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Season of Giving 2020

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Yukimura Izumi

Just a gal who loves to party!

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a character in “Orchid Town”, as played by AtlasAtrium



Name: Yukimura Izumi
Age: 29
Hair: Black (Dyed Pink)
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 130 lbs.
Familiar: A white ferret with a pink heart pattern on its chest fluff
Active Period: Early-Late Middle School

Alias: Dynamite Heart
Team: Dynamite Girls
Team Role: Leader / Natural Troublemaker
Team Members: Dynamite Star | Dynamite Bloom | Dynamite Echo

History: Enter Yukimura Izumi, middling student at Tsunoda Academy and resident class clown. Despite outward appearances, she lived miserably at home, weighed down with the knowledge that her weak heart could give out in a matter of months, or sooner. An especially bad episode sent her to the hospital, where her childhood friend Uehara Sachiko (Jewel Candy) waited at her bedside holding her hand. Little did she know, through her touch Izumi was pulled into the Layers inside of her dreams where she faced her first foe -- Coffin Master, a controller of nightmares. When she opened her eyes, she knew something had changed... she had the ability to transform! Together with new friends, she banished the plague of awful dreams from her city and restored peace... for a time.

Using the magic of Izumi's Heart Link, Jewel Candy secretly stole the burden of her failing heart and tragically passed away, leaving the team behind at its most crucial moment. When she mysteriously reappeared again years later, hope was dashed into fury when it was revealed that it was nothing more than a spectral image parading as their fallen friend, seeking to destroy them both physically and in spirit. Only by overcoming their combined grief were they able to pull themselves together and send the imposter back from whence they came. The rest, is history.

Recent History: Currently settling down with her wife of 6 years, Suzuki Mio (Dynamite Star). She works as a manga illustrator for shonen publications while her wife works part time at a local pastry shop. They're super duper in love!

Magical Girl Outfit:

Weapon: Heartbreak - A pair of tonfa-like weapons that hover above Izumi’s forearms, each shaped like half of a heart. On its own it has no special properties, but while Heart Linked, her partner’s attacks will also drain energy from the enemy, doubling its capacity. Unlike with her wand, Heartbreak borrows this energy to increase its striking power.

  • Pulse Attack - Izumi is able to summon weapons / constructs and launch projectiles that drain both physical and magical energy. The effects are entirely nonlethal (and mostly painless). The drained energy is stored inside of her weapon, which she can then use to restore the stamina of herself or her friends.
  • Heart Link - Izumi can ‘Heart Link’ with another living being, so long as it is not resisted. Upon doing so, the two share with each other the following abilities:
  1. Instantly switch places with each other
  2. Sense what the other is sensing
  3. Synchronized attacks that create brand new effects, although if the synchronization fails it can hilariously backfire
  4. As a final attack, they combine their magic to summon a massive magical bow that fuses their powers, which they then draw together to fire. This requires Heartbreak to be maxed out with pulse energy.

Transformation Sequence: A beaming smile on her face, she pointed her finger forward like a gun and trained it on her target. With a wink, she mouthed the word "Bang!" and a wave of rosy light suddenly pulsed behind her in a rippling aurora of color, her silhouette enveloped by a fierce white glow. Gracefully, she brought her finger to her lip and blew, a pink glove instantly appearing on her hand in a flash of light. She ducked playfully before turning on her heel, her second glove and hair ribbons materializing as a pair. Back turned, she lightly stomped with each foot, shiny boots flaring from the bottom up to cover her shins. Then, glancing over her shoulder, she touched her collar and peeled away her top like a mantle, revealing a pristine white blouse underneath as she faced straight ahead. A hand to her chest bounced a great puffy bow to life, and a flowing pleated skirt billowed open from her waist. Finally, she let her familiar scamper along her arm up to the top of her head, where it curled up and flashed into her third star-studded bow.

"I wish for... a Dynamite Heart!"

She finished with a strong thrust of her arms, her hands curved together into the shape of a heart.

BB Code: Pink

So begins...

Yukimura Izumi's Story


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Incense burned at the center of the gravestone, before which a woman sat cross-legged. Faint lines of water ran down its length, almost invisible against the stone's grainy texture, down to the base where offerings of food, flowers, and small candles could be seen. Izumi sat in silence for a while, her gaze fixated on the engraved characters, and her ears open to the sparse, dwindling chirp of cicadas.

"Hey, Sachiko. It's me again! As usual. Weird how I always end up back here, huh? Even though I seriously hate thinking about things that make me sad. It's hard not to, to be honest... Every day, I -- well, maybe not every day -- but recently I've been thinking a lot about how I wouldn't be here if you didn't... you know... do what you did. It feels like I cheated you out of your life somehow."

Sheepishly, she scratched the back of her head as she thought back to earlier that morning.

"I had a small fight, er, disagreement with Mio-chan the other day. I was sorta wondering aloud if it was really okay for us to be retiring and leaving things behind in the hands of these vulnerable, impressionable young kids, and your name kinda came up. I said, 'If Sachiko were here, she'd still be fighting with the best of 'em, she wouldn't have just given up like we did!' She didn't say anything back, but I've never seen her look so pissed off... I guess I'm actually just hiding from her until she cools off, hahaha..."

Izumi felt her knees crack as she rose to her feet, giving her arms a light stretch as she spoke.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to bring all this drama to your grave, you're probably trying to rest in peace and all that. I just needed to get this off my chest, and you always listened to what I had to say. Even if it was something stupid."

The incense stopped burning. Izumi knelt down to blow out the candles and gathered the offerings around her grave, clearing the space for one last cleansing from the pail. As she let the water spill from the ladle, she wiped away her own tears with her sleeve, crinkling her puffy red nose.

"We miss you."

Then, suddenly, she noticed something far above her head. In the darkening sky -- as if to grant her some kind of sign from the heavens, a thin streak of light pierced through the air and arced down into the horizon. She blinked. Like a mesmerized child, she found herself drawn to the glow, half hoping in her heart that it meant something after all. Facing back with a final bow, she turned around and parted ways with her old friend, to somewhere that wasn't home...