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Are you sure you want to do that?

0 · 611 views · located in ROOT TOWN: LUMINA CLOTH

a character in “Operation: Login”, as played by MarroneGuise


|| Benji ||

What is there to go back to?

|| Theme Songs ||
Normal||Happy Ending||
Fighting||Heavy Violence
Emotional|| Mirai Nikki

|| Full Name ||
Benjamin Fenton
|| Age ||
|| Gender ||
|| Sexuality ||
|| Origin ||
New York City
|| Role ||
Solo Player
|| Face Claim ||
Kei Takishima



|| Hair Color ||
|| Eye Color ||
|| Skin Tone ||
Pale, bloodless
|| Height ||
|| Level:||

|| Weapon of choice: ||
Duel Pistols
|| Secondary Weapon:||
|| Equipment:|| Make it up!
Head Gear: N/A
Armor: Gunman's Robe
Leg Armor: Boots of Stealth

|| Battle Stats: ||(650 Pts to start)
Attack: 250
Defense: 100
Agility: 300

|| Sense Stats ||: (900 to start)
Detection: 400
Hearing: 200
Hiding: 300

|| Additional Skill: ||(1050 to add)
Dowsing: 500
Cooking: 400
Black Smithing: 100
Sewing: 100
Alchemy: 450
|| Face Claim ||
Lelouch Lamperouge

|| Personality ||
Benji is one of those loner types. He doesn't often ask for help and he rarely offers it. Gaining his friendship is a rare, but valuable prospect. Despite his gratitude for the colony he found growing up, he is resolved to not join a guild. He doesn't want to join anything that he isn't the leader of. When approached, he will team up for short whiles, but her likes to stay on the move so permanent groups would never last.

Despite his cold exterior, he is capable of making friends. It is a very select group of people that he is fiercely loyal to. Once he's made a connection to someone, he will protect them at all costs. His one weakness is kids. Though usually seen as manipulative, his friendship comes with protection from himself as well. It is not uncommon for him to flip sides or backstab. He doesn't want to leave and the easiest way to take down the enemy is from inside. However, if he actually cares for some one, it is very rare for him to turn back on his word.


|| Reason why playing ||
Benji wanted to experience something new. He wanted to finally feel like a wanted member of society. It may have taken breaking into someone's home, but he made it. It was worth the chance to see what living a different life felt like. Now that he's stuck, he doesn't want to go back and he'll do anything to sabotage the Silver Lyre.

|| Biography ||
Benji never had a great life. He grew up an orphan in the big city. It's easy to get lost in such a place. The streets are no place for a kid, and yet he found himself in them struggling to survive.

He never knew his parents, and they are a steady source of grief and anger. At age 7, after finding a colony of outcast children like himself, he found a new family. They didn't have much, but it was enough to live another day. Despite growing up in the colony, he still felt that the world robbed him of the childhood that he deserved.

By the time word of the game's release fell upon his ears, he had already sunk into the profession common to those of the colony, theft. It wasn't difficult to find some rich schlub that had bought the game simply for decoration purposes. Breaking into the mansion was not that difficult.

Although his goal was only to play for a short while to avoid being caught, the added aspect of being forever in the game appealed to him greatly.


This is who I am now

So begins...

Benji's Story


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It has been almost a year. Currently, it is the start of November, painting the landscape of EDEN in a nice golden-brown color in the AREAS such as the Forests, and mountains. Most player have found something to do to pre-occupy their time here, creating shops, guilds, businesses, and other types of livings.

The Knights of Hyperion is currently training for the upcoming PVP tournament, with the promise of being released from the game.

The Silver Lyre guild is currently investigating the rumor of the Game Masters being the top tag-team battle.

The Game Masters are simply enjoying the panic, but rumors say a new event will be released soon.

The setting changes from EDEN to ROOT TOWN: LUMINA CLOTH

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((Okayed with WilPen))

The sun beat down on the dark man's head. The way his dark cloak shrouded him gave a chill to those that had the ill fortune to cross him. It wasn't as though he meant to come off in such a way, but it was basic instinct to realize that he was dangerous. The smile on his face would trick everyone except the extremely astute. It was only through keen observation would one realize that the smirk had more sinister undertones, but by then it would be too late.

Normally, Benji wouldn't be in such a dark mood. Despite his cold exterior, he usually has a more inviting air about him. However, it was once again drawing closer to the tournament dates and guilds full of pathetic weaklings were beginning to seek him out to pad their team. If he was honest, the members weren't exactly pathetic, they did have to meet certain qualifications to even compete in the arena, but their begging lumped them all together. He hoped to whatever being was watching over him that he'd never be like them.

His thoughts had sucked all his attention from his body that had been wondering through the town. What had begun as an attempt to hide his identity from the beggars had turned into a moody stomp through the courtyard. It was only when a force had come crashing into him did he take full stock of where he had ended up.

Originally, Benji reacted with anger. Whatever little twerp had run into him would pay dearly. This was not the day to mess with him. However, once he caught sight of the familiar blonde hair and glinting armour, the dark cloud that had been hovering over him lightened a little. Sure he was annoyed, but this just got interesting.

"Phoenix," he called with a much happier tone to his voice than had been in his thoughts. He offered her a hand, surprised at how far back she had bounced off of him. "I didn't expect to see you out and about with the line in front of that guild of yours." Despite his alliance with the Knights of Hyperion, he couldn't help the disgust that slipped from his mouth with the word 'guild'.