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Elle Woods

"Sometimes in life you have to feel your way through a situation!"

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a character in “Origin Stories: Heroes and Villains”, as played by Mackamp





Elle has a small petite girl like figure and at 5 ft even, 100 pounds, the wind could blow her over. Her hair is naturally devoid of color and her eyes are the shade of a blue sky in summer. Some people would say that she is shy, but the reality she has selective mutism. She is wary of people around her, it takes a lot to build her trust, but the select few (from her past), she will whisper too. She is observant, tenacious, stronger than she appears. You would categorize Elle as a Loner Hero.

Elle's main power is Hyperacusia or Sharp Ears. Her ears are enhanced to hear with amazing clarity, distance, and even frequencies outside normal range. Through the years her hearing has become stronger and she can pick up every single sound, can decipher layer upon layer of differing sounds/conversations, locate the source of noise or pick up a sound from a mile away in a busy city.

One of two of her secondary powers are Intuitive Aptitude; the power to instantly learn and understand the complexity and exactness of organisms, objects, etc. without the need of long-term or special education.

Her last power and the one that has most recently come to her is Stealth Tactics. Through her Intuitive Aptitude she has incredibly extensive knowledge and skill in many types and ways of stealth tactics, enabling her to easily slip in and out of areas undetected. Elle's abilities in all manners of stealth are so refined they appear as mere illusions to those who have been lucky to spot the her. She also has the ability to move throughout even the most guarded of areas without detection.

Elle's family lived on a gentleman's farm just outside a thriving metropolis. Her family life was picturesque and joyful. Her three brothers and one sister were her best friends. As the baby of the family Elle didn't have a need to talk, because everyone spoke for her. When she did speak it was soft and infrequently. No one in the family was concern, it was just how she was.

One incredibly hot summer evening, while the fireflies dance along the horizon, and the children soundly slept, the Woods family life sadly changed forever. While Elle's parents were trying to catch a breeze on the front porch, some unexpected loud rap music broke the sound of the night and announced the arrival of a car on their long gravel driveway. As the car approached into the lighted area of their yard you could see people hanging out the windows, and dancing through the open moonroof. They were loudly laughing and shouting profanity at one another. Elle's dad turned to his wife told her he would take care of the drunks and go get some coffee ready. Before Elle's mom could start the coffee they were crashing through the door with Elle's dad hands belted behind his back and blood running down his face. One of them chased after her mom, which woke her eldest brother, almost a man then. He came down stairs just in time to see his mother beheaded while his father watched. They kept shouting at her Father to give them the money. Her father kept denying he knew what they were talking about.That night lasted for eternity as one by one each and every one of Elle's family members were murdered in some gruesome and inhuman way. Elle though, was not where she was suppose to be. She was in the pantry tucked under the staircase looking for a snack. Her view and the sounds of that horrific night, caused her to lose her world, but gain her powers.

So begins...

Elle Woods's Story


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As Dillon walked around the school he saw a woman in a car and another person directing her where to go and what to do.

"I didn't get someone to direct me, I just got a speaker voice." Dillon muttered. He walked around the campus for about an hour and learned where the more important areas were, such as the cafeteria and the various training areas.

"Mr. Black, please return to the enrollment office." Ink's voice came over the PA system. Dillon walked back and was given a stack of paper work with a bunch of little tabs sticking out to indicate the places he was supposed to sign.

"Okay, I just need you to sign in all these places, standard stuff really. Then at the back there's a page for designing a costume, you have a week to get a design turned in and it can be edited later, if you like, to suit your abilities."

Dillon began signing all the paper work as quickly as he could while Ink explained everything he was signing.

"Alright, now that you're enrolled, here's the key to your room. All the students enrolled here live on campus until graduation and it's two students per dorm room. You can return to your home to get your stuff, then the school will provide storage for anything extra that is too much for the dorm. We also provide a moving service to help get the job done quicker."

"Thank you, sir. I'll do my best here." Dillon said as he took the key and his copy of the paper work. He looked at the room number on the key as he walked to the dorms.

"Room 419. I guess that's my new lucky number." He found the dorm room and unlocked the door. The room was sparsely furnished. There were two of pretty much everything; beds, desks, nightstands, dressers and closets. There was a living room area with a large flat screen TV, a couch and two matching chairs. everything was pretty bland and plain in color. He checked the all the dressers and closets and everything was empty.

"I guess I don't have a roommate yet." He smiled as he looked around.

"Still better than the tiny apartment I was living in."


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DA: as she runs on the roofs she chases a bad guy down not using her powers