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You're a player in a world on the brink of a world war... Is it 'How' will you survive, or 'Will' you survive?

478 readers have visited Otherworld since Attie created it.


This will be updated shortly. I had to go to bed and didn't want to lose any of my progress thus far. There is no use in applying until I have updated the information necessary to know the world, the factions, etc. 5/16/2014

In summary, Otherworld is similar to Earth in that it is a livable planet. The technology is medieval, and the most advanced of all is Kurek with it's Steam technology. The form of aircraft is airships. There are no automobiles, only wagons. There are many different humanoids (Humans, Elves, dwarves, people made of stone... etc etc.) If it's not already made, make it yourself in the application.

This game is HIGHLY dependent upon the players and their ability to create from their imagination. It is also highly dependent, at times, that the player make their own choices and drive the role play from their own angles at times. There is an outline already created for this roleplay known by myself and one other. It has a beginning, some specifics that may or may not happen dependent upon how the role play goes, and an end. Even with this outline, there is a huge amount of 'up in the air' and choice for you, the players, and your characters.

Code: Select all

[B]Gender: [/B]

[B]Age: [/B] (Be reasonable. Age minimum is 15. In Otherworld, 16 is considered an adult for most humans / humanoids.)

[B]Race:[/B] (In Otherworld, you can be anything. Anyone. Within reason. If you are being anything other than a human, know that you will have to provide me with a background of the race, it's capital city, how much of the population is left, any weaknesses and strengths, and give me politics on how they feel about the current tension between Kurek and the rest of the world.)
[*][B]Racial Strengths: [/B] (For every one of these, you must have a weakness. Ex: Mermaids are bad ass swimmers.) 
[*][B]Racial Weaknesses: [/B] (Ex: Mermaids are not the best walkers, even if they are magically given legs for a temporary amount of time, because they have not been practicing their whole life at walking or running. They will stumble and fall and be a liability, most likely.)
[B]Appearance: [/B] (Please provide some type of image here. Drawn. Painted. Photoshopped. Photographed. I don't care. Anything. In addition, you are given the option of a few lines of description. (Image required, Description is not.) Anything not shown in the picture (tattoos, piercings, scars) must be placed in description.)
[B]Class / Specialty:[/B] (Examples: White Mage / Restoration. Tank / Damage. Tank / Protection. Black Mage (or Mage) / Summoning. Long-Range DPS / Ranger or Huntsman. Short-Range DPS / Thief.)

[B]Personality:[/B] (A decent description. What are they like? What do people say about them? Note that 'quiet, timid' characters are likely to get overlooked. In some form or fashion, your character will need to stand out enough to be engaged in the role play. Consider this if you make a 'shy' character.)

[B]Aspirations: [/B] (What do they want in life? What is their goal? Where do they see themselves in 5 years?)

[B]Religion: [/B] (Do they believe in the Spirits and Aura, or is that an 'old wives tale'? Do they have some other religion? If you make one up, please explain it to the best of your ability in detail so that I may roster it.)

[B]Political Views: [/B] (How does your character feel about Jadan? Kurek? The current tension building? Do they care?)

[B]Mini-Bio: [/B] (This doesn't need to be the world's longest paragraph. Give me what I want to know. Who are they. Where did they come from. Why are they the way they are, in a sentence or two that doesn't reveal too much that could otherwise be found out in the role play?)

[B]Short History of How They Ended Up in Jadan: [/B] (The role play starts with the Ceremony of the Thousand Year Queen in Jadan city. Why is your character there?)

Toggle Rules

  1. Don't be a dick.
  2. Your character can be a dick, but you can't get your tighties in a twist if other characters don't like them.
  3. All site rules apply in regards to: mature themes, violence, sex, and language. Whatever their rule is, my rule is.
  4. At the end of the day, I have the final say on if you are permitted to join. Just because you apply does not mean you will be accepted.
  5. I will research your profile, your writing style, your written work posts. If I am not sure of what I see, I may ask for a sample from you. This is not to dissuade you. This is me trying to give you the benefit of the doubt despite what I see and granting you an opportunity to show me that you can stand up to the test of what it will take to be in this role play.
  6. I expect activity or a notice for lack there of. I expect 3 posts per week from each person. I expect progression of story, not fluff. I expect character development, not insta-badasses. I expect your character to have as many flaws as they have strengths. I expect your character to fail sometimes in order to grow.
  7. I expect you to communicate with me (in a PM or OOC) if something comes up, or if you can't participate as you thought. I expect effort. I expect honesty.
  8. In addition to all of this, I expect you to be able to come to me if something is unclear, or if you need help. We all have bad days with writing. Maybe it's writer's block. Maybe you're stressing. Maybe you don't know where to go from the point of the story we're at. Talk to me. Be honest. Tell me you need help, because I am MORE THAN HAPPY to give it to you! Honestly. At the end of the day, I thrive on writing with a bunch of people who also enjoy writing. If you're not writing / enjoying it, then I won't. Let me help you. Talk to me.
  9. By applying, you agree to these rules, expectations, and statements. Any uncertainty about them should be brought up when applying.

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Otherworld by Attie


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