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Veronica "Kitty" Willows

I wish you would tell me how you really feel, but you'll never tell me 'cause thats not our deal

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a character in “Our Deal”, as played by KittyKLL


Veronica "Kitty" Willows


Nicknames:Kitty, everybody calls me Kitty, not Veronica.
Age: 17
Gang: Night Creepers
Birthday: January 23rd
Weapon of Choice/Fighting Style: I mostly fight with either knives or the single gun I carry. I know how to throw a few good punches too, but I'd rather have a good knife in my hand than going in a fight barehanded.

  • Coffee, I'm an addict.
  • Ice Cream, Yum~
  • Reading, especially suspense.
  • Music, I can't go anywhere without my iPod.
  • Candy, yes you can see me at the candy store daily.
  • Winter
  • My Gang

  • Day Trotters
  • When people say I'm too young to be the leader.
  • Bitter Food
  • When people take away my coffee.
  • The Summer heat

  • I fear that someone from my gang will get hurt, and it's my fault for not protecting them.
  • Failure, I fear failing...

Personality:Well you could say that I'm pretty hyper and "cute". One, I'm not cute, I'm feisty. I'm usually nice to everyone and it's pretty hard to get on my bad side. I may be one of the only Creepers that walk around during the day without a problem, but I am cautious. You can usually find me wandering around by myself. Even though I'm friendly, I do like my solitude. Due to the fact that I'm the new gang leader, it seems like everyone is trusting me to be perfect, but I'm not. The stress has been getting to me recently and I've been getting angrier by the day. I've actually found myself snapping at my family, the Creepers, for ridiculous reasons. Everything has just gone downwards since that horrible battle where the old leader died. It was like a part of me died, after all Tate was my older brother. I'm actually a bit depressed too, but I don't let anyone know that.
I'm one hell of a fighter, but mostly with my knives and anyone who crosses me is royally screwed. I might speak a bit cruelly to people that I dislike or don't approve. Sarcastic is my middle name, and it might anger people sometimes, but its just the way I am. During the times when I'm alone, I try to read as much as I can. It's kind-of my way of escaping reality, you know? i'm pretty sneaky and for some reason I know everything.

Biography: I was born into this world seventeen years ago. My mother named me Veronica, but when I was three, it was obvious that it didn't match me at all. Since, apparently, I used to act like a cat all the time, calling myself Kitty and meowing, I guess everyone decided to call me that from now on and they did. Me and my older brother were glued to each other. We did everything together, even though he was five years older than me. Although when I was about eight, he stopped hanging out with me. I was angry at him, and yelled at him that he was a traitor for betraying me.
I even tried following him a few times, but I always lost him, until one day. I was ten and I was walking home from school, when suddenly I see my brother walking in a alleyway. Silently, I followed him. It had been a while since I tried to follow him, and the past two years we've barely even said a word to each other. Suddenly we got to this old subway station, and I just followed him. I gasped when I found out the truth, my brother had joined a gang and not just any gang, the Night Creepers. My parent's always warned us about them, and here I was, watching my brother, a Creeper. I took a step back, and tried to get away, but I knocked something over instead. Suddenly it seemed like a crowd of Creepers surrounded me, and I closed my eyes really to be hit, but then I heard a voice that called out my name. It was Tate and he told them that I was his sister, I didn't really notice it much because I was scared, but it seemed like everyone respected him. He took me to the side and explained, he was a deputy and the reason he didn't tell me about being in the gang, was because he wanted to protect me. Although now I have no choice, but to join since I know about their hideout. So I did, mainly to be with my brother. Our relationship renewed when I joined, and I was happy.
After four more years, my brother was elected leader after the previous one left to start their life. I was ecstatic, my brother, the leader. It was amazing. The thrill of those years in my brother reign went so fast. It seemed like everyone was happy, and there were barely any fights. Until I met him. Some people say its love at first sight, I was just in awe. I've heard of the Trotters, seen them from afar, but Tate never let me fight against them. So this was the first time I saw one up close. It was the one perfect day, until that happened. The fight, the bloodshed. I fought, for the first time, turns out I'm not so bad. After it was over, there was no clear winner. Both sides had lost. My brother, dead. I don't know how much I cried, it could have been for days. I hate those Trotters. Soon after that, I became the new leader. It was my brother's wish. Some think I'm too young, but most are on my side. The problem is, I myself, don't think I'm ready.
Anything else?I wear a locket with a picture of me and Tate, and a bracelet that he made me.

Password:What's Your Deal?

So begins...

Veronica "Kitty" Willows's Story