exactly..." SA Kelly raises an eyebrow. "Ray stayed with me last night. But everyone else left around 2 in the morning. Sophia with Tyler and Valentina with Michael."

"Ah okay. Hey Zodonny, get Ray Jones in here. We're gonna get his statement as well."

"What? You don't believe me?"

"No, no miss, that's not it. We're just going to have him collaborate your story. I have a feeling we'll be getting statements from the other three as well."

"Oh okay," I say as SA Zodonny steps out of the library to get Ray.

"Now what can you tell us about Spencer Bramlett's death?"

I watch as Malcom helps Britt into the library then comes back out, the FBI agents follow them in then the police officers step in the front. They both take out their badges, one's female, the other male. It's the woman that speaks up, her voice is clear and determined, making it clear who is in charge and that she is not a woman to be trifled with.

"I'm Officer Sankovic. This is Officer Davidson. We're here to ask everyone of you about Spencer Bramlett and where you were when his death occurred. We will take your statements one at a time. Women you will be with me in the bedroom, men you will go into the kitchen area with officer Davidson. We will ask everyone the exact same questions. What do you know about Spencer, who is he is, what he's like, whether you liked him or not, et cetera et cetera. Then we will ask where each of you were around the time of his death and whether or not you have anyone who can collaborate with your story and testify that you were where you say you were." She takes out a pad and looks down at a list of names on it. "Sophia Rodriguez, if you will come with me please. Michael Hill if you will go with Officer Davidson."

I sigh quietly in relief when she does not call my name first but then perk up again as Special Agent Zodonny comes out of the library.

"I need Ray Jones to come into the library so we can take your statement," he says, looking at the faces gathered together in the room.

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((Sorry I took so long. :/ ))

Ray Jones

Ray did not like this, not one bit. Two FBI officers and two police officers were now in the penthouse. First of all, he wanted to know what the hell FBI was doing here. No way Spencer's death was that important. Secondly, he wanted to throttle Malcolm, right after Michael.

Why did everyone think they could touch Brittany? They very well knew she was his, technically. Ray shook his head, remebering that Brittany had attempted to call him over, but he also remembered the sore rejection he'd received when she hadn't refused Malcolm.

"I need Ray Jones to come into the library so we can take your statement," an FBI officer demanded, stepping out of the library where they'd taken Brittany for questioning. The two police officers were getting statements about Spencer's death, but he hadn't been called up first. Michael Hill and Sophia Rodriguez were the first called, and now he, Ray Jones, was being called in by the FBI. In this case, he was glad. At least he knew nothing about this one.

"Yes, sir," he agreed, heading that way.

He entered the library and took a seat near Brittany. He wasn't quite over being hurt, so he sat a couple seats away. The agent shook his head and pointed to a seat across from Brittany. Shrugging, Ray obeyed and sat down.

"So, what's this about, agents?"

Sophia Isabella Rodriguez

Sophia couldn't well pay attention, even when the officers came in. She lost everything they said out of shock, noticing that her hand had subconsciously curled tighter around Tyler's knee. Tyler had looked over and put his hand on hers, but she hadn't noticed enough to react.

Vaguely she heard her name being called. It was the woman police officer, whose name she could not remember, and she wanted to question her about Spencer. Not wanting to leave Tyler, Sophia hesitated. Eventually, the officer's demanding stare convinced her to go and she shuffled off.

Brittany was in the library, having been taken there by Malcolm. Ray had just been called in and Michael was called to go with male officer. Sophia didn't know what was going, but she didn't like it. She'd come here to connect with friends, and now this?

((Sorry it's so short!))

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Britt was escorted to another room as the police officers questioned her, as well as the others.
I sat at the same seat Britt occupied earlier.
My sweat was really cold, I could feel that someone is watching me, or more probably us (those who are within the vicinity).

Another factor that added to my nervousness was the fact that, Chairman and his wife's matter could be brought up any moment.
Everyone else was being questioned about Spencer's death except for me.

I stood up and headed towards the fridge to grab myself a drink to soothe my parched and dry throat.
I could see one of the officers and Michael from afar, and then suddenly both of them looked towards my direction with a serious look on both of their faces.
I hurriedly looked down, trying my best to ignore and play cool about it.
Just then I saw Ray being escorted by one of the investigators, he looked really pissed about something, not sure what it is though.

I followed them to the library without them noticing me, luckily they left a small crack, enough for me to hear everything clearly.

"So, what's this about, agents?" Ray asked after he took a seat.

i tried to get a safe position where no one can discover me for eavesdropping.

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SA Kelly
"We need you to collaborate Miss Maipham's statement. The gathering lasted until two but Spencer Bramlett left around midnight, he was the first one to leave. The last people to leave were Sophia Rodriguez, Tyler Cantiver, Michael Hill, and Valentina Snowson, and you stayed with Miss Maipham last night. Correct?" SA Kelly asks Ray, noticing a sudden tension between him and Britt.

Officer Sankovic
"Miss Rodriguez? Please focus. These questions are very important. We need to know everything that you know about Spencer Bramlett. What time did he leave last night? Did he leave with anyone? What is your personal opinion of Mr. Bramlett? Do you think he had any reason to commit suicide? Do you think anyone here has any reason to kill him?" Officer Sankovic shoots off quickly to Sophia, her notepad out and pen poised, ready to take notes.

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(Is this thread dead?)

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((No. I was at camp. I'm back now.))

Ray Jones

"You are correct, Officer," Ray replied easily.

Sophia Isabella Rodriguez

Unsure of how to answer, Sophia just answered the questions directly. "He left around midnight, on his own; he was the first to leave. I thought he was a bit of a jerk but he was cute in his own way. I wouldn't have any reason to harm him. Unless he was really drunk, I don't think he would committ suicide. He was very confident, outgoing, and happy when he was with us. I don't know of any reason anyone would have to kill him, no."

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So sorry, but I've decided to let the RP die for I'm completely out of ideas and hitting writer's block.
I also have to start getting ready for school in August.
(Yes it's still a month away but I'm going to a completely new school next year and it's a boarding school... So yeah.)

Once again, I'm really sorry. Thank for making the RP as exciting as it was! :)

Good luck and have fun with your future roleplays!

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Re: [OOC] Operation Are You Really My Friend?

You're very welcome! :)
Something similar happened to me yesterday but the opposite.
During the song we were singing, it started off slow and everyone was sitting down (there's approx 1500-1600 kids here). Then it kind of paused then suddenly all the instruments joined it (it was just the piano/keyboard before) and I stood up and raised my arms up high, singing my heart out with the singer. Normally i'm not the first one to ever stand up especially when there's a big crowd of kids, but last night I was and after I stood up everyone else did the same. The speaker (who had been watching) even said something about it when he came up to talk. It was really sweet.
He started his speaking with this (and I quote):
"Wow... Wow!... That was amazing!... I was back here"-he motions behind where the band was-"watching. And wow! During that last song I was just so blown away by what I saw. Everyone was sitting. Just sitting. Some with their faces tilted up and singing, some with their hands raised. But then this girl, this girl here"-he motions to me-"she did something. She did something else. Something more. She stood up." He pauses and looks out at the crowd. "She stood up. While everyone else was sitting down, she stood up and raised her arms up to the sky and closed her eyes and sang. And she started something. Like a ripple, everyone else in the room stood and raised their hands into the air. It was amazing!... Amazing. Everyone give this girl a round of applause."
Everyone clapped and cheered. It was really cool. It brought tears to my eyes. I was so close to crying I was so touched by him noticing and pointing it out.

Re: [OOC] Operation Are You Really My Friend?

Thanks for that, Dreamalot! It was very considerate. I have so much more to catch up on on here. This helps. Alright, well, I just got back. It was TOTALLY awesome! I learned so much, and even at one point (Church camp, mind you), I fell to my knees. I didn't have a choice, my legs were shaking and something was pushing me down, and just before that that same something had taken my hands and thrust them into the air to as high as I could get them. I usually don't put my hands up higher than my stomach, so that was amazing!

Re: [OOC] Operation Are You Really My Friend?

The RP is officially going to be put on hold until Friday at the earliest starting today. So sorry but real life is causing me and Mistress to be unable to post until then or Saturday. Hopefully when wepick it back up we can just skip through the questioning and get sone more life and action put back into the RP. ;) lol

Re: [OOC] Operation Are You Really My Friend?

I'm sorry guys... I've got a headache and don't feel like doing a really long post right now... :(
I'll post by 9 or 10 central time tonight though, I promise!!
And it's probably going to be a really long post too so... Just be ready for it :P lol\
So yeah... Sorry :(

Re: [OOC] Operation Are You Really My Friend?

This is what Britt's wearing btw:
Gucci Purse: Image
Skirt: Image
Tank top: Image
Shoes: Image

Re: [OOC] Operation Are You Really My Friend?

Let me LIVE!!!! at least for a very very very loooonnnggg time :)

Re: [OOC] Operation Are You Really My Friend?

Great posts everyone! Exactly what I was looking for! Now all we have to do is wait for MoonFox to post theirs then we can start this thing! While we wait go ahead and invite all your "friends" on here to join so we can make this even better than it'll already be! (And also as a side note - if you want to make a second character or whatever you can, but please no more than three unless you think you can really handle it.)
Thanks guys!

Re: [OOC] Operation Are You Really My Friend?

Okay, sounds good. I'll add to it or something. My application was just a brief look at how his profile. I'll post it in soon.

Re: [OOC] Operation Are You Really My Friend?

MstressDarkstar- since you pretty much put his profile into the character application you can just copy and paste it if you want. I just want to be able to see how the other characters "portray" themselves to the world.

Basically all I did was copy & paste my facebook stuff (since facebook is what I have) and put in my characters info in place of mine. (So like all the likes/dislikes, favoritest, quotes & about me are all actually mine and about me lol - but none of the pics are mine - I'm a blonde xD Britt is not :P)

that's all y'all have to do for the character profiles for your first post. Pretty simple right?

So yeah still can't wait to see yalls posts!

PS- The Adversary - why weren't you at school yeterday?..... I had smething I wanted to talk to you about...

Re: [OOC] Operation Are You Really My Friend?

So, Dreamalot, when I list my profiles, you want other pictures? It's fine if you do, just clarifying so I can get to work on that :)

P.S. I updated some stuff on Ray. Let me know if you have anything else I can add. Oh and as for the two sets of cars and phones, they are just because he is rich and the cheaper phone is for personal calls. His more expensive phone is for non-personal calls. It's like his work phone. The cars are dependent on what type of work he is doing. . . .

Re: [OOC] Operation Are You Really My Friend?

Hey guys! Thanks for giving all the info asked for in the character applications!
Now your first post is probably going to be a bit harder...
For your first post as your character, tell us what your profile on whatever networking site your on is. (Facebook, MySpace, Orkut, Meebo, etc etc) Please include at least one picture that's not in your character application! Thanks! Can't wait to see yall's posts!

(And for those browsing the forum - we will be accepting characters for up to three rounds of posting which is when the first killings will start happening!)

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