Ari Byron

One of the most beautiful qualities of true friendship is to understand and to be understood.

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"One of the most beautiful qualities of true friendship is to understand and to be understood"

Full Name:
Ari Byron

Owl Barn partner



Sexual Orientation:


Hair Color:
Light brown/dark blonde
Eye Color:


An elemental tattoo on his left bicep
One from his right shoulder across his chest to his left hip.

Walks everywhere and is very nervous in cars.
He is very unorganized and often forgetful

If ever there was a man that overthought everything, that man was Ari Byron. Neurotic and introverted, Ari tends to shy away from social situations. He doesn't like to share his story, but for the most part he comes off as friendly. He's a genuine, caring person with a sharp intellect and a knack for memorizing information. Now if only he could remember where he put that paper. Ari is extremely dedicated and loyal to those who have earned his trust.
Gathering information
Collecting (books, random trinkets)

He tends to cross his arms when he is upset or anxious.
Tends to shapeshift without really thinking about it, which can be very shocking to strangers and disconcerting to those that aren't really used to him.

  • Learning
  • The Owl Barn owner
  • Books
  • Cooking
  • Studying Magic
  • Small talk
  • Cleaning
  • Losing things
  • Forgetting
  • Holidays

Ari grew up in a full house of witches and wizards. He was the youngest child with six brothers and six sisters. Being in a house with twelve other children meant that his older siblings had large hands in raising him. He discovered at the ripe age of seven that his magical specialty was shape shifting, and he practiced so much he had it down within a year. He spent his childhood and teenage years as a prodigy, quickly absorbing the knowledge of magic that took others years to learn. He didn't much care for socializing, and such activities usually fell by the wayside. When he was 19, however, he and his eldest brother went to a concert together. On the way home, they got in an accident that changed Ari forever. Two weeks later, he woke up in a hospital bed to learn that his brother had been killed on impact. As soon as he was well enough, he left home on his own and ended up in Orchard Valley.

The owner of the Owl Barn, well established in town by that time, took him in off the streets. It took a while for him to warm up to her, but they became very close friends and business partners when she offered him a job at the bookstore. Now he's got his own apartment and has become her second-in-command of sorts and a well-known, if a bit mysterious, figure in the community.

Face Claim:
Theo James

So begins...

Ari Byron's Story

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June 10th, 10:00 a.m.

The town of Orchard Valley was unusually awake at the moment, everyone bustling to prepare for the Summer Moon Festival that would start at noon. Shopkeepers and artists were setting up display booths, and restaurant owners had called in more help than usual to get ready for this day. Until six o'clock, tourists and townspeople would visit booths to learn about the latest in silver detection, magical aids, coconut water cocktails, and other supernatural crafts and inventions. At eight, everyone would gather in Plum Square, aptly named as it was plum in the center of Orchard Valley, for the dance. At mifnight, the dance would end, and tipsy townspeople would stumble on home while buzzed tourists would trip their way to their hotels. That's how it happened every year, and there was no indication that it would be different this year.

Nothing except the new family. They would be the first humans in attendance. But it was no matter. Everything would go on as it always had.


Ari Byron stretched his muscles from his place in the sun. He had fallen asleep on the window nook in the Owl Barn very soon after he had dragged himself down to the shop at six a.m. that morning to prepare for the festival. A lot of good that had done him. He jumped of the nook as a cat, which was his favorite animal to nap as, and landed on the ground as a human. Stretching again, he yawned hugely and started his way to the storeroom. He had no idea what Perry wanted for their booth this year, but it wouldn't hurt to see what new things they had and get a cup of coffee. Just as he was about to pass through the storeroom door, the back door's handle jiggled, and the door swung open.

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The scent of the first pot of fresh coffee in the morning always got Mason, no matter the fact that he owned a Cafe and he was the one making that first pot. Every day. He just couldn't get tired of it. Pouring himself a cup, he glanced out the door and watched as the townspeople bustled around trying to set up their booths for the Summer Moon Festival. His watch showed that it was just past 10:00 AM so that gave him another two hours to finish setting up.

He never understood why they made him put out a booth, all he does is make coffee and food. So by putting up a booth he's basically giving away his Cafe for free. One day he would say enough with this ridiculous festival; but it was a tradition, and people in this small town were all about traditions, so he said nothing. Instead, he did his duty and set up a booth, displaying the pastries and other small food items he offered accompanied by a large coffee dispenser.

Taking a sip of the coffee, he recoiled from the mug when the hot java scorched his tongue. "Hot!" Maybe that was enough coffee for right now; at least until it cooled off. Mason set his mug down and walked into the back, checking on the muffins and pastries he had slipped in the oven. After checking to see if they were done, he brought them out and arranged them nicely on different trays. Once he had lay the trays of food on a rolling cart and loaded the coffee dispenser on there as well, he walked outside to set up his dumb booth and joined in the hustle and bustle of the town.

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#, as written by Sovryn

It was an early day at the shop for Perry. She doesn't even remember if she slept, but that's probably because she hadn't. She was up through most of the night knowing she had to do a booth yet no idea on what. She spent most of her time in the shop for a reason. It was her sanctuary, her happy place, her second home. Plus, she didn't need to speak to people most of the time if she was at her shop. It wasn't that she necessarily hated, well, everyone. It's just she had a little too much fun getting under peoples skin. It was amusing to bring something up and watch them squirm. Either way, she wasn't too excited to do this. She walked around the shop, placing books here, moving a few their, trying not to spill her tea. All the while Lucifer, her black cat with orange eyes, followed her around lazily, its eyes watching her like a young child watches his/her parent. Looking at the watch that hang from her wrist, Perry sighed. She might as well start getting some of the stuff from the back.

Going into the back room, Lucifer on her heels, she began grabbing all she could. Last year, she had quite a lot on the history and action of shape-shifting, using her friend as a short of example as he turned into a cat along side Lucifer, who had given the man-turned-cat a very exasperated look, not at all amused. This year, hearing about the new human family that had came to town, she thought in passing about how she could mess with them. She has never had the best experience with humans. They just don't understand, in her opinion. A cat-like smirk crossed her features and she looked down at her cat companion, a knowing look in its eye. Grabbing all she could on simple magic and illusions, she headed out of the room only to run into Ari, almost dropping the stuff in her arms. Lucifer let out a scared cry, darting around their ankles and out of site.

"Come to help?" Perry said, her voice flat as she walked around him, still holding all the books and supplies in her arms.

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Breathe in, He thought to himself, taking in a deep breath. Breathe out, He let out the breath and smiled, opening his eyes to the black silk of the inside of his night-mask. Today was a big day with whatever it was type of celebration that this town was having. He sat up, stretching his body. Carefully, he removed his mask and sat it neatly on the nightstand, aligning it perfectly in front of the clock. His smile, now in a fake-like grin on his face, stayed as he intensely stared at the clock, waiting until it flicked a number then the alarm went off, to which he promptly stopped it then stood from his bed. He went about his morning duties and ended promptly on time before looking out the blinds of the front living room of the house, eyeing someone suspiciously that walked down the sidewalk.

Going into the kitchen, he poured himself some coffee, took a sip, spit it in the sink, poured the coffee out, then got himself a glass of water. And all in only a few minutes. Then he remembered he had a son. Smiling impossibly bigger, he went up the stares to his sons room, knocking a little tone onto the door before entering. "Hey, sport! How about you come with me to see what this little celebration is all about, hmm? Maybe you could, oh, I don't know, make some...friends?" His smile was cheesy, the way he spoke sounded scripted from some sitcom. The only time he seemed to show any real emotion was when he hesitated to say friends at the thought of his son interacting with such creatures.

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Lucifer yowled as Ari and Perry collided. The cat sprinted off to God knows where, leaving the mages facing each other.

"Come to help?" Perry asked, and without missing a beat she sidestepped him to continue on her way.

"'Come to help?'" he repeated indignantly, following her. "I've been here since six this morning, I'll have you know." He jogged a little to catch up and continued. "So what's the plan this year? Please tell me it's not shape shifting again and please tell me you've thought about it." Although their booth had been a hit last year, Ari had no desire to be the focus of everyone this year. One day was enough, and if you asked him it was a little too much.

"You know the humans are here now. Do you think they'll come?"
"I think everything will be new and different for me, Isobel," Belinda told her.

"Yeah, that's the point!" Izzy replied. "We gotta get you out of your comfort zone. Let you see the world. It's different now than it ever was and it ever will be."

When they made it to Plum Square, Izzy check her phone for the time. There was still quite a ways to go until the festival started, but it was still a sight to see. Vendors, shop-owners, and inventors were setting up stalls lining the sidewalks and even in the middle of the square. The ones that were lucky enough to be located in Plum Square, like the café, the magic shop, and the bookstore were set up in front of their places, which Izzy was sure would bring them many customers the next day. Tourists usually stayed at least one more day to see the town as it usually was.

Orchard Valley was a rare place, having only nonhuman residents to speak of. Of course, that had recently changed, but it hadn't been changed for long.

"Maybe we should get a booth next year," Izzy said.