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Our Guardians



a part of Our Guardians, by nations.

New York City, NY, USA

nations holds sovereignty over Earth, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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New York City, NY, USA


Earth is a part of Our Guardians.

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Francesca Meyers [53] seize the night.
Felix [52] "Let's rock and roll"
Krystal [52] "I'm not the best for this job"
Theodore Richmond [52] the earth is a lovely place to be.

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#, as written by nations

f r a n c e s
the night is for the young
dialogue - #506987

The two had to walk a fairly long distance past the parked cars and people that came up to congratulate her in order to reach the line of cabs that were waiting with their engines turned off. All the meanwhile, Frances had to deal with Felix swinging their hands. I'm dealing with a kid! she thought in exasperation as she flashed Felix an annoyed look. All of the memories that had flooded back were being momentarily forgotten as she dealt with Felix.

Frances opened the cab door and motioned to Felix so that he would get in. Hopefully he could do it all by himself because without saying anything, Frances walked around the cab and entered through the other side, not wanting to make Felix scoot down the seat in his condition but also wanting as much distance between the two as possible. After greeting the driver, Francesca gave him the directions. It wasn't straight to their building, but rather a block away, where there was a small fast food restaurant that stayed open all night. Yes, the two had eaten less than three hours ago but she was hungry again and didn't want to have to walk from the building to the restaurant and back just to drop off Felix first.

Her head leaned against the window of the car and her eyes quickly glanced over at Felix. She remembered him saying how he would be something like his guardian angel. The thought made her, above everything, a little angry now that she was away from all the noise and the energy. She didn't need an angel. Michael had needed it, so where had it been?

The young woman closed her eyes, a small tear escaping as she thought back with bitterness. Frances quickly wiped it away as casually as she possibly could.

"We're doing a little pit stop before heading back home, by the way. I hope you're up for burgers. I think that we should celebrate my first victory."


t h e o
earth is the paradise
dialogue - #699864

Theodore shrugged, "Don't worry, I'm sure you'll find the time to go. Plus, it's easier for you to fly down to Disneyland than if you were back in Korea."

Pulling out his phone, Theodore quickly looked at the time. With a sigh, he looked back up at Krystal, "I have to go, I'm sorry. I have a morning class tomorrow and I still have to study some things. You probably have classes as well and I wouldn't want to keep you awake."

Theodore stood up and smiled, "It was really nice to meet you, Krystal. I really do hope we'll be seeing each other around-- and I'm going to find out more about the research opportunity tomorrow, I haven't forgotten about it."