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a character in “Oppressors and Monsters”, as played by Ever



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Emotional themes
Kryptik || Room of Angels
[url=URL]Artist || song[/url]
[url=URL]Artist|| Song[/url]

Fighting || Main themes
[url=URL]Artist || Song[/url]
Shingeki no Kyojin OST|| Attack on Titan
Shingeki no Kyojin OST || Rittai Kidou


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Cecelia || The name her special person gave her, she refuses to let anyone at Project X know about it's existence.
Nova || Her birth name given to her at the lab, only her creator and other mutants know about this term. However, be warned; it's her trigger for violent retaliation.
"Mention any of these and I slit your throat.. got it?"

Ciel || The name she goes by within Project X, no one {besides the Second-in-Command and her special person} actually knows her real name.
L, C, or Nyx || Her preferred nicknames..if she has to have one.
Slyder or Slyder the Serpentine || Her hacking alias. To those close to her, she is merely known as "Slyder"..however, in the underground hacking community, she is revered as Slyder the Serpentine.

"What about it?"

"We should also add that I'm a disappointment to the female species everywhere."

"Ha! Oh yes, because green hair is totally normal..! Screwed up, didn't you?"

"Tch. Whaddya say..?!"

First Member of Project X || Hacker, Blackmailer

Freelance Hacker
"…Would tormenting others count? No? Fine… I'm a freelance hacker in my spare time. Dig up shit on rival companies for my employers, track down people, screw with other's lives for money. That kind of crap."

Why chose that side?
"Here's a word of advice from me to you; fuck off!"

Kido Tsubomi || Mekakucity Actors

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Hair color
A remarkable hue that initiates endless shocks, Ciel's tresses are of a sea-green to turquoise nature, that, depending on the available lighting, will illuminate to a bright lime or dark forest.
"Yes, it's natural. Yes, it's weird. Can we please move on?!"

Eye color
Oddly paired with her hair, the orbs are seemingly mismatched in terms of complementary colours. Flashing a bloody crimson color, hardly anyone will dare to meet the unwavering droplets of scarlet. However, at the moment, she wears gray contacts to cover up the mutant trait.
"Heh..unnerved yet?""

"I'm completely average for my age… OI-! Did you just snicker at me?!""

110 lbs
"Underweight..yeah *snort* I'll show you underweight when I throw your scrawny little butt in the pool-!""

Birthmark/Piercing/Tattoo/Scar/Noticeable Features
Birthmarks || Clear as day, on her right hip, there exists a very distinct star shape.
"Yup. Just another reminder that I'm a freak of nature."

Piercings || On her right ear: a winding silver snake to symbolize her hacker alias and her similarity to a snake. On her left ear; a flowering rose cuff to symbolize her special person, and three climbing faux diamond studs.
"Adds to my delinquent appeal, doesn't it?"

Tattoos || Ciel has only one tattoo on her body; an Ouroboros with wings wrapping around her upper right arm.
"Heh..I quite like the little guy...such a cute snake-hybrid."

Scars || Multiple scars litter her body from the past.. not all of them received with honor or bravery from fighting. The most dominant ones are as follows; a jagged trail winding from the left side of her collarbone to her left hip and a spiraled trail from her right knee to her right ankle. The minor ones include various slashes on her upper arms and legs, rather small and quick claw-like marks on her stomach and two faint lines at the base of her neck.
"Don't ask, don't tell. That's my motto..and it's sure as hell kept me alive for a long time."

ImagePhysical Description
Rumoured and known to be a beauty of dangerous allure, Ciel sports a demeanor akin to the realms of the oddity; 'rough' yet 'enticing'. Barely reaching the petite height of 5 foot and 3 inches, her mass weighing in at a mere 110 pounds, this particular girl, off the bat, is noted by strangers to possess the 2 most sought after attributes by women and men alike; stature and curves. Naturally crafted and molded to possess a physique carved out in a perfect hourglass, her chest of larger nature for her age, Ciel often is the recipient of spitefully-coloured remarks on the nonexistent qualms regarding her boundless options of clothing and the slot she holds in becoming fantasies for other men (and, sometimes, women). With her nipped waist and toned limbs, it's almost next to impossible to describe her gait other than in the most poetic of ways; 'a flower swaying in the breeze' or 'a leisurely feline padding down the walk', perhaps. However, that's only when she sheds the layers of excess fabric. Shrouded in hoodies and boyfriend jeans, at a first glance, it's quite next to impossible to identify the femininity tucked away; a true diamond in the rough.

Shifting focus to yet another selling point, her tresses, Nyx has been, undeniably, blessed with a gift. Generous amounts of cashmere-esque strands, their hue bordering on the unnatural, tumble down in wild cascades to frame her silhouette in the utmost perfect way. Typically, and almost shamefully, the rambunctious teenager will leave her jagged layers down, hardly ever being tugged into a fashion suitable of a 'lady'. Interestingly enough, as stated before, this unobtainable tone of dancing sea green never seems to dim...even flourishing and glowing in the most dreary of light. Unsure how to explain to her peers of it's natural occurrence, it should also be noted that this little serpent will often lie about the coloration, one that strikes many in being similar to the occurrence of a snake's scales.

Without a shadow in anyone's mind, Ciel is [more like, can be when she allows herself] a stunning individual.. but, in all honesty, the major factor that separates her from being classified as "beautiful" to "fairytale ready" are her eyes. In her opinion, as well as her friend's and stranger's, the brightly-colored pair are the best and most alluring trait on her. Why? It's all simply due to the breathtaking contrast they provide with the rest of her appearance. Almost constantly, the orbs seem to flux in their varying shades of crimsons, every complex tone found to be present within the expressively narrowed orbs.

Preferred Clothing
Typically seen wearing a signature outfit, Ciel isn't much to jump around in terms of fashion, more or less the kind of girl to stick to the confines of a singular style. Consisting of an oversized, baggy mauve sweatshirt with a decal akin to an iPod, dark (or light, depending on the day) green pants with the left leg rolled up to her knee, black combat boots of an ankle length (sometimes it'll be black converse) and no jewelry, one might say that 's outfits are simplistic and rather masculine.
"Good luck running for your life in heels and a dress.."

Preferred Weapon
.:. Throwing Knives .:.
Far preferring these lighter weapons over the heavy duty swords and cutlasses, Ciel has become accustomed to carrying a set of 10 on her person at all times.

.:. Her Powers .:.
Being a mutant, there isn't really a need for a weapon…after all, your entire person was designed to be one. As such, Ciel often likes to rely on her altered genes to get her out of tough spots.

.:.Electric Gloves.:.
Fingerless leather gloves with copper ridges across the knuckles and a single plate covering the vast majority of the material, Ciel has managed to upgrade an everyday item with her power. Incorporating hidden wires under her sleeves, the charge comes from a small battery fastened by a band around her upper arm….looks can be deceiving, can't they? When activated, an electrical current is stored under the copper coverings only to be released upon an outside force (ei; punching an object).

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    ☣ Scripting || Aside from her hacking talent, Ciel is also quite notorious for creating her own, never before seen, specialized viruses.. of course, the downside for the recipients; they often don't know how to undo them.
    ☣ Scaling Surfaces || Climbing had always been favorite past time in her childhood, be it on her neighbor's trees or on her house's roof.
    ☣ Endurance || Driven by her will to protect, Ciel is capable of taking both intense blows and enduring massive stress…very sturdy, indeed.
    ☣ Escaping || While others may view it as a pathetic thing to do, to Ciel, it was an essential skill to learn. Taught that it was the best way to continue living, she can make her opponents run in a goose chase for days on end when she puts her mind to it.
    ☣ Emotionally Adapt || Ciel is no stranger to the constant mood swings and emotional fluxes of those around her person…as such, this particular young lady has become quite well rehearsed in reading other's underlying feelings.
    ☣ Knife Throwing || Stemming off from the crucial need in having a smaller and more transportable weapon on her person, Ciel ended up learning the art of knife throwing, her accuracy almost unparalleled.

    ☢ Hacking || Obviously Ciel's biggest asset and natural talent, this girl can easily hack into a software or a domain faster than you can blink. Just give her a computer, as well as a target, and she's good to go. To give you an idea how dangerous this skill really is, Ciel is actually on the C.I.A wanted list for crashing their server, as well as global corporations…all for her clients, mind you.
    ☢ Pressure Points || This hacker, frighteningly, knows the location of more than 80% of the pressure points in a human body... as well as what they do, how to activate them and how to undo their effects.
    ☢ Insomniac || A natural talent that many do not know exists, Ciel can actually stay awake for days on end and not feel even an ounce of weariness. Her record? 2 and a half weeks without sleep.. inhuman, right?
    ☢ Sprinting || Always one that was quick on her feet, Ciel's speed had always been a notable attribute. But then again, the instance of constantly fleeing mixed with adrenaline does help to contribute to such.
    ☢ High Pain Tolerance || Ciel can tolerate high amounts of pain for a certain amount of time, a gift she was "born" with.
    ☢ Agile || Being able to perform a series of complicated backflips, handsprings, and impressive high jumps with ease, it's a wonder that Ciel is even tied down by gravity.
    ☢ Bottomless Stomach || Able to consume vast amounts of food in short periods, it's practically inhumane watching her eat.

    At a level 4 regeneration, Ciel can do the following:

    ☢ Reanimation || By healing at such an incredible pace, Ciel can practically revive her body and bring herself back from near death.
    ☢ Immunity || Heal within a few seconds from wounds such as gashes and bullet holes.
    ☢ Regrowth || Ciel can regrow lost limbs or organs with ease…most not even taking a full hour to regain.
    ☢ Painless || No pain {aside from certain attacks on her spine} will be inflicted upon her person.

    Technology Manipulation
      ☢ Knowledge || When in contact with machinery/technology, Ciel will immediately know everything about it; how to use it, what it has been used for, the makeup of it, etc.
      ☢ Control || Similar to the knowledge aspect, Ciel will also be able to follow the flow of it's construction. As such, she can use her mind or hands to assemble or disassemble whatever she is touching.
      ☢ Data || When using this power, Ciel can manipulate the binary or visible data, allowing herself to collect information about most businesses and organizations and their operations.
      ☢ Negate || Ciel can negate any sort of power that involves technological aspects as well as cause the power drainage of technology, EMP, system errors. computer viruses, etc.
      ☢ Efficiency || An odd thread of Negating, Ciel can also boost a machine's working speed or capacity.
      ☢ Disruption || By sending out pulses of her own electromagnetic energy, this mutant can disrupt any technology within the radius of a football field {computers,cell phones, machinery, etc}. She can also apply this a step further by turning on or off these objects.
      ☢ Talking || An odd sort of ability, Ciel can "communicate" through computers. By using it's programming as an extension of her body, Ciel can observe the world through it's lens {example; she can see through someone else's monitor}

      Fear Manipulation
        ☢ Death Inducement || By raising her power levels, Ciel can cause enough fear within someone to raise their blood pressure and thus instigating a heart attack.
        ☢ Absorption || Through touch, this mutant can "soak" up someone else's fear and calm them down.
        ☢ Masking || Ciel is capable of suppressing the fear of herself, or another, and can draw upon superhuman reserves of courage to allow them to react normally in dangerous situations.
        ☢ Amplification || Going hand in hand with death inducement, she is able to potentially amplify any fear found within her targets.
        ☢ Aura || Allowing herself to emit an aura of danger, many transfer this into the emotion of fear.
        ☢ Illusions || By touching her victim, Ciel can craft illusions of her target's greatest phobia. She can also apply this to creating nightmares.
        ☢ Exposure || By activating this ability through eye contact, Ciel can discern and instantly understand the greatest fears of other beings. Becoming truly observant to the most hidden of fears within an opponent, she often uses this to her advantage.

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        ღ Sour Candy || "Other flavours are just wimpy.. Here, want a warhead?"
        ღ Roughhousing and mock/real fighting || "Best way to solve conflicts… Well c'mon, don't be a little pries!"
        ღ Cloud watching || "What? You think it's lame?! Have you ever noticed how relaxing they are?!"
        ღ High graphic Video games || "Screw those "vintage players". The new stuff, that's where the fun is at!"
        ღ Hacking || "It's magic, I swear. Here, I'll show you."
        ღ Different models of computers || "Older video games may be crap but these babies- look how glorious they are! Except they are display only- no touching!"
        ღ Seeking out new thrills || "That burst of adrenaline- it's so perfect!"
        ღ Messing with others || "Heh..gotta have fun some time in your life, right? Oh shit- they're on their way! Hide!"
        ღ Cloudy or rainy days || "The rain is relaxing… plus the puddles are fun as hell to splash in."
        ღ Snakes. || "Ohohoho…aren't you just the cutest little fella? I'm going to keep you~"
        ღ Control || "Ok. Here is how it's going to go; you listen to me and I'll make sure that your sorry ass doesn't get killed, alright?"
        ღ Gambling || "Aw..c'mon..! Just one round? You name the game, we'll play it *not like you'll be able to beat me*"

        ✘ Threats || "….What was that!? Oh buddy, you're going to wish you never spoke…."
        ✘ Her Memories || "I think you would hate it too, you know, if you all of your memories involved killing your friends and painful injections..."
        ✘ Couples || "They are nasty and sappy. Plus, it looks like a hassle to be in a relationship... if you ask me."
        ✘ Spicy or Bitter tasting foods. || "Gross. Just..disgusting! Get those spicy noodles away from me, you little cur!"
        Swimming/ Large Bodies of Water || "N-no… I'm..e..erm.. f-fine just watching."
        Birds || "They are noisy, disgusting and messy… What purpose do they even have!?"
        Being Idle || I'm bored…Kill me."
        Sun Exposure || Yeah yeah, cliched. But you try being me without sunblock for 5 minutes-! See how you like being a crisp! can't have engineered me to have sun resistance?!"
        Not being near technology and/or wifi || "CAMPING?! HELL NO-! I need to have access to my computer 24/7!"

        Stone-hearted || Not one afraid to dirty her hands or make others dislike her, Ciel is one that can easily move on from relationships in order to get business done. Of course, there are 2 exceptions to this rule…however, if you aren't either Lucifer or her special person, forget about developing anything with her.
        Intuitive || Of course, it doesn't always rub off as a first impression but Ciel is quite intelligent and far more perceptive than others give her credit for. She has knowledge in a wide variety of expertise and, generally, tends to also instinctively understand what others are feeling/desire.
        Loyal || Forever bound to those who she deems worthy, this woman's servitude has, seemingly, no bounds. Without hesitation, she will use whatever resource available to do their bidding..hell, she'll even slaughter another being on their command.
        Motivated || Pushing herself to live on in order to protect her special person, Ciel is stubborn in the sense she refuses to allow herself to die. Stemming from her savior's wishes, she won't accept the idea of losing her life and is quite driven to live her days out ser.
        Physique || Living in a body designed for the destruction of others, it shouldn't come to a surprise to anyone that Ciel's biggest asset is her physique.

        Weaknesses || An odd phobia to many, it's all too real for Ciel. Being dubbed as protector of someone important to her, she can't help but feel any vulnerabilities and weaknesses is a sense of failing, of imperfections on her part.
        Birds || Despite always saying she hates them, Ciel, in all actuality, is terrified of the winged creatures. Perhaps she picked up this phobia from her snake companions or because she doesn't trust their access to freedom... whatever the case is, she'll start fidgeting and duck for the nearest building at their appearance.
        Isolated || Being one of the few female 'DOGS' to be made, Ciel never really had anyone that understood her on a personal level. Even her special person doesn't seem to fully get such, she has learned to bottle up her emotions and hardships to keep to herself.
        Being Gentle/ Being Feminine || Not exactly her forte, any feelings of being gentle or the prospect of acting like a female is foreign and alien to her.
        Rage || If someone ticks her off, that does it. Without hesitation, Ciel will go into a lapse of anger, any object within reach a potential tool to make her victim feel pain. When this occurs, it's hard to make her calm down until she fumes for a bit.
        Those Close to Her || Both a strength and a weakness for Ciel, those near and dear to her heart drives her to the extremes of being overprotective. And, trust me when I say this, she won't hesitate to have bloodshed should anything happen to them.

        Hoodie || Acting as a safety blanket, Ciel constantly wears the hoodie of her sweatshirt up and over her head. In fact, it has almost become an obsession in terms of tugging the material past her forehead….only Lucifer and her special person have ever encountered her without it.
        Nail Biter || Almost a nervous habit, when perplexed by something, Ciel, noticeably, chews on her fingernails. In fact, any self-respecting female would shriek at their current state of being.
        Violent || Stuck in a mindset that the only way to get things done is through physical threats, Ciel, unfortunately, is quite violent. Of course, she tries to restrain herself around the members of 'Project X'..but sometimes, even they can irk her to the point where she has to put a hole in a wall .
        Emotional Masking || As her comrades know from past experience, if something truly bothers Ciel or the circumstance is serious enough, she'll shut everyone out and lock herself away *figuratively*. Stemming from her rough treatment during her childhood, this girl was, unfortunately, taught to not express such extreme emotions and, to this day, she follows that rule as if it was her religion. When in this state, other's words and insults rarely ever get to her, a mental barrier of sorts constructed to filter out the negativity from such attacks.
        Twitch || Another bad habit, when annoyed or offended, Ciel's right eyebrow will give a small twitch to declare such aggravation outwards. Of course, soon following the motion, a punch to the gut or a swift kick to the shin is expected to be delivered.
        Finger Tapping || Usually when Ciel becomes impatient, she'll begin to tap her fingers down on whatever hard surface she can find, usually in the rhythm of a song or syllables.

So begins...

Ciel's Story