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Alain Provencal

"Do you hear that..? No? Just me?"

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a character in “Operation Blaxk”, as played by Se7enAndThre3


Alain Provencal


5 foot 11 inches

Athletic and limber, Alain isn't the tallest nor the strongest around but he moves quickly and efficiently.

◆Cheese (Anything Cheese Related)
◆An Ming
◆Perversion (Humor, Not Bad Perversion)
◇Loud Noises
◇Disrespectful People
◇Electronics in General
◇Large Crowds

●Although Alain has a strong hatred of large crowds and being around people in general, he has an even stronger fear of being alone. Not a 'alone in a room' type of fear, a 'no one is truly there' type of alone.
●He has a strong of fear of being killed by having a pencil shoved through his ear and hitting his brain.

○Alain has a two year old daughter named Annabeth whom he gave off for adoption in fear someone would find out about her. Although she has no idea who her father is, he keeps cards on her about everything. As far as he is aware, she is staying with a nice family in Italy.
○Plagued with constant nightmares and flashbacks, Alain gets an approximate 3-4 hours of sleep every day or two.
○He self harms. (See: Personality)

Love Interest/Crush
His girlfriend is An Ming.

Being a calm and collected person, Alain tends to be extremely quiet. You'll hardly ever hear him speak unless it's to make a sarcastic remark, perverted comment, or give you advice and or information on the topic at hand. He thinks constantly, whether it be about the past, present, future, or even his very own imaginary world. You'll constantly notice him day dreaming or being easily distracted by little things. such as a click of a heel, shutting of a door, or the turn of a lock. These skills, however, were deliberately heightened for his 'specialty'.

Although quiet most of the time, when having a one on one conversation with someone he'll often talk quite a bit. Unless annoyed or upset, which is a complete different matter.

When feeling an extreme of a negative emotion, whether it be anger or stress or sadness, he takes out the emotion on his body. Literally, Alain will take whatever is in reach and harm his body in any way possible. Due to this he has deep jagged scars and burns on his stomach and arms mostly. Which is why you'll see him only with a long sleeve shirt, no matter the temperature.

Looking over all of the negative bits, Alain is extremely funny and humerous when he chooses to be. He can be quite the child at times with occasional side comments such as: "That's what she said." and so on. He's a smartass, who's also fluent is sarcasm and douche. Although he'll never be a full on asshole to anyone unless he's extremely angry at the person, and most of the time not even then.

Born in France, Alain was a small sickly child belonging to a poor family of 5 children. Him being the youngest of 3 brothers and 1 sister. Around the age of 4 is when his brother, Allen, the second youngest taught Alain how to successfully shoplift without getting caught. After this Alain and Allen had gotten extremely close, being able to give their older siblings little snacks and candies here and there.

When Vincent, the oldest son, moved out was the same year Alain's father died of lung cancer. Forcing the kids mother to work double shifts to be able to support her 4 children who were still at home. During an argument with Francis, the now oldest at the house, Alain realized that Francis wasn't going to help with bills when obviously their mother couldn't do it by herself.

The now 13 year old Alain came to the conclusion that he and Allen would have to help. Instead of being able to work, the two started robbing money from stores and vendors. It wasn't your usual robberies however, it was distraction and a quick hand.

This continued up until Alain was 16, his older siblings all gone but Allen. His now 17 year old brother. Now with less expenses his mother, Lillian, could rest. But with her excursion of constant working she had grown sick and was unable to work herself. Leaving Alain and Allen responsible for being able to take care of themselves and their mother. At this time Alain finally realized his true talent with thievery.

Not going into detail, Alain had single handedly robbed a bank without anyone noticing. A simple stealing of keys, a notice of codes, and photographic memory can get you a long way. It took the bank 3 months to realize money was missing, but since it wasn't a large amount nor full proof that it was taken there was no investigation. Just suspicions of clipped wires and a mysterious hooded figure saw around the area.

When Alain moved out at 18, his brother Allen died of a heroine overdose 6 months later. He has yet to speak with his mother since the move out, purely for the fact he doesn't want her in danger.
(Disclaimer: I am leaving out traumatic events and experiences on purpose, all will be revealed throughout the roleplay.)

Robber. However Alain likes to think of himself as a Collector. He collects artifacts in his eyes. Such a shame these collections happen to be guarded from top to bottom. He's done quite a few one-man missions and he prefers it this way.

♣'Collector' Outfit: Long sleeve skin tight black shirt with a built-in hood, long tight black pants (stretchy, ao wasier to move), barefoot, and black gloves.
♣Everyday Outfit: Anything except he's always wearing a long sleeve shirt.

Weapon of Choice
→Sleeping Darts
→Throwing Knives
→Piano Wire (Yeah yeah.. it's quick and 'fun' to use.)

Theme Song
Dead Memories By Slipknot

So begins...

Alain Provencal's Story


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#, as written by Secute
An Ming

Burlesque Outfit

An kept a steady eye on the alarm clock as time ticked closer and closer to mission time. Sighing, she walked away from the dresser to go to the living room. She was currently staying in a small flat that she has been paying for under an alias name. An has memorized all of the cameras, and successfully dodges them every time she visits her flat. Taking a couple sips of her coffee, she has decided it was time to get ready. Honestly she stayed up quite late last night putting this mission together. As the leader she put it upon herself to map everything out ahead of time. She wanted everything to go without error. She sent some of the plans to Sebastian to get his okay since he was second in command. It is a fairly easy assassination mission so no serious doubts came up.

An looked in the closet at the burlesque outfit just hanging there. Honestly she has never worn something like this before, and was a little embarrassed by the ensemble. Well it was necessary. This would give them direct access to Franco which they needed. An bit her lip as she took the outfit out to go shower and prepare for the evening. Once her make-up and everything was done, she blushed at herself in the mirror. She wasn't sure if she looked the part, but it was going to have to do for now. Putting on a black gun holster high up on her thigh so it would be hidden, An put on her matching red pumps and black trench coat to hide what was underneath for now. For someone who didn't wear make-up much, she did look pretty decent overall.

The walk to dodge all the cameras was a breeze. She has had this place for two years now, so this was nothing to her. She called a cab a couple hours ago, and wore shades to hide her face from the man as well. She was a ghost after all. no one beside the Agents and certain people in Black has seen her face. An was non-existent in this world. She watched all the old buildings fly past as the cab driver headed toward a small coffee chop not to far from the 'Crazy Horse'. "Merci." She thanked the cab driver as she got out, paying him the proper amount of course. An stood outside the shop, occasionally glancing down at her watch. It was quarter till 8 pm. Perfect timing. An walked to the club up to the back entrance. There was a bouncer, but showing her attire to prove she worked there was easy.

An slipped in without any problems. She fit right in with all the other girls as well. Back in the changing room, she waited for Amelia like she was supposed to. Should she see if Alain was almost here? No right? She should just trust her fellow colleague/boyfriend to do as he was told. She just had a little pre-mission anxiety right now. Nothing she can't overcome. She's been in this business a long time. It's not like she is exactly a rookie at this. She trusted all of her fellow agents, especially Zhuang. He was her personal teammate. So they have been on a lot of missions together. Taking a breath, she waited for Amelia so the show could begin.


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Sebastian looks at the double encrypted files that An had sent him about the mission for tonight as he finishes his beer. It's definitely a good plan, he thinks, noting not for the first time, that she was definitely the best choice for the leader of their little band of rogues. He stretches as he stands up from the chair he had been sitting in in his modest apartment and looks around. He has knives scattered everywhere in the small apartment, in various states of repair and assembly. He sits down at the table in the corner of the room and picks up a wickedly hooked claw knife, the blade bending inwardly to give it the appearance of the severed talon of some terrible, steel eagle.

Sebastian picks a fine-grit diamond whetstone and hones the knife blade mindlessly with sure, precise strokes. As he sharpens the blade, he thinks back to Yamba, and his wife, Siena. His usually deft hand slips a little, and he nicks his finger on the deadly sharp edge of the blade. He snarls in frustration and throws the knife at the wall. It arcs end over end for a few quick revolutions, then it sticks in the plaster, sinking a few inches deep. Sebastian sits there, looking at the cut, ruby drops of blood weeping from the wound like the tears he wishes he could shed for his dead wife. After a silent minute, he gets up, doctors his wound, grabs the bottle of expensive, single barrel whiskey on the counter, and pours a generous amount in a tumbler. He deposits the tumbler on the table, walks over to the knife in the wall, and yanks it out without apparent effort.

He sits back down, and takes a long pull of the whiskey, grimacing as the warm fire of the liquor flows down his throat to glow in his stomach like a dying coal. He closes his eyes for a moment, takes a slow, deep breath, and picks up the whetstone again, slowing grinding out the minute burrs and nicks his anger had inflicted on the little knife. In a few minutes, he sets the stone aside, and holds the knife curved blade up. He picks up a drinking straw laying on the table, and at a height of a few inches above the blade, drops it. It falls on the edge and then falls in two pieces without any resistance. Sebastian grunts, satisfied, and places the blade in a sheath strapped to his arm. He secrets several other blades on himself, one with a needle-fine blade dipped in a powerful sedative. He puts on a dark leather coat, his black Moreschi calfskin loafers, and heads out the door.

Sebastian arrives at the club designated by the mission plan and looked at the line of people waiting to get in. He scoffs and walks up to the bouncer, the man raising an eyebrow at him. "I should be on the list," Sebastian says in fluent French, pointing at the clipboard the man carries, slipping him a €500 note as he does. The bouncer's eyes widen slightly, but he replies smoothly, "Of course, sir, enjoy your stay this evening," as he opens the door for Sebastian. Sebastian grins at him and steps inside, looking around for a moment. His grin widens as he sees Alain pretending to be a bartender, and wonders when the fabulous Burlesque dancer An Ming was going to make an entrance. Soon, he thought, according to the plan. Sebastian settles down in a seat, ordering another whiskey while waits. Let's just get this over with, I'm already fed up with this petty stuff. He mentally shrugs, and appears intent on his drink, while actually doing everything but, making sure he's picked a good vantage point. I'll at least be ready when the time comes, he thinks, spotting the entrances to the private rooms and a reserved table that already had a couple men who couldn't be anything but guards around it. Stage is set, let's get this show on the road, he thinks, a grin coming unbidden to his lips once more.


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Carrying his bag and walking up to the back door, Zhuang showed the guard his workers pass. He didn't know how An Ming was able to get that pass, but it sure came in a lot more handy than no pass. After all this is a party with a lot high important people from the Black Corporation. However, since the agents have always worked for the president and only the president, nobody has ever seen them face to face and in fact this party was at less important as it was more of a business party, than a mafia mob, or at least that was what Zhuang like to call it.

Just as he thought he was pass, uh-oh there goes the problem. There were strict security checks on people who go in even if you are a worker. Now the only thing that Zhuang was more concerned about was the sedative hidden in the compartment within his poker cardbox. Metal cards and metal detectors don't really seem to go together neither does hidden sedatives and X-ray machines. However let's just give it a try, slipping the poker deck into his front jacket pocket, he calmly walked through the metal detector.....

Upon arriving at the bar, he begun his shift. He was pretty glad that he took sometime to sort out the cocktail making process last night at least just enough to make him look professional. He served a couple a girls that walked by asking for martinis, after they finished, one of them slipped a piece of paper under the empty glass. When Zhuang picked it up, it was a phone number, not that it's any of his concern. Throwing the number into the trash, he noticed Alain giving him the signal for ready. Zhuang open him card deck quickly and slipped the sedative into the glass of wine, handing it to Alain. "Tough day seeing An dressed like that, huh?" He commented with sarcastic laugh, it was pretty unnecessary, he isn't even sure why he said it, jealousy maybe? Zhuang didn't seem to bothered with the reason anyways. After all An is Alain's and that was the only possible answer. After Alain walked off Zhuang return to his job to get away from the scene as soon as possible, but before that he needs make sure he doesn't leave behind anything for the Corporation to track him down. However, when he opened the card deck he noticed a note "Don't bring metal cards" Whoever they are they clearly took into consideration the metal detectors....wait right he left that note for himself this morning
After packing his things, he noticed the number that was in the trash, it might lead to the corporation to him through the girl. So he picked it out and burned it with the lighter from his bag, now they can't trace him anymore. After completing all that he walked towards the back door towards his ride.


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#, as written by Secute
An Ming

An sighed once again seeing it was almost time for her to go on stage. To top it all off, Amelia wasn't hear yet. The girl was definitely going to get a scolding once she shows her face. Sitting back, An looked in the vanity mirror at her appearance. She was never one for much make-up, but today was much different. She bore bright red lip stick, and smoky eye make-up. She was almost unrecognizable. Clearing her head of any and all thoughts, it was time to go out there and get this mission over with. Removing the trench coat, An followed the other girls out just as the previous act of done. "You must be new." A blonde with amazing looks spoke to An. "Yes I am." This was the perfect opportunity to get some information. "Well don't be nervous, it's only super rich old men out there." The girl teased. "I heard there are some men from Black Corporation." An slid the question into the conversation.

"Yeah there are. This one dude named Franco, you're definitely his type. He will probably ask you into the private room." The girl elbowed An as if she just gave the girl a compliment. "Anyways good luck newbie." It was time. Just as extra precaution, An put on a masquerade mask, that was black and covered the top half her face. Though the matching black crystals made it hard to miss. Looking at Franco's profile he liked mysterious women, and she planned on being just that. As all the girls got into their positions behind the curtain, An took a spot to the side of the stage where Franco would be sitting. If she took center stage, it would definitely make Alain more jealous, and that was something she didn't want to deal with. It wasn't exactly a luxury to be dancing for old decrepit men.

The slow, seductive music began playing as the heavy red velvet curtain rose. Bright different colored lights beamed onto stage only adding more pressure than what the girl was already feeling. 'This is mortifying. Especially in front of my team.' She thought as she put on her best seductive face on, allowing the music to move her. 'I don't want to hear a single thing from my team.' Another thought currently running through her head. She glanced over to Franco several times, getting the look she anticipated. He wanted her. Perfect. As the routine kept going, An couldn't help but see Zhuang handing Alain the drink, and even Sebastian was in his position. The music came to a stop as the routine ended and An gave Franco another, shall we say wanton look.

The older man grinned at her and waved his fingers for her to come over. Now the seduction plan to get him into a private room kicks into high gear. "I couldn't help but notice you on stage. What's your name?" Franco spoke in fluent French as he pet his leg for her to sit on. An took one for the team and took a seat in the man's lap, crossing her legs over and tilting her head back just a little. "My name is whatever you want it to be." An replied with a slight grin. "Well mystery girl should we get a private room?" Franco purred, running his lips along her neck. "So I can see what's under that mask." He whispered then pulled away. yeah she was going to need a long shower after this. He stunk of cigars, which she hated.

She rose to her feet, and pulled him along behind her. On the way to the room she gave Alain and Sebastian a look to signal the plan was now in motion. Like she predicted, a couple of guards were placed outside the door, and three were inside the room. "Why don't we order a drink?" Franco suggested. Once he got his drink then he would be knocked out cold so An could kill him. She never really liked killing people when they were alive. So he gets knocked out cold, her and Alain fight the men inside, and she delivers the kill shot. Perfect. "Do you mind getting us a glass of wine?" He questioned one of the guards, who got Alain.

"You know sir, I am more mysterious than you think." An grinned. Her eyes wondered to the door waiting for Alain to get there with the alcohol. "Why don't you let me get to know you then?" Franco leaned in for a kiss and she prayed Alain would hurry up. The thought of kissing this man was repulsive.


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#, as written by Secute
An Ming

An tried to contain her happiness when Alain showed up. He saved her from having to kiss such a grotesque man. She sat up and back away some from the man. She reciprocated Alain's smile, and turned her head. Franco raised his glass to toast with An. She watched with a quirked brow as he drank down the entire of the glasses contents. Why wasn't anything happening? She finished her own drink and glanced to Alain who looked equally befuddled. Then the pill took it's affect. Franco started looking around as if he was lost before dozing off. Everything happened quickly. Before she knew it, Alain had killed two of the guards already. Once the third that was standing behind her tried to stop Alain, she stood up swiftly and pulled her gun from its holster. "Sorry, it's nothing personal." She mumbled placing the barrel against the sleeping man's head. She pulled the trigger once, and watched as Franco's body slid to the side slowly.

An has seen this same scene so many times. Only this time she had the luxury of not having to deal with the person actually being alive. She turned to leave with Alain, and on the way out she noticed no guards were there. Sebastian was successful. Zhuang was gone, so everything went as planned. Except the missing member. Her head turned back to look at where she was running, reminding herself that once the agents got together in two hours, enough time to let the police and everything die down some, to ask everyone about their injuries. Also to scold Sebastian on his outburst.

Once outside, she took the lead. There were several back roads they could take that would lead straight to her flat. After that performance, the chance of Alain leaving her side was slim, so she just took him along. Besides she wanted to check his face and back. When they couldn't make it to the doctor, she acted as one for her team members. An pressed the passcode in for her flat door and walked in. She sat Alain down in the small living room on a gray couch. She placed her mask on the counter as she rummaged through a cabinet looking for her medical kit. She smiled once she found it and quickly appeared before Alain. Pulling out a bandage and cream she examined his head noting the cut from the punch he retained earlier. "Does it hurt much?" She whispered, taking a swab and running it along the cut to clean it. "I would have helped, but I know you don't exactly adore the idea of me fighting." She chuckled trying to lighten the mood some.

An put the bandage on top of the cut then smiled. "Okay shirt off. Did you think I wouldn't have seen that nasty hit in the back you took?" An cocked her head to the side, feeling a bit impatient seeing as they didn't have much time left. She reached forward and decided to take the shirt off herself. She angled his body to face to the side. She sat behind him and looked at the bruise that started forming already. "I don't have anything for a hit like this. You should just go take a shower to ease the pain some." An sighed. Next time she will have something, but it appears she used the rest of the ointment for a previous mission. "Come on go take a shower, so we can meet the other agents. I'm going to go change out of this ridiculous outfit as well."