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Oliver Brookwell

"Now, don't worry, there must be a solution to this. Every problem has a solution."

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a character in “Our Deal”, as played by The*Lucky*Teacup


Oliver James Brookwell


Nicknames: 'Ollie' but only by those who know him quite while
Age: 20
Gang:Night Creeper
Birthday:December 5th
Weapon of Choice/Fighting Style: In all honesty, Oliver isn't much of a fighter. He has a knife, for defence purposes, and keeps a knife back at their hideout. However, he leaves the attacking down to other members of the gang.

  • Fellow Night Creepers
  • Showing off with his smarts
  • Typical British Culture
  • Smoking
  • Card Games (Or any games in fact) and puzzles.

  • Being made out to look stupid
  • Being cornered
  • Seeing loved ones in danger
  • Isolation and Solitude
  • Vacancy of some people's heads (Posh way of saying stupid people.)

  • Being kicked out of the gang -As Oliver is not the strongest, nor the best with weapons, he always worries that he'll be kicked out and left to fend for himself. Simply enough this fear is basically going against lonliness.
  • Being Stabbed -Since he associates knives with the Night Creeper, he pictures if he were to be stabbed, it'd be by a Night Creeper, which is the ultimate betrayal.

Well, even when you first look at Oliver, you can immediately tell that he’s quite the geeky type. He only really wears his glasses back in their hideout; otherwise he becomes an easy target towards other gangs and such. Outside the hideout, he wears contacts. Otherwise, he'd just be blind. Now, Oliver is certainly seen as the brainy one, and also almost the ‘doctor’, of the gang. He has a background of being very knowledgeable and almost got a degree for medicine and healthcare. He would have gotten it for sure, if it wasn't for being a college dropout. More often than not, he is seen as an intelligent and clever gentleman. He likes to keep clean and speak with correct English that may make him seem more posh and polite than anything else. However, although Oliver is book smart, he’s certainly not all that apprehensive of people. He’s terrible with names and often doesn’t look in depth to the character of a person. He’s easily deceived and has plenty of experience at it. But no matter how much he tries, he cannot be a good judge of character. This, however, leads foremost to him having a lack of trust of anyone outside the gang. He rarely leaves the hide out during the day, unless he has to. But even then, he’d rather leave with someone else by his side.

It’d be easy to say that Oliver isn’t suited to being in a darker gang. Or a gang at all in fact. He’s got a kind heart deep down inside and can be seen as a puppy that just wants a friend. He’s known amongst acquaintances and ‘buddies’ for this, as he rarely fights with others and somehow tries to see a good thing in everyone. Oliver can be jokey and a little sarcastic with those who he does consider a friend, and overall can be very sociable when he wants to be. He’s just a little shy at times. And… well, nice. His attempts at insults can be hilarious, and it’s something that he really should work on. That and his fighting attempts are so poor that he’s more likely to be overpowered if he doesn’t have someone around to defend him. However, when it comes to being around ‘enemies’, Oliver tends to go quiet and basically glare. This is a sign that he doesn’t quite know what to do and is panicking slightly inside. His unknowingness to other people leads him to believe the opinions that others have given him. And for that reason, Oliver really only goes out of the old subway station when he has others there too, just so if they did run into a day trotter, he could leave it to others to deal out the arguments and insults. If the time came where it was dark and he bumped into a Day Trotter, he would likely point them in the direction of safety as apposed to hurting them, purely because he wouldn’t want to have to deal with them himself.

In many cases, and probably the view of many Night Creepers, Oliver is pretty helpless. He’s far too nice to be a Night Creeper. But he has all the brains and he does come up with some really good solutions to some problems that the gang may have. That and he is a Doctor. Or close enough to it.

Well, Oliver’s goal in life was to become a doctor. He grew up with two sisters and a younger brother, being the second born and one with a little less attention. He didn’t seem to mind though. With the lack of parents pestering him about what he was doing, he could focus on what he wanted to focus on. He managed to get into college by age 18, taking on a medical degree. However, during this time, he met a boy. It was simple flirting and such by him, and Oliver began to feel something for the boy. By age 19, the two dropped out of college and moved in together, deciding not to tell their parents. But it seemed that after spending all of Oliver’s college funds, the boy was no longer interested and left. Oliver was left alone and in time couldn’t pay his rent, leaving him to be abandoned on the streets. He tried to get in touch with his family, but by this point they just told him to get a job, not taking the matter that seriously. And so Oliver was left on the streets. Up until the point where he bumped into the gang.

Oliver took on the role as the doctor. It was a bit of a let down compared to being an actual doctor, albeit. However, Oliver took on a rather important role within the gang, considering the amount of fights the gang had with the day-trotters. He hasn’t necessarily been in the gang long, and probably still isn’t accepted by many. However, Oliver has taken a liking to it, purely because he feels wanted, and is a part of something in which he’s needed. That’s all that Oliver could ask for really. Though this does lead back to the fact that he’s not all that great at being a vicious Night Creeper. More an innocent, friendly, shy Night… sir. After the bloodshed, Oliver really became... overwhelmed. As the medical man, he really tried to save the leader and all those who were seriously injured, but most of them were just instant deaths. It really did become a metaphoric bullet to the heart when he couldn't save them. Even if he'd only been in the gang about half a year, he felt like he lost some really good people.

Anything else? The only time Oliver might leave without telling others is when going to find medical supplies, when he needs something but doesn’t want to stir up others, and when he’s so bored that he just needs to sit outside for a while to smoke. Smoking is kind of Oliver’s one dark side. It doesn’t really have the effects on him that it might do on others, almost the opposite. It calms him when he’s got some sort of sad thought or stress on his mind.

Password: What’s your deal?

So begins...

Oliver Brookwell's Story