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Opposites Collide

Opposites Collide


He's a werewolf,she's a vampire. Both are a forced to be reckoned with. So what happens when he breaks into her house and they nearly kill each other?

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Private roleplay between BleedingLover and Myself.

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The ground shuddered with each heavy footfall, they were after him, they were always after him. Although he never actually existed, he was just a story parents made up in order to scare disobedient children that if they wandered to far into the woods, the beast would rip their flesh from bone.

This is why he was running an idiotic hunter and a few others were helping him to try and capture the beast in order to capture him and claim the big reward. Sliding down a steep hill, the strap rocks and twigs cutting up his torso, he landed heavily his shoulder taking most of the blow. Growling deeply in pain his vision turned blurry for a few moments but his hearing picked up the rustling of leaves and voices and so the beast was unleashed. The sound of growling filled the night air as the men's voices came nearer.

" where did it go, the footprints stop here" said a man crouching down to get a better look. Another man joined him and spoke his voice wavering with concern. " it changed look its probably watching us right now" all the men looked at each other and the stench of fear was high. Leaping from the trees one man was killed instantly by the crushing weight of the wolf, he sank his teeth into the hunter who screamed out in blistering pain. The other man fumbled for his gun shooting random shots unable to compose himself enough to aim, one bullet tore through his chest narrowly missing any vital organs ,and the wolf snapped his neck in half with a single push.

His human form appeared slowly the popping and crunching of bones as they reset themselves. Panting heavily he searched through the men's equipment taking important things such as bottled water, first aid kits and shoe laces to replaced his old ones.

He took off running again slightly slower this time due to the bullet in his chest, he would have time to take it out when he rested for the night and that wasn't going to be soon. Sniffing quickly he picked up a faint smell of food, he hadn't eaten for a while, sure human and animal flesh was good to live on but actual cooked food what much more satisfying.

It was a house, a cabin of sorts but it looked a lot like the houses in the village, modern and clean looking. Approaching cautiously getting ready to run at any sound, the house was dark but that didn't mean it wasn't lived in. Opening the window slowly he crept in making his way quickly to the kitchen opening the refrigerator, blinded by the bright light but his eyes adjusted quickly. He grabbed a plateful of chicken as well as some ham and a loaf of bread for good measure. Ripping apart the chicken he ate hungrily, lightly snarling at the pleasure of eating actual food. Next he would try to find some clothes and perhaps somewhere to get clean he had been wearing stolen clothes for years and washed then whenever he had the chance but it was limited when you were always in the run.


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"Come on! It's only three, just think of all the souls we could ruin in one more hour, Paige!" Her friend, Damon told her with the rest of her coven nodding their heads, trying to get their friend to not go home just yet. Paige just shook her head before smirking. "I would love to but, I have class tomorrow and I can't miss the test. Besides, I have drunk enough blood for the night, trust me I'm good. But, you guys go ahead and have fun draining the poor and innocent people of this town." Her friends crackled, the laugh could be heard from miles away in the woods where most of them lived. Paige lived alone but, she wasn't far from her coven that she has been with for the past 500 years. "You know it, we're going to! We'll see you tomorrow, love." Damon said before kissing her cheek and walking off with the rest of the large coven. She leaned against a wooden bean on her porch as she listened to them cackle one more time before vanishing in to the darkness, back into the city. She sighed before opening her door and entering her house, turning on the kitchen light just to grab a bottle of wine before turning the lights right back off as she ran to her room upstairs.

She went directly to her study where she had all her books and papers spread out over the large wooden desk with the desk light on. She scooted into her black chair before she went back to study for her exam in medicine.

It wasn't long until, her phone vibrated waking her up from her sleep on her desk. She rose her head up seeing it was from Damon, saying what she missed since they left her to go to the city. All the humans that screamed, how close they were to getting exposed because of one newborn. But, of course, he put an end to the traitor just as quickly as he started the young man's life as a vampire. She chuckled before tossed her phone back down and running her hand through her blonde hair until she could feel something thick and dry; dried blood. "Great." She huffed to herself as she got up and entered her bathroom in order to get the blood of her victim out of her hair. That would have been bad if someone would have seen the red in her hair.

She started the water and jumped into the scolding water, not feeling how hot it truly was. She was in the shower when she began hearing something or someone downstairs and from the sound of it, they were in her kitchen. But, nonetheless they were in her territory and no one was allowed in her territory without her say so. She grabbed her robe and turned the water off before quietly making her way down her wooden stairs without making a single sound. Getting her fangs out and licking them, knowing that she was about to kill someone or at least beat the human near to death. It was half way down the stairs that she smelled who it was; a wolf. Just what she needed. But, her coven had a rule that unless the dogs attacked or looked like they were about to, they wouldn't or couldn't kill them. Or face punishment.

She looked in her kitchen, seeing a man with dark black hair sitting down at her kitchen table eating Damon's leftovers from when they went out for an actual meal other than human blood. She went right behind him and grabbed by his neck, pinning him to the wall, her grip tightening the longer she looked at the man. "Who are you? And why the Hell are you here, you... mutt."


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He tore through the chicken like it was his last meal, well it probably would be at least a full meal not just scraps. Most of the meat was gone just a few bits of meat left on the bones which was always great to chew on. He gnawed on a chicken leg for a few moment before the bone finally gave way and he chewed it thoroughly for a good few minutes. He checked the wound to his chest, it was still bleeding the blood dripping down to the floor of the kitchen, it would take a while to heal but as long as he kept his energy up with food and a little bit of rest he would be okay in a few days. There was just the trouble of getting the bullet out and he had no idea how deep it was lodged in. Growling lightly he poked at the wound with his finger and a sharp pain darted through his body, he panted lightly blinking to halt the drowsiness he felt.

Tristan grunted as someone pulled him up and slammed him against the wall, his head smacking against the wall. As well as his shoulder causing a shudder of pain to crunch into his chest burning through his body. He growled deeply but it was cut short as a cold hand gripped him around his neck tightly. His eyes flew open locking on the fangs revealing his attacker. A Vampire. She spoke as her grip grew even tighter. She was strong he had to admit that but so was he.

"Who are you? And why the Hell are you here, you... mutt."

He moved quickly grabbed her hair and pulling it sharply, as well as punching her in the ribs a few times even scratching at certain points. He swept his leg from under hers tripping her over and placing his foot on her throat pressing slowly as he responded.

" I'm just getting my fill, then leaving. Leech."

Tristan had killed a fair few vampires in his time at the forest, sometimes it was just in self defense when they had attacked him because of what he was. Othertimes it was killed or be killed. That was the way it was. Vampires and Werewolves had enough power to seriously injure their opponent but those kind of wounds could heal, it was a bite that was fatal something ou didn't want as well as a life in the dark.


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"Who are you? And why the Hell are you here, you... mutt." She raised an eyebrow, looking at him. Not believing a word that came out of his mouth. Her grip around the stranger's neck tightened even more as the seconds went on before feeling him pull on her hair. She let out a quick scream before feeling jabs go to her stomach and side. She could feel the scratches on her side, not making a big deal about them knowing that they would go away soon after she got some blood in her system.

She was about to attack him before feeling him trip her and place his foot firmly on her throat. She grabbed him ankle to stop him from pressing down anymore. " I'm just getting my fill, then leaving. Leech." She smirked before tightening her grip on his ankle as much as she could before snapping it in half and twisting it a bit just to cause the wolf pain. She tossed him off of her, letting him land on the ground next to her as she got up with a smirk. "Didn't anyone tell you that it takes more than that to kill a vampire?" She asked him before scoffing.

"Besides, we both know who would come out on top if we truly wanted to kill one another." She added before grabbing his arm and twisting it behind his back, keeping him from moving. She had a tight grip meaning, she'd be damn before letting him getting out of her hold. He already got her by surprise once and it wasn't going to happen again.


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Tristan yelped in pain as his foot was twisted and he was slammed on the floor. He growled deeply in his chest and was about to get up when she grabbed his arm behind his back. He struggled for a while but with his new injuries combining with his loss of blood, he rested his head on the floor breathing heavily.

" if I hadn't got this bullet in me you would be all over the walls when you first walked in the room. " he spoke still trying to move a bit more. "One bite is all it takes. One bite. Then it's bye bye immortality, hello oblivion." He was trying to buy time and he wasn't sure if it was working. He just needed to get out of her grasp, grab the first box of medical supplies he could then run but he was feeling weak.

He blinked a few times to wake himself up and spoke again " so are you going to get your filthy hands off me or am I going to have to chew them off?" He took a deep breath and arched his body so his legs kicked the vampires back. He then rolled over pulling her with him but now he was on top of her. His hand around her throat the other arm raised to punch down. But the all to familiar feeling of wooziness came soon after, and he fell to the side next to her his eyes closing slowly.

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