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Samuel Carter

"I'm a graduate....totally not ready for this.

0 · 399 views · located in Miami, Florida

a character in “Our Last Summer Together II”, as played by sapphire.




xxxn a m e xx;xx samuel michael carter

xxxn i c k n a m e s xx;xx sammy, sam, mikey

xxxg e n d e r xx;xx cisgender male

xxxa g e xx;xx seventeen ; 17

xxxb i r t h d a y xx;xx august 20th

xxxs e x u a l i t y xx;xx homosexual ; homoromantic

xxxz o d i a c xx;xx leo


xxxh e i g h t xx;xx 5'7"

xxxw e i g h t xx;xx 134lbs.

xxxb o d yx t y p e xx;xx ectomorph

xxxa p p e a r a n c e xx;xx

xxxxxxxx Sam has short dirty blond/brunet hair that he normally keeps cut so it's out of his face and he doesn't have to deal with it. His eyes are a hazel coloring and seem to captivate people when they stare into them. He's been told from freshman year, he dresses like a nerd, and people aren't wrong. He's normally seen wearing hoodies and graphic t-shirts with odd and corny phrases on them. He has kind of a lanky form, due to his high metabolism never really slowing down. This is also due to him being on the track team at the high school, being one of the top runners gifts you with such a body.

xxxp e r s o n a l i t y xx;xx

xxxxOut of all of them, Samuel could be called the shy sweetheart. Often seen on his phone to avoid talking to people he barely knows.
Sam isn't really one for social interaction. It's amazing how he managed to befriend the friends he has. He's really sweet, often making sure people are okay through texts or in person, and lets his friends know he's there for them.

Sam has a passion for music and spends most of his time singing. He loves to do small things for his friends, like baking cookies or other things. He honestly loves his friends and wouldn't trade them for anything in the world. He is loyal to those he believes deserve it. Last, of all, Sam has a quick tendency to form crushes on guys he knows he will never have a chance with. He just likes people who are nice to him, not many standards.

xxxh i s t o r y xx;xx

xxx Born on August 20th, in Manhattan Samuel's family pushed him out into the world with loving arms. His biological mother had given him to two men who desperately wanted a child. She was a teenage girl, no support, and no interest to raise him herself. So his fathers, Johnathan and Alexander, who loved him from the very first day they laid eyes on him. Raised by two dads never seemed to bother Sam, he got twice the dad jokes, but other than that he loved it. But other people found issues with it.

When Sam entered middle school, people changed, they became less approving of his family's lifestyle. Friends would avoid him due to him being raised by "gay parents" and he became the shy and antisocial ball of love we know today. It also for a short while affected his home life, he wouldn't let his parents both come to school events or his track events in fear of people bullying him worse. By his freshman year in high school, he learned to accept it.

But his freshman year, he had to also learn to accept something else about himself. His own sexuality, which as much as he was okay with it for his fathers, he didn't want to go through the pain of losing his friends. So he hid it, anytime anyone asked about his love life, he just said he's focusing on track. Or he'd bring up his newfound interest in music. By junior year, his secret was too much to keep in so he told his best friend, Grayson Mitchell. The other boy was okay with it, but decided to tell the entire school. Samuel became one of the primary targets for the school bullies. His fathers found out, and said they'd love him no matter what.
Eventually, he became numb to the daily taunts and comments but learned he should be proud of who he was. He found a new group of friends, and is one of the newer members in the small clique that he calls a family.

xxxp l a y e r xx;xx blueiridescence

xxxf a c e c l a i m xx;xx Colin Ford

xxxt i m e z o n e xx;xx CST

xxxs h e e t xx b y xx;xxgeminiblues

So begins...

Samuel Carter's Story