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We will fight our way out. If we should fail, we'll be out anyway.



Everything is such a pain in the ass.


|| Theme Songs ||
Normal ||Dance with the Devil
Fighting ||No Apologies
Emotional ||So sick


|| Full Name ||
Ikaku Waruichi

|| In-Game Name ||

|| Age ||
24 years old

|| Gender ||

|| Sexuality ||

|| Origin ||
Osaka, Japan

|| Occupation ||
University student (could also be considered as NEET)

|| Role ||
Member 3 - The Strongest Guild

|| Face Claim ||
Hikigaya Hachiman

In-Game also known as "Lancer"

Image|| Hair Color ||
Black (RL) & Hazel brown (IN-GAME)

|| Eye Color ||
Brown & Golden brown

|| Skin Tone ||
Light & Tan

|| Height ||
5'8 ft & 6'1 ft

|| Level ||

|| Weapon of choice: ||

|| Secondary Weapon ||
Another lance

|| Equipment ||
Head Gear: Non-existent
Armor: Ninja outfit with additional shoulder and arm armour on the left
Leg Armor: Light knee protector

|| Battle Stats ||
Attack: 150
Defense: 200
Agility: 300

|| Sense Stats ||
Detection: 550
Hearing: 300
Hiding: 50

|| Additional Skill ||
Dowsing: 400
Cooking: 550
Black Smithing: 100
Sewing: 100
Alchemy: 400

|| Face Claim ||


|| Personality ||
Straight forward | Rude | Lazy | Dishonest
Ikaku is the type of guy you would definitely call a creepy, flithy jerk. And I honestly mean it, especially with the flithy. His jokes aren't suppose to be heard by little gals and guys, as they're pretty much 18+ (though even grown ups have difficulties to understand him). He isn't exactly a pervert, as he's definitely not a straight guy, he only does... unmoral things at times when he desires to be alone. The punch after his crimes are technically only an annoying extra. Ikaku is painfully straight forward sometimes, but even often he won't approach things carefully. He'll just go ahead to the point without all the unnecessary things surround it. Needless to say it causes some nasty misunderstandings, but point is Ikaku simply doesn't care. In fact, he couldn't care less. Everything is for him so pointless, that it seems like only breathing is a pain in the ass for him. And for the creepy, well, it's because he isn't such a handsome shot in reality. Appearance however, is a very heavy point for woman to judge guys from, and therefore the creepy. He doesn't talk much, only when being talked to; and what he mostly blurts out are either curses or critics, so I guess it's normal to bad talk this guy in his environment. That's how he appears in real life anyways.

Actually, he's just dead bored with everything. Not like he is a super genius who knows everything though; it's just that, nothing ever deeply interested him other than games. With that, anything would appear colourless, emotionless, empty. He hasn't found what makes him excited, that's why he just picks his university in a whim too. His life is honestly nothing remarkable. His appearance doesn't really qualify him as handsome either. And talents? What talents? Does playing various fighting games at once count into it?

In-Game though, he's more open. There, instead of a sneer, he can smile with full delight. That's perhaps also with the boost of confident coming from his handsome appearance In-Game. Even though his way dealing with problems and annoying things doesn't change a bit, he becomes more tolerable towards other people, keeps up with other people's joke and plays, honestly enjoys himself. And In-Game, his thoughtful and kind individual comes out better. Yet he still loves to let people think he's a bad guy while he helps them in the background. In that section, you can say he's pretty much a shy type of guy. Doesn't want to be rewarded and regarded as a good guy. What's his problem? Well, ask him I have no idea.

You can't get away with how fierce and merciless he's though when he fights. He enjoys fighting too much that it's honestly frightening. He slays monsters with a smile on his face that makes people shudder for a moment there. And his bravery could also be seen, even though sometimes you can rather pass it as blind reckless. Recklessly brave, which the most of time is very reasonable no one would've thought it could.


|| Reason why playing ||
Well, pretty much to kill time. He's a lazy ass, almost can be called a NEET who still lives with his parents under the same roof. Never had a part-time job (alright, that one time where he was fired at the very first day doesn't really count) and prefers to laze off on the sofa rather than helping out even in his own house. You can tell, such life has to be supported by games like EDEN, and that reason simply is why he plays EDEN. That however, doesn't mean he has nothing to do in real life. He has little sisters, twins, who he loves very much (surprisingly) and as his mother passed away long time ago, he often plays with them while his father is away at work even though they had maids. He wants to go back to reality not because he's bored or scared to be slaughtered dead by some guy, it's more the feeling of responsibility he has as a big brother and a son.

|| Biography ||
Surprisingly, his family is filthy rich.
As already been said, his mother died young. It was not such a thing like in dramas, where the busy father was blamed upon her death, no nothing like that. In fact, it was Ikaku who felt rather guilty, but let's keep that a secret. His mother was not the most beautiful, alright, and not the most skinny woman, too. Even though she married with the handsome and rich bussinessman, she kept being ordinary. Prefers to do housework without all the maids roaming around and goes each day with a smile, never begs for anything from her husband. Her husband, Ikaku's father, was a surprisingly caring one, at least you can see that from his gestures. He was never a man with many words, and often he appears rather cold and distant, but only his wife can magically turn his expression to a showplace of happiness, notably a very difficult thing to do. Her death was a sudden one. Her heart was always considered as weak, and at that time, it simply stopped. Ikaku was the first one to come back home, late as usual as he was hanging out with his classmate, helping out some guys who had troubles studying.

It was then when he stopped going out with friends. He, also his father, became distant towards other people. The only sunshine in the house, Ikaku's mother, was dead. There's no one to strengthen the household. At least not until the twins grew bigger. The brought kindness and happiness back, remembering both Ikaku and his father of Ikaku's mother. It was pleasant.

There were countless of times Ikaku couldn't believe in humanity. He lacked the trust to think of people as kind, always pessimistically thinks there's a hidden intent within every action. Honestly, teachers considered him as a very bad problem kid, even persuming he was bullied by his fellow classmate. His father in that period did nothing. Those two could understand each other, even when sitting across each other in silence. And at such a time, he fell into EDEN's might.


So begins...

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