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"Yes, hello? I think it's time to leave."

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a character in “Operation: Login”, as played by EggsAndHam


The most peaceful guild.


|| Emma ||

"Yes, hello? I think it's time to leave now!"

|| Theme Songs ||
Normal||Your Bones||
Fighting||Bleeding Out
Emotional||Just Breathe]


|| Full Name ||
Emily Chase Lancrastor

|| Age ||
19 [nine-teen years of age]

|| Gender ||

|| Sexuality ||

|| Origin ||

|| Role ||
Second in Command
of the Silver Lyre guild

|| Face Claim ||
Kosaki Onodera



|| Hair Color ||
Light pink

|| Eye Color ||

|| Skin Tone ||

|| Height ||

|| Level:||

|| Weapon of choice: ||

|| Secondary Weapon:||

[color=#40063B]|| Equipment:||

Head Gear: N/A
Armor: Because getting hit in the Ladies hurts!
Leg Armor: N/A. . . unless a set of boots count.

|| Battle Stats: ||
Attack: 158
Defense: 250
Agility: 242

|| Sense Stats: ||
Detection: 425
Hearing: 165
Hiding: 310

|| Additional Skill: ||
Dowsing: 300
Cooking: 300
Black Smithing: 100
Sewing: 200
Alchemy: 100

|| Face Claim ||
Inori Yuzuriha


|| Personality ||

Cheerful || Naive || Happy || Quirky

As Second-in-Command, one would think that Emma knows what she's doing, correct? Not at all. She goes with the flow, turns with the tides, and when an obstacle is thrown at her face, Emma just shouts 'WHATEVER MAN' and carries on with her jolly way. Perhaps that's a bit of a stretch from the truth (please do not throw obstacles in other people's faces, thank-you), as she would probably end up crying if something were to clash with her nose, but it's close enough.
Logically, Emma is not the expert on things. Emotionally, however, she will certainly try her best. While some would grumble about her 'only seeing what she wants to', Emma prefers the term 'not being such a downer about every bad thing that happens'. It's true that she tends to ignore the darker side of many problems, but Emma is not blind to the issues that she faces. She just. . . chooses to deal with them optimistically. No harm in that, right?

|| Reason Why Playing ||

There are many, much more preferred things that Emily would rather do than be stuck inside a stupid game. She had never been in to that kind of stuff, to be completely honest, but signing up and hopping in to the virtual world was supposed to help her get to know her sister better. She loved gaming and all it offered, and Emily had thought 'Hey, why not?' and tried to form a shared interest. Her plan went horribly wrong. If she had known that both of them would get trapped, her sister would die in the first tournament, and she'd be left trying to find the Game Masters, Emily would have dragged her sister off her butt and ordered her to go outside.
Now, all Emily has is her friends in her guild to keep her company while her family worries about her in the real world. Helping other players, her friends, and searching for the two Game Masters seems to be all that she's good for.


|| Biography ||

Emily grew up in a small city in Canada, B.C., with her younger sister Katlyn and their mother and father. Because they lived fairly close to the ocean, Emily found herself on many sunny days wandering the sandy shores of the beach. Her favourite pass-time was collecting sea-shells, but after one incident involving her bringing home a live clam, the hobby quickly ended. . . thank God. Her mother always hated sand in the house.

As she aged, Emily stayed the same. She was clumsy, forgetful, had horrible mannerisms in public places whenever looking neat was important, but absolutely loved being outside. She adored the feeling of having the wind brush against her face, the smell of freshly cut grass, and being able to feel the earth beneath her feet. Her sister, however, leaned more towards the virtual side of reality. Katlyn's life was behind a computer screen. Whether it was designing games to living through them, she was head-over-heals for the latest technology, and always wanted to be kept updated with new releases.

Time passed, and the sisters grew apart. It wasn't like this was sad or anything, as they constantly fought like cat and dogs, but they were at the point where their only communication was to ask each other if there was milk in the fridge. Frankly, it was getting rather depressing for both sides.
Then, the game that would change their lives was released. Katlyn was excited for it immediately, Emily saw it as an opportunity to finally understand what all her fuss was about. Gaming wasn't that big of a deal, at least, not in her mind, but why not give it a try? For the sake of not losing contact with her sister completely, Emily sat down with Katlyn, and together they loaded up the game.

Worst. Sisterly bonding. Ever.

Things were fun for the first few hours, but quickly Emily got bored. Katlyn laughed, scoffing at her to leave so early into the adventure, but Emily saw no point in staying. It wasn't fun playing for so long at a time. Maybe she'd try again tomorrow. However, when she tried to quit, the game wouldn't let her.


Guild: Silver Lyre (the most peaceful guild)

@home: Mac Anu

Contact Book:

"I don't want to spend the rest of my life trapped inside a program."

So begins...

Emma's Story


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It has been almost a year. Currently, it is the start of November, painting the landscape of EDEN in a nice golden-brown color in the AREAS such as the Forests, and mountains. Most player have found something to do to pre-occupy their time here, creating shops, guilds, businesses, and other types of livings.

The Knights of Hyperion is currently training for the upcoming PVP tournament, with the promise of being released from the game.

The Silver Lyre guild is currently investigating the rumor of the Game Masters being the top tag-team battle.

The Game Masters are simply enjoying the panic, but rumors say a new event will be released soon.

The setting changes from EDEN to ROOT TOWN: LUMINA CLOTH

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|| Korpal ||

"Time sure does feel real here… "


“Yeah! I’m coming already! Just give me time to realise this isn’t a dream, and then time to get ready… and five minutes more!” Seo cried, spread out, foot hanging off the top bunk, “Huh?” He sat up realising he was just excusing himself on auto and that no one had requested his presence, or not that he’d heard any way, he let out a deep sigh, ducking down his head. “I’m not Seo here, Korpal, remember it.” He shook himself and tore his duvet away, “I wonder what Em and the others are up to?” A quick message would sort out his query but that would cost him dearly, the attention of the guild meant work. “Maybe just Em then…” Seo reflected, pulling a long sleeve over his head. Seo had the message board open in front of him whilst tighten his belt when it flashed.

"If you want to go on an adventure, just let me know~ I need people to go to the forest area~!" It was from Ceilo.

“Drag…” Quests were more of high spirited adventures bag, but Ceilo was a friend, a rare commodity within Eden. Seo hit reply.

“Place + Time. Allow 10 xtra mins. Need to change. Korpal.”

Sent. It was obvious Seo didn’t need extra time but he’d take it regardless. It’d been a fair while, a month or so since he’d Ceilo or Akuma and besides, it wasn’t the guild’s style to turn down assistance or so he kept reminding himself every time some one requested it.
In all truth Seo didn’t mind the Boy Scout stance the guild had, it was refreshing. The difference in opinion came to raising their profile, Seo couldn’t understand it, it’d only agitate guilds and draw the aggressors toward the guild, and it wasn’t as if they were in short supply of players trying to knock them off.
Seo started making his way down the cold stone stairs barefooted, it was already familiar, the guild, and taking up residence was a slice when he’d explained himself, and the pile of rubble that used to constitute his previous residency. His message board flashed and he stuck some virtual bread into his mouth; another message.

"Everyone meet in the guild @home. I have a plan for looking into the tag team I told you all about." It was from Raijin.

“Go figure, but no can do.” Seo breathed, tapping the console.

“Sorry, going on a job. Surprised right? Wish me luck + Keep me posted. Korpal.”

Sent. Seo wondered if he should have requested to be kept in the loop and shugged, “If they need me, they’ll call. Simple.”
He bent down pulling on a boot whilst chewing, the slice protruding. Seo couldn’t help feel wary that Emma was going to appear and yell at him for slacking, but Emma wasn’t, and for once he wasn’t slacking… to an extent.
Rising Seo brushed himself down and motioned towards the door, his hands reached out for the handle and his sword respectively and he found it was yet again another perfect day in Eden. “Suppose I should await further instructions. In the pub.” Seo looked both ways, sure the guild was out to catch him out but especially Emma. “Looks clear!”[/b] Seo grinned, wandering towards the town centre. He clicked his console.

“Hey Akuma! Tell me the 3 musketeers are reforming? It wouldn’t be the same without grumpy! LOL. Drink first? Korpal.”

Sent. Seo knew the message would rile up Akuma but winding up the highly strung power player always gave him a kick. Not a great deal else Seo had planned today and it did feel like he’d received a golden ticket, getting out of guild work, though technically it was guild work. “Ha!”

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The setting changes from ROOT TOWN: LUMINA CLOTH to ROOT TOWN: MAC ANU

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Emma hated the stupid game. Not the players-- no, she liked them just fine, but the game itself made Emma want to hack up the biggest spitball she could manage and shoot it right in the Gamemasters' faces.

She hated being trapped, too. It had only been a... how long? Perhaps only a year at most since Emma had discovered that she couldn't leave EDEN, but she had stopped keeping track after the first few weeks. What was the point? Ooh, we're stuck! Better remind ourselves just HOW long we've been stuck! That'll make us feel better for sure! Yeah, Emma preferred to pass on that one. Despite that the pink hair (which was pretty damn cool, in her opinion), the Silver Lyre, and the whole 'not getting fat after you eat thirty burritos' were all great, Emma wanted out. She wanted to go home. She wanted to be Emily L. again. However, sometimes life stinks and one just has to say 'Suck it up, buttercup. 'Cause things aren't gonna get better.' and move on.

'Everyone meet in the guild @home. I have a plan for looking into the tag team I told you all about.' Popped up on her message board. Emma felt a bit happy to read that it was from Raijin, the leader of the Silver Lyre guild, because that meant she actually had to do something.
Quickly following Raijin's message came an excuse from Korpal, then a reply from Crimson and Valkryie.
'Gotcha. On my way!'
Emma typed back as she reached for her boots. 'Oh, and good luck Korpal! Have fun' she added quickly, glad that she remembered to do so.

The train for BREG EPONA left every two hours, Emma knew, and the time on the clock told her that she was drastically running late. Five minutes to get there? HA. Emma would have a better chance at finding the Gamekeepers before she ever got to the station in time. Still, it was worth a try.

Flying out the door and running through the streets was a hard thing to do without running in to people. As Emma tried to catch the train, she constantly yelled out 'SORRY' or 'OH GOD I DIDN'T MEAN TO STEP ON YOUR FOOT' as she pushed her way through the crowds. Knocking people over wasn't her favourite pass-time, but hey. She was expected somewhere and it'd be embarrassing if she were to be late. How horrible would it be if the second in command of the guild had to tell the others that she missed the train because she was slow? It'd be a nightmare! A catastrophe! She was already a little behind on things to begin with, being new to gaming and all, but looking like a dope in front of her guild was far worse.

Finally, Emma reached the station out of breath and wishing she could roll over and die. With a gasp of relief, she saw that the train was still boarding passengers, most of which were trying to get on before the doors closed.

"Thank heavens," Emma wheezed, rushing into the train. She hated how expensive everything was in the game, mostly because she was so good at handling money in the real world, and two-hundred gold per trip sounded way overpriced. Maybe a hundred or eighty gold would be reasonable, but two-hundred? Emma felt poorer already.

The doors closed, and the girl found herself standing with the few people who were either too awkward or too blind to sit in one of the seats. She looked around, trying to find a spot that wasn't next to a total creep, and beamed when she saw Raijin sitting near one of the windows. Too many times Emma had to put up with some hassle while on the train. It was nice to see someone who wouldn't bother her every five seconds.

She walked over and dropped into the seat next to the guild leader. "Hi." Emma said plainly, wishing she had better greetings.

The setting changes from ROOT TOWN: MAC ANU to ROOT TOWN: BREG EPONA

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|| Korpal ||

"... Deflect!"


“These trips always feel like I’ve tipped money down a drain,” Seo sighed stepping off the pier and into Breg Epona. If Seo had a coin pouch he’d be cleaning out moths, as it stood his inventory displayed numerous zeros before significant digits appeared, and there weren’t many of those.
Seo’s console flashed.

"MAC ANU, probably the main square since that's where Akuma is~ We'll leave once you, and one of my other friends get here!"

It was from Ceilo, Seo had figured as much and was enroute, though who ever the game masters were deserved a slug or two for the long winded and winding ways between the four towns.
“TWO STOPS, Two stops away!” Seo hung his head, “and I have a feeling Ceilo did it on purpose…” Seo’s lip cornered upwards, “Shouldn’t expect less really...”

Passing through Breg Epona and nearing the central plaza a careless shoulder slammed against Seo; a guild barged past. “Hey! Ah forget it…” Seo slung his hand down and regained balance.The group was already a distance away, it was as if they didn't see Korpal at all. Seo shrugged it off, turning back to the plaza, it was busy, but not as he usually recalled it to be. Something, someone caught his eye, a man making his way out of a dispersing crowd. Seo had seen the man before; he’d seen the weapon the guy was holstering and Seo dropped slightly, his breathing shallow and fast. Blades anchored within his chest as snapshots of a battle long-over unveiled.
Seo gave his chest a thump, then another, peering up his body alerted, realising the man “Merc,” was gone.

Pushing forward Seo rushed towards the station, “You can’t get away.” he breathed, before his console flashed up.

“Oh, and good luck Korpal! Have fun.”

Emma’s replies always did arrive at the worst possible time and the distraction completely confounded him. Seo dashed around, his head as if on an axle. The trail was cold and masked.
“Darn!” Seo kicked at the ground, walking off towards the station.
“Last call for to MAC ANU, last call!” The attendant announced and Seo clenched his fist still sore about loosing Merc before slipping through the closing doors.

The train was packed; Seo leaned against the train doors, scratching his head. Ghost wounds echoed throughout Seo as he sunk deep into thought and battle shockwaves reverberated inside of him, “Am I… scared?” Seo’s face furrowed, noticing a tremor. The remainder of the trip would have continued on in the same sombre reflective tone, however a message flared up, raising Seo’s head.

"You mean Four Musketeers. Besides, I don't drink" Akuma.

A short chuckle burst from Seo and his mindset had returned to default, forgetting Merc. Seo tapped at the console.

“Just grab a tea; I won’t touch it this time! Maybe get a drink-to-go, I am travelling through multiple towns here! 4 of 7 dwarves then, Grumpy. Korpal”


Sent. “A new face?” Seo pondered, come to think, he hadn’t met a friend of their Akuma or Ceilo before. He pushed his head back against the glass, staring the ceiling, wondering what today's turn of events were in store for him, awaiting arrival.

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#, as written by phnx

Level: --
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Attack: 240 | Defense: 260 | Agility: 150
Detection: 100 | Hearing: 300 | Hiding: 500

ImageFor the fifth time Akio checked the time. He knew he shouldn't have hurried to the station, but he still did and now he's going to have to wait another 40 minutes just for the train to arrive. There was nothing left to do but try to entertain himself with mini games. Just as he was about to make a new personal high score the familiar -beep "You have 2 new messages" beep- distracted him.
The first message was from Satomi. Oh, she's finally up. No matter how ordinary the messages he got from Satomi might have been, they always brought a small smile to Akio's face.
Satomi-chan ♥
Good morning. I enjoyed the breakfast you made for me. Your tea is always the best. Anyway, have you made it to the train station safely? Also, this customer or yours. What time may I be expecting him? I'm sorry. I didn't mean to sound so..... eh.... You know.

The last sentence made Akio's smile even wider. He found it very cute that Satomi still had trouble admitting she was caring. Quickly he formed his reply.
Good morning to you too. I'm glad you liked the breakfast. Hierophant should be there soon, definitely before noon. I know I don't have to tell you but please be nice, he's an important informant so... please? Yes, 'mom', I'm at the station. I'll see you later for training.
The other message he received also brought good news. It was from a 'friend'. Nowadays there seems to be a lot of people that like to call themselves his 'friends', as if being close to a top player will make them successful too. Truth to be told Akio didn't mind them because sometimes they were quite useful.
Unknown player
Korpal won't be at the meeting. You're safe, none of the others have high detection.

Well wasn't that just grand, He won't have to worry as much. Silver Lyre is a strong guild but Akio doubted that he'd have much trouble following Raijin and Emma. What bothered him is that Silver Lyre is known as a peaceful guild, so why are there so many rumours about them investigating Satomi and him?
Time want by fast enough after that. Akio looked at the time and went a litter closer to the arrival platform. A moment later a computerized female voice made the announcement. -The train from MAC ANU is arriving in 1 minute.-
Once the passengers started to disembark he had no trouble spotting the white and pink haired targets getting out of the train. Putting on his hood (So he wouldn't get recognized.) he started walking a few steps behind the pair form Silver Lyre.

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#, as written by Flexar

ImageThe first reply Raijin received was from Korpal. Rather disappointingly, he was already occupied with something else. Normally Raijin would have sternly told Korpal that guild matters came first, but it wasn't urgent; he could just fill Korpal in later. He was just about to wish Korpal luck before the rest of the guild sent their replies:
"Got it!"
"I'm on my way now, guild master Raijin. I should arrive in Mac Anu in a few moments... the train to Breg Epona may take a little longer of course, but I'll try to be at the guild before morning is out!"
"Gotcha. On my way!"
Fortunately, they would all be coming to meeting. As always, Crimson's reply was rather formal and informative, whereas the replies of Valkyrie and Emma were fairly succinct. He often felt like telling Crimson to calm down slightly and just to call him Alistair, but he'd long since realised that such attempts were futile. Instead, he just responded to them all with:
"Well it's nice to know that most of the guild can make it. I'm on the train to Breg Epona right now, So it should be a couple of hours or so before I reach the guild @home. I would appreciate it if you can all be as swift as you can, but it won't be too much of a problem if you miss a train; I almost missed mine. I look forward to seeing you soon. Korpal, let me know when you're available and I'll fill you in; I hope you job goes well."

Raijin smiled as he closed the guild chat window; even if everyone in his guild was rather odd, he was fond of them all the same. Their company was just about all that kept him sane in this crazy world; he'd even had second thoughts about looking for the game masters so that he could spend more time with his guild members.

Raijin turned his head to see Emma plop down into the seat next to him; fortunately, it looked like he would have some company on the trip. Hour long journeys weren't so bad in the real world where Alistair good just listen to music, read a book or play on his phone, things weren't so simple in Eden.
"Good morning." Raijin greeted her, "You look rather out of breath; I take it I wasn't the only one who only just got to the train in time."

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"Uhg, you have no idea!" She huffed, leaning back in her seat. "I got the message and didn't want to show up late, but man. Didn't know I sucked so much at running." Though she was fairly fit for a video game character (probably not in reality anymore, unfortunately), Emma was not up to sprinting before she had her second cup of coffee. Just the thought was nearly criminal, and actually doing it had been a nightmare.

She took in another breath, then began to fix her hair. Things in EDEN were amazingly realistic, she'd give the Gamekeepers that, but Emma wished that having her hair messed up by the wind wasn't one of the games features. Maybe if she actually bothered to wear a ponytail, though...

Emma glanced over at Raijin. If memory served her correct, she had known him from near the beginning of the game, way back when she didn't have anything figured out. They had become friends easily enough, and without him Emma was sure that she would have accidentally killed off her character long ago.

With the other guild members, Emma felt the same. She saw it all as a group of five very odd friends rather than a guild or team-mates, really, but perhaps they were the same thing. Not like she knew. Emma hadn't been on many sports teams and the only guilds she had ever heard of where the ones that ancient craftsmen had, but it sounded like a good guess. Whatever they were, Emma had grown to appreciate them. Now if they could manage to not die before an easy way out of the game was found, that'd be fantastic!

Maybe she was wishing for too much, but positivity was her A-Game and it was 90% of what she had. She would prefer for not anyone in EDEN to die, yet so many were tossing their lives out on the line in those idiotic tournaments, it was hard to control it. Not as if Emma could stop any one them, but the fact that all those people had been so stupid made her want to grab them by the arms and smack them across their faces.

Emma thought about that for awhile; an worth of thought, actually. She had closed her eyes for what felt like only five minutes, and was surprised when she felt the train coming to a halt. Emma's eyes snapped open, and with embarrassment she hoped that Raijin didn't think she had been napping. That'd be even worse than her showing up late! She had hardly talked to him the whole ride, and now it looked like she had been sleeping. Uhg.

"Well... that sure took awhile, didn't it?" Emma said as she pulled herself out of her seat. The doors to the train slid open, and with a sigh of relief she followed the crowd out, making sure Raijin was behind her as she went.