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Mykenzie Nikolas

''Broken things like me are better alone.''

0 · 151 views · located in Los Angeles

a character in “Our Haven”, as played by ~*NovaleeTehNinja*~


.Name-Mykenzie (Mackenzie) Nikolas
.Nickame?-Kenny, Zizi, Kenzie, Mykki (mickey), Niki
.Sexual Orientation-Gay
Discription-Mykki has dark brown hair with a light brown fringe and side bangs with bleached tips in a emo-punk style about to his mid neck maybe longer. his eyes are large and still childlike, with a misty dark gray-blue color. his skin is a bit darker or sunkissed due to his dutch lineage and being out in the sun while playing soccer. He has a small stature, standing at five foot three or four and weighing about one hundred to one hundred and ten pounds. He has a small build, making him look tiny and frail but he really has some hidden muscles, not that he could take any one in a fight. He usually wears dark colors or really bright ones, no in between. He is mostlikely seen with pants and long sleeve shirts with a hoodie over it, mainly to hide all his brusies.
+Cuddling with his kitty
+walking in the parks
+drinking coffee
+Franklin Nikolas (father)
+Martha Nikolas (mother)
+Jasmyn Nikolas (sister)
.Pets-A Ragdoll kitty cat about 3 years old named Grimmjow after his favorite anime character
+Caring people
+Taking pictures
+being with, upsetting, and waking up his boyfriend
+talking about his personal life
+His boyfriend
.History-Mykki was born to his parents sixteen years ago and was loved very much. His mother stayed at home with him all the time and his dadworked then came home and played with him. His sister was mean, but only because she was jelous he was getting all attntion. Bythe time he was thirteen, he began taking a liking to guys instead of girls, his father was furious and kicked him out. He was on the street for a week or two, he'd lost count, until a guy who called himself Tyler, who was sixteen at the time picked him up and took him in. The beatings didnt start till about five or six months in, before that he was treated like a prince. but now when he comes home, he's beat till he cant hard keep his concisness.
.Relationship?-Dating Tyler Matthews
.Theme Song-Silverstein- My Heroine

The drugs begin to peak
A smile of joy arrives in me
But sedation changes to panic and nausea
And breath starts to shorten
And heartbeats pound softer
You won't try to save me!
You just want to hurt me and leave me desperate!

You taught my heart, a sense I never knew I had.
I can forget, the times that I was
Lost and depressed from the awful truth
How do you do it?
You're my heroine!

You won't leave me alone!
Chisel my heart out of stone, I give in everytime.

You taught my heart, a sense I never knew I had
I can forget, the times that I was
Lost and depressed from the awful truth
How do you do it?
You're my heroine!

I bet you laugh, at the thought of me thinking for myself. (myself)
I bet you believe, that I'm better off with you than someone else.

Your face arrives again, all hope I had becomes surreal.
But under your covers more torture than pleasure
And just past your lips there's more anger than laughter
Not now or forever will I ever change you
I know that to go on, I'll break you, my habit!

You taught my heart, a sense I never knew I had.
I can forget, the times when I was
Lost and depressed from the awful truth
How do you do it?
You're my heroine!

I will save myself!

So begins...

Mykenzie Nikolas's Story