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Our Blood is Spilling



|| Everybody Wants to Rule the World-Lorde || All the Places-Made in Heights ||


It is in human nature to want power, but power isn't something easily gained, and isn't something easily kept. Lands have been at war for centuries, alliances have been made, kept, and broken. The Kingdom of Talwen and the Kingdom of Padlin are the realms most powerful Countries, but also the others biggest threat, in order to annahilate that threat it was declared that at the time the Princess of Padlin and the Prince of Talwen would be wed to secure an alliance between the countries. The sudden death of the Princesses Father threw her onto the throne at the age of seventeen, it was then decided she would go to Talwen and be wed to the Prince in good time, in other words when it was convenient for Talwen.

However many are out to destroy the alliance before it can really begin, people are doing everything in their power to make sure the Queen and the Prince do not actually fall in love, they are doing everything in their Power to destroy this alliance, even if it means destroying the Prince or the Queen herself, for if they wed, the two most powerful forced in the Realm will be united, and the other countries will have no chance. At least thats how they see it.

|| Role: Queen of Padlin || Name: Guinevere Harrington || Gender: Female || Age: 18 || TAKEN Whispering-Winds || FC: Emilia Clarke ||

|| Role: Crown Prince of Talwen || Name: Richmond Conwyn || Gender: Male || Age: 19 || TAKEN SaxyLady15 || FC: Douglas Booth ||

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Guinevere masked the little hurt she felt when Richmond snapped at her, she simply shook her head. "Richie, you didn't do anything wrong. If you don't believe anything I tell you, at least believe that." Guinevere sighed placing her hand over his.

"When I was fifteen, Joshua was outraged that I declined his offer of marriage. If there was thing His Father did do right in his life, it was that he loved his children." Guinevere took a small breath, no one outside of Padlin knew about this and she hadn't spoken a word of it. "Furious with me, he had his Father attempt to take over Padlin in hopes that, by threatening my family, and my country, and everything I held dear, I would surrender." Guinevere looked down at their hands. "I refused, as I knew if I accepted, the war with Rhoden would end, but a war with Talwen would begin as you and I were at that point the only thing keeping peace between our countries. The King, had control of my Fathers throne for two weeks, We pulled men together, and fought and found a way." Guinevere looked at Richmond placing her hand on his cheek.

"I Promise, we are going to find a way, and we are going to go home. They have a nine year old girl on that throne, a girl who knows nothing, she doesn't know what she is doing. They will fall. A country needs a ruler, and a nine year old girl is anything but that."


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Richmond listened to her story, not knowing shed received other offers of marriage. He wondered if the only reason they we'd was for peace. But he'd continue with that later. "Good. I love you." His thumb caressed her hand on his cheek and he kissed her lips softly. "I suppose all law can do is wait further master minds to make up their minds.

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Character Portrait: Richmond Raymand Conwyn


Character Portrait: Richmond Raymand Conwyn
Richmond Raymand Conwyn

" I wish to love and to hold, to protect you from fear and injury by day and night, until my very last breath leaves my body, and it is nothing but safe for you in this world we live in together. "


Character Portrait: Richmond Raymand Conwyn
Richmond Raymand Conwyn

" I wish to love and to hold, to protect you from fear and injury by day and night, until my very last breath leaves my body, and it is nothing but safe for you in this world we live in together. "

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Character Portrait: Richmond Raymand Conwyn
Richmond Raymand Conwyn

" I wish to love and to hold, to protect you from fear and injury by day and night, until my very last breath leaves my body, and it is nothing but safe for you in this world we live in together. "

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