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Lauren (Laurence) Hallows

"What would you do for something you believed in?"

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a character in “Operation Snowfall”, as played by Leon21



Name: Lauren Hallows "Call me Laurence. Seriously. I'll shoot you through the head if you don't."
Age: Twenty-nine. "I'm really that old?!"
Sex: "Oh, why not?" Female
Gender: Male "Yep, you've got a genuine trans-guy here."
Rank: Special Ops.

Appearance: Laurence has a slender build with a rather thin waist accented by fairly wide shoulders. He stands at 5'7" in height, so he isn't exactly the tallest of all people. His chest bulges outwards just slightly more than most males' chests, a fact that he tries to hide by wearing far too many layers of fairly loose clothing. If he had longer hair, his face would look rather feminine, but, thanks to having a short hair cut, his face appears to be mostly male. It is a bit softer looking than the face of most males, but most people just think that's because he is still fairly young. His hair is dirty blonde in colour, and his eyes are hazel.

Armor: Very little, in fact, Laurence doesn't wear much more other than a bulletproof vest hidden under his clothes.
1. Head: Nothing
2. Chest: A bullet proof vest hidden under his clothes.
3. Legs: Nothing.


Sexual Orientation: Gay. "So, anyone interested?"
-Fighting for what he thinks is right.
-Change. Laurence finds that change always ends up being good, and tends to always go with the flow. Of course, sometimes, he is a bit hesitant about change, but usually he isn't. This has gotten him into a bit of trouble before.
-Animals. He adores each and every animal, even the ones that tend to terrify people.
-Killing people. "Yup, I'm a sniper and I don't like killing people. I'm weird, I know." Laurence would much rather capture someone to complete a mission than kill them. Of course, if killing them is the only way to get them out of the picture, he would certainly kill them.
-Discrimination. Considering Laurence doesn't fit into Rensen society in just about every possible way, he knows first hand what it feels like to be discriminated against, and hates it.
-Cowards. Laurence is a very bold guy who is willing to stand up for himself, so he doesn't like people who don't stand up for themselves.


Weapons: A Mosin-Nagant M91 sniper rifle.
Other: Extra ammunition, as well as a couple of cyanide tablets in case of being captured. Laurence knows that he'd face death penalty if he were to be captured, so he'd rather die by his own hands.


Story: Laurence has lived a life of secrets and deception. Ever since he was young, perhaps around seven or eight years of age, he knew he wasn't as female as his body. In fact, he was the exact opposite. Laurence told his parents, and they quickly told him to shut up and never mention it again. He didn't understand why they told him that at the time, but soon realised why upon turning thirteen, seeing how corrupt the country really was. Ever since then, Laurence has been living in the shadows, hiding just about everything about himself.

Shortly before turning eighteen, Laurence let something about his true self slip to one of his best friends. Hours later, the police were knocking on the door, intending to take Laurence away. Not knowing what else to do, Laurence grabbed his money and ran, having little more than the clothes on his back. He lived all over the country for the next few years, running from the government. At some point, he discovered the Red's, and joined almost immediately. He has been loyal to them ever since.

So begins...

Lauren (Laurence) Hallows's Story


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#, as written by Leon21
Laurence tilted his head to the side as he listened to General Tullis speak about the new soldier that Rensen had created. "Lovely," he muttered, rolling his eyes in a way that clearly signified his 'lovely' was incredibly sarcastic. "More things we need to be scared of." He sighed, crossing his arms across his chest. "That poor man," he murmured, his voice momentarily rising in the octave before he quickly forced it down to its usual tenor range tone. "I bet he didn't ask to be made into such a monstrosity."

Once the meeting was dismissed, he turned around, walking out of the meeting hall. Laurence was off-duty today, today being his one free day of the week, and he had absolutely no clue of what he should do. He found himself heading towards his room in the soldiers' wing, deciding that the most useful thing he could do now was to clean all of his equipment, especially his M91 sniper rifle. Laurence absolutely loved the rifle. It was his most prized possession, even if he hated the fact that he had to kill people with it.

He walked into his room, leaving the door open behind him. Laurence absolutely hated closed doors when he was awake, just like he hated open doors when he was sleeping. Basically, he just disliked anything that allowed someone to sneak up on him. He could be rather paranoid at times, clearly.

Pulling out a box from under his bed, Laurence opened it, revealing his M91 laying in pieces inside of it. Carefully, he began to clean each piece with a delicate ease that made it obvious he had done this many times before. THe fact that the rifle was practically sparkling was another clue that Laurence didn't exactly just let it sit around in grime.


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Lena accepted Alley's call

"I'm searching for something.. And stop using an unencrypted channel to talk to me, I could be traced..." Lena said to Alley

"yeah yeah, alright.. keep your cool" he continued "it's not like we are the only ones using cellphone on earth.. "

suddenly the connection was cut off. Alley scratched the back of his head because of the sudden disconnection and started to continue his walk to the garage. Along the way he saw Lauren cleaning a sniper rifle in his room with the door opened. Alley stopped walking.

"Hei, Lauren" he called to Lauren from the outside the room
"you wanna check out those new Mechas in the garage?"


AIS was already observing Lena from the satellite when Lena request to laser a Tank Mecha on a given coordinate.

"request received" she said to Lena using their encrypted communication channel by her aeriel earpiece.

AIS satellite was outside of earth atmosphere. It started to glow bright red, turning its tip accurately pointing to the coordinate given on earth, and shoots a silent laser down, as fast as the speed of light. The laser hit the coordinates given and blasted through the Tank Mecha, sounding like thunder, leaving a giant hole in the middle of it. The tank has stopped moving and the engine fell silent but it is uncertain if the Tank Mecha pilot is dead or alive.

Suddenly a small airship fell down on the Tank Mecha, exploding, destroying both the airship and the Tank Mecha.

AIS started to observe carefully through the Satellite and saw a small furry blue thing like a koala bear on Lena's Mecha. AIS's satellite laser ready to fire if the blue thing is sure an enemy...

"should I inform RED 3 about your encounter with the enemy, Lena?" AIS asked Lena if information should be given to RED 3.


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#, as written by Leon21
Laurence glanced up, a peeved look on his face, as he heard Alley greet him. "How many times must I remind you that my name is Laurence, not Lauren?" he asked, setting down his rifle on the bed next to him to cross his arms in front of his chest, a gesture clearly signifying the fact that he was rather annoyed. "Isn't a million times enough for you to finally get it?"

Upon hearing Alley's offer to go see the new Mechas, Laurence's face quickly softened, his eyebrows rising from their frown and his lips curling out of their scowl. Despite seeming like it, he actually wasn't mad, although perhaps a bit annoyed. It took a lot more than an incorrect name to get Laurence angry at one of his friends, and he considered Alley a friend.

"I can't say I'm all that interested in Mechas, but sure. It's always nice to see what I have to depend on to save my life once I'm out of ammunition, even if I can't make heads or tails of them. I never understood how all of you tech-y people manage to understand how those giant hulking metal creatures work." Laurence stood up, carefully putting all of the pieces of the rifle together and slinging it across his back. This may have seemed like a bit of an odd gesture, but it was really purely because Laurence was completely paranoid, and always liked to be armed. Circumstances when he couldn't carry a weapon - such as the meeting he was at earlier in the day - always worried him.

He adjusted his jacket slightly, tugging at one of the shoulders and making sure it was sitting properly on his chest. Laurence was always self-conscious about his clothes, always feeling like they made his body seem incredibly curvy, even when it wasn't. "So, shall we go, then?" the male asked, setting his military-style cap on his head. Laurence was always dressing in full uniform, even one his free days. He thought it made him look official. Most people thought that he was perhaps just a tad enthusiastic about being a member of the Reds.


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Lena nodded, "Yes, if there's one there's more..." she said as she saw a blue fur-ball wave hi at her, 'What the hell is that.' she thought as she pondered on what to do, Kill it, or help it. To her it seemed friendly, but, she couldn't tell. As Lena thought she heard explosions go on behind her, "Get in." she demanded opening the Cockpit letting him in, "Don't touch anything but your seat please, I'm in a fight..." Quickly Lena turned around seeing a powerful Rensen Mecha behind her by what she thought was through tracing, "Sunuva..." she muttered as she prepared for a flee due to her angel mecha's lighter armor, she immediately yelped, "Alley you bastard!" as she launched her angel into the air high enough that his tracer can't target her or radar she got an analysis in where she was, she was in the stratosphere of the earth. She continued to move towards home base to alert the others of the mecha she found with a rather odd look to it, especially the logo on it, it looked familiar, but Lena wasn't positive where she saw it though. She continued to fly.

Finally Lena returned back to the Reds HQ, she looked at the blue fur-ball, "If you want to join, talk to Red-3" she said as she got and walked up to AIS, "Thank you for you assistance" she said with a slight bow. She stood back up and went to find Alley. After about twenty minutes of searching she found him, and Laurence, "May I borrow him Lauren?" she asked as she put her arm around Alley's neck tightening a bit.


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Character Portrait: Lena Geveron Character Portrait: Alley Ishka Character Portrait: Lauren (Laurence) Hallows Character Portrait: Artificial Intelligence Satellite Character Portrait: Blue
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AIS saw that Lena took the blue furry thing and was already out of dangers way. The satellite was turned to observation mode. While still monitoring Lena through the satellite, AIS contacted RED 3.

"Calling RED 3" she tried contacting RED 3 through the encrypted channel.
"There was a Tank Mecha detected near 493 East and 24 North in the northeast sector" she continued "The Tank Mecha was destroyed by Satellite laser and a falling airship... Lena has taken a blue koala bear in her Mecha and currently on the way back to base"

After a while, AIS reached the takeoff area and saw Lena's mecha land. After the mecha landed, the blue koala bear jumped out and Lena started talking to it. Lena then walked to AIS.

"Thank you for you assistance" Lena said with a slight bow and walked away

Then the koala bear started to talk to AIS

"hello, do you know where I can find the leader of the Red's? Me wish to speak with her." The koala bear said with its ears flat against its head.

AIS eyed the being for a moment. Looking at its blue fur,2 pair of arms, big sharp teeth and weird eyes. The creature was incredibly rough looking but cute in its own way.

"May I know your name and what is your purpose of meeting Master RED 3?" she asked with an expressionless face


Alley and Laurence went to the garage together. The garage was lined with many kind of mecha and mobiles. Engineers was busy doing their work. Some were repairing and maintaining wellness of machinery while some were spraying paints, changing the color, painting new Red's logo on the machines and mechas.

Alley took his sweet time examining the types of mobiles that was available and a green jeep caught Alley's eye.


"wow this looks nice" Alley said what he was thinking and turned to Laurence
"it's in good condition.. No Rensen's or Red's logo" he continued "we could take it out and scout the area without Rensen knowing we're from Red"

Suddenly an arm clutches Alley's neck, tightening. Alley placed his hand on the arm wondering who it was and turned to look. It was Lena.

" "May I borrow him Lauren?" she said to Laurence

Other than Alley, Lena also called Laurence by the name of, Lauren.