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Lucy Brookes

"I know not everyone is perfect, but you're just ridiculously stupid."

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a character in “Our Deal”, as played by UniqueYetUnoriginal


Lucy Brookes


Nicknames: She is often called Lulu, though she is still called by Lucy also.
Age: She's eighteen years old.
Gang: Night Creepers.
Birthday: July 2.
Gender: Female.
Sexuality: Bisexual.
Weapon of Choice/Fighting Style: As Lulu is very small, she prefers to fight with weapons, mostly throwing knives as she has good aim. However, unlike her fellow Night Creepers, she also carries a whip with her. She finds it useful as throwing knives are not very good for close combat, though it is still long enough that you don't have to get very close to have the advantage. As well as this, she is very athletic and flexible, which can often make up for the fact that she is not very strong, as she can get out of difficult situations easier and can do some impressive kicks.

  • Night Creepers
  • Her Whip
  • Sweets
  • Her Knives
  • Danger
  • Cigarrettes

  • Day Trotters
  • Extreme Heat
  • Feeling Nervous
  • Knock Knock Jokes
  • Being Insulted

  • Getting Close To Someone And Losing Them
  • Very Large Bugs

Personality: Lulu is very hard to get along with, as she is either very cold or very eccentric. On the outside, she seems like a very bad tempered, yet chirpy teenager, who is constantly using sarcasm. She loves to get what she wants and keeps her first impressions, either she likes you or she doesn't. She searches for adventure, thrill and danger, and loves the adrenaline these events give her. For this reason, she can often be very careless, almost to the point of foolishness. However, she is a very bright girl, constantly coming up with plans and lies to help in the future. She is friendly, but in a sense that she isn't afraid to talk to complete strangers as if she has known them for years. This isn't always a good thing, as she has a tendency to say exactly what she is thinking and feeling.

She can be very sarcastic and swears often, and loves ironic situations. Some may describe her as a bit insane, but she just says eccentric. Though she may seem like a very judgmental person, as she is, this is due to the fact that she lost many of her loved ones in the bloodshed and doesn't want to feel the pain of losing those close to her ever again, and so she blocks others out. If she feels she is getting close to others, she tends to get a bit obnoxious and ignores you, only speaking sarcasm and insults. She is short tempered, one minute she is laughing, the next she is holding you against the wall with a knife to your throat.

Biography: Lulu was born eighteen years ago to Darcy and Philip Brookes. She had an older brother, Cyrus, by three years. He started to get into drugs when their father died in a car crash, when Lucy was twelve, and soon joined the Night Creepers after this. Lucy followed her brother's footsteps, joining the Night Creepers, and though she didn't take drugs she did start to smoke. However, this was only whilst she was with the Night Creepers, at home, she was a seemingly normal little girl with a normal family, not even her mother suspected any different. She had a younger sister, Susan, though mostly known as Susie, who was born when she was eight.

What Lucy and her brother, Jake, didn't know was that Susie had been following them on the gang the entire week. And so, when the bloodshed happened, her little sister was caught in the middle. Not only that, but shortly after, both her older brother and crush were killed, and she barely made it out alive, after killing a few of the Day Trotters herself. She told her mother everything that had happened, and her mother now doesn't speak to her, and Lucy quickly moved out, the guilt unbearable. She blames the Day Trotters for the fact that her life turned into a mess, even if it was partly the Night Creepers fault. Though she got her revenge on the one that killed her little sister, she still is determined to get revenge on all of the Day Trotters, particularly the one that killed her brother.

Anything else? She has a slight British accent, as her mother and older brother were British.

Password: What's Your Deal?

So begins...

Lucy Brookes's Story