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Chimera Soldier

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a character in “Operation Snowfall”, originally authored by Grahf, as played by RolePlayGateway


Physical Description

Hair: Crystal based, color unknown.
Eyes: Yellow.
Skin Tone: Dark.
Body type: Muscular.
Unique Features: Sharp teeth, rows of them. Chitin System (See History).



Chimera; Lab created DNA experiment.


Sexual Orientation


Personality Description

Conditioned for battle from an early age, Apex-1 shows signs of being cocky. He looks down on an opponent unless granted some form of challenge. It should be noted however that when not in combat the Chimera known as Apex-1 displays almost child-like traits, these traits would apear to be the beast's true personality, which draw back into the mind when faced with battle.


-No Fear: Apex was conditioned to feel no fear in battle. An enlarged adrenal gland keeps his blood filled with adrenaline. "I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain."

-Rage: With the enlarged adrenal gland in place Apex can begin to enter a berzerker rage at any time, greatly raising strength and speed, gaining greater focus and clarity. "Hulk smash? No. Apex Destroy."

- Tank-Birth: Created in a lab Apex was exposed to many things to enhance him. From the nanites that shaped his organs to the radiation that stimulated his growth, the building blocks of his life were perfected to create a flawless being. While in the tank the brain was stimulated, increasing capacity and raising the general IQ. "E=Mc2, means this solanoid quelch going to leave a mile wide crater...where your family is hiding."

- Tinker: Being tech savy has it's perks, Apex can use most tech devices after looking them over quickly. "Point the bad end at you...and fire."


-Inexperienced: While being quite powerful, Apex has never faced something outside of the lab simulations. "These bullets hurt...they are NOTHING like the books said.."

-Curiosity: Since Apex was raised in an inclosed space he looks upon the outside world with quite a child-like viewpoint. Easily excitable and quite curious. Due to the increase in IQ while in the tank, Apex has a deeply rooted scientific mind, more interested in learning than in socialization. "...The's so blue, the clouds...where do they get the clouds? Condensed water, magic. That's what they are."

-Tech Dependant: While the magnetic abilities are quite useful, Apex still prefers to use tech in battle. "Curse your mind-bullets! Hacks! That is what they are."

Stats 1-10/40 pts

Strength 8 1||||||||--10

Intelligence 7 1|||||||---10

Agility 8 1 ||||||||--10

Wisdom 4 1 ||||------10

Toughness 7 1 |||||||---10

Dexterity 6 1 ||||||----10

Electro-Magnetics- Using the heightened levels of Magnetite in his brain Apex can alter magnetic fields. While this sounds vague it is hard to explain. Through manipulation of the magnetic field of his hands for instance he can either attract metals; grabbing a sword or armor bit and holding it without damage and without breaking his hold. Or the opposite; reversing the polarity and unleashing bursts of force- pushing outward in blasts. Each hand is able to generate up to 500PSI of push as a minor action, greater forces require time and gathering.

Nanites- As a minor innate, the Chimera Species houses a special colony of nanites, these have grown within the bodies of the beasts and are sheilded from EMPs, as the Chimera use electromagnets often. These nanites serve as a second immune system of sorts, providing accelerated healing and immunodefence against viruses. No where as powerful as medical grade nanites, these typicaly handle the jobs that the Chimera's natural white blood cells lack capacity for.

Iron Belly- The specialy designed nanite-digestion tract (See history) allows for the consumption of anything the Chimera can choke down. From wood to stone, no matter the material's makeup..the belly will break it down into some form of energy. Side effects do include constipation and or diareah, depending on what is consumed. Poisons and other toxic things are filtered out quickly, with minimal effects.

Synth Lungs- The hybrid lungs of the Chimera (See history) allow for filtration of harmful gases. However, the bio-filters clog like any other, and require quick cleaning through an inhaler. To avoid this the MK7 Armor is an inclosed system. The lungs allow for emergency breathing in bad conditions..but are hardly perfect.

Racial Bonuses
+Adrenal Bonuses.
+Increased speed and strength.
+Increase to mental and physical stats when in group of Chimera.
+Nanite-regeneration over time.


Hand-to-hand: Trained against the toughest simulations and androids that DesCorp could afford. Apex's natural strength is easily ten times that of a standard human, augmented by the suit however it is well over twenty.

Bladed Weapon: Skilled with most bladed weapons, preferring large knives over swords however; the Kukuri is a specialty.

Ranged Weapon: From guns to arrows, Apex has trained with them all. While not a favorite way of dealing death, they will not be ignored. Pistols and shotguns are preferred.


Toxicity- The saliva and blood of the Chimera is a violent neurotoxin mixed with some form of anticoagulant. The results from bite-tests show a near continuous bleed while the target suffered paralysis and seizures. Death results from exsanguination or cardiac arrest, whichever happens first. Absorption through the skin causes severe reactions; bleeding pores, spreading rash, seizures and convultions. Injestion or direct exposure to blood are fatal.

Sphyrnidae- Heightened olfactory system; The hammerhead shark can smell a single drop of blood in the ocean from five miles away.

Felidae- Enhanced strength and agility; Heavily augmented strain of Panthera, leading towards a stronger 'Tiger-Panther' build. Lean and muscular.



MK7 Prototype Power Armor; Aegis System base- UPDATE: A new upgrade allowed for a coating of an abletive material- millions of microscopic scales formed from engineered microbes (bacteria) fused with metals and allowed to die. The bodies decompose, forming a micron-thick layer of discardable shell. Impacts from kinetic weapons and energy alike are dispersed along the surface, shedding away scales to negate impacts.

Head: MK7 Prototype Power Armor; Aegis System.
Visiual: Unaugmented standard vision, with options for motion detect and low-light, as well as an option for detecting electronic fields.

Torso: MK7 Prototype Power Armor; Aegis System.
Carbon nanoweave overlay by a basecoat of silica. Break-away titanium plates for extra armor.
Baseline defense: Level 5, Fibrecore Plates.

Arms: MK7 Prototype Power Armor; Aegis System.
Carbon nanoweave joints, allowing for flexability while retaining strength.
Augmented full thickness Fibrecore shoulder plates. Advanced Elbow-Blade system, extends upto 24 inches- Carbon Nano-Damascus Steel.

Legs:MK7 Prototype Power Armor; Aegis System.
Full thickness plate, Fibrecore sheathing for legs. Intergrated combat boots, armored soles and toe.
Dragonscale Sole System, extendable scales of steel to aid in traction located along underside of boot.

Name: DesCorp Specialty Pistol; DS-Mk1 ( ... =152407190 )
Type: Pistol.
Ammo: 5.56mm SNUB/ 13+1 round box mag.
Augmented in size and caliber, the DS-Mk1 is a specialized pistol created for the use of the Chimera series.

Name: DesCorp Specialty Shotgun; DCSS ( ... =152407189 )
Type: Shotgun.
Ammo: 12 Gauge. RIOT or DART compatable. Variable tube mag/ 10+1 shot- 10 tube loaded, 1 chambered.
Augmented in size and caliber, the DCSs is a specialized shotgun created for the use of the Chimera series.


2-Kukuri blades. Blade length: 21 inches, overall: 27 inches. Full-tang Damascus Steel. ( ... =152407102 )

4- clips for pistols.

16- shells for shotgun, mixed load.

Emergency suit repar kit.


Energy Bar: Food.



:TRANSCRIPT START:-Confidential material, Warning. Level X clearance required.

Test cycle: 100 Human fetus.
Week 1: 100 fetus Add feline DNA/ 1/4 die off= 25.
Week 1: 75 Feline/Human fetus Add bio-nanite re constructors: Feed 25 to 75.
Week 4: 75 enhanced Add Hammerhead Shark DNA/ 1/4 die off= 18.75, 19 after mutation is killed.
Week 4: 56 Feline/Shark/Human- Add 2nd round Nanite+immune boosters( 19 fed to 56.
Week 9: 56 enhanced Add external stimulants: UV, Acids, Shock, Vibration. 50% Die off= 28.
Week 9: 28 gain resistances Stronger bones/heart, thicker skin. Typical gestation: ... ks_1098.bc
Week 15: 28 exposed to viral poisons (Sarin, BT, Cyanide) as well as Nanite constructors. 75% die off= 21.
Week 15: 7 Develop complex lung filters, nanite-flesh weaves webs along the bronchial tubes. An unexpected Mutation occurs in 3- Toxicity.
Week 16: 4 deaths due to the evolved Toxicity, 3 absorb the dead.
Week 25: 3 exposed to radioactive isotopes, U235. 0 fatalities.
Week 25: Exposure to Uranium Isotopes allows the hair growth common at this stage to change. Instead of hair the beings grow long thin crystal lattices.
Week 37: 3 full term, separation. 2 female, 1 male.
Week 38: Begin indoctrination. Note: Irises of Female 1 and the Male show distinct coloring Pale yellow.
Week 41: "Birth". 3 subjects are ready to be released from the tubes. Female 1 and Female 2 are housed together while the Male is placed in solitary. Begin conditioning.
Week 45: Female 1 kills Female 2. Isolation. Conditioning to resume. Dissection of dead.

Upon dissecting the dead female's body we were able to make a more detailed report. It seems our efforts were a success; we have created a hybrid being. The being's form is that of a humanoid- Two arms, two legs, one head. Yet inside it is something else. Internal organs are both strangely located and oddly formed. From the exposures the fetus came in contact with the lungs are almost completely changed, as is the heart and brain. The stomach is one of the strangest features yet; it is entirely artificial.

It seems the nanites introduced to the live tissue have formed some form of symbiotic relationship in the form of a new stomach. In place of digestion the organ simply assimilates anything the 'child' eats, breaking it down into carbon and filtering the waste. Where normal digestion would yield energy from sugars this stomach-system instead provides direct energy. As the nanites work on the object they produce heat and vibrations, these are then converted over to kinetic energy and worked along the surface of the organ where they are absorbed into strange new 'feeler' organs and used to stimulate the heart and other organs.

The heart itself is double the size nature normally intended, with nearly endless potentiality for physical exertion. It is a runner's heart, a fighters heart, with it beating at a slow pace it would still be pumping about four times the normal amount of blood. This mammoth muscle provides the being with boundless potential; it would be hard pressed to get worn out in combat or any other activity. NOTE: Later tests should determine transplant options; sports stars = $$$
The brain looks normal at first glance, until one notices a strange webbing of black spread across most of the frontal lobe. This in itself is not all that odd; all brains contain trace metals, magnetic in nature, it's how animals find paths North and South for migration and such. In this case however the metals are quite noticeable; yet do not respond to any form of magnetism available, the function is a mystery. The only other thing of note is the Endocrine system.
The typical brain's endocrine system controls the base fight or flight actions; it handled the explosion of adrenaline that spikes when we feel fear. In the case of the is always pumping. This constant flow of adrenaline is only made possible by the larger heart; it can handle the extra blood pressure. With it's system running full time, the adrenal gland is massive. We think this may grant the being's a 'Berserker' mode.
Further mutations appear when looking at the skeletal system. The bones themselves seem almost bird-like, lighter than we expected. An outer shell of a composite between crystal lattice and calcium provides a durable sheath, while a strangely liquid core acts as marrow. It is unknown how this will change as the subjects age and grow. One would surmise that in time the liquid would either harden into a solid or a gel. Beyond the strange composition the rest of the skeleton is normal, until you reach the hands.

Where as humans typically have five fingers; four digits and an opposable thumb, the hands of the subjects only has three. One is seen as a thumb, fully equal to our own, only slightly larger. The other two seem to function perfectly in gripping, not at all a handicap, they too are larger than regular. If one were to tape the pointer to the middle, and the ring to the pinkie it would be comparable. As of yet the children are to young to test strength correctly, but the autopsy reveals the potential for quite a strong grip.
The muscle tissue of the children is remarkable. The exposure to elements and factors in the womb created a need for stronger muscle tissue, while the added nanites went to work enhancing the natural evolution. Individual muscle fibers in the children appear to be about 50% flesh and 50% artificial, much like the other points where joining has occurred the nanites have formed a symbiotic relationship. When the tissue is stretched to what one would call it's breaking point the artificial strands extend to allow more give, recoiling back much faster and harder than normal tissue would allow; we project the impact force from a fully developed arm delivering a punch to be equal to if not surpassing the force generated by a jackhammer's drill point.

The developed toxicity that killed off the final few in the womb is unknown; no trace is left viable in the dead child, yet evidence points to a powerful neurotoxin.

While we do not believe the children will ever possess the raw physical power on par with comic book super heroes, no throwing of cars or bending steel girders, they will be quite powerful when fully mature. We are working closely with the Aegis Program in developing the synthetic combat armor meant to be used by the subjects. Upon reaching maturity the subjects will receive the proscribed 'Chitin' upgrade.

Chitin- Super-dense poly weave plates, implanted sub-duraly. Flexible, due to the amalgamated plastic design, built with the subject's own DNA samples to resist rejection. The Chitin Armor system will be adhered to the subject's skeletal system to provide extra protection from internal injury. Thin, the plates will only be measurable by laser, hardly a hair's thickness, yet tough as inch thick steel.

As of yet we do not have any idea why the hair grew in as strands of microcrystals; it looks like normal hair in most respects, it's just far harder. Perhaps the body was simply providing a defense against the harsh environment. For whatever reason all the hair on the children's bodies is comprised of this strange fiber. As of yet the only unusual feature of note is the ability the crystals possess to change color; this allows the children to change hair color at will.

Further tests will be needed to document how the children grow.

-From the notes of a DesCorp scientist, dated 13 years ago.

So begins...

Apex-1's Story


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The city bustled with the sounds of metal. Clanking, grinding, and scratching filled the street. Deep inside the city's bowls the sounds were muffled. The War Room, a room filled with maps of all of Rensen. Rensen trade routes, outposts, patrol schedules, and clocks of diffrent time-zones cover the walls. The analyzers, highest ranking officers, and the whole of the Angle Squad talked war. This went on for hours and hours, until 4 men in full light mech armor marched in the room. Red 3's personal guard.

"SOLDIERS! ATTENTION!" One shouted inside the suit. The entire room stood in attention as a tall woman talked through the door of the War Room. The room fell silent as they all realized it was no other than Red 3 herself.

"...At ease..." She muttered out as she walked to the center of the room and put her hands on the table. "Lady's and gentlemen. We have come to a crucial point in the war..." She stated as she walked around the room, looking over the maps and charts, along with the people in the room, men and women she had fought with. "We have taken, in the past 3 months, 103 Rensen supply caravans, and have seized almost 60 new mechs. As of now men, we are stronger than we have ever been..." From this, the room roared with cheer. But the celebration was short lived as she spoke again. "But... Rensen has developed a new weapon. Commander Tullias, you have the floor."

Slowly, an older man in his 50's stood in front of the room, and after a short introduction pulled up a hologram of soldier. But no normal soldier. What ever it was, it looked human, but didn't seem human. The body was to large, though it wasnt large enough to be a Super. "This, is what we are facing. Rensen scientists have bujild what ever this is, and plan to make more of them... Right now, this is the only one. But more soon more will be made. We know that this one has a reputation of being... Aggressive. We have to get to him, and kill him, before more of him can be made... We almost nothing about him. other than he is somewhere on the contenate. But for now, all squads are to report to there posts, and protect the city until we gather enough intel..."

For the next half hour, Tullis talked of other varius situations, but the idea of the soldier was the only one that stuck in the minds of the men. From here, the meeting was dismissed, and the room resumed its normal ruteins.


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#, as written by Grahf



Then a roar of explosion. Steel screams as it rips like paper, sparks jump from suddenly exposed wires, munitions go off with several rapid bangs. What was a mech only moments before became a shattered and torn paperweight in the blink of an eye. Something had torn it in half. Perfectly divided down it's middle- from the squat boxy head to what would have been it's groin had it been a living creature, a split ran. For a moment it sat, sparking and smoking from the divide.....before a shift causes the whole thing to fall over.

A lone figure stands, wreathed in smoke, yet already enough detail revealed to show that THIS was the being on the secure footage. And it had just ripped a mech in half. But not with it's hands. A motion, one hand rising swiftly, causes the left half of the ruined mech to vibrate slightly...and lift from the ground a few inches. With a sweeping motion, as if casting aside a bit of paper, the arm moves...and the hunk of metal is flung away. The armored being commands an invisible force...

'Apex, return to base. We are detecting wireless communications and the activation of Sat weaponry. Enemy presence is evident.' the Vox Bead crackles in the being's ear, before resuming 'The test was successful, but you need to return.'

"Sorry, Control...Coms seem to be fuzzy. Didn't get that last order..moving on." the beast replies, switching off the Vox Bead. So, there was prey about? How interesting. The armored figure steps out of the wreckage, one hand reaching down to unholster it's sidearm. Hunting season had come early. Command would long as he brought home a few scalps. With a chuckle Apex actiivates an active tracking program, seeking to triangulate the source of the wireless brodcasts...someone wasn't using encrypted channels. They would pay for that.

An arrow forms on the HUD, pointing in the general direction the signal had originated from...the details would sharpen the closer he got.


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Lena nodded, "Yes, if there's one there's more..." she said as she saw a blue fur-ball wave hi at her, 'What the hell is that.' she thought as she pondered on what to do, Kill it, or help it. To her it seemed friendly, but, she couldn't tell. As Lena thought she heard explosions go on behind her, "Get in." she demanded opening the Cockpit letting him in, "Don't touch anything but your seat please, I'm in a fight..." Quickly Lena turned around seeing a powerful Rensen Mecha behind her by what she thought was through tracing, "Sunuva..." she muttered as she prepared for a flee due to her angel mecha's lighter armor, she immediately yelped, "Alley you bastard!" as she launched her angel into the air high enough that his tracer can't target her or radar she got an analysis in where she was, she was in the stratosphere of the earth. She continued to move towards home base to alert the others of the mecha she found with a rather odd look to it, especially the logo on it, it looked familiar, but Lena wasn't positive where she saw it though. She continued to fly.

Finally Lena returned back to the Reds HQ, she looked at the blue fur-ball, "If you want to join, talk to Red-3" she said as she got and walked up to AIS, "Thank you for you assistance" she said with a slight bow. She stood back up and went to find Alley. After about twenty minutes of searching she found him, and Laurence, "May I borrow him Lauren?" she asked as she put her arm around Alley's neck tightening a bit.