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Freya 'Fire' Mackenzie

"Let's get this done."

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a character in “Our Lord Protectors”, as played by Belynta


Name: Freya Mackenzie
Nicknames: Fire
Appears About: 25
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Role: The Leader

Personality: Freya was one of the first to be experimented on and changed. Due to this she feels a responsibility to the others particularly to those in her team. She is not the type of person to talk about her feelings or verbalise her feelings of care and duty for her team. Instead she shows it in the way she acts, always ensuring she knows how her team is and making sure she knows if anything is bothering any of them. Her team are accustomed to her inability to express herself on a personal level and do not hold it against her. She is a naturally sarcastic and blunt person who when not leading her team reverts to this behaviour making sarcastic and witty comments about herself and those around her. However when on a mission she is professional and focused, it is a sure sign of how dangerous things have gotten if Freya's blunt nature begins to show through.

Freya has a natural charisma that people cannot help but respond to and she has a way of bringing out the best in people, she believes firmly in giving everyone a chance. However she does hold grudges and once someone has lost her trust they can never regain it. She has high standards and expects a great deal from her team but would never ask more of them than she would of herself. She is much more relaxed when they are all off duty and she allows her team to blow off steam in whatever way they wish. She tries to spend a little time with each of them when they are off duty, in particular with Iska as they share a love of rock and metal music. But she also spends a lot of time alone as this is her way of dealing with the pressures of her position.


Writing short stories


Rock/Metal Music
Caramel Ice cream


Cold weather
Doing nothing

Abilities: Pyrokinesis (the ability to create and manipulate heat) and miasma emission (ability to exude poisonous gases)

Freya can excite or accelerate an object's atoms, increasing their thermal energy making it ignite, not necessarily objects, but also air particles. They can control and move the flames, including the shape, heat and even color; that said, pretty much everything with this power comes down to burning. Some examples of how she utilises this are:

Fire creation - Create fire from nothing
Fire Manipulation - Manipulate fire that has been created or was already there.
Explosive fire manipulation - Can create explosive fire or make anything already on fire explode.
Fire empowerment - When Freya is weak or near death she can drain fire already there to strengthen herself
Incineration - Create intense heat focused on a person or thing causing it to burn up from the inside out.
Fire Aura - Can coat herself in fire to protect herself
Heat Manipulation - Can raise or lower the temperature around her

Freya also has the ability to exude toxic gases, causing various effects on others who inhale these fumes including hyper stimulation, lethargy, coma. Because gas diffuses indefinitely in concentration, it becomes less potent and less concentrated once it has expanded. Some examples of how she utilises this are:

Nerve gas emission - Freya can breathe out a toxin that incapacitate those within its radius.
Poisonous gas emission - Freya can breathe out a poison that is deadly.
Pheromone emission - Freya can exude invisible pheromones that can cause behavioural changes in others - such as fear or aggression.

Side Effects: Her abilities come from her own bodies energy, as such if she uses them too much it would literally drain her life energy and kill her. Also her abilities mean she has a very fast metabolism and has to eat pretty much constantly in order to maintain her energy levels otherwise she is exhausted with moments. Perhaps the biggest side effect is that her abilities are unpredictable in the sense that the fire is always trying to escape her control and she has to concentrate constantly to keep it in check, otherwise it would engulf her and others around her. Also her emissions can be triggered by great stress and she has to therefore work to remain calm.

Weaknesses: Freya has a short temper which she is constantly trying to keep in check, for when she gets angry her ability becomes even more unpredictable.
Freya also puts too much pressure on herself and expects more of herself than she would expect of anyone else. If something goes wrong she blames herself and will beat herself up about it constantly. She also will never admit if she needs help and will instead try and deal with the issues alone.

Feelings About The Team: Liliah Rae - Freya appreciates the young woman's dedication to the team and her courage and intelligence. She sees a bright, fun person and just wishes that Liliah would open up more to her team mates.

Iska Sverzhenskii- Freya loves the young woman's creativity and her fun, dorky behaviour. As good as she is however Freya is as guilty as everyone else in seeing her as a young and somewhat vulnerable person. Freya often has to stop herself from being overly protective of her especially in dangerous situations.

Relations With Other Teams: Freya respects the other teams particularly their leaders Riley and Damien, she regrets that she has not built up more of friendship with them. As much as she enjoys a strong relationship with her team she would appreciate stronger bonds with the others who recognise the responsibility she bears.

So begins...

Freya 'Fire' Mackenzie's Story


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"Alpha, Delta, Omega. You are on call today. I repeat you are on call."

Damien sighed when he had heard Orgia on the intercom. Orgia was a robotic trainer the scientists had created to get the teams together most of their days. But, today wasn't most of their days. Today was the last stand. Him and his team had a lot to do, and this might even be the last mission they'll every have before the shutdown. Shutdown meaning that once the mission was over, all of the teams would be shutdown until they are needed again. Which wasn't in his interest at the moment. He actually enjoyed living in this crappy world, he didn't ant to die -or get shutdown- again.

Rolling over for a second or two before deciding to get up, he really enjoyed being a leader; even if it was for a limited time. Everyone stayed in the same place, they were basically family in the lab. Though there has been drama somewhat Damien could still say, he is living a normal life. Despite the fact that he can lift things and speak to people in his head. Hopefully, he could get through the call without saying anything smart to any of the scientists. He actually wanted to hurt the scientists because, he knew that they were the ones to start all of this. Damien can't remember a thing of the past because, of them. All he knows is that he has to stop the machines from making more hybrids or the world would end without any doubt.

"Good morning, Damien."

Looking up at the intercom system as he began walking down the hallway. "Good morning, Orgia." He looked forward once again and turned a corner. Walking into the meeting room, there was one small table for the leaders, and in the center of the room was a larger table, where the rest of the teams members sat. The scientist will be working on the progress of them all, they wanted to concentrate on the glitches and the faults. Damien -being so full of himself- didn't think he had any faults but it always turns out that he did, and that really bothered the leader.

Seeing that some of the scientist have already been there quite some time, he decided to get himself situated. Damien was quite surprised that he was one of the ones to be early he would usually procrastinate until after the meeting had started and then come. Though, Orgia might keep pestering him until he actually had gotten up and went. But, other than being early, Damien was very excited to start the meeting, even if it was his last.


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#, as written by tigerz


"Alpha, Delta, Omega. You are on call today. I repeat you are on call."

Alex made no hesitation getting out of bed. It was very uncommon for Alex to ever really get any sleep so she had no real reason for staying in bed. As soon as Alex's bare feet hit the cold floor, she began her daily routine. She searched through the few amount of clothes she had before deciding on an outfit and left it out on her bed as she grabbed her wide toothed comb and ran it through her dark hair. Alex preferred using a comb over a brush because it damaged her hair less and made it have less static. Once she finished brushing, her dark brown hair fell into curls at the end.

Alex brushed her teeth and washed her face in the near by bathroom before returning to her room to change. She din't really mind the lab or the rooms they were given. They were much better than the apartment she lived in with her family in Russia. Alex shook her head trying to forget her past before she threw on the outfit for today. It consisted of Memphis May Fire tee shirt with the sleeves cut off, a red flannel shirt a size too big, and loose fitting jeans with holes on the knees that had to be held up with a belt. Alex then went to a small box that she kept under bed and opened it. Inside were various Swiss army knives, a small leatherman multi-tool, and parts for different contraptions she was working on. Alex couldn't decide on which knife to bring and decided to grab the biggest one she owned, the Victorinox SwissChamp as well as the remaining parts in her box. She stuffed them all in her deep pockets before leaving her room for the progress meeting.

"Good morning, Iska."

Alex stopped in her tracks and clenched her fists. As she was doing so, the lights began to flicker viciously. "I told you never to call me that, Orgia."There was a slight Russian accent in her voice, much better than the thick one she had at the beginning of their training. Alex hated being called by her first. She never really explained entirely why, just that it reminded her of her horrible past. Alex could hear Orgia try to speak but most of it came out as static noise. Alex took a deep breath as the lights returned to their normal state and Orgia gave her an apology. Alex knew this would be one of the flaws brought up during today's meeting. Alex knew all of her glitches and flaws already. She always made a mental note of them after her training exercises.

Alex was not surprised to find she was one of the first to arrive with two other scientists. She sat at her respective seat at the large table in the center and sprawled the parts for her new contraption all over her desk area before grabbing her Swiss army knife. For ten minutes Alex sat their intensively creating a small cart with a simple motor on it. All the motor needed to start was a small shock. Alex placed her finger close to the motor and sent a small electrical shock to it. Just as she had wanted, it started and the cart began riding along the table.

Alex looked around the room to find that more team members and leaders were arriving and was surprised to see that Damien Rodgers had arrived early. She was so used to him coming in late after the meetings had started. "Hello, Damien." She nodded at him before returning her gaze to the cart for a couple more minutes. Eventually Alex grew bored and decided to watch the door way to see who else would walk through.


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"Alpha, Delta, Omega. You are on call today. I repeat you are on call."

Riley awoke with a jolt at the sound of the intercom and sat straight up in bed. Her hypersensitive ears and eyes took a moment to adjust as Riley took her time waking up. She was by no meanings looking forward to today's meeting, but as the leader of the Deltas, she would put on a brave face and walk into that room with as much power as she could muster.

Finally deciding she had waited long enough, Riley rolled her shoulders back, cracked her neck, and headed to the shower. It did not take long for her to shower, change into presentable clothing, and throw her white blond hair into a braid. Before heading out, Riley did a quick once over of herself in the mirror. She straightened her posture and raised her chin. Despite being the leader, she was the youngest of her team members and the second youngest out of every team. Throughout her entire life, many had looked down upon her for her youth or her stature or her tendency to be respectful and loyal -which was often seen as a weakness. Through so much hard work, she had finally made it so that others would see her as a leader. She was the young, strong head of the Deltas and she loved and was loyal to her team members to her fullest; however, she would never let anyone disrespect her again. Riley nodded courteously to herself and gave a small smile as she left for the meeting. She would face these scientists head on today with no backing down. Not only for herself, but for her team.

"Good morning, Rileen."

Riley gave a sigh at the sound of the robotic voice. "G'morning t' you too, Orgia," she said with only the slightest bit of malice which she could not hide. Riley had never liked the robotic trainer that much. It had always seemed so superficial and unreal to her. As she normally did, Riley shook off the bad feeling that the machine gave her and continued down the corridor.

As Riley walked through the door, she saw the two other team leader and Alex, the only one here younger than she. Alex was not a Delta and as such, Riley did not know her as well as she may have known the Deltas. However, Riley felt an understanding for the girl. She was a bright young girl much like Riley had been and still was. But more than anything, Riley knew that not many took the youngest very seriously and that was where she felt that they were so similar. Riley knew that Alex was incredibly intelligent and that was important no matter what her age was.

Riley nodded politely and gave a grin to the young girl. "G'morning Alex," she said before heading to the team leaders' table. She took a seat beside Freya grinned at the two other team leaders as well. "Who's ready for some fun, eh?" Riley questioned with a joking tone before cracking her neck and turning her attention back to the door, waiting for the rest of the teams to walk through.


"Alpha, Delta, Omega. You are on call today. I repeat you are on call."

Mal was already awake at the time the intercom went off, but he did not immediately get out of bed. The other night he had been plagued by a particularly bad memory from one of his first days in the lab. Mal cursed himself repeatedly for the fact that he could not simply forget it and fall asleep like so many others would do. Instead, he had stayed up for a majority of the night, only finding three or four hours of restless sleep.

However horrible this lack of sleep was, insomnia was no stranger to Mal and he eventually rolled himself out of bed and went straight for the shower. He turned the water as hot as he could get it to go and stood under the scalding water until he was finally able to open his eyes fully. After waking up as much as he could, Mal heaved a heavy sigh of regret and turned the water off. He took only a short time dressing that morning and ran a hand through his wet hair, playing with it a bit until it looked alright.

Mal stared at himself in the mirror and rubbed at his sunken eyes. By now, the team was used to him having dark circles under his eyes and most of them trusted him when he informed them that it was a genetic thing. His parents had given them to him. Perhaps the team didn't believe him and knew that it was his ability causing him to be deprived of sleep, but Mal did his job as well as any of them did and that was what was important. Mal shook his head in frustration and turned on the sink, cupping his hands under the water so as to gather water to drink from. As he did this, Mal noticed his hands begin to shake. He willed himself to stop, but the shaking continued and Mal slowly became more frustrated. He couldn't be like this. Especially not today in front of the scientists. Mal breathed heavily through clenched teeth, trying to calm his anger. However he failed to ease his frustration and, in a sudden burst of rage, he punched the wall beside him. Mal pulled his hands away only to find that he had reopened the small scabs on his knuckles, but nothing major and nothing new. He sighed heavily, shaking off his irritation as best he could and took a moment to wash off his hand which ceased its bleeding quickly. With newfound haste, Mal splashed cold water on his face and told himself to pull it together before leaving for the meeting.

"Good morning, Malcolm."

Mal gave a snort and responded in a whisper to the robot, "Don't know if I'd say that, Orgia." As Mal reached the meeting room, he stopped momentarily and rolled his shoulders back, organizing his expressions. Once composed, Mal put on his normal arrogant grin and strolled leisurely into the room.

Seeing that he was one of the first to attend, Mal chuckled lightheartedly. "Eh, what do ya know? I'm finally 'ere on time." He knew full well the circumstances of this meeting, but that didn't mean that he couldn't attempt to lighten the mood a little. Mal slid into a seat and kicked his feet up onto the table, only hoping that this would not take long.