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Mason Haddoway

"Skepticism is the first step towards truth."

0 · 221 views · located in Orchard Valley, Vermont

a character in “Orchard Valley”, as played by The Littlest Mermaid


"It's a basic truth of human condition that everybody lies. The only variable is about what."

Full Name:
Mason Haddoway
Mason || Often || Likes
Mace || Rare || Loves

The Cafe Owner



Sexual Orientation:


Hair Color:
Eye Color:
180 lbs

He has two thick, black bands around his left bicep.

Several over his body from his first couple of transformations, until he was able to get it right. However, he has a big slash that goes diagonally over the plate of his right peck.
Has dimples on his shoulders and really deep laugh lines around his mouth.
Has an Australian accent.

Not always as grumpy as he may look, Mason has what he refers to as Resting Dick Face. Everyone in town knows to just look past it because chances are he thought he was smiling when you first walked into the cafe, even though to you it looked as though he was grimacing at your presence. He's very skeptical about the whole idea of love and has been for most of his life.
Thoroughly enjoys running the cafe.
He enjoys reading a lot.
Pops his knuckles when he gets nervous.
Bites his bottom lip a lot.

  • Reading
  • The Coffee Shop
  • The Locals
  • Hamburgers
  • Gossip
  • Couples
  • Newcomers
  • Full Moons
  • Snakes
  • Vegetables


Mason didn't enjoy his childhood so he does his best not to think about it. He was born in Australia and became stuck in the middle of his parents' messy divorce at the age of 12, so he still remembers many of the details. His dad caught his mom cheating with a neighbor, then that neighbor cheated on her, his dad remarried and then his new wife cheated on him; it was a vicious cycle. Before his father caught his new wife cheating, Mason realized she had another secret. It wasn't something he had meant to see, but at the age of 16 he was a very curious and adventurous kid. One night, he wandered down into the basement that was never supposed to be entered per his stepmom's rules. However, since she wasn't home he figured he'd go check it out. Once he was downstairs he saw deep scratch marks on the wall that were long enough they seemed to come from an animal as big if not bigger than a lion. There were shackles on each wall that were chained down but looked as though they had been tugged on severely. Then he heard a growl come from behind him. When he turned, he saw what looked to be a giant dog with piercing blue eyes. He tumbled over as the dog advanced on him and minutes later bit him. Luckily, Mason grabbed a shovel that was against a wall behind him in his panic and was able to hit the creature almost immediately after its teeth sank into his skin. The next day, his stepmom's head was injured and he eventually put two and two together. He's been transforming every full moon since.

After dropping out of school once discovering his condition, Mason moved in an attempt to get as far away from his stepmom and his dad (so he wouldn't hurt him). After going from place to place, trying to find somewhere he felt he belonged, he landed in Orchard Valley. He first arrived about 3 years ago.

His skepticism about love comes from his background. He watched as every woman his dad met either cheated or just walked out and Mason never wanted to go through that. So, the easy solution is to keep yourself guarded and to not let anyone in. He does his best to stay out of situations that will make him vulnerable. Now that's not to say that he's a mean "Get out of my lawn" kind of guy. No, not at all! Mason loves the locals of the town and enjoys the company of the kids as well. He's an easy going sort of guy as you come to know with time, it's just his first impression may leave you a bit intimidated.

Face Claim:
Jesse Spencer

So begins...

Mason Haddoway's Story

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June 10th, 10:00 a.m.

The town of Orchard Valley was unusually awake at the moment, everyone bustling to prepare for the Summer Moon Festival that would start at noon. Shopkeepers and artists were setting up display booths, and restaurant owners had called in more help than usual to get ready for this day. Until six o'clock, tourists and townspeople would visit booths to learn about the latest in silver detection, magical aids, coconut water cocktails, and other supernatural crafts and inventions. At eight, everyone would gather in Plum Square, aptly named as it was plum in the center of Orchard Valley, for the dance. At mifnight, the dance would end, and tipsy townspeople would stumble on home while buzzed tourists would trip their way to their hotels. That's how it happened every year, and there was no indication that it would be different this year.

Nothing except the new family. They would be the first humans in attendance. But it was no matter. Everything would go on as it always had.


Ari Byron stretched his muscles from his place in the sun. He had fallen asleep on the window nook in the Owl Barn very soon after he had dragged himself down to the shop at six a.m. that morning to prepare for the festival. A lot of good that had done him. He jumped of the nook as a cat, which was his favorite animal to nap as, and landed on the ground as a human. Stretching again, he yawned hugely and started his way to the storeroom. He had no idea what Perry wanted for their booth this year, but it wouldn't hurt to see what new things they had and get a cup of coffee. Just as he was about to pass through the storeroom door, the back door's handle jiggled, and the door swung open.

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The scent of the first pot of fresh coffee in the morning always got Mason, no matter the fact that he owned a Cafe and he was the one making that first pot. Every day. He just couldn't get tired of it. Pouring himself a cup, he glanced out the door and watched as the townspeople bustled around trying to set up their booths for the Summer Moon Festival. His watch showed that it was just past 10:00 AM so that gave him another two hours to finish setting up.

He never understood why they made him put out a booth, all he does is make coffee and food. So by putting up a booth he's basically giving away his Cafe for free. One day he would say enough with this ridiculous festival; but it was a tradition, and people in this small town were all about traditions, so he said nothing. Instead, he did his duty and set up a booth, displaying the pastries and other small food items he offered accompanied by a large coffee dispenser.

Taking a sip of the coffee, he recoiled from the mug when the hot java scorched his tongue. "Hot!" Maybe that was enough coffee for right now; at least until it cooled off. Mason set his mug down and walked into the back, checking on the muffins and pastries he had slipped in the oven. After checking to see if they were done, he brought them out and arranged them nicely on different trays. Once he had lay the trays of food on a rolling cart and loaded the coffee dispenser on there as well, he walked outside to set up his dumb booth and joined in the hustle and bustle of the town.