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Jade Wildsmith

"Sorry, do you mind if I tag along?"

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a character in “Orenda Academy of Witchcraft and Wizardry US”, as played by lizardheartstring




16 years old

5th year


Willow, Dragon heartstring core, 12.5 inches, slightly springy

Patronus: A white tigress

Pet: A chestnut-colored great horned owl she named Scatty. (Scatty short for Scathach, a name deriving from a famous celtic warrior.)

| Friends and family | History | Her wand | Potions, runes, and defense against the dark arts | Magical creatures | Books | Flowers | Coffee | Art | Writing | Duelling (for fun, of course) | Exploration | Kindness | Marketplaces | Travelling | Scenic places | Wittiness | Sports | Her hometown | Swords |

| Arrogance | Bigotry | Bullies | Flies | Injustice | Drowning (her fear) | Liars | Stress | Tight-fitting clothes | People who blame others for their own failures |


Jade Wildsmith can be easily described as being a jack of all trades. Intuitive, bright, creative, and fast when it comes to learning, she can be put in almost any situation and still manage to come out alive somehow. Although it isn't photographic, Jade has an outstanding memory and can easily associate people and places from what she remembers. Pure, warm, social, charming and understandably upbeat, Jade is popular, but not in the way most people think. She treats every stranger as if he/she/it was her own friend. Although she is well-known by most people and is usually seen hanging out with acquaintances, Jade does take the time to keep to herself, and gives herself a break from being near human beings every once in a while. This makes her an interesting character, and although some people who don't understand her may call her odd, she doesn't mind. In regards to her being in Aquila house, Jade is brave, but in a non-reckless way. She cannot stand mistreatment of herself or others, and will not be afraid to stand up to oppressors. She can keep calm in most situations, which helps her during times of danger. However, when angered, she can have a disgustingly sharp tongue. It's as though the words she says are coming out of an entirely different person's mouth.

Ambitious, dynamic, and unafraid to try new things, Jade usually finds herself all over the campus. She can't stand standing in one place all day, and although slightly impatient, she does know how to have a good adventure. Although possessing demure features, (like her height of only 5'3) she can be strong when she needs to be without becoming overconfident. Remarkably sensitive and in-tune with people's feelings, she knows how to lighten someone's mood with just a simple smile. Although she doesn't quite believe it herself, many say that she can have an amazing effect on people, and can bring out the best in almost anyone.

Jade was born to a Half-blooded Auror father and a Muggle-born witch. Her hometown is Salem, Massachusetts. Known for its history with the Salem witchcraft trials and high population of witches and wizards, it was a great place for her to learn about and appreciate magic. It came to no surprise for Jade to find out about the magic power and potential lying just inside of herself when she was younger. She had always thought of herself as a witch anyway, whether she was playing pretend or really truly believing that she had supernatural abilities. Expanding upon supernatural abilities, Jade was in control of under-age magic at the ripe age of 9, when she could speed up the growth of flowers in her garden at will. She was humorously social and adventurous when she was a child, often times wandering away from home and visiting elderly people's homes just to talk to them and listen to stories. She had always loved stories, and while finding time to be active, she spent most of her childhood writing fantasy tales of great imagination.

At the age of eleven, it was time for Jade's own fantasies to begin. She purchased her own wand, which showed allegiance to her on her first try with it, got a beautiful great horned owl, whom she named Scathach, (a figure from celtic mythology whom she admired greatly) and traveled to New York in order to attend her first year at Orenda Academy. She was sorted into Aquila, (much to her mother's disbelief, who was sure she would get Cerva) and made friends with the people from her house on the first day. She also stayed in touch with her friends from Salem that had been sorted into other houses.

It wasn't long until Jade found her strong suits in Potions class, as well as in Charms, History of magic, and her favorite, Defense against the Dark Arts. She also has a love for ancient runes, always picking up books from the library written in the ancient language and attempting to translate them. Although many people tried to persuade her to join the chorus, (she has an amazing and classic-sounding voice) she joined the Quadpot team instead, and has been playing since her third year.

  • Her strongest subject is potions.
  • One time, for an April Fool's prank, someone spiked her drink with a Babbling Beverage. She caused much confusion that day, and had to be sent to the hospital wing in order to be cured.
  • Being very crafty, she will often times send letters to people. Sometimes, when the message is supposed to be private, she writes the letter in ancient runes.
  • She is the descendant of the famous Ignatia Wildsmith, a Ravenclaw at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and the inventor of Floo Powder.
Password: Specialis Revelio

So begins...

Jade Wildsmith's Story

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Suddenly, the sound of bold, hardy laughter echoed throughout the pub. The vibrations from the roaring sound bounced off of the walls, and back into the children's ears as though loud church bells were ringing inside of the room. The teenagers, mostly comprised of fifteen to seventeen-year-olds, sat at a long table in the center of a tavern known as The Candleman's Cairn. The place always felt rough, dry, and cold, but it never mattered, because the drinks served there could warm even a frozen man's belly in less than a minute. Not to mention there was always a vibrant fireplace lit just to the west side of the joint, alive and crackling as if it was made from the tail of an energetic phoenix. The young-adults' giddy laughter must have lasted for about a good thirty seconds, and then a girl with chestnut-brown hair and a dusty gray hat began to carry on where she had left off, telling her friends a particularly embarrassing story that had happened to her over the summer. Jade Wildsmith, a girl in her fifth year at Orenda Academy of Witchcraft and Wizardry, sat among the group of students and watched with a grin on her face as she sipped on a pewter tankard of freshly-brewed butterbeer.

"...So then I screamed, 'watch where you're going you stupid-faced JERK!', and he just picked up his idiotic little broomstick and ran away like a four-year-old going to go cry to his mommy."
"That's absolutely insane, Tessa," said Jade through laughter, "Are you sure you're not just making up this story to entertain us?"
Tessa was a quirky and extravagantly boisterous girl whom Jade had stayed with for the last five days. Due to her Auror father's travels and her mother's duties to help her sister with a new potions and apothecary business she had been working on in another state, there was really no one to take care of Jade before she went off to begin school again at Orenda. Jade didn't mind; her friends had the same warm and welcome atmosphere that her family always demonstrated. With them, she felt like she had never even left home in the first place. Starting her fifth year with Tessa and her other acquaintances would only be a fun-filled experience full of delightful memories, Jade absolutely knew it. Still, it would be heartbreaking not being able to hear her mother's farewells from the Boston port as she wished the blonde-haired girl safe travels to school.

Tessa licked a spot of pumpkin juice off of her lips, and continued, " Jade, would I lie to you? I'm being absolutely serious when I say that someone literally crashed into me while riding a broomstick over here in Rhiamon Way." This sent another round of thunderous laughter through the teenager's mouths. Suddenly, Tessa slammed her tankard right onto the table, sending orange-pigmented juice flying in all directions. "If only I'd had thought of pulling out my wand while he ran away, then I could have Petrificus Totalus'd him right in the arse and shown him would it would 'ave felt like if he'd had hit me any harder!"

A couple more minutes passed and more tankards of pumpkin juice, butterbeer, and gillywater were drunk. In the time that passed, a brother and a sister showed off their pair of pink and purple colored pygmy puffs, a boy named Nicholas played a song using an enchanted violin he had bought from a magical thrift shop, and Tessa had made her own cat, Vasilisa, perform tricks on the long table for everyone to see. Even the bartenders up front couldn't help but chuckle. Eventually, when everyone had enough to eat and drink, the friends got down to business.
"Alrighty, so does everyone know where they have to go?" said Jade, slinging a messenger bag over her head and around her shoulder. It was made from a rough rucksack material and had patches with various names of Quidditch teams and magical places all along the front.
"We need to go to the bookstore first." said the brother and sister with the pygmy puffs.
"I have to get a new wand. I broke mine this summer..." said a boy with brown freckles and pale skin
"Is it alright if I go to the pet store to get an owl?" cried out a girl who still held a tankard of gillywater in her hands.
"And I have to go to that place where they sell potion ingredients so I can get a new cauldron." said Tessa as she adjusted the gray cap that rested on her monstrously curly and fiery-red hair. "So now that we all know where we're going, let's move!"

After leaving the Candleman's Cairn, the large group of friends paraded down the crowded streets of Rhiamon Way towards the direction of the bookshop. It was truly a magical place. There were white and brown owls flying all over the skies, and vendors sold an array of odds and ends at every corner. For Jade, there were just too many places to look. Keep your focus on one thing for too long, and you'd just might bump into a frantic shopper rushing down the street.

They finally came to the bookstore, and Jade's eyes were almost blinded by the vibrant flash of color that had appeared once she entered inside. There were shelves that contained all different kinds of books. There were old books, new books, books for school, books for pleasure, enchanted books, books that were so ancient that they were practically falling apart, and more. The group of students eventually spread out throughout the store, and Jade found herself standing wandering through the aisles of shelves with Tessa. They came to a particularly dark section of the store, and slowed down their paces as they inspected the hard-covered books. Cautiously, Tessa pulled out a green-colored book that was covered with fake rhinestones and gold symbols.
"Here," she said with a facetious-like smile, "This one's for you, Jade."

The blonde-haired girl took the book from her friend's hands, inspected the title, and gave a small chuckle. It read "The Master's Book of Runes" and had gleaming characters that seemed to dance across the cover. Tessa knew how much Jade liked to translate runes, and often teased her about it. She flipped through the pages, taking in the scent of the unopened book. At some point, Tessa ran off, leaving Jade all alone inbetween the shelves. Once she had finished reading, she swiftly turned her head in all directions, her thin hair whipping behind her with each movement. With the book still in her hands, she walked quickly through the shelves of books, trying to find one of her friends.

Eventually, it wasn't the group of the friends she had came with that she found, but Jade had laid her eyes upon another group of students, most of which she had recognized from her previous years at Orenda. "Chase!" she exclaimed, recognizing her fellow housemate's copper-colored hair from far away. She scurried up to him like a mouse, and with the Runes book still in her hands, gave him a hug that could be compared to a tackle.

She laughed, releasing the last bit of her sudden excitement over the sight of her Quadpot teammate, and let go of her grip on him. "How are you? How was your summer?" she asked as her eyes widened. She then turned her attention to the other people who were conversing in the group. There was Odessa Duquesne, who Jade knew very well, Lodi Johnson, who had never really talked to her at the Academy, Wesley Davis, a witty girl with curly brown hair that could be compared to the beauty of a lion's mane, Chase's sister, Eden, Daniel Arvus, and three other people she didn't recognize. Among the three strangers was a girl with platinum-blonde hair wearing a particularly fashionable crop-top, a boy next to her with a pair of mischievous looking eyes, and a small boy with a stern-looking face, presumably Daniel's younger brother.

"Hey guys." Jade said to the group, her smile becoming more subtle. "Wassup?"

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One of the main things Sonny liked about back to school shopping in the Wizardry community was the simplicity of it all. All years had the same classes, same books, and were divided into neat piles across the store for each student to pick to appropriate pile. Grabbing the stack for 6th years and handing it off to Grimm, she glanced at the time to see that she was pressed for time. “Where are my things?” She asked her brother as they got into line, checking her nails with apathy.


“Grimm?” She pressed in a more demanding tone, looking to Grimm expectantly. His expression was blank, as if he were staring into nothingness, right through Sonny. Snapping her fingers before his piercing gaze, a smug smile cracked through his mask. “My things?” she asked again.

Admittedly Alison was a little high strung, she liked things to flow perfectly and according to plan. Perhaps she was a bit of a perfectionist, but that was only because she’d invested so many years in being as perfect as she could. It pleased Grimm to push her button and put her on edge, just as it pleased her to call him out in front of his friends or ‘disobey’ him as he would put it. Grimm had control issues undoubtedly, a hunger to have everyone underneath his thumb, especially his little sister.

Gently giving his shoulder a shove, she widened her eyes as if to emphasize her question, making him chuckle with amusement. “It’s already been sent to the ship, Kreger made sure of it.”

Kreger was their house elf who worshipped the ground Alison walked on since she was the only one kind to him in the house. Last night he had sobbed at her feet while he helped her finish packing, begging her to take him with. Poor Saia had to remain in her carrier until they reached Orenda, but if a house elf could be considered a pet she would have brought Kreger along in a heart beat.

They reached the front of the line and paid for the books after browsing the selection of ribbons and ropes at the counter to tie the books together, picking out a silky pink ribbon and tying it around her stack of books twice so that all sides were secure and knotting it into a pretty secure bow on top to carry it by.

When she walked back out the door the group from earlier hadn’t budged except Dan and his brother had gone else where and instead Odessa and a girl she thought she recognized from the house of Aquila but who’s name slipped her mind. Her lips pressed into a thin smile, averting her eyes to the ground as she walked passed hoping to keep Grimm quiet.

No such luck.

He gripped her forearm, pulling her back to the group with a malicious smile. Immediately she looked at him with warning, knowing his intention. Grimm hated Alison being able to stand on her own, once being able to control her within the walls of Hogwarts. He wanted to make his mark on her reputation at Orenda, to stretch into the one place that had become hers.

“Sonny, don’t be rude and just walk past your friends.” He antagonized.

Her eyes narrowed into slits, seething venom as she stared into her brothers eyes. He wanted to embarrass her. She wouldn’t let him get the best of her. Huffing she tugged her arm out of his grip, looking back to the group with a forced smile. “How rude of me indeed, I apologize.” Her dulcet sweet tone matching her smile, although her apology was genuine - although it was not her own behavior she was apologizing for.

She knew where this would go, he would belittle her in front of her schoolmates, make them feel uncomfortable until someone spoke out, then attack them with cutting comments that made absolutely no sense. Here in America she was the Oglethorpe in charge, not him. “I’m headed to the ship now, I’ll see you all there.”

Glaring once again at her brother, Sonny turned on her heel, sashaying away as if he hadn’t phased her one bit. Her books bumped into her calf as she walked, the pink ribbon glinting in the sun. Grimm took one last lingering look at the group, trailing the female figures from head to toe, pausing before chuckling to himself. He took several steps back before saluting them all with two fingers to the sky. “Good luck.” He said ominously, then turning his back to the group and following behind his sister.

She walked to the shore where families had gathered to say their farewells to all the student’s before they flew off, mothers crying over the absence of their child until Christmas break. Alison’s mother stood still faced next to a gawky house elf gripping the most recent Nimbus release, a sleek broom with a smooth cherrywood handle with the brush slicked into a golden point, resembling an oversized animated paint brush.

“I was sure you’d be late.” Mrs. Oglethorpe said, pushing Sonny’s blonde locks behind her ear with precision rather than affection.

Taking the broom from Kreger, Sonny slipped her books onto the handle, patting Kreger affectionately on the head and rolling her eyes at her mother. “Of course you were.”

“Alison Oglethorpe, check your attitude.”

Glancing back to Grimm to her mother, Alison chuckled. “There’s no one to impress her mother, let’s drop the theatrics.” Her mother’s jaw hung as if it had been unhinged, then opening and closing several times before finally shutting with a huff.

Sighing, Alison leaned forward to kiss her mother’s cheek, then Grimm’s. They might be an endless pain in her ass but they were the closest people she had. “I’ll write once I’m settled, and don’t go in my room.” She said, directing her last comment at Grimm.

He laughed, but she knew she would have the last laugh if he did walk into her booby trapped room. Once again she petted Kreger’s head who looked up to her with sad eyes. “I’ll miss you, do as your told while I’m away.” Not that he needed to hear that, he was an obedient house elf with or without her.

“Save travels back to England.”

With that she kicked off, joining the herds of students flying to the ship. The distance was short, thankfully without collision. The landing deck was swarmed with students, catching up about their summer as they walked into the main cabin where there was a snack bar with all sorts of goodies.

Grabbing her broom with one hand and her her books with the other Alison followed the crowd into the main cabin, looking for a friendly face.
“Sonny!” A wiry red haired girl waved from several feet away. Her freckled face lit up in a smile, matching Sonny’s expression. Her roommate was a vibrant lady in the same year as Sonny. The two often would stay up with their other roommate Gina, an Italian-American from New Jersey, and play muggle board games that Bridget would bring from home.

“Bridget, hullo love!” Sonny said as she was pulled into a hug, giggling girlishly. She had never been so excited to see a school mate.

“How was your summer?” Bridget asked.
Sonny rolled her eyes with an amused smile, “Don’t get me started...”

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“Are these...your friends?”

Lodi's attention turned to Alison's tall, older brother. Normally Lodi would have thought he was a cute guy despite the fact that he was nearly a foot taller than her; however, she furrowed her brow at him in anger as he looked her up and down with a mischievous grin. Lodi was frustrated with this and open her mouth to make an angrily sarcastic remark; however, Alison looked at her apologetically and she gave the blonde girl a small grin, telling her it was alright. Lucky for Lodi, this guy, Grimm, seemed more concerned with his sister than anyone else there.

Lodi instinctively jumped as two hands covered her eyes, but a grin slowly spread over her face as she heard the voice of her 'sister' and roommate, Wesley. "Guess who!" Lodi heard from behind her before a loud laugh was emitted. Lodi shrugged with a mischievous grin on her face saying in a mockingly oblivious manner, "I've got no clue."

As the hands were dropped from her face, Lodi immediately spun around to face Wesley with a smile that reached her eyes. "Miss me, Chica?" Lodi pulled Wesley into a tight hug -a very rare occurrence that was saved for only the people Lodi was closest with. She pulled back and held the girl at arm's length. "Well, d' you expect me to say no, Gorgeous?" Lodi let out a rather loud guffaw and continued. "You tryin' to steal me thunder or somethin'?Because I swear you get better looking every year." Lodi raised an eyebrow mockingly and dropped her hands from Wesley's shoulders.

Lodi was about to say more when she heard a hollered voice yell to both her and Wes. She immediately recognized the voice as that of Odessa, a pretty good friend of Lodi's, all things considered. She was a great girl and she was fun to be around, but she honestly exhausted Lodi sometimes. Odessa seemed to understand that though and the two of them had an unspoken understanding of their relationship. Today Lodi was in a good mood and she was glad to see the peppy girl and she smiled as the girl approached, giving her a small embrace. Lodi kept the smile on her face as the girl spoke to the group of students -although she wasn't listening too much to the conversations around her.

Lodi's smile dropped a bit -nearly unnoticeably- as her attention turn to Jade as she joined the group. The two did not necessarily hate each other. They weren't even that much of rivals. However, there seemed to be a tension between them whenever they talked. Jade just seemed a bit too happy and fake to Lodi, but perhaps she was wrong in her assumptions of the girl.

After greeting Jade with only a courteous nod of her head, Lodi seemed to drift into random thoughts of what the coming year would bring and was unaware of Alison's ordeal with her brother until the blonde had informed them with much disdain that she was headed for the ship. Lodi gave a confused look after the girl but shrugged it off, deciding that it was none of her business. Something was probably going on that Lodi didn't know about and she wasn't good enough friends with Alison yet to ask her.

Once Alison and her brother had left, Lodi began to think that perhaps they should all start heading over to the ship. She finally turned back to Odessa and Wesley. She slung an arm lazily around the shoulder of the latter and grinned, looking from her to Odessa and back again before saying sarcastically, "So, who's ready to start year numero six off?"

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The rest of Jade's day seemed to go by in a blur. After initially greeting the group at the bookstore, a hand grabbed her elbow, and dragged her back towards the shelves. Jade glanced behind her, coming face-to-face with a hastened-looking Tessa. "You ready to go?" she asked, "we can't stay in here forever." Jenny nodded. After paying for the ancient runes book, she hurried along with her friends, and got last-minute shopping done before the group could head towards the ferry heading for Orenda.

It was now around mid-afternoon, and Jade found herself alone in one of the ship's cabins. Her friends had run off to go get some refreshments. Jade wasn't particularly hungry, as she was one of those people who could survive on practically nothing. She looked out the window. In just an hour, maybe even two, she'd be at school again. It had always felt like home. She unconsciously smiled, and gazed towards her owl, Scathach, who was perched in a cage nearby the trunks that kept her things for school. She waited another two minutes for her friends, tapping her fingers along the cushioned seat as she attempted to whistle a tune, but nobody came. Instead of gazing out the window, she opened up her messenger bag and pulled out her new runes book. She took a moment to acknowledge the beautifully designed cover once more, and then started to skim through the pages. It was about when she reached the middle of the book that Jade noticed a small manila folder nudged just between page 255 and 256.

Curious, she plucked the folder out of the book's binding, and turned it over. In bold black marker, the words DO NOT READ were written as though they had been etched onto the envelope by someone in a hurry. Bewildered, (and slightly tempted) Jade unfastened the envelope, and reached inside, only to pull out a small slip of paper. As she read what it said, her lips silently mouthed the words.

To whomever this may concern,

The guardian will fall to a problem that the girl and her comrades will face,
When the girl becomes a woman, she will take the guardian's place.

Remember that.

Jade turned the paper around, only to find the name "Madeline Rush" printed on the back. Who was Madeline Rush? Certainly someone she had never heard of. The girl had never known of anyone with the last name of Rush at school, in her wasn't familiar in the slightest. Although a gut feeling inside of her told her that she should be somewhat concerned with the note, she shrugged, and placed it in her pocket right before her friends could come back into the cabin.

Eventually, Jade found herself at Orenda's great dining hall, celebrating the beginning of the year feast, and watching as the first-years got sorted into their houses. She could remember her own sorting ceremony, how frightening the experience was. There was one kid, Max, who looked awfully familiar. She realized that this was the serious-looking kid who was present at the bookstore earlier that day. Tessa, who was sitting right next to Jade, certainly shared the same views about the boy's appearance.
"That kid could be a teacher."
"Shhhh!!!" Jade shushed her friend while giggling at Tessa's humor.

Max Avarus, as well as Eden MacGreine, were both sorted into Aquila. Chase would be happy; he'd get to see his sister in the same common room. Jade and the others cheered loudly for the two first-years, and then dug into the piles of food lying upon the tables. Although she didn't touch much of it, others around her hastily took forkfuls of chicken, roast beef, pork chops, lamb chops, sausages, boiled potatoes...the list could go on.

"JADE!! I need to..."

A voice to her left had ended mid-sentence. She turned her head, only to see Tessa standing up with petrified glare, her face turning white. Then Jade looked to her right, only to see the same Tessa sitting next to her. Now her own face turned white as she glanced back and forth between the two girls, more confused than a troll that had banged its head on a tree. Fortunately, it didn't take long for her to notice that the teenager on her right wasn't wearing an Aquila tie with her dress robes. In fact, the tie around her neck was blue instead of red.

"Arthur," said the Tessa standing up, "would you get out of my seat, please?"


Gradually, the girl's features changed, and an amused Arthur Winterbourne was revealed. As he crossed his arms and leaned forward on the table, he watched as Tessa gave him a smirk, and the blonde-haired girl's jaw dropped.

"Look, just because you're a metamorphmagi, Arthur, that doesn't mean you can take what isn't yours." said the loud-mouthed redhead. Tessa was a good friend of Arthur's, and so he was known to occasionally play pranks on her. The other girl, Jade, could be considered a friend, although he only talked to her whenever Tessa was around.
"''re a metamorphmagi!!" Jade exclaimed with a triumphant smile. This sent his eyebrows soaring up to his forehead.
"Thank you, captain obvious."
"NO! No,....I had my assumptions, Arthur, but I wasn't one-hundred percent sure you were able to change your appearance at will."
"Yeah, well, I can do that."

Arthur took a sip from a goblet on the table, (most likely not his own goblet,) and watched as Tessa took a seat next to Jade. "So how come all of a sudden you're so willing to use your fancy-schmancy powers in front of other people? I thought you said you try and keep it a secret."
"I am keeping it a secret." he said with a scowl, seemingly drifting off into space, "It's just that I really don't need to keep it a secret. Muggle or not, sometimes humans don't believe what they see. I've witnessed people doing double-takes in my direction whenever I transform. Although it's somewhat amusing, it kind of irks me.
"And why aren't you sitting at your table with your housemates?" asked an Aquila girl across from Arthur.
"I hate my housemates."
"You hate everyone, Arthur." Tessa smirked.
"Yeah, but my housemates are some of the most boring people I've ever had the absolute pleasure of meeting."
"Maybe you should go back to your table before a teacher scolds you."
"I won't get caught." he said in a calm and collected demeanor. Sure enough, by the end of the banquet, not one teacher's eye caught the Cerva boy dining with the other house.

As everyone was starting to leave the dining hall, Jade and her friends made their way to the Aquila common room, where they found their trunks already stationed by their beds in the girl's dormitories. After putting away their things, they headed to the lounge, where many people conversed about their summers, and someone's Aviatamobile flew around the air, tempting people to try and catch it as the little toy car flew past everyone's heads. Arthur, on the other hand, found himself slowly walking back up to his common room, stopping every couple of seconds to try and talk to someone. He just felt like roaming around, and although he wouldn't have much time to do that at the moment, he'd make the most out of every second. Besides, he hated unpacking.