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Coriander Heathen

"I am the second oracle, and you can trust this: I will be better than the first!"

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a character in “Oracle”, as played by Shi-chan


A young woman at the age of 19, her body is almost that of a full-grown woman. She appears as a girl with a healthy and sturdy body, and capable to take quite the beating, something that might come in handy for someone in her profession. Her height is completely average for a girl her age, since she stands at a 1.72 metres tall. Her brown hair is kept short, and frames her face, which in fact is really rather anonymous. She has big, staring eyes, of a dull grey colour, and thin lips, which are curled in an almost constant frown.

She dresses plainly, and makes no fuss of herself in fancy clothing. Usually, she favours a practical look, with shorts that closes around her waist, and ends just above her knees, a white shirt, and a light brown jacket. Her boots are made of soft fake leather, and when needed, she will wear an army green hat with earflaps.


One important thing to remember about Coriander, is that she never does anything half. Everything she starts, she is determined to finish, and if she cannot, she will do it anyway. Coriander is the type of person who cannot obey an order. She has a strong desire to deny following authorities, rules and whatever else comes in that category. Despite this, she is not stubborn at all, as she can change many things in her plans to fit the bigger picture easier very fast.

When needed, one will realise that she has a very strong will to live, and that she defies death, just as much as she defies rules. Or the ones that needs to be defied, more specifically. Sometimes, she is harsh and bashful, almost as if she is inviting people to hate her, or at least give her a slap in the face.

She has a well-developed sense of humour, and isn't a bad listener. However, she has an aura of both restlessness and relentlessness, as if something constantly disrupts her thoughts. She can be cruel and heartless, just as she can be worried and in need of a good friend. Like any other, she has so many sides to her that she is difficult to define.

One thing that is absolutely clear though, is that she will never submit. She will never obey, and she will never abandon a friend in need.


On her back she carries a metal casing, which has two handles on the sides. When she pulls these handles, the casing unfolds, and becomes a set of large metal wings. These cannot be flapped, but should she be falling, they can assure her a slow descend.

Also, she carries a large briefcase, which contains mini-turrets, small bombs, tripwires and other such small things. Since her body is that of a young woman, and rather untrained, it is important for her to maintain a surprise towards her enemies, hence the bombs and whatnot.

In a strap, around her neck hangs a pair of binoculars.


Born in a large town, Coriander entered the world at the same year the steam-train was invented. Knowing from an early age that she was different, and hearing about the first oracle quickly made her realise that she was the next in line to try and end the wars. She filled herself with knowledge, and was often called a problemchild, since she knew she was meant for bigger things than working in factories, and simply avoided ever getting near one. She lived a life that in many ways were better than that of other children, as she lived in hiding, and officially never existed. She had been born in a desolate place, and had never been recorded by any government officials.

So begins...

Coriander Heathen's Story