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David (Dev) Ether

David Ether, a devoted catcher.

0 · 267 views · located in Mariposa Island

a character in “Operation: Heartless Pok??mon”, as played by Aelandran


Name: David Ether
Nickname (if any): Dev
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Physical Appearance(Even if you use a picture, write it out, too): Image
He is 5'11". His body-type is athletic. Black hair, smokey gray eyes, a scar on his lower left jaw. He likes to wear his school uniform, it makes he feel organized and efficient.
Catch or See: Catch
Pokémon (if over 15/16): Vulpix
Pokémon Nickname: Seze

Personality: David has a very regimented personality. He does not mind letting loose and having fun, once in a while. However, he remembers that what makes him an effective catcher is his ability to create strategy, and train with his pokemon to survive. He and his vulpix, Seze, spend most of their time running drills and training in both paired self-defense and self-defense for their single person. With this knowledge, both he and Seze should be able to aid their partner in moments of duress, so that the seer could complete their job. Although, David has also learned to loosen up and enjoy his time with his pokemon. The many seers in the school have shown him the importance of forming a friend that will fight for him through anything. Thus, his duty to become a great catcher, stems from his relationship with Seze.
Personality: Seze has learned to take on a personality in direct compliment with her master's. They both deem themselves friends, above all else. However, she understands the importance of what David and her must do. She actually enjoys the work-out, and can't wait for the time David and her take it to the field.
Fears: David has a fear for deep water. If he can't plant himself firmly on the ground beneath, he doesn't bother trying to enter. Mostly, it is because of the many wild pokemon that might actually prove to be dangerous to trainers. All he has is a vulpix. Her weakness is his weakness, so they do the best they can to avoid such poor circumstances.
Likes: David enjoys cooking, reading, writing, music, and chinese chess(Where a lot of strategy he comes up with is made).
Dislikes: Dislikes deep water, insulting people, disrespect, willful ignorance.

Equipment: David carries his pokegear and a couple potions for vulpix, should the need arise. On mission, he carries a knife, rope, flint and steel, an antidote, and a few spices, herbs and trail rations. In his pack, he carries a small book in which he writes short-stories, anecdotes, any thoughts, the happenings of the day, etc. AND a pair of underwear and socks! He knows how much those could come in handy!

History: David's history is greatly rooted in the academy. His enrollment into the academy was to mainly carry on the tradition of his family. He did not enjoy the thought of joining a private institution, when others were out venturing through the country-side, with nothing but themselves, six pokemon, and their resourcefulness. His resistance to joining was met with an offer, which he just could not refuse. When he were to become of age, he would get a pokemon to train for his very own. Little did David know that it would not be as simple as being handed a pokemon. He would have to have to catch it...His final act of independence was to enroll as a catcher rather than his family's tradition of being seers. Once starting school, he was no longer under the instruction of his grandfather. The philosophy that he learned both to handle life and physical conflict. Thanks to his grandfather, David lived his life with three principles: Absorb and redirect, force with no force, and circular motion. As a result, he learned to keep a level head in stressful situations. Not letting his emotions dictate how he acted, but only to help him achieve the action he rationally chose to commit to. His training under his grandfather helped him deal with physical conflicts as well. Self-defense was taught as a method with which he could relate to the principles from which he lived his life. Once he caught his vulpix, Seze, he taught her certain things so as to minimize damage by increasing evasion and physical defense. The mentality of the two was that of a pack animal. They had each other, and they did their best via surrounding their enemy, before striking. This along with many other strategies, David came up with in hopes of his upcoming team leader taking interest in his ideas, and trying to run some of his plans. All he was trying to do, from this point on, was try to become a better partner, and make sure that his Seer could do their job.

So begins...

David (Dev) Ether's Story