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Lim Hyunjae

A drug dealer with a deep passion of getting revenge on his father.

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a character in “Originals”, as played by LyKat


FACE CLAIM:</b> Min Yoongi [Suga; BTS]


Basic Information
Character Birth Name | Character Current Name: Lim Hyunjae
Nicknames | Aliases: J; Trix || Kim Hyunjun [Pseudonym]
Age Real | Age Appearance: 18 | 16
Gender: Male
Orientation | Relationship Status: Straight | Single
Occupation: Drug dealer for Yuhaehan Mafia

Persona Information
Distinguishing Features:
Various scars for numerous reasons, mainly from fights and bad deals.

Is a closed off type person, tends to keep to himself. Though he does interact with the higher ups in the mafia as well as some others, he normally shuts off to those outside the business and is often known as the “silent dealer” to his clients. He can be a bit heartless like his father was when he was his age, in fact he can be crueler though this is only when he needs to. He can be snarky and sarcastic sometimes he can push it or be overly sassy, as he likes to be playful and tease others. Despite his snarky self he can be very loyal and bluntly honest.

A side he rarely shows is his more softer side, this side he has hidden from others not wanting to get to close to him, a side he kept since he witnessed his mother’s murder. This side is more innocent and naive, and can act much like a small child who needs to be taken care of. Though this side exists within him, he has vowed to never show it until his father dies.

Personal Strengths:
S-His baby face that makes it easy for people to trust him.
S-He taught himself how to use and hold a gun should he need to use it.
S-The people in the mafia.
S-His tough outer shell that hides who he really was meant to be.
S-Does know how to defend himself a bit due to picking it up from others he’s around.
S-The pain of others
S-Knowing that one day his father will be dead.

Personal Weaknesses:
W-His real side that he hides
W-Candy of any kind as he loves sweets
W-Anyone that knows his past
W-Those who are stronger than him
W-The others in the mafia with him.

Talents x Abilities:
Skilled gun wielder. Self-taught as he grew and is always willing to learn other techniques.

He has a natural ability to gain people’s trust due to his baby face. Depending on the situation this can be both a good AND bad thing.

Passions x Interests:
Despite his passion for getting revenge on his father for what he did to his mother, he has a hidden passion for directing that he hides.

Has a talent for directing and won at an independent film festival for a movie he directed that has gained a cult following, he goes by the pseudonym “Kim Hyunjun” who is well known.

Interested in dealing drugs, directing and hurting people.

Secrets | Facts | Dreams:
Secrets he has is that he is really a sweetheart, that he is well known director “Kim Hyunjun”, and the hugest secret he has is that he is Hyunwoo’s biological son, the son he is looking for.

Facts about him is that he wants his father dead. He enjoys hurting people. He enjoys being a troublemaker and a “bad guy”. Loves directing.

Dreams of becoming a world renowned director.

About Family
Family Members:
Cho Hyunwoo {Father; Ceo of Yong Star Entertainment}
Lim Jinyeon {Mom; Deceased; Murdered}
Cho Hyunmin and Yang Saeyu [Grandparents; deceased]
Cho Hyunsu [Uncle; Never met]
Seo Hana [ Sister- Doesn't know, hasn't met yet.]

Important People In his Life:

Close Friends:

History & Other
Hyunjae was born the only child of Hyunwoo and Jinyeon. His father had little to do with him while his mother nursed and cared for the child, she was an extremely caring and loving woman such an extreme difference to the callus and cold man his father was. As he grew it was apparent that Hyunjae was a complete momma’s boy, and was very protective of her, he used to fake being sick so he could stay home to be with his mom.

It wasn’t until he was 11 that he witnessed his father kill his mother in cold blood. Without a warning his mother left him and hid him in a crawl space in the house after they heard the door slam open and heard Hyunwoo screaming his mother’s name. Disobeying his mother for the first time ever he left his hiding space and made his way to protect him mom, while standing in the hallway while his father didn’t pay attention, he watched in horror as his the father he lived with who seemed to love his wife, heartlessly, viciously and violently kill his beloved mother. After his father noticed him the young boy was able to escape from his father and he didn’t stop running.

The streets weren’t kind to the young boy who was scared of everyone and everything, over time though as he grew his hatred for his father began to overtake him soon he began to hate humanity as a whole. He began to act out being violent and the like which kept people from messing with him. His saving grace came when a member of the Yuhaehan Mafia found him.

Where Are They Now?:
After being found at almost 15 he became a Drug dealer for the Yuhaehan Mafia, after they learned that they could trust the boy. His baby face works out, people trust him, he has become a profitable dealer, and with them he rarely gives a problem. The attitude he has for other people outside of the mafia works.

At 18 he’s taking on a lot more than just dealing but, he loves being a drug dealer and hurting people if he has to.

So begins...

Lim Hyunjae's Story