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Our Brand New Life at Sakura Square



a part of Our Brand New Life at Sakura Square, by Tales of the Wraith.


Tales of the Wraith holds sovereignty over Japan, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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Japan is a part of Our Brand New Life at Sakura Square.

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Narukei Iyazaki [23] "I find this a bit unnecessary. So why not just ask me instead?"
Shiori Santioa (Iyazaki) [19] I don't want to hurt anymore. I want to move on, whatever that means...
Ren Katsukawa [0] What's done is never done. It remains within us, the story we tell ourselves so we know who we are

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Dinner had been complicated, especially since Yukito was rambling on about Narukei liking her, but she wasn't sure if Yukito meant as a friend, or if he was referring to a less likely scenario? She highly doubted that it was true, especially if the younger brother meant romantically. Why would someone like Narukei ever like her? Besides, she wasn't looking to flirt with anyone, nor did she want to get in a relationship. She had a scholarship to worry about and a sick grandmother to take care of. She didn't have time for boys, especially not a boyfriend. Not going to happen..

"Oh Ne-chan. I apologize if you are upset, even though I am not so sure myself the situation. If I had done something to upset Miss. Santioa, I hope she could tell me soon. Ah, but,..."

Keiko overheard every word, but kept quiet and put her plate in their dishwasher. She didn't mean to be eavesdropping, but she was kind of just here and it couldn't be helped. Though, she still felt incredibly awkward and guilty for doing so. This was a family moment and she knew she shouldn't have been here at all. She caused a lot of problems, and she really didn't understand exactly how, but she knew it was her fault. That much was obvious.

"It's fresh still, but it's all we have left after I cooked. That is until I go shopping again. Would you mind having her at least snack on it. Just say it's from you. I doubt she'd eat it otherwise."

Keiko smiled a bit, finding it a bit heartwarming that despite all the chaos the four seemed to still care about each other, regardless of how little of niceties they were. The short girl began to noticeably start crying and Keiko finally turned to look upon the two. She wanted to step forward and comfort the small girl named Nemui, but she knew that it crossed boundaries that she had no right to overstep. So she let the girl cry, and she seemed to calm down, seeing as it was just over the kind gesture, and not because she was actually upset or anything.

Narukei chuckled, but the cute moment between the two was destroyed when his phone rang. She thought it was a bit odd to have a phone call this late, but she realized that it was none of her business, and left it at that. Besides, if her parents called this late, she would have answered it.. so she couldn't judge anyone anyway. She missed them so much.. so whoever was calling him must have had a good reason.

"Do you mind if we head out now Miss. Misanami. I will walk you home and if you don't mind I'd like to check up on Gran."

"I don't mind. I'm all set. Got to find Hachiko though.. She'll freak out if I return this late without the dog.." Keiko replied with a small laugh. She was already a bit nervous, wondering if her grandmother had spent this whole time worrying about her. She hoped not, she never meant to stay gone so long.. and she still never made it to the grocery store like she had planned.

"Excuse me for a moment..."

She definitely didn't want to eavesdrop on his phone call, especially when she caught the first few words that came next. It was a girl, and she definitely didn't want to hear what he'd say to whomever was on the other end of the line. His relationship status didn't concern her at all, so she decided to make herself useful. Besides, it was less intimidating outside under the stars.

"Hello Gabby-"

Keiko nodded, slipping outside to search for the dog. She noticed the Cherry blossom trees in the yard, smiling a bit. He seemed to care about whoever he was talking to, and she was a bit glad that people were still so close. She only wished more of her family cared for her grandmother as this family seemed to care about each other. They had their distances and disagreements, but everyone in that house cared for someone else so deeply that it was worth arguing and crying about. She envied that kind of family. Her mother and father were always very casual and a relaxed couple. They got along well, but they hardly ever fought, and when they did it never was a whole lot of conflict. Their love was like vanilla, towards everyone. It was boring, it wasn't passionate at all. This family was passionate, even if it wasn't about the same things..

Though Yukito definitely got under her skin a little at dinner. She wasn't very fond of him announcing that Narukei 'liked' her. Even if he did, why would they be seeing a lot more of her because of it? She had baseball practice, along with plenty of responsibilities around her house. Where was she supposed to find all this time? Surely he wasn't talking about romantically? Did she not make it clear that she didn't want a relationship? She'd never experienced a crush before, and she definitely didn't want to start now. She was actively doing everything she could to avoid falling for anyone. Why did he try to go out of his way to imply romantic interest, especially since it definitely seemed like there wasn't even a snowball's chance in hell of there ever being something between someone as popular as Narukei and as tomboyish as her. He could have any girl he wanted, why a girl on the baseball team who has cuts and bruises all over her? There were plenty of feminine girls who smelled like roses and wore skirts that were chasing after him, hell, even some of the less tomboyish girls on the teams followed him around from what she'd seen over her annual visits to this town. She didn't feel so much like the new girl, seeing as she was so familiar with this town..

Hachiko approached, but went right by Keiko and scratched on the glass. The dog's beady brown eyes looking straight up at Narukei as she whined for his attention. Keiko twitched a bit at this and shook her head, "Jeez... even the dog..?" She asked herself in disbelief. Though she laughed a bit later. It was ridiculous how many people were drawn to the Iyazaki's, even her grandmother's pet! She went to pick up the dog, but it only growled at her in return. It always did dislike Keiko, so the brunette girl let out an annoyed huff, sticking her tongue out, "Stupid Mutt..." She had a frown on her face afterwards, really starting to loathe that dog and it's picky behavior.


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"I always wonder why girls are so easy to cry even if they do their best to stop it. Probably, because they can use it.
They are used to manipulate the world around us, but it is effective solely due to one thing. It sparkles like light in the dark."

|| Current Location ✦ Sakura Square/Paris |||| [ Theme ✦ [Dead Hearts ] ||

Yukito sat on one of the hanging sofa and always pondered the contradictions of how he does things. This room was actually the favorite part of his mother. It was actually her mother who had personally designed the sun room with a theme relating to a beach house. His mother was fond of beaches and wanted to bring a piece of it here. He despises his mother, but at the same time he could not let go and would find himself coming here to a place where a lot of memories with his mother had been made. Unlike his brother who kept the garden house to himself, he doesn't particularly care who uses this room, but he would not deny that this place does hold some sentiments to him.

He released a rather large sigh and took something from his pocket which was a stick of lollipop, his favorite flavor. Entertaining himself, he popped it into his mouth and savored the sweetness it brought. He leaned on his seat and closed his eyes briefly. Memories flashed through his head without any chronological order, just a jumble of puzzles pieces. "Tch!" He clicked his tongue in annoyance as he quickly stood from his seat. It was only when he was by himself that he would allow a semblance of other emotions be blatantly shown. The memories of the past were really irritating and he hated the fact that it keeps hounding on him when he would let his guard down.

At that point, something fell from his other pocket. He glanced at it and saw it to be one of his tarot cards. Yukito picked it up and it was one of the major arcana, The Fool. Well, that was very interesting. The symbol of unlimited potential, new beginnings, choices and so forth. It also has another meaning when reversed, the blatant ignorance of consequences as transition occurs. All of these were rather accurate involving him and his current situation. This is why he is rather fond of fortune-telling. "Power of assumption, integration, and reality. So, I have to make a choice to begin..." He shrugged his shoulders and put it inside his pocket once more. "We'll see..." He muttered under his breath as he decided to retire in his room for now.

As he came out of the sun room, Yukito took notice of a certain figure at the stairs. He did not say anything at first and made his observations. She was holding a bowl rather tightly. It was probably from Narukei to be given to Shiori. That figures, but what made him pause a bit was Nemui's face. It appeared that she cried from the glistening tears on her eyes. "First day and you're already crying, Nemui-chan." He finally announced his presence as he approached her. There was a small smile on his lips, but it was not meant for play or fun. It was a comforting one which his eyes of orange reflected the same. His fingers ever gently removed the shining crystals hanging from her lashes. "Who made you cry?"

The reason did not matter to him. His concern? Well, there is a part of it, but there was more to his actions which would not be seen with his perfect mask on. "I can't have my sisters be left in tears by anyone just like that, especially when I'm here." He tilted his head to an angle slightly and made a guess. "Perchance, would it involve Aniki?" His voice did not betray anything beyond a casual concern type of question, even now... Yukito had never stopped playing a role ever since that day, the day his mother left.
The line finally connected, but Gabriela had expected that. Narukei had always been polite and kind as much as possible. That child would try his best even if it causes him trouble or annoyances. Perhaps, it was supposed to be that way as she was a selfish woman which seemed to be inherited by her son, Yukito, a balance, but, she would not be offended if someday Narukei would just get tired of it. She truly wished that someday that Narukei would find someone who would take care of him just like how he does to those around him. She heard Narukei's voice on the other end as she had a small smile on her face. "Hello, Ne--" She stopped in mid-sentence and remembered that she has no right calling any of the boys of the nicknames she used to call them. "Narukei-kun, I'm sorry to bother you. It must be night there. It's just that Yukito-kun is not answering his phone." There were other noises at her end, mainly voices of people. She was actually still working and was at the gallery at Paris.

"I'll be coming back to Japan for the opening of my art gallery there. It would be around Yukito-kun's birthday, so I'll be sending invites. It's not forced. You and Yukito could ignore it or give it away. I just want to inform you both beforehand." There was a pause there as she was looking at a letter on her hand from Kaoru. It was finally time and she remembered the promise that they had made when she left him with the children back then. "I have heard that Kaoru would be remarrying. I have received an invitation for the wedding." Her voice was calm as a beautiful river, there were no bumps or anything that could reflect anything else. One would guess that she has no romantic feelings for Kaoru anymore.

"Narukei-kun, you do know that you can talk to me if you have any sentiments. I will be here as much as I can." She said her piece and decided to end the call. "That's all I want to say. Well, please inform Yukito-kun. Good night, Narukei-kun and stay safe both of you."