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Lyria Renn

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a character in “Orenda Academy of Witchcraft and Wizardry US”, as played by Milk-two-Sugars


Lyria Renn

Appearance: If Lyria’s ambition in life was to be a model, she would unfortunately be disappointed. A little bit funny looking, with prominent cheekbones, a slightly upturned pointy nose and big hazel eyes; although she’s not particularly ugly, there’s something slightly odd about her appearance that you can’t quite put your finger on. Lyria has a pale complexion, spattered with brown freckles across the nose and cheekbones, and her face is surrounded by a tangled cloud of long, deep brown curls.
In terms of her body, she has yet to outgrow the lanky teenager phase, and there’s a fair chance she never will. She’s moderately tall, gangly and bony, and gives off the impression that her hands, feet and shoulders are slightly too big for the rest of her.
She’ll usually battle her hair into a low, loose ponytail, and when not in classes will be found wearing woolly cardigans or jumpers with hand-me-down t shirts and baggy jeans. If it’s cold, she’ll be wearing as much knitwear as possible.

Age: 16
Year: 4th
House: Aquila
Wand: Rowan with dragon heartstring core
Patronus: Goose
Pet: A tawny owl named Samwise

Loud and blunt essentially sums Lyria up. She won’t think twice about blurting her opinions out to anybody within earshot and school classes are full of Lyria’s voice cheerfully calling out answers, usually more wrong than right as she doesn’t often bother to think before opening her mouth. She’ll babble away to anybody in her firing line, staff or student, stranger or friend, as though they’ve known each other for years – many of the more traditional teachers at Orenda are constantly reminding her to address them with more formality and respect. She also has habits of mouthing the words to herself while she reads, and saying words aloud while she’s writing them, which her classmates often find rather irritating.

Lyria is quick to form first opinions on people and if she doesn’t like them she’ll let them know it, but she never lets gossip or other people tell her what to think and will always seek to find out about people herself. This can be both good and bad – it means everybody has a fair chance at making a good first impression in her eyes, but if she gets the wrong idea about someone’s character it’s not easy to change her opinion on them.

Good reflexes, fast thinking and learning quickly from mistakes mean that although she might unthinkingly respond to questions in class with absolute rubbish, she’ll quickly correct herself and will generally end up with something right in the end. She prefers to learn intuitively rather than formulaically; if there’s a way something can be derived logically on the spot rather than having to learn a formula, she’ll find it much easier to learn.

She hates people who try to be controlling or tell her what to do, and can be childish and spiteful to get back at people who upset her. She’s resilient and obstinate and will refuse to be deterred once she’s set her heart on something. Lyria has a fierce competitive streak that surfaces whenever she puts her heart into any kind of competition, which combined with her determination and tendency to rise to any challenge means that she frequently bites off more than she can chew, and won’t give up until she’s been completely annihilated by her opposition.

Her sense of humour has a hairpin trigger, and Lyria will always be the person who can’t help themselves snorting at a really terrible joke, and occasionally gives off something off a sadistic air when she laughs aloud at other people’s mistakes and misfortunes, although it will rarely be in a malicious way.

Being fairly wiry and ungainly means that she’s not excessively strong or fast, and her hand-eye coordination leaves rather a lot to be desired. However, despite this, she has a natural affinity for flying. Her lightness, recklessness and quick reflexes make her a naturally strong quidditch seeker, but although she’s usually quick enough to avoid accidents, when they happen they tend to be spectacular. She plays seeker on the house team, and hopes to be Aquila house Quidditch captain someday.
She’s also a very enthusiastic dueller, even if her actual skill doesn’t quite measure up against some of her opponents.

The drama in Lyria’s family is mostly confined to the generation that preceded her. Her grandfather, Archelion Mortescue III, was the heir of a very old and respected wizarding family in England – wizard aristocracy, essentially. When Archelion’s wife gave birth to their first child Rosilda – a girl – he was, to say the least, disappointed. Set a generation behind in his thinking, he believed that only a male heir was suitable to bear the family name forward and so Rosilda was brought up receiving nothing but barely-disguised resentment from her father until her brother Heraldus V was produced, when it was made clear to her that she was second to him in importance. Although both siblings were sent to Hogwarts for an excellent magical education, at home Heraldus was treated like young royalty as he was brought up to be the Mortescue heir, while Rosilda grew increasingly bitter towards her brother five years her junior, and her father.
The Mortescue family was one that believed strongly in pure bloodlines and the superiority of magical folk over muggles, so it was a spiteful act of rebellion when Rosilda married straight out of school to a muggle. So desperate to disassociate herself with the Mortescue family, she barely even noticed when Archelion disowned her – and it took Heraldus’ best persuasive skills to convince Rosilda to come to his funeral when he died, particularly as she knew it was only for the sake of ‘keeping up appearances’ for the family.
As it happened, things with her husband didn’t work out and following seven years of an uneasy marriage, they separated in divorce, with Rosilda being granted custody of their three-year-old son. Heraldus offered her a last chance to return to the family now that she was no longer married to a non-wizard, but she stubbornly refused his attempt at pity, and eventually came to a decision that would allow her to finally escape the dominating shadow of her family – she took her three year old son and moved out to the US, where she remarried and had Lyria with her second husband. Before long, it became clear that the two children were taking after her magical footsteps and so Lyria followed her older brother through Orenda academy.

Rosilda’s cousin is Max Avarus’ father, making Lyria and Max second cousins to each other – although they’re not exceptionally close, spending summers together means that they know each other well enough to facilitate enough teasing and family banter to last a considerable amount of their time at school together.

  • Quidditch
  • Duelling
  • Her elder half-brother, Tiberius
  • Teasing Max
  • Winning
  • Laughing. At people or with people, it doesn’t really matter.
  • Doing things her way
  • Muggle fantasy novels… she finds their depictions of the magical world hilarious.
  • Knitwear.
  • Winter and autumn

  • Losing
  • Losing
  • Being ordered around
  • Being ignored
  • Thunder and lighting – Lyria is astraphobic, which considering how loud she is herself, often surprises people.

Password: Specialis revelio

So begins...

Lyria Renn's Story

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Lyria Renn

Although some people remained in the main hall, still eating at their house tables or socialising or generally loitering, quite a few had begun to leave in dribs and drabs to return to their dorms and common rooms. Sat at the Aquila table, Lyria wolfed down the last of the food on her plate - it wasn't as though she was worried about putting on weight, she could eat like a horse and still have the curveless figure of a prepubescent beanpole. The sorting was over, and she was pleased to see Max being sorted into Aquila; that would give her all the more opportunities for her to tease him at school... and of course she might help show him around a bit. If she was feeling generous.

She drained the last of her pumpkin juice and stood from the table, extricating her spidery legs, and noted that somewhere along the table between her and the door out of the hall was Max, talking to another first year - she hadn't really been listening during the sorting, was the girl's name Eve? Ede or something like that. Whoever she was, she should probably at least go and say hi to her second cousin, so as she strolled in their direction she interrupted their conversation with a ruffle of Max's hair. He may not be at school with his brother, but Lyria was there to make sure he couldn't escape embarassing family members entirely.

"Welcome to Aquila, little man," she said with an impish grin, cocking her head slightly to the side. Her tone was joking and lighthearted; so maybe she was teasing him a little, but ultimately it was intended to be a friendly gesture.

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Eden took in the spread of food laid out on the table before her. Everything looked and smelled so good. She reached for a hot honey-topped dinner roll and pulled it apart, taking in the scent of the fresh-baked bread before savoring the taste. "So, what classes are you taking? Max asked her, as he named off the classes he was in.

Eden scrunched up her nose as she thought about it. She was pretty sure first years took all the same classes. "Um, I have Charms, Potions, History of Magic, Transfiguration, DADA, Herbology, Astronomy, and of course Basic Flying," she replied. Then she lowered her voice to a whisper and leaned in closer to Max. "But I already know how to fly. Chase taught me back at home."

She reached over to grab a slice of cake Max had told her was especially delicious, and laughed when he got some of the whipped cream on his nose. Suddenly, fireworks were going off, exploding into the House Animals over their respective tables. Eden clapped and cheered as the Aquila eagle formed over their table.

She looked over at Max, who was enjoying the fireworks as well. ""So Eden, seems like this is a great way to start a year. What could possibly go wrong?"

Eden laughed at his comment, but then she had a strange feeling in her gut. She cleared the throat, starting to feel uneasy about the school year again. "Probably more than you think," she said. She got quiet for a minute as she focused on eating for a little while longer, until she heard somebody walk up behind them. She looked over as as one of the older girls in their House tousled Max's hair while welcoming him to Aquila. Eden smiled up at her, perking up a little. "Hey, if you're done eating, do you want to go check out the Aquila common room?" she asked.

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Max Reed:

Max had all those classes too, probably the same as Eden, except he also was in Danforth's class as well, and his work seemed more...intricate. Max might be pressured, but he was also incredibly intelligent. And he studied really well. To be honest, he was fairly advanced, but they had these certain rules so he needed to do this. that, and he didn't want to seem weird on his first year.

He was somewhat jealous that she knew how to fly already. Granted, he KIND OF did, but he wasn't sure if it counted. "Do you have your own broom? I got mine. An Aether V, one of the best brooms out there". The Aether V was one of the most valuable, and one of the best, brooms currently in existence. it could literally make you feel like you were not even on a broom, without the risk of falling off.

He twitched his nose some more, before wiping the whipped cream off of his nose and laughing himself. He enjoyed the fireworks, and then he heard that name. He replied to his cousin in a friendly, playful, but semi annoyed voice "I told you NOT to call me that Lyr!"

As the festivities seemed to start dying out, Eden asked if he wanted to see the Common Room. "Sure! I think it was...this way!" he noted, grabbing Eden's hand as he made his the exact opposite direction. Max rarely ever got lost...unless he is going there for the first or second time, in which case he almost ALWAYS got lost...something Eden was bound to find out.

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Lyria Renn

"I told you not to call me that Lyr!" came Max's faintly irritated reply, but it was still lighthearted so Lyria knew she hadn't really offended him too much. She responded predictably - with a short laugh - and turned to leave the hall, calling back jokingly over her shoulder "Don't get too lost on your first day, 'kay?"

The irony of her comment was lost on her as she headed down the main corridor, not seeing Max lead Eden off in completely the wrong direction to the Aquila common room. Lyria herself didn't have much of a plan for the rest of the evening, she would probably wind up back in the common room eventually, but first she decided to pay a quick visit to the owlery - she always liked to check on Samwise after travelling, and so she made her way up to the owlery tower.

Looking out of the great owlery windows you could pretty much see out across the whole school; the flying pitches, the rolling fields that spread down to the lake. She was sure she could see a figure sat on the hill above the lake, but it was too dark and far away to make out who it was. Puzzled as to who could be out in the grounds by themselves at this time and what they could be doing, Lyria turned away from the window and descended the owlery tower steps again, letting Samwise perch on her forearm - he kept his nocturnal sleep patterns during the holidays and at so right now he was at his most awake, and cheerfully accompanied his owner as she began to trek across the school fields towards the lonely figure on the hillside.

She really hoped she could find her way there in the dark without getting lost.

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Lyria Renn

Fortunately, as it turned out, Lyria didn't have to journey all the way down to lake to find out who was sitting down there after all - in fact, they had decided to come back up to school, and she was surprised to see that the mystery person was in fact Alison Oglethorpe. She didn't know the older girl particularly well just yet, but they were in duelling club together, and Sonny had agreed last term to tutor Lyria in duelling skills; a promise Lyria fully intended to hold her to. Lyria's skills at duelling were fairly average, and with such a competitive spirit it really made her burn every time some other kid hit her with a dodgy 'Stupefy' spell, so she had resolved that this would be the year of her winning streak.

Seeing that Alison was headed back to the courtyard, Lyria headed in that direction as well, and seeing the group of people Sonny had approached she strolled cheerfully up to them and was already there by the time she had registered the fact that they were all in years older than her. Of course there was a fair chance they wouldn't really mind at all, but in her time at school she had met far too many people who seemed to be either puzzled or irritated by having some random younger girl appear and start chattering at them... not that Lyria was ever deterred.

Oh well, it was too late to back out now even if she wanted to. Pointless chatter it was.

"Nice night for the first day back at school, isn't it?" she declared cheerfully at the two boys, who she vaguely recognised as being a pair of brothers from the houses Ursus and Vulpes, and a girl she couldn't remember meeting before who wore the blue tie of house Cerva.

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Reid looked up, a little annoyed, as not just one but two other girls made their way to the courtyard. The younger of the two said something directed at him and his brother about it being nice night. Well, maybe it would be if people would leave him alone long enough to enjoy the peacefulness of it. As it was, he stood, nodding curtly at the younger girl who had addressed them. "Enjoy what you can of it. It's almost curfew. I'm going to go ahead and go back to my dorm." He picked up his sketchbook, sliding his pencil into the spiral binding, and turned, walking back into the Orenda castle.

Ryland cleared his throat after Reid had left. "You'll have to excuse Reid," he said to Lyria, he said with an apologetic smile. "He's not really a people person. But you are right. It's a fantastic night. It's a shame it's almost over." He sighed, looking over at Alison, who had joined them only moments before. She was all smiles, which Ryland thought was a little strange based on the few encounters he'd had with her last year, but he gave her a smile in return.

As Braelyn spoke with Alison, Ryland turned to face the younger girl. She was a year below him in school, and in Aquila, but he had seen her around. "It's Lyria, right?" he asked. "I'm Ryland. And, as much as I hate to admit it, my brother is right. Time got away faster than I realized tonight, and it's nearly curfew. We'd better start heading back to the dorms." He stood, offering a hand to help Lyria up. "I'm sure we'll be seeing each other around."

He turned to face the other three girls at the table. "Ladies, always a pleasure to see you all," he said. "Skylar, I'm glad you're back. I'll see you and Braelyn in class tomorrow." He looked over at Alison, whose cheeks were reddening as she hiccupped. He recalled hearing some of his housemates discussing having some firewhiskey back in the Vulpes common room, and he assumed Alison must have joined in with them. "Can I help you get back to the Vulpes dorm, Alison?" he asked her.

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As another, more gangly shape approached them, Sonny squinted at the newcomer. She knew she recognized the face, but had a little problem with the name. Once the girl spoke, however, Sonny knew who it was instantly. “Lyria!” Sonny said with a beaming smile, throwing her hands into the air with enthusiasm. “Oh, how was your summer, love? Are you ready for a vigorous year for dueling?” She asked, giving a lopsided smile. Dueling was perhaps the one that that Alison had over her brother, in her third year she began to beat him, and she immediately was a rising star. Although pressure from her family was constant to succeed in all areas, she was pressure free as far as dueling went - it was the one thing she was naturally good at.

Reid dismissed himself, causing Sonny to narrow her eyes after him as he left. “You know, Sterling says he’s a good chap but he always seems like he’s got a stick up his arse.” She said a little crudely, then giggling as she looked back to Ryland, “No offense, people say I’m like that sometimes too.” He then apologized on his brother’s behalf, to which she waved off immediately, “No harm done on my part, if the boy wants to be left alone - leave ‘em be, I say!” The firewhiskey had made her unusually chatty, her accent stronger than ever she worried briefly if they could understand her as she began to pick up the pace of her words. It always seemed like Americans spoke so slow compared to people back home.

Ryland then dismissed himself, offering to help Alison back to their house. She meant to protest, but as she hopped onto her feet and felt a familiar twist in her gut she nodded curtly, pursing her lips in distaste. “Thank you, Ryland, ever the gentleman.” She said, linking her arm through his and waving good bye to the girls that would stay behind. “Sleep well, poppets.” Sonny said sweetly, letting Ryland direct her into the castle.

Out of the cool air, she really began to recognize her level of intoxication. Fanning herself, her cheeks ruddied with embarrassment, “I can’t thank you enough, I must look like such a fool - but I really don’t drink...I mean I didn’t but - well you probably know Sterling smuggled some in, I shouldn’t have indulged but I did and now...well I suppose this is what you’d call natural consequences.” She said with a giggle, erupting another hiccup, which forced her to laugh again. Covering her mouth with her hand, she was appalled by her own crudeness, averting her eyes she shook her head at herself. “Again I apologize.”

Of course he was every bit the gentleman she assumed he would be, and as they entered the common room of their house they were met by Sterling who seemed dressed to leave. “Curfew is any minute now, dummy.” She said brusquely, to which he narrowed his eyes, looking back and forth between the two. Then a smile broke his expression.

“Whatever you little lightweight, get your ass to bed.” He said, taking her from Ryland and passing her off to her roommate who had just recently taken claim of a seat in the common room. Alison looked back to Ryland one last time with gratitude, ‘Good night my fair knight!’ she called out to him with yet another giggle.

Sterling looked to Ryland with admiration, “She’s a pistol, I’m surprised she let you help her, she must be a lot more sensitive than I thought.” He looked back to the girls on the couch, who had probably grown to drunk to explore and create an adventure, “Alright ladies, let’s rendezvous tomorrow.” He said with a wink, heading to his dorm. “Night partna.” He added to Ryland, disappearing down the stairs and into his dorm room where he would sleep a heavy slumber with the firewhiskey warming him from the inside out.