Thomas Sears

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a character in “Operation Heartless”, as played by wolfoftheage


Name:Thomas Sear
Nickname (if any):
Physical Appearance:thomas is tall and lanky he stands at 6' and has stopped growing for the most part. he has dirty blond hair and deep blue eyes. his hair is always a little messy as if he just gotout of bed. he is usually in a plain t-shirt and tactical pants in a tan coloration. with hiking boots on his feet. he also has been know to where a light weight climbing jacket on the occasion when spending time out in the wilderness. he usually has his felt fedora with him where ever he goes and a pair of sunglasses
Catch or See:catch
Pokémon (if over 15/16):TBD
Pokémon Nickname:TBD


Personality:Thomas is level headed and calm, letting things just flow. He is confidant in his abilities first and foremost but beyond that he believes in forging your own path. instead of just going through the motions which is why he left his family to lead his own life. and perhaps find a long term partner with a riolu if possible.
Fears:That he will never equal something in his families eyes
Likes: Pokemon and photography, Martial arts
Dislikes:People who are sheep, and have no moral basis


a camera with, a snag ball pokeball laptop and a backpack to fit it all into along with camping gear


a camera with, a snag ball pokeball laptop and a backpack to fit it all into along with camping gearThomas was born into a very wealthy family, one that would have had him set for life if he just would have stuck to the family business. But Aiden saw what that did to his father and mother's relationship. fall apart and his siblings fought over who would get what position in the company being the second youngest he decided at 14 it was time for him to make his own path. and left his family for then next year he spent time taking photos and selling them for money to get by on as a freelance photographer, and began to learn martial arts his travels finally brought him to the school where he saw a chance to make a difference and it was here he made his stay. continuing his martial arts training along with his love of photography and pokemon he was determined this would be his chance to make his own path. he has since spent the last 4 years at the school preparing to help other Pokemon he now looks to find himself a riolu to be his permanent partner in both sparing and training and releasing Pokemon.

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