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Cha Kyujun

Loveable rapper with tragic history

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a character in “Originals”, as played by LyKat


Face Claim: Zico [Block B]


Basic Information
Asian Name: Cha Kyujun
Issues: Bipolar | Has Night terrors
Nicknames: Kyu/Hyung
Gender | Age: Male | 17
Orientation | Rel. Status: Straight | Single

Cha Jalee [Mom; Ex-police officer; deceased
Cha Hyungji [Architect; Alcoholic-abandoned Kyu]
Cha Yoona [17; Older sister]
Yoon Daejin [15 at time of death; murdered; ex-girlfriend]
Yang Hyori and Yoon Hyungmin [Daejin's parents; Legal guardians of Kyu]

Close friends:
Ko Yonghwa [Maknae of GZD]
Other members of GZD
Gaia [Co-Founder of GZD; Like a third mom]
Freya [Co-Founder of GZD; Like an older sister]
Jin Jinah [Busan old friend]

Jaewoon [Leader of Royals; Murdered Daejin as well as himself.]
Members of Royals [Rivals of GZD]

History of Criminal Activity
Random fights with rival underground rap group
Caught out in clubs underage
Caught drinking, [once] underage at a club.
Multiple accounts of not going to school
Caught with cigarettes at school once, but was found that someone set him up.
Curfew violations

+ means like & - means dislike
+Being alone
+His group
+His ex-girlfriend's family
+His friends

-Being judged
-Living instead of Daejin
-Living with pain
-The Night Terrors

Daejin's family
His music
His friends

His girlfriend's death
Memories of his past
Fearing turning into his father
Fearing being abandoned
The night terrors
His bipolar

Won talent shows for rapping at his old school.
A skilled rapper that despite being told to try out for a record company, he is unsure he will.
Founder/Leader of GZD (GodZ of Destruction), an underground rap group.

"He's cold.", "He only cares about himself.", "If he was my son I would've aborted him so he couldn't be born." are just some of the things one could hear about Kyujun if they visited his hometown. These arewords he was used to, they never bothered him, he wasn't the type to but he could unleash a fury of torment to someone if they cross him though it takes a lot for him to get to that point. He is actually a truly caring, loving, and generous guy. The death of Daejin changed him.

He's withdrawn and suffers with social anxiety, though he tries being outgoing as he's desperately wants to not have that anxiety anymore. He can be bluntly honest and he's not afraid to hurt people's feelings thus he'll never lie. He suffers also with Bipolar as well as Night Terrors which he developed after Daejin's murder. Though he tries to keep people away from him, he desperately searches for that one person that can accept him for who he is and is willing to remain by his side even at his most trying of times.

Past Schools:
Various schools in busan.
Some high schooling in Seoul.

How He Became A Student Here:
A close friend of Daejin's mom talked her and husband to send him to the school, after he was released from the mental hospital. Believing it was for the best, not knowing that the friend was the father of the rival member that wanted Daejin. His parents sought retribution for the loss of their son, Jaewon, believing the accident was completely the fault of Kyujun he ended up dead.

Type of A Student:
He's a pretty laid back student. He pays attention and does his work, but can be easily distracted or seem distant. Likes to remain to himself and almost always seen with headphones on writing in a journal lyrics to raps and the like. He is an avid studier when his bipolar is not acting up. Is prone to missing weeks from school, but always manages to keep up with his work.

Where Are They Now?:
After getting much help for his past, and much avoiding of his old hometown. Having a new place to call home, he has found it alright to go back to Busan, even getting his own place with his crew as they perform alot in Busan anyway (it being their hometown and all).

He still has his moments where his bipolar flairs up but, he knows how to handle them now. And his terrors don't come as often, but they still are a part of him.

Unlike others Kyujun's past is a rather tragic one, during his birth his mother died which killed his father's spirit, he struggled to do his best to raise his son on his own but alcoholism, though he never became abusive with him, though his addiction soon took over his father's life much so to the point that when he turned 6 his father just up and left him. He was placed in an orphanage, as he grew up he faced much criticism and was the victim of bullying because of his upbringing. Despite everything that was against him he was a pretty level headed and great kid, he had a big heart and genuinely accepted everyone, if they wished to befriend him. Through his love of music he discovered he had a talent for rapping, all his raps came from the top of his head.

At school he was told he should try out for a company, but it didn't appeal to him he preferred being his own boss, it was at this school he met a couple friends including a beautiful girl named Daejin. He was truly happy to finally have someone to love and care for, also another who shared his love for music and was just a good a rapper as he was if not more talented than he. The two after thinking about it for a long while created a rap group, though they kept it underground not wanting to bring it into light so they could do things their way. They recruited their friends and soon the group grew, he loved it the crew was tight like a family and that was something he cherished dearly, and within that family Daejin and Kyujun's hearts began intertwining deeper till they made their feelings official.

As the crew was getting more well known in the underground circuit a member from a rival underground rap group started hitting on Daejin trying to steal her from Kyujun. This led to a huge rivalry between Kyujun and the other groups member, though each group tried to keep things civil Kyu's attitude threatened to abolish that civility. The other member persistence only grew to a dangerous level, obsessive lust, as he began leaving death notes, planting things in Kyujun's car to either kill or sabotage him, the couple even had to start changing where they lived because he would break in stealing things of Daejin or just simply taking pictures of her while she slept. Daejin's family had tried helping the couple by having them be watched by cops, and everyrthing but it still didn't stop him, that was until one fateful day, one that haunts Kyujun the one he regrets and wishes he could take back.

Daejin had a meeting at a record company for an audition, Kyujun was proud of her and he wanted to be there but she didn't want him to go she wanted him to wait at home in suspense until she came home to reveal whether or not she made it into the company and that if she did she'd find a way to get him in too so they could be together. However, Kyujun kept persisting her not to drive there to use the subway, insisting it was safer he didn't know why but he could feel something off about the whole situation, the couple fought for about two hours about it, Daejin reassured him that she was going to be fine and that she'd see him when she got home. Kyujun sat beside the phone his eyes watching the window anticipating her return, two hours became three, three became four, he was getting worried, "She should be home by now." he said allowed to himself. It was right after that thought, Daejin's parents called Kyujun and told him to come over after persisting him to leave the orphanage he arrived at her parents house, three minutes later.

As he entered he could feel something was wrong, he didn't know what but something was wrong. "Kyu, honey. I have some good news and then some devastating news. On the bright side Jaewoon is dead, he was killed in a car accident and you don't have to deal with him anymore. But, that came at a price,.....he took Daejin with him." his father said delicately his voice breaking slightly but trying to keep his composure as he said those words to Kyujun. Kyujun sat still he was quiet, there were no words to be said his father just confirmed the worry that was consuming Kyu, he shook his head as disbelief overcame him, the word no left his lips till it rose to a scream. His life was taken from him once again he had no one anymore he was once again all alone, Daejin's mom and father took the young boy into their arms to comfort him as Kyujun gave into the pain that was consuming his heart. After he calmed down her parents led him to her old room and allowed him to take a backpack filled of things he wanted to keep to remember her, the one thing he took was a photo album she made of her and him that became a prized possession of his amongst the other things he was allowed to have.

Once back home Kyu changed he became distant and withdrawn, he wouldn't talk to anyone and preferred people to leave him alone. His group members understood his pain and allowed him the space he needed, however the group had to go into hiatus as his pain put him under intense suicide watch at mental hospital. People around town had begun to shame the boy calling him names, using the fact that his mother died during his birth and his own father walked out on him as reasons he was the bad apple he was and that Daejin would still be alive if she never fallen in love with a kid like him. It got to him and he started trying to kill himself, at the institution he got help for that and soon at the age of 17 two years after he got admitted (at 15) he was free to go.

He packed up everything he had and with some members that were willing to move with him, relocated from Busan to Yeouido, there he set up a home and was able to continue his underground rap group activities. Daejin's mom and dad had took legal steps to become his guardian willing to look after the boy till he was able to financially able to support himself even helping to support him while he went to school, they always liked Kyujun and despite what the town said about him because the couple knew him and spent time with him, so they knew him and were willing to help him.

He appreciated the help, though he still struggles because he suffers with Daejin's memory, being bipolar and suffering with Night terrors, he is almost back to who he used to be he's just more closed off. He hopes to find people that can still stand with him despite of what's wrong with him, that will accept him and his past, though he'd never voice those hopes. Unbeknownst to him Jaewon's mother was a nurse at the institution he went to learning who he was and why he had ended up there, she concocted a scheme after meeting with Daejin's mom she was able to talk her and her husband into sending him to Hankuk. Under the disguise that he would be better off there, not understanding he was sent there as her punishment to him for her sons death.

So begins...

Cha Kyujun's Story