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Sean Davis

"Nothing changes but the day we run from."

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a character in “Our Deal”, as played by Malfunction


Sean Davis


Nicknames: Little Sluggo, Slug.
Age: 19
Gang: Night Creepers
Birthday: December 7th
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Pansexual
Weapon of Choice/Fighting Style: Sean is in love with knifes and very much prefers them over any other weapon. He follows his instincts when it comes to fighting. He isn't the type to pull out his knifes unless he intends to use them though. He is also good and a natural in hand-to-hand combat. Before joining the Night Creepers, he only used his hands for the brawls he would constantly find himself in. Like said before though, his knifes are his babies and he has a number of them always on him. He also has a gun but it is hidden at his house in case of an emergency.

  • Girls
  • Food
  • Music
  • Reading
  • Knifes

  • Vegetables
  • Insects
  • Being hungry
  • Fighting
  • Being bored

  • Becoming like his father
  • Losing his loved ones
  • Influencing/involving his sisters into his lifestyle

Sean is a charmer and someone who is generally nice... to certain people. He doesn't mind putting on a smile for a stranger but if he has no interest in becoming any thing more, he will try and finish the conversation as soon as possible. Sean isn't the type to go out of his way to befriend new people and usually doesn't give much thought about strangers so he tends to ignore them unless they speak to him first. He is very open and friendly when it comes to people he likes and he comes off more playful, talkative, curious, protective, and much more. Sean is a pretty solid guy who does his work when needed and has all right morals for someone in a gang. Before, he wasn't as relaxed and happy as he is now and was instead always looking for a way to prove himself, almost as if he was constantly trying to run away from something or trying to break free. Escaping is no longer etched at the forefront of his mind though and the credit for that going to the close relationships he's formed with the Night Creepers. His caring for them is what roots him to the place. Sometimes his bad boy vibe causes him to come across as intimidating and unapproachable, but Sean is a really funny guy who gets along well with the people that don't totally annoy him or who are Day Trotters. He's pretty sick of being known as a bad guy when all he wants is a little bit of fun. Sure he has monsters within him that like to come out every once and awhile but he tries to quell them as often as he can by taking his self-prescribed daily shot of vodka and a few hits off of his cancer sticks he holds so closely to him.

As most come to realize after some time spent with Sean, his most visible weakness is women. It's hard for him to resist any woman's wishes and he'd do just about anything to make a lady smile. He is observant and when he likes something he sees, he has a habit of saying it. His compliments that make up most of his charm and are something that come natural to Sean. A big fact about Sean is that he has insomnia and would do anything for a good sleep. That being said, when he does get a decent sleep he is overly happy and when someone interrupts his sleep, he will most likely unleash fits of anger towards said someone and be in a sour mood the rest of the day or night.

Besides all that, Sean loves to have fun and is actually clumsy and a bit impulsive in certain situations. He might seem somewhat like an air-head, with his head in the clouds - daydreaming about faraway places. He seems impatient and at times aggressive but he is really patient with all the people he personally knows. To Sean, the Night Creepers is the only thing that means something equally as much as his family. He is more of a lover than a fighter but he has no trouble resorting to violence when it comes to protecting others. That being said, his temper has deflated a bit through out the years and as much as someone insults him, he will honestly not care anymore. It is a whole different thing when someone else being the one hurt and his anger can burst in a matter of seconds.

Biography: Sean was the first born of Valerie Davis and Dylan Silva. Sean's nickname comes from his father's; his dad was known to his friends as "Sluggo" and thus they began to call Sean "Little Sluggo" which was later shortened to "Slug" because being called "Little Sluggo" reminded him of his father. His father had a temper and was a very strict man that was constantly demanding stuff from Sean. Sean adjusted to it though and didn't mind it at first. His first sister was born when Sean was five years old and more began to arrive to the family until he had four sisters. Because of this, he grew rather sensitive to women and their wants; he grew patient and very caring by that point. It wasn't until he was ten that his life took a turn. His father had lost his job and after constant failures in getting another one, he began to do cocaine in order to relieve his stress. This caused Dylan to become more careless and his temper didn't help. He grew easily angered with his family and at one point hit Valerie. Sean tried but failed in stopping his father from continuing to hit his mother because of the difference in strength. It was his sister that went to alert the neighbors who called the police. His father was taken and in the same year their parent's got a divorce and all Sean saw from his father were the monthly packets of money he sent to them. After a few years, the money stopped coming though and his family's situation worsened. It didn't help that Sean had entered a stage of rebellion by that point and was constantly trying to distract himself by having fun and breaking various laws. Although he'll never admit it, he knows the cause of the rebellion was about him rebelling against the strict and captivating lifestyle his father had set up for him. He was rash and restless to point that he was rarely at the house. It was up to his mother to work full time to get enough money for the family and the oldest sister had to step up to take care of her siblings.

As a part of his rebellion, Sean joined the Night Creepers at the age of twelve. Honestly, he didn't care much about it and he could've just as easily joined the Day Trotters. It just happened to be that the Night Creepers were the first gang he came across. He was surprised when he actually grew close to some of the members of the gang. He aggressive and out of control nature didn't change until his mother passed out at work. It turns out she had gotten a hernia because of overexertion and needed surgery. This was a slap in the fact for Sean and he began to focus on helping his family and even got a part-time job at a restaurant as a dishwasher. His behavior calmed down after that and he's become more calm and overall happy. Although he has no real hatred for the Day Trotters, after the blood shed of the fight between the two rival gangs where lives were lost - including some of Sean's closest friends and their loved leader. He grew to resent them and dislikes them as an institution, not personally.

Anything else?
- Sean first learned how to play the guitar to play/sing his first sister's favorite song on her birthday. He has been playing the guitar ever since.
- He is far-sighted and will be seen squinting a lot when he doesn't have his glasses (he tends to look like he's scowling).

Password: What's your deal?

So begins...

Sean Davis's Story