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"Shhh... Don't cry... it's alright! I'll take care of this..."

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a character in “Operation: Login”, as played by Another Lie


The most peaceful guild.


|| Crimson ||

"Ahh... I'll protect you. So don't worry about anything else okay?"

|| Theme Songs ||
Normal||Lost Time Memory||
Fighting||Stains of Time||
Emotional||Id : Sorrow||

|| Full Name ||
Oreki Kai Tatayama

|| Age ||

|| Gender ||

|| Sexuality ||

|| Origin ||
Akihabara, Tokyo, Japan

|| Role ||
Fourth member of the Silver Lyre.

|| Face Claim ||
Shintaro Kisaragi



|| Guild ||
"Silver Lyre"

|| @Home ||
Dol Donna

|| Contact Book ||

~ Raijin - Silver Lyre Leader - (Player)

~ Emma - Silver Lyre Second in Command - (Player)

~ Korpal - Silver Lyre's newest member - (Player)

~ Valkyrie - The third member of Silver Lyre - (Player)

~ St33l_Gr8axe - Blacksmith who forged Oreki's weapons - (NPC)

|| Hair Color ||

|| Eye Color ||

|| Skin Tone ||
Slightly tanned

|| Height ||

|| Level:||

|| Weapon of choice: ||
A pair of identical claws known as "Crimson_Lust", each with three retractable blades mounted on parallel index, middle and ring fingers. Crimson had these claws crafted by a blacksmith player after saving said players life from a group of powerful mobs.

|| Secondary Weapon:||
A single curved short sword going by the name of "Loss", a brutal weapon that uses a missing area in the blade to rend enemies with a bit more grace than hand mounted claws... Oreki tends to use this blade on his enemies when combat requires a bit more finesse. This weapon was also crafted by Oreki's friend in the blacksmith trade.

|| Equipment:||
Head Gear: A hairclip that allows him to hold up his long hair, a purely cosmetic item that Oreki purchased upon realizing how difficult it was to fight with hair in his eyes.
Armor: Guardian Trench Coat (Dyed white with the appropriate items.)
Leg Armor: Ninja Slacks (Plain black trousers that provide a slight boost to agility.) / Lyre Belt (A guild exclusive item that provides a slight boost to defense.)

|| Battle Stats: ||
Attack: 300
Defense: 50
Agility: 300

|| Sense Stats ||:
Detection: 50
Hearing: 50
Hiding: 800

|| Additional Skill: ||
Dowsing: 500
Cooking: 100
Black Smithing: 100
Sewing: 100
Alchemy: 750

|| Face Claim ||
Luke Fon Fabre

|| Renown ||
"Alchemist" - This player is one of the few players in game able to make high tier potions and poisons.
"Duel Champ" - Title given to players who have defeated a large amount of other players in honorable single combat.
"Defender" - This player has frequently helped those of a weaker level to become stronger.
"Shadow" - This player is currently one of the highest level "hiders" in the game.
"Ripper" - Title given to players who have caused a high number of other players fatal demise.

|| Personality ||
"I just want to help! That's not so wrong now is it?"

Oreki is the Worlds nicest guy, or at least that's how his friends from the real World would describe him, kind, forgiving, nigh impossible to anger... to think of a way to consider Oreki Tatayama to be in the least bit cruel and callous would be a task akin in difficulty to drawing blood from solid stone. He believes personally that people, himself in particular, were put on the Earth to help and support each other... to what end he knows not but he believes that if everyone were to simply get along then surely the answer would quickly become apparent. He gets emotional easily and tries his hardest to keep everyone around him in high spirits. When the going gets rough, Oreki tries to soften things. He's somewhat of a martyr, living for others and holding their safety and security above his own... this is especially true with those close to him, his guild mates in particular. He is more than willing to put his life on the line to keep them safe and his greatest ambition is to try and get every one of his friends safely out of the game and into the real World, where he hopes they could all meet up and spend time together in the true reality.

Despite being happy and bubbly at first glance... a bundle of optimism and helpfulness. There is a terrible darkness dwelling in Oreki. He holds the curse of incredible intelligence, intuition and planning. He sees the World through the eyes of a poet and can judge the worth of people through their eyes alone. This perception has led him to see the darkest parts of the real and virtual Worlds he inhabits and has given a dark streak to his otherwise helpful mind. So far in his life he has been able to keep such negativity and cruelty buried deep in his psyche... but when in the heat of combat such chains tend to loosen and such dark emotions can be left to unravel. As such when fighting Oreki appears as an almost entirely different person, quiet, brutal, merciless... he still holds the ideals of working with others and protecting those weaker than and close to him... but the way he administers such justice would be considered cruel even if used against the Worlds harshest criminals. He has killed in the game before, he will kill in the game again and if anybody dares to threaten his closest friends or those too weak to defend themselves? Then he will not hesitate when ripping them into tiny shreds... moreover, he will take great pleasure in doing so.

For obvious reasons... Oreki tries his best to stop a hostile situation without having to resort to physical fighting. He feels that his "other side" paints him in a VERY bad light.

"Just shut your mouth unless you're begging for mercy... though you should know that I'm going to kill you slowly regardless."

|| Reason why playing ||
"Why couldn't I help her?... I tried so hard... why could I do nothing but watch?! Damnit!"

Approximately a week before EDEN's public release, Oreki's only and closest friend in the World took her own life. He had watched her suffer through countless weeks, of sadness and misery... tears, screaming, cutting, these were just a few of the horrors he could do nothing but watch the one person he cared about more than anything do to herself. He tried to be cheerful, happy and supportive... he took her places, bought her presents, talked to her for hours upon hours every single night until... every little piece of support was proven to mean absolutely nothing as the news arrived that a girl of 19 had tossed herself off of her college dorm roof. Oreki became mad with grief as he realized too late the extent of his feelings for this girl and, unable to comprehend or deal with the stress of being left alone, he made a plan. He would rather leave the mortal plane behind than be without his closest friend, the girl he had fallen in love with. To guarantee himself a peaceful death... he decided to buy and enter the virtual reality game EDEN and simply play the game until his body in the real World refused to function.

That is, until he like everyone else became trapped inside the game. At first he thought that such a scenario was perfect... he would simply allow himself to die in one of the upcoming tournaments and all of his suffering would be over... but then something changed. Seeing the sadness of all of those doomed to be forever trapped... Oreki's heart cried out with pity. If he couldn't help the girl he had once loved.. then this would be his atonement. He decided then and there that he would work to find the games developers and free every player in EDEN from their clutches. Before long he found the games so called most peaceful guild, "Silver Lyre", with whom he joined and since then he has played and continues to play to support them and their goals. All the while keeping his past a secret.

|| Biography ||
Oreki was born to a kind and loving family just outside of Tokyo's "Akihabara" district. Growing up in such close proximity to an area so filled with anime and "otaku" like culture... Oreki naturally became obsessed with anime of all kinds... his anime obsession led to gaming and before long he was hooked. Being as intelligent as he was, growing up Oreki was always the first to discover all the in-game secrets and short-cuts in his local area and kids all over would come to him for advice on how to beat the toughest bosses and how to obtain the coolest gear. Of course, being the genuinely nice person that he was, Oreki was always more than willing to help. It was through this kind advice that Oreki came to meet his soon to be best friend, a girl from a poorer family named Aria Tayo. Aria explained to Joshua how her parents could never afford to buy her expensive consoles and games... but by working hard and earning her own money, she had managed to buy a new Nintendo Gameboy... upon which she had become stuck on a number of games without any real friends to help her out. Without any hesitation Oreki invited Aria to his own house for "gaming lessons" and from there their friendship blossomed.

Days turned to weeks, weeks to years and before long Oreki and Aria were as close as any two best friends should be, they attended the same college and still spent hours on end playing video games alongside one another, the internet now gave them all the answers they needed... but they still enjoyed playing the games purely on their own intuition in order to find everything out for themselves. They had happy lives, the two of them... or so Oreki had thought.

One day it seemed that Aria's spirits suddenly and completely dropped... be it depression, family issues, the pressures of life or any number of things, Oreki had never found out as, despite his best efforts, Aria took her own life before Oreki could find any answers. Grief stricken and heart broken Oreki became bitter and hate filled for an entire week. He had never really had any other friends... and he had been the only male "lucky" enough to get a single dorm room... so he had nobody to talk to except his family. But his kind and self-inflicting nature had him refusing to put such troubles on their shoulders. So, Oreki's sadness built up... piece by piece until his own life began to lose meaning.

"I was a fool... I should have pushed Aria harder... dragged out more information, I should have told her... I should have told her how I had really felt... how I loved her!"

EDEN had been a game that Oreki and Aria both had been waiting months for... and Oreki now saw it as the perfect excuse and outlet to escape from the real Worlds cruel reality...


Little did he know that as he entered that game for the first time... his life would be forever changed.


"One day we'll be free of this place... I promise you that I won't stop until everyone is safe in reality once more."

So begins...

Crimson's Story


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It has been almost a year. Currently, it is the start of November, painting the landscape of EDEN in a nice golden-brown color in the AREAS such as the Forests, and mountains. Most player have found something to do to pre-occupy their time here, creating shops, guilds, businesses, and other types of livings.

The Knights of Hyperion is currently training for the upcoming PVP tournament, with the promise of being released from the game.

The Silver Lyre guild is currently investigating the rumor of the Game Masters being the top tag-team battle.

The Game Masters are simply enjoying the panic, but rumors say a new event will be released soon.

The setting changes from EDEN to ROOT TOWN: DOL DONNA

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Character Portrait: Crimson
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The wind blew gently past Crimson as the morning came once again. How long had it been he wondered? Since he had entered this game of life or death? Since he had lost she whom had been closest to him? It felt like decades, though in reality he believed it was in and around a year... not that he could tell, he had given up on silly things like time keeping ages ago. Oreki shook his head gently from side to side. "I suppose it's true isn't it? I've always had a problem with thinking too deeply on the past... in fact I think that's what I was doing before I fell asleep on this... oh." Upon closer inspection Oreki realized he was lying down on an admittedly flat and comfortable wall in Dol Donna... to his left was a field of dew covered grass and to his right was a trodden dirt path... had he really managed to fall asleep in such an awkward place? Such behavior was dangerous, he realized... sleeping out in the open, even in a root town, was ill advised... then again he had no home apart from the guild home... and he didn't exactly have the money to splurge out on an inn. Hmm... maybe a wall really was as good a place as any. Oreki sighed as he realized he would probably have to start raising money for a residence, using the guild felt cheap and he doubted any of his guild mates would appreciate it if he tried to hunker down with them.

With a large stretch Oreki yawned and leaped from the wall to the ground with a sort of renewed vigor to face the day ahead."Alright! Lets get stuff done today!" With those words he quickly began to pace through the town of Dol Donna, players who recognized him either smiled and waved or looked away with fear... a testament to his sort of split personality that he was becoming somewhat famous for. Silly people... he wasn't fighting so why should they be frightened? Honestly it's not like he was a time bomb ready to blow. With a mild-mannered shrug Crimson brought up his player menu and began to flick through the messages he had received so that he might jog his own memory somewhat as to what exactly it was he was supposed to be doing. "Hmm alright let me see... investigate rumors of game masters... tag team partners... big lead, could actually be them for once... right. A tag team duo had apparently been quickly rising through the ranks of the tag team tournaments listings with incredible speed. It was almost obvious that they were actually the game masters in disguise but... that's exactly why Oreki had reservations. The game masters had hid themselves away for so long... why would they suddenly appear like this? Why would they make their identities so obvious? It didn't add up.

Regardless this was the best lead "The Silver Lyre's" had gotten in quite some time and as such Oreki was more than willing to look into it. Still how would he go about this investigation? He supposed that above all else the best first step that he could take would be to talk to these tag team partners directly. If he got them alone and managed to have a direct word with them... maybe he'd be able to suss out some information? It was as good a first step as any. Alright, next problem... where would he find these tag team superstars? The most obvious location would be the site of the tournament arena in Lumina Cloth, but he didn't want to set out on such a journey without some solid intel. For the time being he decided that the best course of action would be to ask around Dol Donna for information... and if possible maybe get some help from his fellow guildees... if they were around. "Alright then." He would say with an inward grin. "Let's get to work!"

The setting changes from ROOT TOWN: DOL DONNA to ROOT TOWN: BREG EPONA

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#, as written by phnx

Level: --
Regular Posts: 1/20
Battle Posts: 0/10
Attack: 240 | Defense: 260 | Agility: 150
Detection: 100 | Hearing: 300 | Hiding: 500

ImageA year, almost a year passed since they got stuck in the game. The original panic and chaos settled down but Akio can't help but think how much longer he's going to have to stay here.
It's not that his life here is bad, being one half of the best PVP has plenty of benefits. Such as being able to afford a house in Breg Epona and opening a weapon shop. But no amount of recognition and gold can ever be as valuable as seeing his friends and family again. His memory of his family is slowly fading away, when he closes his eyes their faces aren't as expressive, he can't remember the smell of his mothers cooking... This game has already taken them away from Akio, he can't let himself forget them.

"Breakfast is ready!" Akio yelled from the kitchen. Satomi was still asleep so he hoped to surprise her by demonstrating how much he has improved his cooking skill. "It might be a bit burned... or a lot burned... but it tastes ok and I made tea, the one that you like best." He made his way to Satomi's room. Upon reaching the girl's room he sighed, Satomi was sill in bed, covered by a hill of blankets. But what made him sigh is the mess the room was in. "Aish, Satomi you should really pick up after yourself, just because you had servants in the real world doesn't mean things magically sort themselves here." Not bothering to check weather Satomi woke up he continued his monologue. "The shop's closed today but a customer said he's going to come pick up his sword so keep an eye out. I've heard some red-headed guy from Silver Lyre has been acting suspiciously and asking around about us, I'm going to check that out. Ok? Ok." With a small smile he pressed a chaste kiss on the (still sleeping) girl's forehead."I like having these 'productive' talks with you."
Akio returned to the kitchen and quickly finished his breakfast. He wrote a reminder about the customer on for Satomi, put on his red coat and headed outside. He walked through the streets of Breg Epona. The city was truly amazing, Akio remembered the times when he was living in a sketchy inn in Dol Donna, it was the complete opposite from the bright atmosphere that this part of EDEN has. Now it was time to pull a few strings and get himself to the Silver Lyre guild home. He sent a few private messages and waited. In just a few moment he received information that the leader of Silver Lyre boarded the train for Breg Epona. Akio headed in the direction of the train station, he'll wait for the other and follow him to the guild home. This investigation is going to be a piece of cake.

The setting changes from ROOT TOWN: BREG EPONA to ROOT TOWN: DOL DONNA

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~ Bee Loop Bee Loop ~ You Got Mail ~


"Everyone meet in the guild @home. I have a plan for looking into the tag team I told you all about." - Raijin

"Oh? Well would you look at that." Crimson was sitting comfortably on the mornings first boat bound for Mac Anu, still docked in the Dol Donna port, when the message came in. He had planned to try and run into his guild master in the beginning town regardless, but by some twist of fate it would seem that everyone had been summoned to the guild hall regardless. "How convenient... I'm glad that our guild master is the kind to little briefs like this before moving forward, makes things much easier... might even be why we're so well known at this point, now that I think about it." Crimson tapped his fingers gently on the edge of the boat as he thought of an appropriate response. He didn't really have anyone to talk to... so anything he had said had been entirely to himself. Not that anybody else on the boat seemed to mind... after all, he took this same voyage nearly every morning and most everyone else did too, so it was no wonder that the others passengers were paying the happy go lucky player no mind. The boat journey was a quick ride, not taking more than a few minutes... but Crimson still liked to fill the time, be it by reading a quick book... or having a chat, be it with another passenger or himself.

-Compose Message-

"I'm on my way now, guild master Raijin. I should arrive in Mac Anu in a few moments... the train to Breg Epona may take a little longer of course, but I'll try to be at the guild before morning is out! ~Crimson"


Crimson then stretched out his arms and legs before letting out a big yawn. He sat alone in a single booth. The boats were quite large and allowed many passengers and the seats were divided into little segments with two seats facing two adjacent seats. Despite being known for helping the innocent, Crimson had also managed to obtain a bit of a reputation for being, well, somewhat psychotic on the battle field, as such most players tended to avoid him. Some simply didn't agree with his disregard for human life, others found it annoying how peppy he acted when outside of combat and the remaining majority were just terrified, thinking they'd get on his bad side. Oreki was aware of the people's general distaste for him, but he didn't mind... he was doing what he felt was right and that was more than enough reason to continue acting in the way he usually acted.

Opening his inventory, Oreki was about to pull out a new skill book he had purchased on alchemy... when suddenly he heard a slight commotion and stayed his hand.

"H-Hey! Watch it lady! I don't wanna drown today!" "What is with you? God?" "There's enough room for all of us you know!"

It was odd... but somehow Crimson had a fairly good idea of whom was causing the commotion in question and sure enough, within moments he was proven right as his guildmate Valkyrie pushed her way through the still boarding crowds. He didn't exactly approve of such behavior, but she wasn't really hurting anybody... just being impatient, so he didn't bother scolding her in any way. Instead he smiled warmly and waved his hand in the girls general direction, gesturing for her to come over.

"Ooooiii! Valkyrie. In a rush eh? Here, there's a free seat... well three of them but, eh." The red haired young man was almost embarrassed by the fact that he was sitting alone, but not so much that it was an issue for him. "I'm guessing you got the Guild Masters message aswell then?"

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Valkyrie heard the people's complaints as she practically shoved them to the side, causing almost a few to wobble overboard. She called out an insincere sorry to them, grinning cheekily as she did so. It only seemed to rile them up even more as some tried to pull her back, but she quickly maneuvered around them, securing herself on board the ship. She stood above them, sticking out her tongue petulantly. "Up yours."

That was when she heard her name being called out by a familiar voice, and the grin was already on her lips as she turned around to see the red haired boy. "Crimson! Hey!" she called out in the same overly enthused manner. She walked over to where he was sitting alone, with three empty seats beside him. "Thanks for saving me a spot." She raised her fingers in a salute before plopping down beside him, taking up all of the three seats. In an attempt to tease her guildmate, she settled her boots on his lap and threw him a thumbs up.

Crimson was one of the few people that Valkyrie liked in the game. Sure she liked all the other members of the Silver Lyre, but she always seemed to have the most fun when she hung out with him. Or maybe it was all in her mind. Ha. She was glad she stopped herself from erupting in laughter right then and there. Damn, she was hilarious, even if the only person to agree was her reflection. Meh, haters gonna hate.

She flicked a few strands of hair away from her face before focusing her attention back to Crimson, "Yeah I got it. Do you think the lead's right this time?" She settled in her position more, tucking her hands beneath her head. "Cause I really don't. But, heck, it's worth the try, right?" She nodded to herself, as if in agreement to her own sentiment. It seemed she always did that... agree with herself. Whatever, it didn't really matter much to her. She was having fun and that was all that mattered.

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A sudden and horrible silence enveloped the vessel as it finally took off from the port. People watched as the girl so desperate for a place aboard the ship boldly lay across the man who bore the title of "Shadow"... a silent and brutal killer in the eyes of most. This man was known for talking to himself frequently and drawing out the deaths of his opponents slowly... so as to relish in their suffering. This figure, feared for this reason and many others had been left alone by the others out of fear and yet here comes a brazen young woman, bold enough to use his lap as a footrest? The crowd held bated breaths as they prepared for bloody murder and, most likely a capsized boat.

"Aha... I was hardly saving the spot... more just the people in Dol Donna know me well enough to try and avoid me." A sigh of relief resounded throughout the crowds as Crimson only smiled and returned the thumbs up as his friends feet were thrust without hesitation onto his lap. He didn't really care, he liked Valkyrie and knew her well enough to be more than comfortable with such close quarters as she was providing. "Ah but... you're welcome regardless... especially considering you seem to be making use of my seat aswell." He sighed gently in a sort of exasperated way, but he made no movements to push her off of him. He was too nice to do that.

Crimson reached over Valkyries legs and opened up his inventory once more... anyone peaking at his menu would see pages filled with various potions, poisons and medicines of all kind... an ode to his alchemy skill no doubt. After flicking through a few tabs of items that he really had no use for at that moment in time, Crimson finally reached his destination, stuck haphazardly between the icons for a basic healing poultice and a deadly paralysis tonic was a brand new skill book for high level alchemists, Crimson had received it as a reward for a quest and was quite happy when he realized the tomes rarity. It was entitled "The beauty poison enhanced blades." and it allowed the reader to apply poison to a variety of blade like weapons so as to transfer their effects directly to an opponents blood stream through cuts and grazes made while attacking. Crimson was sure that it would make his already impressive weaponry and tactics even more deadly than before.

Once the book was poofed out of his inventory and sitting comfortably in his hands, Joshua began flicking through the pages as he answered Valkyrie's question. "I wouldn't know about the authenticity of this lead... I mean it seems rather unlikely to me that the guild masters would so openly display themselves for the World... especially when they're supposed to be "hiding in plain sight" so to speak." Crimson nodded solemnly, like an old sage. "But there is a chance... especially considering rumors of these two players strength. Crimson lurched forward slightly and frowned briefly as the now moving boat thudded against a river bound log. Sometimes they made the game TOO realistic, in his opinion. "Either way... I respect the Guild Masters decision to pursue this further. I suppose we'll just have to see what happens eh?"

The setting changes from ROOT TOWN: DOL DONNA to ROOT TOWN: BREG EPONA

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#, as written by Flexar

ImageThe first reply Raijin received was from Korpal. Rather disappointingly, he was already occupied with something else. Normally Raijin would have sternly told Korpal that guild matters came first, but it wasn't urgent; he could just fill Korpal in later. He was just about to wish Korpal luck before the rest of the guild sent their replies:
"Got it!"
"I'm on my way now, guild master Raijin. I should arrive in Mac Anu in a few moments... the train to Breg Epona may take a little longer of course, but I'll try to be at the guild before morning is out!"
"Gotcha. On my way!"
Fortunately, they would all be coming to meeting. As always, Crimson's reply was rather formal and informative, whereas the replies of Valkyrie and Emma were fairly succinct. He often felt like telling Crimson to calm down slightly and just to call him Alistair, but he'd long since realised that such attempts were futile. Instead, he just responded to them all with:
"Well it's nice to know that most of the guild can make it. I'm on the train to Breg Epona right now, So it should be a couple of hours or so before I reach the guild @home. I would appreciate it if you can all be as swift as you can, but it won't be too much of a problem if you miss a train; I almost missed mine. I look forward to seeing you soon. Korpal, let me know when you're available and I'll fill you in; I hope you job goes well."

Raijin smiled as he closed the guild chat window; even if everyone in his guild was rather odd, he was fond of them all the same. Their company was just about all that kept him sane in this crazy world; he'd even had second thoughts about looking for the game masters so that he could spend more time with his guild members.

Raijin turned his head to see Emma plop down into the seat next to him; fortunately, it looked like he would have some company on the trip. Hour long journeys weren't so bad in the real world where Alistair good just listen to music, read a book or play on his phone, things weren't so simple in Eden.
"Good morning." Raijin greeted her, "You look rather out of breath; I take it I wasn't the only one who only just got to the train in time."