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An Ming

"I'm sorry, but it has to be this way."

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a character in “Operation Blaxk”, as played by Secute


An Míng



Slim but toned

+Target Practice
+Being An Assassin

-Black Corporation
-Taking Orders

~An is claustrophobic
~She has a terrible fear of drowning

~Falling from high places

Love Interest/Crush
Boyfriend is Alain

An has an array of different emotions and feelings. Her personality at first glance to some, is stifling. People feel like that can't approach her and she comes across as off putting. In a way she is. She much rather people keep their distance from her. It's easier for An to know people from afar. Her cold front is just that. A front. She is actually a rather passionate person. An cares for her teammates but never shows it to them. She doesn't want any of them to get emotionally attached to her, because if something happens it will only hurt everyone that much more. She is more serious than she needs to be at times, but when it comes to work she does not play around. She is clear and precise in all decisions and never second guesses herself.

An watches out for her team, especially now that there are people out to kill them. Calculating every movement is her forte. It is part of the reason she was named the leader of the Agents. An makes sure everyone knows what they are doing and their purpose. She will even help some of her fellow agents in organizing a plan to carry out their mission. She carries a lot on her shoulders with being the leader. Most concerns she will keep to herself, not wanting the others to worry. Another feeling of hers is empathy. Though she doesn't say it, it bothers her whenever she has to kill someone. It's like looking into the person's eyes right before she guns them down. Every single person she has killed she remembers their faces, their habits, and any friends or family they had. She feels everything on a deeper level than what most assassins do. She knows herself that it isn't a good thing, but to her it's just another burden she has to deal with.

An's past is a rather dark one. She grew up in a rather normal childhood. Nothing really changed until her early teenage years. She had no idea her parents both worked for Black Corporation. Due to her parents turning their backs on Black's orders, they were both executed. An watched as both of her parents were killed right before her. Black took her in when she was 11, and they told her she must repay them for the lost her parents caused the corporation. From then on An had no identity, none of her family or friends could reach her. It's as if she never existed on the planet. The corporation made it so she had nothing left but them and her fellow agents. For years she was trained and rose up the ranks through the company. Black was proud of their creation.

An did her first kill when she was 15. All her emotions had been wiped up to that point. She has nightmare rom the experience. She was ordered to kill an old agent of Black. An went into the man's home in the middle of the night and killed him. When she went to leave, she saw the man's wife and children cowering in a corner. She had no idea they were awake. It was supposed to be an easy job, but the people saw her face. She made a snap decision and decided to save the children and wife. She told them where to hide and to not contact anyone. Once the family left the house she burned it to the ground, and told Black she did it to get rid of the evidence. Everyone assumed the wife and children went with the fire, but really they had escaped. Now An still visits the family, but she never approaches them. She watches them from a distance even at her current age of 25. She watched the children grow older and everything. An has helped the family in more way then one over the years. She secretly gave them money to help with finances and even helped one of the children get into a college they wanted to attend. Maybe she was being selfish, or she just wanted to seek forgiveness for what she did to the family years ago.

An has excellent skills in hacking. She can get her way into anything. Government systems, companies, stores. It doesn't matter what it is, she will find a way in. She also has good sniping skills. The distance at which she can shoot someone depends on the gun she uses.

Outfit 1
Outfit 2
Outfit 3
Outfit 4
Outfit 5
Outfit 6

Weapon of Choice
Gun with a silencer
Sniper Rifle

Theme Song

So begins...

An Ming's Story


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Sebastian looks at the double encrypted files that An had sent him about the mission for tonight as he finishes his beer. It's definitely a good plan, he thinks, noting not for the first time, that she was definitely the best choice for the leader of their little band of rogues. He stretches as he stands up from the chair he had been sitting in in his modest apartment and looks around. He has knives scattered everywhere in the small apartment, in various states of repair and assembly. He sits down at the table in the corner of the room and picks up a wickedly hooked claw knife, the blade bending inwardly to give it the appearance of the severed talon of some terrible, steel eagle.

Sebastian picks a fine-grit diamond whetstone and hones the knife blade mindlessly with sure, precise strokes. As he sharpens the blade, he thinks back to Yamba, and his wife, Siena. His usually deft hand slips a little, and he nicks his finger on the deadly sharp edge of the blade. He snarls in frustration and throws the knife at the wall. It arcs end over end for a few quick revolutions, then it sticks in the plaster, sinking a few inches deep. Sebastian sits there, looking at the cut, ruby drops of blood weeping from the wound like the tears he wishes he could shed for his dead wife. After a silent minute, he gets up, doctors his wound, grabs the bottle of expensive, single barrel whiskey on the counter, and pours a generous amount in a tumbler. He deposits the tumbler on the table, walks over to the knife in the wall, and yanks it out without apparent effort.

He sits back down, and takes a long pull of the whiskey, grimacing as the warm fire of the liquor flows down his throat to glow in his stomach like a dying coal. He closes his eyes for a moment, takes a slow, deep breath, and picks up the whetstone again, slowing grinding out the minute burrs and nicks his anger had inflicted on the little knife. In a few minutes, he sets the stone aside, and holds the knife curved blade up. He picks up a drinking straw laying on the table, and at a height of a few inches above the blade, drops it. It falls on the edge and then falls in two pieces without any resistance. Sebastian grunts, satisfied, and places the blade in a sheath strapped to his arm. He secrets several other blades on himself, one with a needle-fine blade dipped in a powerful sedative. He puts on a dark leather coat, his black Moreschi calfskin loafers, and heads out the door.

Sebastian arrives at the club designated by the mission plan and looked at the line of people waiting to get in. He scoffs and walks up to the bouncer, the man raising an eyebrow at him. "I should be on the list," Sebastian says in fluent French, pointing at the clipboard the man carries, slipping him a €500 note as he does. The bouncer's eyes widen slightly, but he replies smoothly, "Of course, sir, enjoy your stay this evening," as he opens the door for Sebastian. Sebastian grins at him and steps inside, looking around for a moment. His grin widens as he sees Alain pretending to be a bartender, and wonders when the fabulous Burlesque dancer An Ming was going to make an entrance. Soon, he thought, according to the plan. Sebastian settles down in a seat, ordering another whiskey while waits. Let's just get this over with, I'm already fed up with this petty stuff. He mentally shrugs, and appears intent on his drink, while actually doing everything but, making sure he's picked a good vantage point. I'll at least be ready when the time comes, he thinks, spotting the entrances to the private rooms and a reserved table that already had a couple men who couldn't be anything but guards around it. Stage is set, let's get this show on the road, he thinks, a grin coming unbidden to his lips once more.


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Carrying his bag and walking up to the back door, Zhuang showed the guard his workers pass. He didn't know how An Ming was able to get that pass, but it sure came in a lot more handy than no pass. After all this is a party with a lot high important people from the Black Corporation. However, since the agents have always worked for the president and only the president, nobody has ever seen them face to face and in fact this party was at less important as it was more of a business party, than a mafia mob, or at least that was what Zhuang like to call it.

Just as he thought he was pass, uh-oh there goes the problem. There were strict security checks on people who go in even if you are a worker. Now the only thing that Zhuang was more concerned about was the sedative hidden in the compartment within his poker cardbox. Metal cards and metal detectors don't really seem to go together neither does hidden sedatives and X-ray machines. However let's just give it a try, slipping the poker deck into his front jacket pocket, he calmly walked through the metal detector.....

Upon arriving at the bar, he begun his shift. He was pretty glad that he took sometime to sort out the cocktail making process last night at least just enough to make him look professional. He served a couple a girls that walked by asking for martinis, after they finished, one of them slipped a piece of paper under the empty glass. When Zhuang picked it up, it was a phone number, not that it's any of his concern. Throwing the number into the trash, he noticed Alain giving him the signal for ready. Zhuang open him card deck quickly and slipped the sedative into the glass of wine, handing it to Alain. "Tough day seeing An dressed like that, huh?" He commented with sarcastic laugh, it was pretty unnecessary, he isn't even sure why he said it, jealousy maybe? Zhuang didn't seem to bothered with the reason anyways. After all An is Alain's and that was the only possible answer. After Alain walked off Zhuang return to his job to get away from the scene as soon as possible, but before that he needs make sure he doesn't leave behind anything for the Corporation to track him down. However, when he opened the card deck he noticed a note "Don't bring metal cards" Whoever they are they clearly took into consideration the metal detectors....wait right he left that note for himself this morning
After packing his things, he noticed the number that was in the trash, it might lead to the corporation to him through the girl. So he picked it out and burned it with the lighter from his bag, now they can't trace him anymore. After completing all that he walked towards the back door towards his ride.