Uchida Tomoe

The shoulder to cry on. If you can afford it.

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a character in “Orchid Town”, as played by CabbageAngel



Name: Uchida Tomoe
Name Kanji: ๅทด่ก›
Age: 30
Hair: Red, kept in a ponytail.
Eyes: Amber.
Height: 5'2''
Familiar: Chi: DECEASED. A red fox in a red oni mask.
Active Period: Late elementary school, middle school, early highschool. (11 to 16)

Alias: RED-13, formally RED-06
Team: MG-13, formally MG-06
Team Role: The senior/mentor.
Team Members: PINK-13, lost connection, BLUE-13, deceased, VIOLET-13, lost connection, YELLOW-13, deceased. Original 06 group all deceased.

History: CLASSIFIED. "Recruited" by the army in a top-secret attempt to weaponize magical girls. She lost her original group within that experiment. In her new group, the magical girls were instead repurposed to fight off the manifestations of soldier PTSD. The magic of being a magical girl was all but drained out of the experience for Tomoe, but she refused to give up and leave her juniors to the same fate of her last team, MG-06. The was until her familiar Chi was killed, and she was forcibly removed from her team. A failed memory erasure and new identity later, she was back in the world she had been kept away from. The adventures of MG-13 continued without their fallen mentor.
Recent History: Tomoe moved on, finished her education, got a degree, tried to settle down and have a family to feel some semblance of normal, failed at that but got a daughter out of it, and currently works as a therapist who specifically deals with the trauma of having been a child soldier aka magical girl, but not her own.


Magical Girl Outfit: Originally was all poofs and frills, but evolved into this as she went through her angsty puberty.
Weapon: Big ass sword.
Powers: Just sword. She had a ring of blades that hovered around her hips that were controlled by her telekinetically.

Transformation Sequence: She lowers her head with a nod, and pats the red number over her chest. As her hand retracts, it glows, and Chi bounces to attention. He bounds up in the air to meet her as she rises, the red light enveloping her entire body until her uniform can be seen no more. Ribbons shoot from the mouth of Chi's oni mask like tongues to bind her. She flinches as they tighten, tighten - until whatever was within their constraints, POPS in a cloud of red mist. A shadow within the cloud approaches, drawing something from behind their back. Something long, sharp and wicked. It swoops, and slashes the mist cloud away, revealing RED-13. Her familiar on her shoulder and stance battle-ready.

Reporting for duty.

BB Code: Darkred.

Bonus: Tomoe's 8 year old daughter, Minoru.


So begins...

Uchida Tomoe's Story