Valien Ben'Sorna

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a character in “Origin Stories: Heroes and Villains”, as played by Ken Shiro


Valien Ben'Sorna


Height - 6'4"
Weight - 280lbs
Build - Slender Muscular
Eyes - Pitch black
Hair - White streaked with red that reached down to the spawn of his back
Other - An almost albino pale skin

Hero or Villain

Primary - "Dark Feast" = Vampiric like ability to drain life essence through the blood of others. Depending on the age or power of the blood consumed will
dramatically increase physical abilities for a limited time as well as healing most injuries.

Secondary - "Blink" = Limited teleportation, can only be used within line of sight.
- "Blood Song" = His blood speaks to him warning of danger and threats in all kinds of ways.
- "Sanguine Preservation" = Can call on the blood consumed over the ages to disperse his physical being returning him to his designated 'home'.

How you got your powers

As a child his outward appearance provoked conflict with others as years passed the conflict became more and more physical. Beaten and bloodied and left for dead more times than counting mattered turned to routine. Even when he was taught martial skills from masters hired across the world from his father, it was always one against many. As he aged into a young adult his appearance became more abstract and started to attract more fear than conflict. He could count the people on the single hand that he cared for or cared for him. It was upon his twenty first birthday when he received a 'graduation' present from his most favoured teacher, a long slender rapier than he had taken to keenly and with natural skill that shocked the teacher. Less than a month later and full of bravado he was challenged to a duel, thinking to finally free himself from the oppression of others and earn some respect he accepted. He learned violently and deathly that a rapier was a poor match against a broadsword. It was over in seconds, a deep gash across his belly and long cut running from groin to chin. His innards held in by nothing more than hope. His opponent stood over him, ready to deal the final death blow was when he finally heard it. The small voice that urged him to a final act of defiance against the world that hated him. With all the strength left he could muster he lurched up, sinking his teeth deep into his opponents neck and drank deeply. Time lost measure as he feasted, feeling strength and power swell within him, scarring his wounds and bringing a life of limitless potential into view.

So begins...

Valien Ben'Sorna's Story