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"Trick or treat? Why not both?"

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a character in “Operation: Login”, as played by ShrimpMayo


The most peaceful guild.


|| V A L K Y R I E ||

"Interesting, very interesting. What else do you have to offer?"

|| Theme Songs ||
Normal||Happy Synthesizer||
Fighting||Corruption Garden||
Emotional||Bad Apple||


|| Full Name ||
Antoine Kruger

|| Age ||

|| Gender ||

|| Sexuality ||

|| Origin ||

|| Role ||
Silver Lyre - Member 3

|| Face Claim ||
Switch | Sket Dance



|| Hair Color ||

|| Eye Color ||

|| Skin Tone ||

|| Height ||

|| Level:||
(Will be assigned if have a role)

|| Weapon of choice: ||
Thrill and Trick

|| Secondary Weapon:||

|| Equipment:||
Head Gear: Acer (aviator goggles that improve her accuracy)
Armor: Skulduggery (a piece of armor that changes appearance depending on Valkyrie's whim)
Leg Armor: Xantho (boots that enhance her speed)

|| Battle Stats: ||
Attack: 100
Defense: 250
Agility: 300

|| Sense Stats ||:
Detection: 150
Hearing: 300
Hiding: 450

|| Additional Skill: ||(1050 to add)
Dowsing: 300
Cooking: 300
Black Smithing: 300
Sewing: 300
Alchemy: 350

|| Guild ||:
Silver Lyre

|| @Home ||:
Her personal @Home is located at Dol Donna

|| Contact Book ||:

|| Face Claim ||
Megpoid GUMI

|| Personality ||

Valkyrie, unlike her real world counterpart, is playful and cheery. She's known as the prankster in the guild, often teaming up with the younger players to prank the head of the guild. Valkyrie is one of those who still views EDEN as a game and refuses to believe the truth that they die in the real world if they die in the game. She remains naive despite it all, but is careful enough not to let herself die easily. She fights in the distance, preferring to simply assist her fellow players than to get in the heat of battle.


|| Reason why playing ||

Antoine lived a normal and boring life in the real world, and when he discovered about EDEN, he made a character right away. Valkyrie stays in the game just because it's fun and new and everything's an adventure. She joined the Silver Lyres because they seemed like a group that wasn't too immersed in the brutal side of the game, unlike the Knights, and she thought that the hide and seek gane that the game masters was playing with them was just another of the fun aspects of the game. Still, if given the choice to leave or stay, Valkyrie would stay.

|| Biography ||

Antoine Kruger was the third born into a family living in the suburbs of Canada. His father worked at an office in some big name company while his mother was a potter who owned a small shop in the city. His two older sisters lived average lives, just like him. Some people might find the kind of life they lived cozy and comfortable, but Antoine hated the life he was given. He wanted to live an adventurous and adrenaline filled life, but he couldn't. He was sickly and frail, and his legs didn't work properly. He was trapped in the confines of his room, with only his computer to keep him company.

Then he discovered EDEN. The idea of the game fascinated him endlessly, and the prospect of actually feeling movement in his legs, even if it was just in his mind, was too good to pass up on. He quickly made an account. If you asked him why he made a female character, he would say something like, "It's a whole new persona. Why not change everything?" He did change everything. He made Valkyrie and through her, he lived the life he always wanted. He made friends, he had adventures, and most of all, he had fun. Who would ever want to give that up?


"It's a game! Let's have fun, eh?"

So begins...

Valkyrie's Story

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Antoine's eyes snapped open to the sound of the wind whispering between the trees. The breeze that entered his room brought the scent of the trees and flowers that surrounded his abode and it made him feel like he was being embraced by mother nature herself. "When did mom plant lilies in the garden?" he mumbled lazily as his eyes drooped low again, only to be snapped open at the feminine voice that escaped hks lips. He sat up, panic gripping at his chest, as he looked around him. Why was everything so clear? He didn't even have his glasses on yet. The room he was in held none of the childhood memories he had in Canada, nor did it have any of the multiple computers he so often immersed himself in. The furniture around him screamee strangely native with a touch of modern. That couldn't be right. Perhaps he was at a friend's house. No, that wasn't possible as he didn't have any with a room as jarring as this. And where had that feminine voice come from?

It was then that his eyes fell on the intricate crossbow hoisted on the wall and the two oversized gatling guns just below it. EDEN, he suddenly remembered. He was in a game called EDEN where he could be what he couldn't in the real world. He looked down at his body, the body of his character, Valkyrie. He was different here, completely different.

With a smile, Valkyrie jumped down from her bed and went to a nearby body length mirror to examine herself. Her green hair was pointing in all directions, the epitome of bed hair, but her emerald eyes were bright and clear. Her hands fell to her legs, the very legs that were propping her up steadily. Not a day would pass where she didn't feel amazed at how she could walk in this game. Amongst all that happened, it was the best to come to Antoine's life. Valkyrie shook her head at the sudden onslaught of melancholic feelings and proceeded to grab her weapons from their holdings. Thrill and Trick. She'd worked hard to make them as powerful as they were now and they'd never let her down before. Something told her that today was not the day they would begin to. She strapped them to her back and grabbed her crossbow next, Apex. Apex was a relatively new addition to her armory, but that didn't mean that it hadn't seen its fair share of battle. It was prime for hunting as it was definitely quieter than Thrill and Trick, something she definitely appreciated. She pushed a button and watched as the crossbow caved in on itself, turning into a small, more mobile version that she hung on her waist. She checked herself in the mirror again before running a hand over her hair, effectively pushing it back into place.

~Bee Loop Bee Loop ~ You've got mail~
"Everyone meet in the guild @home. I have a plan for looking into the tag team I told you all about." - Raijin

Valkyrie read through the guildmaster's message and and sighed. Honestly, she didn't think that the tag team was the game masters. If they were, then they'd have made things way too easy and she knew that with game masters, nothing was ever too easy. The cat and mouse game they'd had them playing for months now was proof of that. They wouldn't be too stupid enough to make themselves known in game. Or perhaps, that was what they wanted people to think. She shook her head. It was too early for psychology. She would just follow Raijin's lead and, if they did manage to find the game masters, then she'd just wish to be allowed to stay in the game. It would also be fun to win at the hunting game.

"Got it!" She quickly hit send before running out of her @Home. she ran to the pier where, just to her luck, a boat for Mac Anu was about to depart. She slid between the throngs of people crowding around the boat and thankfully managed to haul herself aboard, receiving quite a few reprimands from some of her fellow passengers that she simply ignored.

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~ Bee Loop Bee Loop ~ You Got Mail ~


"Everyone meet in the guild @home. I have a plan for looking into the tag team I told you all about." - Raijin

"Oh? Well would you look at that." Crimson was sitting comfortably on the mornings first boat bound for Mac Anu, still docked in the Dol Donna port, when the message came in. He had planned to try and run into his guild master in the beginning town regardless, but by some twist of fate it would seem that everyone had been summoned to the guild hall regardless. "How convenient... I'm glad that our guild master is the kind to little briefs like this before moving forward, makes things much easier... might even be why we're so well known at this point, now that I think about it." Crimson tapped his fingers gently on the edge of the boat as he thought of an appropriate response. He didn't really have anyone to talk to... so anything he had said had been entirely to himself. Not that anybody else on the boat seemed to mind... after all, he took this same voyage nearly every morning and most everyone else did too, so it was no wonder that the others passengers were paying the happy go lucky player no mind. The boat journey was a quick ride, not taking more than a few minutes... but Crimson still liked to fill the time, be it by reading a quick book... or having a chat, be it with another passenger or himself.

-Compose Message-

"I'm on my way now, guild master Raijin. I should arrive in Mac Anu in a few moments... the train to Breg Epona may take a little longer of course, but I'll try to be at the guild before morning is out! ~Crimson"


Crimson then stretched out his arms and legs before letting out a big yawn. He sat alone in a single booth. The boats were quite large and allowed many passengers and the seats were divided into little segments with two seats facing two adjacent seats. Despite being known for helping the innocent, Crimson had also managed to obtain a bit of a reputation for being, well, somewhat psychotic on the battle field, as such most players tended to avoid him. Some simply didn't agree with his disregard for human life, others found it annoying how peppy he acted when outside of combat and the remaining majority were just terrified, thinking they'd get on his bad side. Oreki was aware of the people's general distaste for him, but he didn't mind... he was doing what he felt was right and that was more than enough reason to continue acting in the way he usually acted.

Opening his inventory, Oreki was about to pull out a new skill book he had purchased on alchemy... when suddenly he heard a slight commotion and stayed his hand.

"H-Hey! Watch it lady! I don't wanna drown today!" "What is with you? God?" "There's enough room for all of us you know!"

It was odd... but somehow Crimson had a fairly good idea of whom was causing the commotion in question and sure enough, within moments he was proven right as his guildmate Valkyrie pushed her way through the still boarding crowds. He didn't exactly approve of such behavior, but she wasn't really hurting anybody... just being impatient, so he didn't bother scolding her in any way. Instead he smiled warmly and waved his hand in the girls general direction, gesturing for her to come over.

"Ooooiii! Valkyrie. In a rush eh? Here, there's a free seat... well three of them but, eh." The red haired young man was almost embarrassed by the fact that he was sitting alone, but not so much that it was an issue for him. "I'm guessing you got the Guild Masters message aswell then?"

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Valkyrie heard the people's complaints as she practically shoved them to the side, causing almost a few to wobble overboard. She called out an insincere sorry to them, grinning cheekily as she did so. It only seemed to rile them up even more as some tried to pull her back, but she quickly maneuvered around them, securing herself on board the ship. She stood above them, sticking out her tongue petulantly. "Up yours."

That was when she heard her name being called out by a familiar voice, and the grin was already on her lips as she turned around to see the red haired boy. "Crimson! Hey!" she called out in the same overly enthused manner. She walked over to where he was sitting alone, with three empty seats beside him. "Thanks for saving me a spot." She raised her fingers in a salute before plopping down beside him, taking up all of the three seats. In an attempt to tease her guildmate, she settled her boots on his lap and threw him a thumbs up.

Crimson was one of the few people that Valkyrie liked in the game. Sure she liked all the other members of the Silver Lyre, but she always seemed to have the most fun when she hung out with him. Or maybe it was all in her mind. Ha. She was glad she stopped herself from erupting in laughter right then and there. Damn, she was hilarious, even if the only person to agree was her reflection. Meh, haters gonna hate.

She flicked a few strands of hair away from her face before focusing her attention back to Crimson, "Yeah I got it. Do you think the lead's right this time?" She settled in her position more, tucking her hands beneath her head. "Cause I really don't. But, heck, it's worth the try, right?" She nodded to herself, as if in agreement to her own sentiment. It seemed she always did that... agree with herself. Whatever, it didn't really matter much to her. She was having fun and that was all that mattered.

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A sudden and horrible silence enveloped the vessel as it finally took off from the port. People watched as the girl so desperate for a place aboard the ship boldly lay across the man who bore the title of "Shadow"... a silent and brutal killer in the eyes of most. This man was known for talking to himself frequently and drawing out the deaths of his opponents slowly... so as to relish in their suffering. This figure, feared for this reason and many others had been left alone by the others out of fear and yet here comes a brazen young woman, bold enough to use his lap as a footrest? The crowd held bated breaths as they prepared for bloody murder and, most likely a capsized boat.

"Aha... I was hardly saving the spot... more just the people in Dol Donna know me well enough to try and avoid me." A sigh of relief resounded throughout the crowds as Crimson only smiled and returned the thumbs up as his friends feet were thrust without hesitation onto his lap. He didn't really care, he liked Valkyrie and knew her well enough to be more than comfortable with such close quarters as she was providing. "Ah but... you're welcome regardless... especially considering you seem to be making use of my seat aswell." He sighed gently in a sort of exasperated way, but he made no movements to push her off of him. He was too nice to do that.

Crimson reached over Valkyries legs and opened up his inventory once more... anyone peaking at his menu would see pages filled with various potions, poisons and medicines of all kind... an ode to his alchemy skill no doubt. After flicking through a few tabs of items that he really had no use for at that moment in time, Crimson finally reached his destination, stuck haphazardly between the icons for a basic healing poultice and a deadly paralysis tonic was a brand new skill book for high level alchemists, Crimson had received it as a reward for a quest and was quite happy when he realized the tomes rarity. It was entitled "The beauty poison enhanced blades." and it allowed the reader to apply poison to a variety of blade like weapons so as to transfer their effects directly to an opponents blood stream through cuts and grazes made while attacking. Crimson was sure that it would make his already impressive weaponry and tactics even more deadly than before.

Once the book was poofed out of his inventory and sitting comfortably in his hands, Joshua began flicking through the pages as he answered Valkyrie's question. "I wouldn't know about the authenticity of this lead... I mean it seems rather unlikely to me that the guild masters would so openly display themselves for the World... especially when they're supposed to be "hiding in plain sight" so to speak." Crimson nodded solemnly, like an old sage. "But there is a chance... especially considering rumors of these two players strength. Crimson lurched forward slightly and frowned briefly as the now moving boat thudded against a river bound log. Sometimes they made the game TOO realistic, in his opinion. "Either way... I respect the Guild Masters decision to pursue this further. I suppose we'll just have to see what happens eh?"

The setting changes from ROOT TOWN: DOL DONNA to ROOT TOWN: BREG EPONA

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#, as written by Flexar

ImageThe first reply Raijin received was from Korpal. Rather disappointingly, he was already occupied with something else. Normally Raijin would have sternly told Korpal that guild matters came first, but it wasn't urgent; he could just fill Korpal in later. He was just about to wish Korpal luck before the rest of the guild sent their replies:
"Got it!"
"I'm on my way now, guild master Raijin. I should arrive in Mac Anu in a few moments... the train to Breg Epona may take a little longer of course, but I'll try to be at the guild before morning is out!"
"Gotcha. On my way!"
Fortunately, they would all be coming to meeting. As always, Crimson's reply was rather formal and informative, whereas the replies of Valkyrie and Emma were fairly succinct. He often felt like telling Crimson to calm down slightly and just to call him Alistair, but he'd long since realised that such attempts were futile. Instead, he just responded to them all with:
"Well it's nice to know that most of the guild can make it. I'm on the train to Breg Epona right now, So it should be a couple of hours or so before I reach the guild @home. I would appreciate it if you can all be as swift as you can, but it won't be too much of a problem if you miss a train; I almost missed mine. I look forward to seeing you soon. Korpal, let me know when you're available and I'll fill you in; I hope you job goes well."

Raijin smiled as he closed the guild chat window; even if everyone in his guild was rather odd, he was fond of them all the same. Their company was just about all that kept him sane in this crazy world; he'd even had second thoughts about looking for the game masters so that he could spend more time with his guild members.

Raijin turned his head to see Emma plop down into the seat next to him; fortunately, it looked like he would have some company on the trip. Hour long journeys weren't so bad in the real world where Alistair good just listen to music, read a book or play on his phone, things weren't so simple in Eden.
"Good morning." Raijin greeted her, "You look rather out of breath; I take it I wasn't the only one who only just got to the train in time."